Designed By Chris L. May 2007
card log: 2016-present

December 12, 2017
-Won earlyshift02, bombs17, pyo18, and bladerang18 from Help Miss Kamila 134

December 8, 2017
-Won magnus05, breaker10, yomihime06, s-hall07, etherrifle03, whiteblood02, friendship03, and highrollers09 from Colorseum 30-2

December 7, 2017
-Won channel4217, t-veronica04, bluesteel12, sisters01, devon16, embarrassed14, salvation02, and jigenhaoh18 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 262

December 1, 2017
-Won cutetype07, ponytail14, opera15, tripping14, oshi-san03, sigma01, attache17, and lapistier03 from Colorseum 30-1

October 4, 2017
-Won analyzer12, lewdness13, zippers10, tuning14, odd15, another16, herbblends03, phobia02, correct16, moonrace08, fistoflove19, secret06, ninjaturtle16, rock20, sensitive06, 2 orange crayons, and 1 green crayon from Colors School Festival Game 9

October 3, 2017
-Won galeon12, nerd18, kingo20, doubleup08, phonecalls18, stern18, failure16, and wingspiker06 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 16
-Won accessories16, maihime16, gallant18, mythical10, neo-www09, and tea03 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 4

September 15, 2017
-Won minus08, scan06, jello08, vfsuit17, coroner18, ragnell20, fincutter20, shoujo16, sawashirom05, lucavi19, gensokyo14, ddr08, timetravels08, 3-a02, sugarheart10, sweetsshop11, galland06, fakecopy17, consume19, skill19, and habitats03 from Colors School Festival Game 4

August 27, 2017
-Won ratsbane02, tri-edge04, fairytales03, fan11, izuna-otoshi09, magiic18, athlum03, bastion06, harder12, youkai15, karegia09, vendor06, diving07, anima09, sound17, silverrose16, punk03, baseball14, and 2 purple crayons from Colors School Festival Game 8

August 21, 2017
-Won kusarigama03, sunset05, nightshade20, love01, kensei08, spin19, space07, loleus12, taforashia14, and harvest17 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 19
-Won shikaisen15, conspiring02, 75th05, synesthesia01, kuuhaku13, chiropteran10, shaman10, var04, and beretta20 from Colors School Festival Game 6

August 20, 2017
-Won finalturn09, hazakura12, ran11, boulder16, twentyone03, familiars14, tengawara04, pyrokinesis04, padlock17, firstaider18, despair14, libertine12, swap07, race18, stalking16, dab19, enthusiast15, nests06, asleep16, bum06, cruel12, fortissimo17, paipai08, leftover02, 1 yellow crayon, and 1 gray crayon from Colors School Festival Game 5
-Won pediatrician14, flask06, knuckles16, cowardly09, hatchin07, nonomori03, voidgear20, 27yearsold18, and 1 orange crayon from Colors School Festival Game 3

August 18, 2017
-Gifted Nikita 3 gray crayons
-Gifted Raven 3 green crayons
-Gifted Harris 5 red crayons
-Gifted Curie 5 orange crayons
-Gifted Jun kwando03/15 and 1 red crayon
-Gifted Raie scientists17, shaolin17, and sheikah01/15
-Gifted Cait admiration02, begnion14, and delinquent03
-Gifted Aru dreamycrown03, honeytachi11, and risappe11
-Gifted Arc manners16 and faith01/20
-Gifted Brittany abandon19, aerialace05, and appearance10
-Gifted Lita 3 blue crayons
-Gifted Miro kijin12, kikaichu08, and multi-size03
-Gifted Lahariel barrels10, bosozoku05, and gynoid01
-Gifted Lacie asleep12/15/16
-Gifted 9tales oneforall06 and 2 red crayons
-Gifted Jane conclusions06, direction18, and usu15
-Won braveface08, curesunny17, compass03, citro19, rigging15, destined06, scars05, grenades16, 1 green crayon, and 1 blue crayon from Colors School Festival Game 7
-Turned in dattebasa06 and background13 to Colors School Festival Game 2; received attacker20, girlymatsu17, nosy14, and exercise06

August 17, 2017
-Gifted 1 gray crayon from Raie
-Gifted Lex lies17 and mistress20
-Won blitz08, leadcrow20, chui06, limsa08, arlia14, and 1 yellow crayon from Colors School Festival Game 1

August 16, 2017
-Gifted otakulife14 from Kippi

August 15, 2017
-Gifted 2-d12 and asturia18 from Lex
-Gifted Cassie cute17 and 2 red crayons
-Gifted Netbug parallel13 and 2 blue crayons
-Gifted Kellie astraphobia20 and resentment01/06
-Gifted Olivia feiris20 and decision18
-Gifted Cami 3-e01 and allstars06
-Gifted Tanna abroad15/17

August 14, 2017
-Turned in 1 yellow crayon and 1 gray crayon to the Art Shop for astra06 and shadowyato18
-Gifted alexandria03 from Ivory and Horn
-Gifted Veth 3 green crayons
-Gifted Ana eyepatches18, 3 blue crayons, and 3 gray crayons

August 13, 2017
-Gifted akaoni13 and apples02 from Aru

August 12, 2017
-Gifted burly01 from Neenee

August 11, 2017
-Gifted chemicals02 from 9tales

August 10, 2017
-Gifted cosplayer13, darkhunter10, donuts19, foundation16, humble13, and 1 orange crayon from Ana

August 9, 2017
-Gifted 2-d13 from Nikita

August 8, 2017
-Gifted bloodhound06 from Lacie
-Gifted ishidaa05 from Cassie

August 7, 2017
-Gifted 3dgraphics13 from Miro
-Turned in cornelia11 and arsene19 to Colors School Festival Game 2; received windcrystal08, dewford13, modernmagic05, and post-skip13

August 6, 2017
-Gifted airplane03 from Lahariel
-Gifted brand01, burly04, and cabbit13 from Lee
-Gifted plankton05/12 from Jane
-Gifted burly05, caeli05, camembert19, chousin08, and closedclock19 from Veth
-Won arlia09, five17, dualkatana18, and 1 purple crayon from Colors School Festival Game 1

August 5, 2017
-Gifted akaoni07 from Cait
-Gifted alexandria14 from Harris
-Gifted sexpistols18 from Jun
-Gifted akaoni20 from Raven
-Gifted marimo02 and moneylover06 from Catie
-Gifted annoying13 and apples01/06 from Adelicya
-Gifted aerosmith05 from Curie

August 4, 2017
-Gifted bluewater01 from Brittany

July 18, 2017
-Won clean01, comical07, peacock03, and guarding15 from Hi-5 Radio 145

July 5, 2017
-Won luckyseven12, polite10, inherited18, whiskers05, hotblooded11, marionette10, ifraid01, oldest19, attract14, trapnest16, pah19, liaison04, mp320, fengshui03, missions06, habu14, 3rdregiment09, midland04, oneforall06, raftfleet18, nandemo18, dwn-02210, suzumori19, ships14, and wahoo20 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 12

July 3, 2017
-Won luckyseven20, anxiouswhite07, performer01, solomon08, righteye20, and tearcut01 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 20
-Won luckyseven14, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, and 2 green crayons from Anniversary Event 7 Day 14
-Won luckyseven03, rosequeen09, goetia13, a-hall12, driving02, and gamegear07 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 3

July 2, 2017
-Turned in valentines02 to Anniversary Event 7 Day 18; received luckyseven18, arsene19, archest17, and west-khan19

July 1, 2017
-Won luckyseven13 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 21
-Won luckyseven19, naturally01, and koyasut20 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 19
-Won luckyseven15, remember07, slingshot20, cowlick05, leblanc10, aesthetic03, traumatic12, and 1 green crayon from Anniversary Event 7 Day 15
-Won luckyseven11, sadist08, luckystars02, robberfly06, ichor15, regalia16, erudite07, traumatic11, frei03, erudite20, and atlamillia15 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 11
-Won luckyseven08, snake20, yomi18, and archaeology11 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 8
-Won luckyseven02, naturally11, 2 orange crayons, and 1 blue crayon from Anniversary Event 7 Day 2

June 30, 2017
-Won luckyseven17, crazyd20, bubble09, byakkomaru02, whoosh09, leeks09, and soporific03 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 17
-Won luckyseven16 and parenting10 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 16
-Won luckyseven10 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 10
-Gifted Mino 5 purple crayons
-Gifted Lahariel books08 and skilled06/07
-Gifted Tanna traumatic05, memorywipe05, telepathic05, charmkiss05, premonition05, candidacy10, invisibility05, hanikami05, and mythicals03
-Took traumatic05, memorywipe05, telepathic05, charmkiss05, premonition05, candidacy10, invisibility05, hanikami05, and mythicals03 from June release

June 29, 2017
-Won luckyseven09 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 9
-Won luckyseven04 and cupnoodles04 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 4

June 19, 2017
-Won luckyseven07, exercising03, koorime20, mascots13, older03, popnbeat09, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon, and 1 brown crayon from Anniversary Event 7 Day 7

June 14, 2017
-Gifted raider19 from Lahariel
-Won luckyseven01, vengeful05, asleep15, and uchuu19 from Anniversary Event 7 Day 1

June 4, 2017
-Won docodemo05, freeze17, cursedseal20, separate11, vincent05, witchqueen11, wayward01, and pitiful04 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 243
-Received sheikah15, voi08, honnoji09, pirate01, swindler09, abroad15, suits06, whitesnake05, yamabuki06, rallyingcry19, flawless12, loveyou19, all-seeing04, caeli13, riskbreaker05, pacifist04, kiss04, irondragon17, luck-pusher08, devilstrill10, voltswitch04, engines07, townandcity13, innovator12, values11, artistic15, blues10, pushy09, coordinator09, equal11, 1 red crayon, and 1 blue crayon from Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand

June 2, 2017
-Won setter19, van10, guiltycrown04, bendback09, oden06, crowanima10, etoile12, and shinya03 from Colorseum 26-1

May 26, 2017
-Won betray07, ambrosia07, translator12, center17, yakumo08, blitz20, everyday08, and british01 from Colorseum 25-5

April 30, 2017
-Won copper10, boy-crazy03, lazying09, maleantags05, cosmicmind13, jester01, uza-uza03, and fitness06 from Colorseum 25-1

April 21, 2017
-Won nenthreads10, warfare04, jizaikon14, island03, howling02, gastark16, shieikan14, and sprite05 from Colorseum 24-5
-Received quotations08, drums12, and transform07 for donating an image to Scrapbook 184

April 17, 2017
-Won tactless13, sevenseas17, comedy13, buddhism08, purplehaze19, liars15, durandal10, beatjumper17, vietnamwar17, and ultimate05 from Hi-5 Radio 125
-Won manipulate01, resolute20, german10, doumei06, eaglegazer01, composing08, puyo10, financial03, guild20, heyheyhey09, 2 orange crayons, and 1 purple crayon from Scramble 70

March 18, 2017
-Gifted minuses01 and 1 yellow candy from Sami (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Turned in feminine05 and tomboyish04 to Hange's Information Exchange 86; received wary20, uu15, gynoid01, patient02, agent10, direction18, hatsushimo14, sergeant01, sumo06, and medic01

March 17, 2017
-Gifted Sami uchuu12 and 1 orange candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Cooper xxxx14 and 1 gray candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Dina rinrin14 and 1 yellow candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Veth merge19 and 1 blue candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Nikita nosebleed10 and 1 blue candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)

March 15, 2017
-Gifted hayashibara17 and 1 orange candy from Cooper (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted 7thheaven03 and 1 brown candy from Dina (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Received doctor14, dynames01, leader03, perception11, incognita14, martuba03, laguz04, deliver01, grace14, mushroom08, kaminokoe16, mugenjou18, kendama03, osmanthus06, borealis19, horse15, rouge20, branded19, mermaids18, bluerogue01, ultrasouls05, ragingtiger11, heaven04, badfuture19, atmosphere15, air04, dragonrage15, waterworks15, and 1 green crayon from Activity Rewards (January)

March 14, 2017
-Gifted Kiri closedclock20
-Gifted Kaede momiji09 and 1 orange candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Jun aerosmith18 and 1 orange candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Kiri torule16 and 1 red candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Rizu synthesizer13 and 1 green candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Coops skazka15 and 1 green candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Brittany scalchop20 and 1 blue candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Jane assassins13 and 1 purple candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Curie slimes17 and 1 blue candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Harris pink12 and 1 red candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Ritsu glamsight07 and 1 gray candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted 2-d03/04/14 and bishounen07/09 from Veth
-Gifted broomstick07 and 1 purple candy from Veth (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted 7thheaven07 and 1 brown candy from Nikita (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted hayashibara17 and 1 orange candy from Kaede (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)

March 11, 2017
-Turned in alleluia19, asturia11, bentenmaru10, bowwow13, chui08, clowndrop04, epyon12, ero-cook01/12, eyesight07/20, fulfill12, gekko09, hakama10, housework13, iris12/13, kickboxer13, kissing10, maester07, maru08, mws20, nirvash06, ojamajo08, osaka17, pameruku12, pigeons14, preventer14, realian11, ruthless15, saikoku16, spacepirate12/13, summoner02, superiority06, thornqueen12, translator10, watashi17, wingzero19, and zessen01 for a Small Box, a Big Box, and a Mega Box (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand - 3 red, 9 orange, 5 yellow, 5 green, 8 blue, 3 purple, 2 brown, and 5 gray chocolates)

March 9, 2017
-Gifted hayashibara09 and 1 orange candy from Jun (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted hayashibara06 and 1 orange candy from Kiri (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)

March 8, 2017
-Gifted hayashibara05 and 1 orange candy from Rizu (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Traded Curie 10 red crayons for 5 blue crayons and 5 brown crayons

March 1, 2017
-Gifted hayashibara01 and 1 orange candy from Coops (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Won research07, sailorcap10, and peshent09 from Host Club Giveaway 153
-Turned in barbarossa02 to Crazy Colors 155; received hahi08, drums10, deathscythe04, fantasy15, earrings07, and water12

February 28, 2017
-Won kickboxer13, tripping09, edison13, archer12, talking13, destruct19, daddy01, soulgang04, bubblegum02, and astronomy12 from Graffiti 133
-Received waterworks13, elquixote07, foxhound13, wwwa09, panther16, cutethings18, antagonist17, ancestor10, murian18, 2 orange crayons, and 1 green crayon for donating the Vancoor, Wild Pitch, and Rose Cochon decks

February 26, 2017
-Won dancers17, ogata04, newyears06, oriental07, ponytail04, and heartless11 from Deck Lover 69

February 25, 2017
-Gifted hayashibara09 and 1 orange candy from Brittany (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Won tochika07, nanika13, conjurer05, sonic20, kite10, 20faces04, gawrsh08, changban07, and egret01 from Pick a Color 131
-Won loveng08, barrels10, amarcian11, aircavalry18, asset05, maru08, beautymark19, pristo06, grimreaper09, nurse05, and eagle15 from Pick a Color 130

February 24, 2017
-Gifted hayashibara15 and 1 orange candy from Jane (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted background14 and 1 purple candy from Curie (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted background15 and 1 purple candy from Harris (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)

February 23, 2017
-Won tusk20, gakuen13, soldiers04, nearsighted20, avoid12, and samba07 from Guess the Color 266

February 20, 2017
-Gifted coffee09 and 1 green candy from Ritsu (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)

February 18, 2017
-Won tsurugi20, names02, taichou13, mgronald09, engagement12, roodbearer05, kanazuchi20, and newsanchor13 from Colorseum 23-1

February 17, 2017
-Won bigbenkei14 and blackknight06 from Art Lessons 235
-Won rimaajon12, getaway19, singer17, darkknight18, presidente02, and wombat16 from Rei's Friend Report 177

February 16, 2017
-Turned in moron17 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 147; received raildex16, bishoujo08, and cute17
-Turned in scavenger17 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 146; received prisoner04 and deathangel06

February 15, 2017
-Won steals04, shaft04, onett10, liberation19, jump16, telekinesis03, florist10, and eblan18 from Reading Between the Lines 229
-Won granny08, evileye08, impersonate13, souschef02, normalcy17, moonwalker01, shocking19, and hijizo18 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 229
-Turned in boy-crazy11 and otaku20 to Silly Blanks 39; received thestray16, foxhound14, three06, long-range17, dattebasa06, landis09, untouchable14, and luckystars18

February 14, 2017
-Won angelichowl04, sky18, strength14, gamegear16, sacrifice14, kakusei04, airslash18, cafe17, takeover06, drug04, blackfox07, poseidon14, and 1 red crayon from Puzzle Chains 37
-Turned in umibozu08 to Crazy Colors 153; received visualizer06, chips01, playful19, quiet14, binbougami08, and reaper15
-Won number207, spoons17, and taozi06 from Host Club Giveaway 152

February 13, 2017
-Won hellmaster14, retriever01, soundpod10, and cybeast15 from Help Miss Kamila 97

February 11, 2017
-Won eylstadt16, xenian17, landlady04, demon17, lightofgod17, ultimarain18, mononoke07, deduction15, shinma11, channel03, 2 red crayons, 1 purple crayon, and 2 gray crayons from Pick a Color 129
-Turned in 7thheaven18, crescent04, monapizza03, and moogle11 to Swap Station 62; received 7thheaven15, crescent20, monapizza19, and moogle17
-Turned in nyaa08, javelin14, fishing04, and newkama16 to Switch It Up 134; received amour10, pharle17, aprbirthday07, and valentine03

February 10, 2017
-Won search03, hatchin03, firebrand15, fodra17, headphones18, trains03, bills09, and penguinx03 from Colorseum 22-5
-Won pc-9811, scientists17, gramarye10, sakurait17, xxxx12, and cooltype18 from Deck Lover 68
-Won ahoge15, versicolor19, uberhero09, hats06, non-human13, and allies01 from Deck Lover 67
-Won worry18, familiars01, aman02, aristocrat12, welcome20, oakenstaff15, littlekitty14, coupdetat03, paipai13, and no17 from Hi-5 Radio 124
-Won remember20, demonic09, srn-00117, and feral20 from Hi-5 Radio 123
-Won ifraid20, humbug09, golden16, callous04, dualkatana19, words14, envoy11, domino14, levelheaded04, neighbor14, and 1 brown crayon from Scramble 70
-Won carefree09, shorthair13, pragmatist19, thing13, jaganshi09, savvy02, mokuton08, thieves10, hypnosis01, pawn12, and 1 red crayon from Scramble 69
-Won synesthesia17, rely16, mind07, tianshui19, novbirthday19, lollipop19, arcusprima04, overanalyze05, tightrope02, stay20, and 1 brown crayon from Scramble 68
-Won harasho10, secret09, hikari17, samuraifan11, janbirthday12, and sergeant02 from Rei's Friend Report 176

February 8, 2017
-Won kweh08, hissing06, pillar20, a-class07, nightshade06, quindecim19, totalwood03, vines03, prediction09, zanbatou12, america19, alkahestry09, hatcher10, seminary02, promotion05, fishcakes11, billiards10, dependable14, hanafuda03, souvenirs11, 1 blue crayon, and 1 brown crayon from Reading Between the Lines 228

February 7, 2017
-Turned in summon10 and general09 to Silly Blanks 38; received broomstick19, kiseru19, segway13, fanboy14, babylon13, nurseschool08, barusu02, and lordalberion13

February 6, 2017
-Won sunrisecafe03, burn02, angels20, monk04, freckles13, anteater11, karas09, igajima02, pets04, serpent01, camera19, thewall06, and 1 purple crayon from Puzzle Chains 36
-Turned in firebuster03, katamari06, knife-throw17, and posttown17 to Swap Station 61; received firebuster04, katamari15, knife-throw16, and posttown09
-Turned in beaker17 to Crazy Colors 152; received studying17, jester04, delve07, lukeim15, kurohigi09, and ciaossu16

February 5, 2017
-Won tetsuo18, worker03, brickbreak14, yatsufusa16, studying16, farmer03, horse-like17, luzrov10, god02, ironheart15, 1 red crayon, and 1 brown crayon from Go Fish 270
-Won usagimimi13, scarring09, harmonica16, animator03, dln-00717, caliber12, egret11, herbaltea10, shorthair14, dauntless13, 1 red crayon, and 1 orange crayon from Go Fish 269
-Won whitemage20, fogtroupe12, sogeking13, and clear07 from Help Miss Kamila 96
-Turned in directions02 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 145; received channel12 and dragon12
-Won raisondetre02, dnn03, fragile16, viera04, deku18, feathers17, mumei16, droids08, mixcoatl13, and doumei02 from Graffiti 132

February 3, 2017
-Won spotter03, changshan08, classrep12, insect19, research01, hapy07, cannon01, and curtain17 from Colorseum 22-4
-Won midgard17, valentines02, accident02, founder12, reluctant09, and meganest11 from Rei's Friend Report 175

January 30, 2017
-Turned in darkhunter07, odango02, sakejug18, and uranus09 to Swap Station 59; received darkhunter18, odango20, sakejug20, and uranus08

January 27, 2017
-Won soul10, gaiseric08, tomboy15, dwn-01410, mysteries13, 11-804, danafor10, jakob10, loveberry03, firebuster03, empowering12, chao18, knife-throw17, yesiam16, multi-size03, and inferior06 from Colorseum 22-3
-Won giantkiller07, paintbrush12, voile08, harbors19, takara06, and darkness20 from Rei's Friend Report 174

January 26, 2017
-Turned in shakugan03, scar16, personality04, and antique12 to Switch It Up 133; received oar06, attractive08, chemicals19, and thefool15

January 25, 2017
-Won whealbrook11, snowmaru14, idolizer18, greengirl18, cantonese14, happyclap06, umibozu08, honor18, novel12, and hornetsting14 from Pick a Color 128

January 24, 2017
-Took benois05, famous08, amazing11, samarkand04, intoxicated08, kingjj11, eros07, incognita10, stammi19, agape14, puyo07, scavenger06, and uranus15 from January release
-Won taozi13, honeytachi11, shield19, confection17, styling04, pointer01, doctorine11, owl07, igaclan14, nose13, madcancer18, setz03, and 1 green crayon from Puzzle Chains 35
-Turned in erhu05, hope04, heldback05, and frozen03 to Switch It Up 132; received bara20, airplane09, retro12, and thechariot04

January 20, 2017
-Won talentscout11, psi01, tonfa02, canine10, firetornado11, bigbrother19, shakushi19, and loveletter01 from Colorseum 22-2

January 19, 2017
-Turned in alleluia19, bills11, beats07, and ostia12 to Switch It Up 131; received references10, freespirit20, xenian02, and kamiyan12
-Won zanpakuto16, labyrinthia18, tackle11, sekigahara18, versicolor03, and schwarzwelt18 from Deck Lover 63

January 18, 2017
-Won performage11, cups17, affable13, kouka08, caliber17, hadoukyuu02, firebuster15, famicom20, duck18, rank19, dog18, three09, robattle13, demonqueen11, pride08, and waitress18 from Quilting 100

January 17, 2017
-Won acewitches12, nekomimi20, magitek10, kajiyuu09, lucavi05, and ponytail02 from Deck Lover 58

January 13, 2017
-Won traitor17, witch12, laughing09, snowy04, ddd19, equation05, takoyaki15, and welcome13 from Colorseum 22-1

January 11, 2017
-Won catbingu13, almenan14, verycute20, edelweiss08, liberate04, cellphones13, yari16, misinterpret12, mushroom06, soisagent19, bigkitty04, cureberry20, bookeater17, aquatic18, roleplay09, hatred10, ast09, revive09, branchgate09, crossbow16, 1 green crayon, and 1 brown crayon from Reading Between the Lines 226
-Won apocrypha04, hatsutaro02, clean-cut03, deargho14, police10, kyokugen02, kagoshima11, vaniville12, swimclub20, vermouth08, bounty01, and isshu06 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 226

January 10, 2017
-Won neatfreak16, accurate05, yaoi02, fantail08, nine08, herbalist09, tercera20, spitfire12, kingsaw01, world-class16, and 1 gray crayon from Scramble 64

January 9, 2017
-Turned in dutiful09, krauser03, leeks18, makai06, pluto05, ripple08, uranus05, and yomi01 to Swap Station 57; received dutiful02, krauser04, leeks15, makai10, pluto19, ripple02, uranus09, and yomi17
-Won onihime14, sorcerer11, unwavering09, and herbs06 from Hi-5 Radio 119
-Turned in kazeshini16 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 141; received gatoya06, chromatus02, karayachief09, andromeda12, speedroid05, ecchan01, and 66902
-Turned in mercury16 to Crazy Colors 148; received lucidlenses04, thorshammer05, oyajijokes15, cheer06, helicopter20, and guild15

January 6, 2017
-Won blueking07, stressed18, priest09, crook07, rusty18, shikamadooji07, placetobe03, and rooftop03 from Colorseum 21-5

January 4, 2017
-Gifted Kaede banjul03, erratic07, and rpgmaker06

December 30, 2016
-Won sixlights17, sweets12, alamode11, tercera18, business10, seja08, rpgmaker06, and itegumo01 from Colorseum 21-4
-Won bullet08, supporters15, hayashibara13, cheerful03, wandering01, and centurion17 from Rei's Friend Report 170

December 27, 2016
-Received reiki13, shugo07, littledevil19, lord04, gangster20, northitaly04, shikabane08, thing09, mononoke18, abh01, elocution01, tracker07, 100friends03, empty18, watch05, leaves06, clean14, chupa09, soscary20, giantkiller06, familiars03, maid11, maps14, takeout15, arsenal14, wickedeye07, nyan11, grandma02, dwn-03915, recessive06, lionheart18, carryon04, singlemom17, risappe11, hebirote14, maverick13, bouncer09, sopheria18, bell05, kissing17, general09, charisma05, assassins10, trust05, sechs16, babied03, wanderer01, setz12, vengeful16, scroll03, kyokugen13, dwn-01708, applecot14, udon19, gross07, tekou01, fantasize16, shikabane18, satan07, nyo18, coach14, bully06, tonfar15, banjul03, providence04, meridian08, brynhilde05, pool10, hugging18, 1 blue crayon, 1 brown crayon, and 1 gray crayon for mastering Fourstival, Fivetastic, and Sixsational

December 21, 2016
-Received uaa01, clear07, intensity15, underwater01, echo04, and fastdraw10 for donating an image to Scrapbook 167

December 19, 2016
-Received boke20, alone12, anxiety03, onion20, icecream08, silpelit04, girlsclub13, obey15, babied07, dogkeeper16, america14, chisha11, masked13, friends14, sandaime03, lure16, tomorrow07, buchou03, isako04, sariassong11, hyperion10, cabbit04, noproblem01, stargaze12, petshop09, voltswitch15, rookie01, darkside08, charm03, maidcafe08, kwando01, 2 red crayons, 1 green crayon, and 1 brown crayon from Mod Pay: December 1-15

December 17, 2016
-Won red06, growth20, acchan15, dog-like06, hihio12, perceptive05, topknot10, azuresky13, loveletter03, janken06, and 1 red crayon from Scramble 61
-Won fullbloom04, keystone01, xxxx07, white17, aces03, and crimea09 from Deck Lover 59
-Won macaroon09, admiration02, ae8619, snapshot09, poland03, leeks18, purify04, moron17, sunfighter05, marksman10, and 1 yellow crayon from Scramble 60
-Won drifter15, sandrock19, novoselic12, yuigahama15, carpenter17, deceptively01, acrobat09, liberator12, rebirth06, and nice10 from Hi-5 Radio 114

December 15, 2016
-Won freckled14, dln-00b06, and descendant14 from Host Club Giveaway 148

December 13, 2016
-Won napa13, dcn-03011, and grow13 from Host Club Giveaway 147

December 11, 2016
-Turned in bara05, koyasut15, miyanom15, ossan09, retro03, sakurait03, sekit16, and shoujo19 to Swap Station 54; received bara13, koyasut13, miyanom14, ossan19, retro18, sakurait18, sekit17, and shoujo17

December 9, 2016
-Turned in gardening10 to Crazy Colors 145; received insignia19, thorough08, toadsage08, dramatic06, necktie15, and heroines07

December 8, 2016
-Won abes03, megadrive09, tanabata16, kikaichu08, iyashikei05, stalker14, domino07, shining06, fakehero02, lollipop20, cat20, and apothecary09 from Pick a Color 126

December 7, 2016
-Won usagibrand14, saiyawoman11, tatyana11, earth08, speedosound18, excitable02, finland03, and key12 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 224
-Won shrine12, giant15, mature12, lynx10, jintan04, horned13, monkey12, misguided03, muffler11, personality04, moron08, idiocy18, thecrows11, posttown17, maskedg03, cyborg20, suicune10, clarines02, khilbet12, biology07, 1 red crayon, and 1 purple crayon from Reading Between the Lines 224

December 5, 2016
-Turned in amita04, apollo05, boots19, and kiyohime18 to Switch It Up 130; received scientific09, precious18, tonedeaf12, and sakamoto16

December 4, 2016
-Turned in ulster01 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 136; received solitary13, ensign13, psg104, star-shaped07, and curewhite14

December 3, 2016
-Won nindou14, musicboxes14, aokiji01, hamha10, mechapilots16, udon17, plugin20, and starwolf18 from Colorseum 20-5

December 2, 2016
-Won lip-ring20, muda09, bedridden05, colorful04, secondlife12, and beast06 from Rei's Friend Report 166

November 28, 2016
-Gifted onod16 from Jun

November 27, 2016
-Gifted bara02, josei08, midorikaru20, and suwabe03 from Tanna

November 26, 2016
-Won dcn-02717, scalchop19, devotee05, exalt05, burglar01, interview20, beloved13, and housenka03 from Colorseum 20-4

November 25, 2016
-Gifted jobs04/08/19 from Ivory and Horn
-Won karate07, overexert19, avalon07, alleluia03, gracidea03, and analyst03 from Rei's Friend Report 165

November 22, 2016
-Received crossroads02, soda04, ruinhunter13, mako16, comp08, hakuryou18, beer03, anklet12, parallel05, exceed15, fangs09, norway19, sakurairo16, wife11, futuring18, onewing10, adventure12, respectful20, sevenstars03, henshin05, exorcise09, 1stlt04, alleluia19, rare05, cheshire06, weblin07, oyajijokes17, knave16, devout06, tenmon03, cruiser07, cap17, gungi19, solchakram17, 2-a16, gyrostorm12, asleep16, straydog09, detonator13, wolffang09, nidaime07, orichalcos17, cutethings17, treasure20, snowfairy12, jurai03, cornelia08, chu-hi17, crossword17, form20, goldsaucer10, heartbreak18, dream04, prisoner07, 882306, lies05, technician14, melchsee15, nqm12, rise16, breath12, contramundi06, focus14, redcomet13, draculina05, cape04, meteor14, cloudwine02, goldsmith04, attentive10, pai-pai06, retriever10, repressed09, hatsushimo08, upstairs10, blues05, traveler14, iinodoue13, flash19, lace19, themoon02, studious19, sockpuppet01, dwn-00908, unknown08, tower13, dwn-00917, noman19, rendere14, segway12, aresweis14, pessimist20, cakes07, overnight17, erhu05, armor13, strikers20, mom16, tenchou02, ooji-ya14, deepsea12, phonestrap08, princes02, moumentai17, nthcolor10, tactician08, minus10, oracle18, frozen03, oyajijokes09, centurio16, suave02, ookwee20, rarechips18, norespect09, impersonate16, normal05, socute19, west04, sympathy07, maschera10, helping11, towel07, lax07, sakurait03, hungrywolf03, knitted06, destined02, danes16, kurogamon20, sparrow15, panther15, spalding01, teasing08, paranoia15, nazcaa02, bake16, tsuruko10, realist07, herbblends05, trips13, altmile13, pikarigaoka16, gensokyo18, mariebelle15, precise12, malefic02, erratic07, dependable15, arsenal14, death18, haicopy12, ufo07, selfish04, bigdipper15, golddragon15, kawarimi08, arcroyal12, onigiri13, pranks04, novice01, mp304, kanabo05, shenhu06, outbreak07, codename05, aquaria09, forklift01, doppel12, myths16, sorcerer14, pyrokinetic13, gryph19, rebel04, sphinx208, deserteagle11, kusegawa09, fleurir06, bloodwhip08, stinger02, villagerb08, nature04, seawizard12, biometals19, goodcop07, venicillin15, frigid04, thewall02, ninjaturtle08, 4 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 3 green crayons, 3 blue crayons, 3 purple crayons, 4 brown crayons, and 3 gray crayons from Mod Pay: November 1-15

October 31, 2016
-Gifted wanted03, worldcreate06, and zippers03 from Kaede

October 29, 2016
-Turned in real08 to Colors Fantasy Quest Game 8; received medicines07, cinema14, and koori16

October 23, 2016
-Won decision18, quality09, crossdressf16, silverstar14, miyanom15, and eyepatches15 from Deck Lover 51

October 21, 2016
-Won crossroads13, sevenstars13, mole05, and calamityhawk01 from Pick a Color 122
-Won gemini20, remaining03, shimabara04, change13, calligraphy01, crow01, yasakani10, and mariko05 from Colorseum 19-4

October 13, 2016
-Won spiritwave11, taozi09, and gakuenk18 from Host Club Giveaway 143

October 12, 2016
-Won madness18, hyuponia20, psyco08, bookoflaw16, blueeyes20, pragmatic15, mornings03, and giver09 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 217
-Won organic07 and osuwari12 from Go Fish 254
-Won captains13, precure07, mushroom19, solum14, mages02, glabados05, grayscale16, detectives05, newyears03, weddings17, aprbirthday05, visualnovel10, replacement18, marbirthday19, and sakuras08 from Deck Lover 50

October 7, 2016
-Won seafood15, bluerose12, difficult08, infamous18, ladykiller08, network10, dualkatana05, and kakinoki02 from Colorseum 19-2
-Won bunhead07, brains11, eighth09, and catfish02 from Help Miss Kamila 92
-Won undead18, leaves12, costume19, knucklehead13, usagi08, hari13, 1 orange crayon, and 1 yellow crayon from Rei's Friend Report 158

October 3, 2016
-Won journalist15, clones17, hallmonitor07, luckystar12, luck-pusher08, 1 green crayon, and 1 purple crayon from Pick a Color 121

September 30, 2016
-Won outside01, stamina08, nude19, 4thchild18, seacrusher15, needcool09, godofdeath18, and feminine05 from Colorseum 19-1
-Received ursula04, javelin14, research17, kismet19, ambitions16, heights15, jingling20, speech01, mage19, trusty15, ookwee20, curesword02, formulas19, y-ko07, ultima04, maguskiller08, and 1 orange crayon from Activity Rewards (August)
-Won petite13, reason02, drawing17, thirdroom07, eyesight07, and heartless14 from Rei's Friend Report 157

September 28, 2016
-Won allmeans08, foxtail04, epyon12, almighty17, airiel04, nicknames06, parallel13, and musselback17 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 215

September 25, 2016
-Won directions02, narcoleptic15, airyglyph12, dialect03, metalia19, malefic03, ouji12, animajor12, bluerogue18, accidental19, and 1 brown crayon from Scramble 51
-Won kaleid13, strawberry11, and kissing10 from Host Club Giveaway 142

September 23, 2016
-Won signorina13, janken06, imperfect03, needcool06, and 1 blue crayon from Help Miss Kamila 90
-Won chisha01, tsukumogami18, thresher15, master08, deceptively05, russia01, salt04, and persocom13 from Colorseum Season 3 Start Bonus Round
-Won ciaossu19, beatdown14, memories15, ideo-delta02, worldthree02, and yami-nabe19 from Rei's Friend Report 156

September 21, 2016
-Won economical11, drugs04, paruru13, food15, reluctant14, solo08, injured08, and 99percent05 from Reading Between the Lines 213
-Won indistress20, thesun14, twirl19, rattata20, fincutter05, changshan13, calculation19, and chouki15 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 214

September 20, 2016
-Won lucavi01, dragon-type17, universe04, ghibli13, call20, and sugitan07 from Deck Lover 47
-Won spy19, pooka19, france16, curebeat12, gangster14, reason04, orders15, and bluerogue01 from Quilting 92
-Turned in ambitious10 to Crazy Colors 136; received sekigan17, married09, yamaken12, ghostroom12, twintails18, and kacchan02

September 19, 2016
-Turned in background03/10 and koyasut06/18 to Swap Station 44; received background07/13 and koyasut12/15
-Won afraid19, y-ko20, conducts19, heatwave14, native15, vodka09, bluebeard02, and telepathy09 from Pick a Color 120

September 16, 2016
-Won seal14, junbirthday04, kiyoubinbou12, scilab08, possible08, dreamycrown03, occidental09, acepilot15, silpheed05, and hello04 from Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 10

September 11, 2016
-Turned in rascal11 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 125; received nohr12, destined16, noa12, curehappy12, neozeon18, and eyeignite09

September 9, 2016
-Won turningtide08, amara16, ratsbane14, oshu20, attached13, left11, basil20, and judicial03 from Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 9
-Won disarm03, sexfavors15, and fudanshi13 from Host Club Giveaway 141
-Turned in x-laws02 to Crazy Colors 134; received gunjou13, prinny13, pluviale09, trashy15, fight04, and domremy18
-Won pikohan10, azran02, magic12, mantis10, t-veronica07, and alternate19 from Rei's Friend Report 154

September 7, 2016
-Traded Makorin 3 blue crayons for 3 purple crayons
-Won housewife13, gentletype19, hamster12, guidance05, cups01, hence11, ban-chan13, and brilliant20 from Reading Between the Lines 211
-Won dragonein15, 2-a20, icewolf15, kenbu20, murakumo15, reflection18, short06, and bag02 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 212

August 31, 2016
-Won qubeley20, hamster15, single16, mutt05, boulder18, conclusions06, firefighter03, oshi14, and innocence14 from Pick a Color 119

August 30, 2016
-Turned in background09/12 and koyasut01/02 to Swap Station 41; received background03/10 and koyasut06/18

August 29, 2016
-Took glacies08, npc08, lumen03, whirlpool07, firststring17, rufous13, fukurodani20, byakugan02, iceorb03, pants04, and gray05 from August release
-Turned in colony906, 66810, streamlight02, and brutal12 to Switch It Up 123; received redjewels05, siren01, elf07, and naturally19

August 28, 2016
-Won nthcolor04, buddypolice06, kinkan08, carcosa14, azoth13, sochin11, noda13, brynhilde12, lady05, mercenary20, all-rounder08, gremlin14, firebird20, kiyohime18, nameless19, mariposa02, fimbulventr06, kakinoki05, himalayan05, blossom02, rabbit01, yankee17, boots19, suzumori12, one-eyed09, proper06, dualkagune12, charm16, feral04, visitor18, 1 orange crayon, and 1 green crayon from Colors Fantasy Quest Game 9
-Turned in empress04 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 123; received attentive20, burstspear08, leanbox18, chiefmaid03, and reptile03

August 26, 2016
-Won honor19, rainbow11, sakanade01, normalcy08, blonddevil20, unorthodox13, qualia20, sen02, and 2 gray crayons from Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 7

August 22, 2016
-Won 4thchild05, ariadoney20, elecbeam07, clean-cut19, half-elf10, meanies19, archery02, dependable06, cousin12, and fistoflove08 from Colors Fantasy Quest Game 12
-Won vikingtiger04, setz09, izanagi15, gasmask04, survive16, mute17, friedchicken11, straycat02, and 2 gray crayons from Colors Fantasy Quest Game 1

August 20, 2016
-Won witchgirl01, punyaan12, kayo-chin05, forcefield16, starsinger11, katsudon18, stronger07, raijuu16, ginnungagap01, hawkedge02, pitiful19, sakejug10, tease13, voi01, yard13, otherworld01, irides19, qipao03, sepbirthday08, gakuenk02, brothers15, and 1 orange crayon from Colors Fantasy Quest Game 5
-Won gamevil11, whisker17, danceflame05, insight03, oaktree08, rosequeen02, and treasurer09 from Colors Fantasy Quest Game 11

August 19, 2016
-Won noproblem08, nose06, poultry09, mikura02, redoni03, lovelorn13, hakari04, responsible16, pride06, diamonddust14, 1 blue crayon, and 1 brown crayon from Colors Fantasy Quest Game 4
-Won waterdrop16, unorthodox12, balbadd01, wwwa11, deva07, alabasta09, curehappy07, norende10, bishounen04, methuselah06, 1 red crayon, and 1 purple crayon from Colors Fantasy Quest Game 7
-Won hebihime09, mafiaboss06, ability01, and melodrama11 from Colors Fantasy Quest Game 6
-Turned in lostvayne13 to Colors Fantasy Quest Game 3; received sour07 and hawkeye04
-Won medicine15, counter02, compassion11, peacock15, burst17, snakes14, blacksmith05, meltdowner18, kanjipuns14, one-cut20, poseidon07, chaotix14, and 1 purple crayon from Colors Fantasy Quest Game 2

August 18, 2016
-Gifted Alice 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, and 1 gray crayon
-Gifted Lenga 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, and 1 gray crayon
-Gifted Kiri 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, and 1 gray crayon
-Gifted QC 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, and 1 gray crayon
-Gifted Jessu 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, and 1 gray crayon
-Gifted Cassie 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, and 1 gray crayon
-Gifted Mina 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, and 1 gray crayon
-Turned in reyntime09 to Colors Fantasy Quest Game 8; received shinen03, raison15, and archery03
-Gifted 1 orange crayon from Nikita

August 15, 2016
-Turned in realian08 and roseprince08 to Colors Fantasy Quest Game 8; received melphis06, patch02, stupiddog11, dwn-01807, nazca19, and flailsword15

August 13, 2016
-Gifted aria14 from Aru
-Gifted 1 orange crayon from Eon

August 8, 2016
-Gifted 1 red crayon and 1 orange crayon from Samichan

August 6, 2016
-Gifted ancestor01 and aria10 from Coops
-Gifted 1 orange crayon from Jun

July 29, 2016
-Won malkuth12, jewel06, milkyrose08, primo01, phonecalls16, aizu04, venomous15, and curebeauty03 from Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 3

July 23, 2016
-Won lure01, scuro16, empty10, momiji07, changshan02, xel04, lemonade02, and mischievous14 from Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 2

July 22, 2016
-Won sixsational15, empath01, desserts18, galaxyidol07, 400years14, and patissier09 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 15

July 16, 2016
-Won resurrect08, owngoal13, jade07, armor08, conducts07, viola08, mission20, and darkblood19 from Colorseum: Summer Seiyuu Special 1

July 8, 2016
-Won poet04, mascot12, landlady09, injured07, bluerose09, fashion17, shorthair06, taforashia05, marchenland01, and blaming18 from Colorseum 18-5
-Turned in butt02, dachshund17, nerd10, perfect18, magnificent17, hugging15, and zookeeper13 to Anniversary Event 6 Day 4; received sixsational04, better14, lord11, protestant18, badcop03, doujigiri18, scepter420, fortune01, carrier17, diminished06, and stray02

July 6, 2016
-Won sixsational18, dwn-02304, sage10, rumraisin03, iaigeri19, permafrost06, avaricious04, rodent18, diamonds04, unruly11, worthless18, and 1 yellow crayon from Anniversary Event 6 Day 18

July 5, 2016
-Won sixsational08, gastark01, ideals12, 1 red crayon, and 1 brown crayon from Anniversary Event 6 Day 8

July 2, 2016
-Won sixsational07, coo09, x31s12, paradox16, performance11, and ateapot02 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 7

July 1, 2016
-Won sixsational20 and coffee05/06 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 20
-Won sixsational16, howl12, tea02, tenshi02, stronger06, solidscript03, and needcool08 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 16
-Won sixsational03, menoris05, blue06, and arborea08 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 3
-Won sixsational17, elegies12, eight18, coolest15, and koorime15 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 17
-Won sixsational12, points05, coffee02, repeat10, gekko12, and 1 blue crayon from Anniversary Event 6 Day 12
-Won sixsational10 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 21
-Won sixsational09, eyepatches18, and onod20 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 9
-Won sixsational11, naga12, and whiteblood11 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 11

June 30, 2016
-Won sixsational06, catsndogs08, devour17, fimbulvetr05, tharsis17, blush12, performage10, and naginata04 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 6
-Won sixsational05, cupcake18, karmicloop14, hamster14, magitek11, and explode07 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 5
-Won sixsational13, elegies02, moonwalker08, saga03, bio-weapon11, and 1 yellow crayon from Anniversary Event 6 Day 13

June 29, 2016
-Won sixsational02, unwavering01, repliforce16, and negate03 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 2

June 19, 2016
-Received sixsational19 for posting Anniversary Event 6 Day 19
-Turned in fightmoney18 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 113; received champion02, virginbride17, foster12, exuberant04, ginnungagap13, break11, naive03, komoicorps10, novelist19, kickboxer13, oracle12, and sandaime03

June 14, 2016
-Received sixsational14 for posting Anniversary Event 6 Day 14
-Won goldwyvern14, darkking07, knowing01, mtek-zero11, ogredemon20, curewhite17, earphones11, schemer01, newkama16, cousin19, and 1 blue crayon from Scramble 37
-Won koyasut02, zoanthrope09, kizna01, soldiers01, u-1701, and allies04 from Deck Lover 34
-Won teamflare07, coolest06, gewehr19, and kidnapped20 from Hi-5 Radio 90

June 13, 2016
-Won sixsational01, royalty19, ichor04, and cardevolve13 from Anniversary Event 6 Day 1

June 12, 2016
-Gifted mansion05 from Netbug

June 9, 2016
-Won kimurar15, tyrolean13, and preventer14 from Host Club Giveaway 135
-Won 1 red crayon from Colors Coloring Book 127

June 5, 2016
-Turned in sadistic14 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 111; received detection20, cooking02, marksman04, galactic16, samekh05, accessories06, follower08, grumbly06, dattebasa01, miasma02, and muru17

June 4, 2016
-Won pacifist13, marionette03, lifeguard18, childlike15, caramels05, luminous09, undertaker19, chiefmaid08, 2-a20, ero-cook12, seireiden08, and captivate19 from Pick a Color 114
-Won dragoneyes03, spain20, exercising04, british05, accounts10, mask09, satchel17, well-spoken17, and 1 green crayon from Beauty Pageant 101

June 3, 2016
-Won crazy17, nonexistent20, libra10, leyline07, kamiyan03, and ditelada02 from Rei's Friend Report 140
-Won determined13, quality12, righteous11, inventions06, robin07, fourthchief11, cabbit05, and network12 from Colorseum 17-5
-Received hiraikotsu19, platinum07, alluring14, shoeless09, amara17, books08, ribbons07, colossi18, blastia01, rot17, amita04, mature05, elf08, fathers18, etherrifle08, intelligence10, kabuki11, dancefusion08, swindler06, cointoss06, hamelin03, wearsamask15, ayingott08, rage18, sousui13, lucavi07, ki11, gakuran14, imperfect06, grendel02, at-low14, impetuous11, demon18, poffins11, 1 red crayon, 5 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 3 green crayons, 4 blue crayons, and 2 gray crayons for turning in sketchpads 186-202

June 2, 2016
-Won headband10, feast03, presence03, temptress15, crowtengu20, dogoopencil12, hideandseek14, and spicegirl14 from Reading Between the Lines 199

June 1, 2016
-Won hatcher13, windor07, hopeless11, fascinated02, likeabird15, hostile03, thunder02, literary19, 1 red crayon, and 1 brown crayon from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 200
-Turned in iris13 to Crazy Colors 120; received klarerwind17, force18, hadoukyuu15, careless14, milkyrose17, and laconic16
-Won alseides16, elemia18, renowned18, and sparkwave12 from Link Cable 22

May 30, 2016
-Turned in machina03, minuses04, rosewater15, and roleplay15 to Switch It Up 118; received evenbetter06, references18, annoying18, and punisher18
-Turned in maouryuu03 to Colors Coloring Book 127; received badgrades16, paipai02, summer08, and sunflowers16
-Turned in apprentice03 and aria09 to Swap Station 33; received apprentice15 and aria20

May 29, 2016
-Won sakanoshita17, translator10, and umbrellas20 from Host Club Giveaway 134

May 27, 2016
-Won cybermedic16, severe09, shoujo19, junkcube17, sheriff08, dualkatana19, asterisk18, and moogle11 from Colorseum 17-4

May 25, 2016
-Won judo16, azuresea14, lawnmower01, expelled19, scepter416, altoclef18, elrond17, stealing19, accident08, and appraiser12 from Hi-5 Radio 84
-Won yaoi20, deities20, green16, sisters12, laguz08, and fukujun02 from Deck Lover 28
-Won magickey16, seagull08, crazy08, fleija09, byakko08, puku14, blueflare08, superior14, soisagent05, driving17, and 1 brown crayon from Scramble 33

May 24, 2016
-Won gnosis10, guns04, koyasut09, newyears16, femprotags08, and schwarzwelt18 from Deck Lover 32
-Won benevolent08, innovative17, chibikko01, and momokan12 from Hi-5 Radio 88

May 22, 2016
-Turned in aristocratic11 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 109; received canaan06, pranks12, dwn-01101, curiosity11, nonchalant19, halberd15, twosides11, gekkooin06, smiles11, and drugs02

May 20, 2016
-Won kannagi10, chiropteran17, gremlin09, unseen20, dynames15, x-laws02, rebellious20, and cyborgidol10 from Colorseum 17-3
-Received theatrical17, madamered20, obey04, happyclap19, grandson01, honorific17, aresweis20, chimchar18, profiler08, canada19, box18, cuter16, india17, cosplayer15, sockpuppet04, blueswan08, hoodie18, 1 orange crayon, and 1 yellow crayon from Mod Pay: May 1-15

May 19, 2016
-Won dog12, equestrian13, hachimaki14, fantasize20, and agni13 from Pick a Color 113

May 16, 2016
-Won taser15, eldarian13, and bugs01 from Host Club Giveaway 133

May 15, 2016
-Won priestess03, jabot06, flamingo16, abilities05, chromacamo05, knowledge10, c-class14, druid01, danes11, miroku03, 1 brown crayon, and 1 gray crayon from Scramble 32
-Won overpriced12, wry10, eleventh05, eldarian16, executioner16, idiot17, pageant04, listener05, shannaro14, sanjouin06, reserve13, armlet10, mafiaboss12, contract18, highentia04, clowndrop18, blueeyes08, no1curry03, sports04, flankshot20, alice15, tensai07, lazier14, babble15, strategist16, profit03, forelock01, performance16, beaker17, cold13, scold09, willbeokay11, clerk10, dachshund17, reshbal02, trattoria19, sunset02, bride20, force15, probe13, greathawk11, lateshift06, efficient12, illegitimate12, jr13, shinsou20, famicom15, primera04, s-hall18, pameruku12, physician14, sensible07, echo02, inadequate20, precepts20, cerberus06, furpelt01, seconds03, chawanmushi07, bigkitty10, evenodd17, armlet02, chorrubor20, creampuff13, tetracode14, starfish14, donmai11, rain17, demonking05, nukes06, undead13, hikikomori16, getaway10, pyuru19, gsleague15, super10, express18, lhantmanor09, redshell02, shooter11, classical04, freeshooter20, voile02, explosive19, nandemo01, admiral02, trophy03, tengumaru01, memphis03, mountain20, ozeki13, kenjutsu14, insurance03, irritated19, starcave10, challenge07, japanese13, storybook05, hamburger18, dualwield08, righteye20, here02, soujutsu13, izumo03, raikiri12, influence04, shivers04, germany12, four08, teddybears17, kou04, curerouge09, poppo07, gloucester01, voodoo11, passedon03, pure14, illomen09, friendship01, scavenger19, single15, insight15, ran04, menma03, a-class02, wingzero19, luminous19, erasure13, nagarekawa05, memphis01, fiancee19, angels08, blackrabbit05, senpuujin17, ousaka16, hyakka15, takeover16, purpose14, unrequited19, animes17, streamlight02, heavens15, houdai01, tenbuhorin19, twilight13, foxfire16, darkboots15, soldiers12, grave15, asakeno20, seacrusher04, windwhip05, paladin01, roller16, president03, kei15, redhood08, amaranthine18, duchess03, cosmoses15, hugs14, 3-a16, corn09, dcn-02619, eyesight20, dna15, sphinx111, blackbird04, vampirecat02, nocturne11, hungrywolf14, supermarket05, phobia09, aura19, flirt04, dutiful09, bluebird06, wedding08, ruin19, jump11, distrustful13, discipline07, kendo13, healers01, hotarumaru18, envoy09, naraku11, candystore20, costume17, rosewater05, chakra03, number213, room11, bailang16, starcave01, studying11, dicebomb05, sound16, sniff04, norimaki09, cheese12, d4c04, firetornado07, lackey13, sociable15, gaps18, thebrain13, colony906, immovable14, across13, supportive20, zackpedia14, capitalism05, jizaikon04, strings08, lovehime09, rafale01, hospitality11, mercenary01, trainride03, bounty12, pioneer12, active20, challenges09, lilac05, dln-00b08, dandelion11, judgement08, logical09, kagemusha01, vers12, roseprince08, robin13, france05, grave08, codename02, dullahan03, meimei17, faith20, maintenance18, adorable08, velvetroom10, badminton18, moron08, fisticuffs10, stern18, undine01, late16, time09, azuresea11, 20million19, ribbon10, heroines17, myshin01, tank09, admiring11, pottery02, awaken13, doujutsu09, hibakari07, forecaster02, well17, alone04, privileged14, warpstar03, storybook17, simple20, fulfill12, centurio14, nyaa08, forecaster18, mezzopiano03, runa20, captivate16, sailor16, scuro01, villains08, feared12, sbjk17, darkness10, noble12, purple02, tootall09, shieikan06, puppeteer09, precure06, bathtub06, intelligent14, brynhildr16, velvetroom13, pompadour10, augbirthday17, warmonger19, defeated11, wildman01, frontkiller01, trinity06, reference08, married04, disciple14, gemini01, whitestorm13, labyrinthia20, question12, macho12, riskbreaker10, goldking17, sechs02, legilis19, redshell15, sigmund01, finance01, sadako20, romaantiqua02, blitzball20, vampirecat02, dogoopencil13, killrecord04, abroad17, heritt15, lonetiger04, aprbirthday06, pliskin01, disaresta10, detective16, snapshot12, symbologist14, hounan02, touma05, revizer16, antique12, one-track15, bullying02, raison19, falling15, penguinx14, bravo08, stupid05, heybo10, spectator05, author04, fastdraw01, alcohol13, winery05, iscandar07, toran16, shivers15, maou13, accurate13, gero17, temari05, san14, blackwhite16, warmagus18, analyst07, memorybomb19, april15, nii-nii06, battle13, blueribbon13, curtain19, copying16, angelichowl12, uberhero10, shakushi11, waiting02, herbaltea11, burstspear13, miraculous20, atomic16, oblique18, airyglyph01, glass04, disinfect17, maxwell05, kekkai04, plankton17, estonia08, syringe13, speedosound06, silverknight19, kazeshini16, marry16, risingsun10, tripping04, forced10, undefeated04, carmine03, silverknight18, truebeauty15, kansai06, crowds13, blast15, kobushi03, ramble09, tights18, magnus15, namekian17, ibis15, aeon01, risingsun19, aqua16, silversword18, absence19, braveface04, moscow17, galileo07, vampirecat01, knave15, swordlike04, impersonate09, leadership20, sugar01, collapses04, doting10, teaparty04, deathzone05, rejection04, seal05, voulge03, kaiser06, attracts07, changban20, jojo17, generic11, deduction07, alabasta20, leftover07, cybeast13, cosmos01, mistress20, pokedex18, percussion04, dreadlocks19, nekomata01, servbots20, dna09, eve19, youcopy09, senbon17, genesis10, scrawl06, haggler04, deyansu08, knight-hart06, kansai08, hottemper12, androphobic09, speedroid16, yakisoba11, maleidols03, dancefusion03, tearcut02, sun10, draciel01, dattebasa06, blaster14, inlove18, gundanz07, flashcard19, meribia17, devour08, asteroid07, ribika07, heretic11, threemins15, cockatoo10, kaitou05, charisma06, stylist05, busted16, forelock08, peppy05, doit09, meikai11, alone14, flamenblue13, line10, camellia17, caregiver07, finance15, curesunny15, strongwill06, syndicate09, hitsuzen07, repressed05, tianshui14, mothers01, horoscope09, break04, retro03, lunar02, civics04, horizon19, seven14, yomi01, glabados18, chiefmaid16, regal16, zero-type17, trueknight02, flowers08, christianity05, cas04, wine14, experience04, obey01, fisticuffs03, oddjobs02, shakugan03, playbirdie02, and seawizard19 from Kazuya's Combo Breaker 132 (4th use of Double Game Rewards coupon)

May 13, 2016
-Won zookeeper13, minami17, precognitive04, half-elf08, allergen17, appear13, babuu13, and grave12 from Colorseum 17-2

May 12, 2016
-Received chain09, pulse04, pendulum14, psychotic08, hadome13, nonchalant05, nanatsusaya15, squad42211, alamode01, cameraman09, carmilla18, honor10, scarydriver07, 1 red crayon, and 1 blue crayon from Mod Pay: April 16-30

May 10, 2016
-Won kodama02, twirl18, flirting14, oneesan02, inherit20, pink03, chiwawa09, selphia06, nico-nii17, loveshower15, 1 yellow crayon, and 1 purple crayon from Scramble 31

May 6, 2016
-Won blackwhite19, deck01, messhouen16, jkd09, rice07, mulberry19, rouge04, and cybermedic19 from Colorseum 17-1

May 5, 2016
-Won pc-9818, confirmed13, gakuenk03, ylisse01, gransys08, and newyears18 from Deck Lover 26

May 2, 2016
-Won bio-weapon09, realian08, happyclap14, lipstick19, tangerine15, fanalis17, xiv02, pawn11, interest19, yamigitsune15, dense18, markv14, fishing04, otaku20, iwant19, 1 red crayon, 2 orange crayons, and 1 green crayon from Pick a Color 112

May 1, 2016
-Won rollout10, torchic04, and toxin13 from Host Club Giveaway 132

April 29, 2016
-Won rollingsaw10, sailorcap06, neptune02, heichou15, agna06, yatsufusa20, ironmace14, and uranus05 from Colorseum 16-5

April 28, 2016
-Won goldking11, mini06, thornqueen12, and banshees20 from Hi-5 Radio 82

April 27, 2016
-Won aerialace07, disqualified17, pyu01, hyper16, and morethan11 from Link Cable 17

April 26, 2016
-Won digimon06, player220, coilturn17, shinya14, kwando03, and memoirs17 from Guess the Color 265
-Won rabbit17, highcycle16, quadra06, and shy04 from Go Fish 251
-Won ulster01, silenthero06, restoration10, aquaria02, and 1 gray crayon from Poke Radar 259
-Won attendant20, close01, diepencil11, and deduction19 from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 269
-Won rookie07, plugin20, cruelty13, lark12, spin16, and 1 blue crayon from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 268
-Won astraeus16, betrayal03, bigbenkei11, shannaro02, grandson16, cowardly11, silent01, german18, kimurar03, marysue11, 1 orange crayon, and 1 brown crayon from Beauty Pageant 98
-Turned in boss01 to Colors Coloring Book 124; received performage13, yoga14, vape02, and shogunkayo18

April 24, 2016
-Won yoomtah02, medic03, crowanima16, darts10, volunteer01, analyzation18, chuu08, cleaning15, rodent20, flower15, 1 orange crayon, and 1 green crayon from Scramble 30
-Turned in ribbonchan18 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 105; received ragnarok07, chorrubor10, and bumbling15

April 23, 2016
-Received heal07, pillars13, yosakoi19, harpielady04, page09, firetruck08, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, and 1 brown crayon for donating an image to Scrapbook 155

April 22, 2016
-Won dusk02, gouf08, isshu17, heldback05, bamboo04, homeroom18, lostvayne13, and floral16 from Colorseum 16-4
-Won choker03, thestar02, perm14, bentenmaru10, shy15, skill-out04, brash01, and loligothic01 from Rei's Friend Report 134

April 21, 2016
-Won vayu01, corn12, bandana11, kinshara19, and darkhunter07 from Graffiti 114

April 20, 2016
-Won marion04, fafnir01, witchhunter05, chawanmushi17, revival15, kuga-p19, telekinesis06, and whitesnake18 from Link Cable 16
-Turned in brush13, heavyarms07, fulfill02, and liar09 to Switch It Up 115; received plumber09, archaeology09, ignored18, bye-bye16, castle17, guns11, familiars16, and canaan20

April 19, 2016
-Won report17, chivalry04, idolclub09, gemini16, rottencop20, engokuki16, fists07, renegades17, fifth19, eagle08, wormhole09, and clergy01 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 196

April 18, 2016
-Won tipster10, mansion15, viina02, vritra02, indistress04, leraje04, bronco18, and twinstar17 from Pick a Color 111
-Turned in dull16 to Crazy Colors 114; received blackmail19, paladienne05, and soothsayer11
-Won curewhite01, boy01, kalina17, and goodnight18 from Quilting 81
-Turned in stealth15 to Colors Coloring Book 124; received priest18, wary01, bishounen14, deathgaze20, and 1 blue crayon
-Turned in stapler07 and summoned20 to Swap Station 27; received stapler14 and summoned10
-Received bright13, doit15, bills11, telekinesis13, chibimoon13, solum02, collected17, dodo01, clarines07, schwarzwelt15, gymnast15, bully20, contests06, 1 orange crayon, and 1 yellow crayon from Mod Pay: April 1-15
-Won isolated20, imitating18, and iris13 from Continue the Story 45

April 15, 2016
-Won kamatari13, hatched06, ursula03, robotabuse07, ribbonchan04, dimension07, researcher02, and idolfan13 from Colorseum 16-3
-Won empress04, shiro18, and aura02 from Host Club Giveaway 131
-Won wander05, divination09, unwritten18, kataomoi03, hoenn11, intestines13, headmaster06, and dwn-01516 from Rei's Friend Report 133

April 13, 2016
-Won antiqueshop12, tackle01, bara05, and yaoi16 from Go Fish 250
-Won camembert05, thestray19, player205, solitude06, ghostalley02, and kyuudou14 from Go Fish 249
-Won asobot08, violin20, three16, and seeker01 from Go Fish 248
-Won irides09, kinkan04, christmas09, heartless02, suwabe15, and autumn19 from Deck Lover 25
-Won miracle09, girly20, ethereal09, scooter16, seja12, guardians03, hod14, travel10, charge10, catbingu13, 1 orange crayon, and 1 purple crayon from Scramble 27
-Won anterograde20, pharle20, skirt18, sakurait06, camerawoman14, goldwyvern06, dryjuice05, hi-potions07, sunk09, and nag17 from Hi-5 Radio 80
-Won police16, nonbeliever03, taunts05, hachimaki14, entermachine09, scalchop12, charge18, and harnais18 from Link Cable 15

April 10, 2016
-Turned in ruthless19 to Colors Coloring Book 123; received mansion06, melodrama03, awaken15, mirror07, aspire07, and ban-chan05
-Won apollo05, assault01, and affair08 from Continue the Story 45
-Turned in dutiful07/20 to Swap Station 26; received dutiful02/13
-Turned in galaxian19 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 103; received neozeon20, happysong13, and sen01

April 8, 2016
-Won venoshock08, circus10, rollout01, fairies13, kweh08, and xxxx05 from Deck Lover 24

April 7, 2016
-Turned in windom13 to Crazy Colors 112; received paradox17, raikiri18, and glasses02
-Won cola19, dyaus17, asakura08, pasta09, and iris12 from Graffiti 113

April 4, 2016
-Won itegumo06, ryujinjakka14, kaijou14, huladance20, hypocrite15, onewing07, antique13, poultry10, townhall04, ghostlock02, and inventing07 from Pick a Color 110
-Turned in falena11 to Colors Coloring Book 122; received kazoku07, line08, physique17, and bake11

April 3, 2016
-Received kunst03, translator10, staying09, akabari20, code0617, asakawa02, avalon06, mansion07, pentagram02, nurse09, meramera01, venicillin19, ring01, rash16, greatwitch03, lucky04, otomen04, formal12, oldfriend04, aimless05, method04, augbirthday17, dee-dee09, canaan19, dog02, commentary15, ghost02, wakening15, mws20, pets02, entermate18, aztec07, corseit11, dnn11, honnoji15, aimo11, archenemy12, iss04, onlypurpose19, raildex04, guarddog12, padlock09, livestock16, kshatriya01, holybell09, patience14, oranges10, reptile13, kbt16, maiden12, identity20, inlove05, mindofgod07, dead16, takoyaki10, puririn16, tomboyish04, grand17, sheikah01, village07, disarm05, namekian05, darkblood07, memento18, ladyship16, gin14, dreaca10, sealed14, combat02, socute12, lady03, samba13, biscuit04, tease01, hebirote15, nosebleeds19, lefthand17, babysitter16, toxin20, redking05, foughten06, secondson14, tarundoru18, larkdive06, tinto06, padlock14, seahorse06, pursuit13, guillotine12, date18, oddjobs05, lovemaster19, melchsee14, magnificent17, scar16, beats07, stride11, housework13, memories10, paradise19, pyrokinetic20, nidaime08, sakejug18, loveshower07, infant16, ignite20, geisha20, hattrick04, bassclef08, purplehaze12, strawberry10, bluerose06, diamond17, artifacts16, sagittarius17, superiority06, nukes10, kanegasaki01, mako-chan08, fakekey17, codename09, college14, dragunov03, shannaro01, dance18, blessed15, fraxinus08, vikingtiger08, america13, dtr12, mega11, silversword10, cherry04, marshmallow20, katamari06, cipher01, udonge08, cavalry06, greennoa05, dyaus08, nukes14, ghouls07, kyotouryuu03, farming09, apollo04, jps20, kiseki-ou15, discipline18, stalking02, saisei06, pizzicato11, mangaka02, multi-size05, legalwife20, welcome15, highlander02, flighty07, stamina15, porcupine08, sealed10, conductor06, heartereki17, stitches12, jinen11, festival04, express09, bye-bye04, hanahazama12, illegal19, borealis16, swordswoman05, veil01, nia17, barrettes12, broccoli14, thorn13, raftfleet09, posttown17, cetra19, closedclock15, vanship12, story15, dancefusion11, darksun16, skirt09, sue05, ostia12, bossun06, gladsheim19, television02, speedstar15, sue04, teamaqua11, nyanpasu14, masks01, beretta10, bedofroses15, tsunpo14, nonchalant15, moodmaker17, minister17, leap20, hakari04, caduceus20, highcycle07, affair14, tongue06, blitzball11, wingspiker10, fabricated15, delivery14, healer09, beginner11, psychometry18, nameless17, meanies07, knave05, muda03, magicaltoy15, zessen01, carpetbomb07, lightblue05, torture03, golems12, deinnomos14, rockleone18, nude11, kanabo19, babylon06, sullen17, cavalry02, fierydesire14, gemstone17, leo10, shibuya14, starcave06, magicguild06, asakawa11, voi11, brains03, shock05, baroque02, kimurar06, prince02, touma11, schiff13, cianwood14, samuraicat03, codename20, indoors09, 6 red crayons, 3 orange crayons, 6 yellow crayons, 6 green crayons, 3 blue crayons, 6 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, and 4 gray crayons from Mod Pay: March 16-31
-Turned in landlady16 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 102; received electrifying19, sisters18, and lionsguard11
-Won saved01, regulus06, and zoanthrope04 from Host Club Giveaway 130

April 1, 2016
-Won vector17, mercurial15, awakening07, replicant17, smell03, become15, bangle18, and animereview11 from Colorseum 16-1
-Won sadako13, gardening10, spiritenergy10, devious15, bibliophile09, growth01, bestfriend05, and star12 from Rei's Friend Report 131

March 31, 2016
-Turned in 7thheaven19 and maester04 to Swap Station 24; received 7thheaven18 and maester07

March 30, 2016
-Won sweettime04, dog-like20, digamma06, merak12, stylist12, wolf15, humanist20, and hope04 from Link Cable 13

March 29, 2016
-Won kukulcan04, veggies05, madcancer20, hougu03, stands20, saiyan11, tinker18, lilac09, hylia17, spin08, 1 orange crayon, and 1 yellow crayon from Scramble 26
-Won caduceus11, guertena16, misguided18, anima12, ultima14, and ironfist04 from Deck Lover 23
-Won wandering02, photographs14, stubborn14, rewrite20, pliskin10, exuberant05, beer15, brutal12, akagami14, and attentive16 from Hi-5 Radio 79

March 28, 2016
-Won universe15, tapioca18, chastiefol05, var10, and gatekeeper15 from Graffiti 112
-Turned in kagutsuchi02 to Crazy Colors 111; received 66810, trainride18, and happiness06
-Turned in eternal14 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 101; received flamenblue08, laid-back04, and cipher07

March 27, 2016
-Turned in dousing14 and noble11 to Swap Station 23; received dousing19 and noble06
-Turned in koyasut02/13 to Swap Station 22; received koyasut01/18

March 26, 2016
-Won graceful18, babied20, blastia14, tigerstriped02, cascade10, savate08, manipulative07, emptiness05, opposite08, checkmate05, pink20, become19, eldarian01, dusk20, autumn06, 1 yellow crayon, and 2 gray crayons from Lucky Draw 21
-Won bio-weapon05, countering06, and idiot17 from Poke Radar 257
-Won marriage20, cinema07, lilac11, and rude17 from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 265

March 25, 2016
-Won cherryboy07, flower17, elf01, sacrifice15, vegetation10, badfuture14, tatyana16, gross01, shirosouzoku19, and icequeen03 from Arazlam's Clues 288
-Won pinkpearl17, armor05, astore19, red12, snowfield02, poet19, complex02, and lotus16 from Colorseum 15-5
-Won villagerb01, aug2310, doublesharp03, nemesisq15, bluebeard08, yuusha15, attract19, sagami03, medium16, weather08, vikinghorn08, nude18, and 2 red crayons from Beauty Pageant 96

March 23, 2016
-Won soul06, open16, points18, 4thdistrict03, honoo13, and kannagi02 from Guess the Color 263
-Turned in venoshock19 to Colors Coloring Book 122; received dwn-02216, oaktree14, moonblast04, chui08, horror07, 198809, and chivalrous13
-Won pai-pai16, ratsbane11, callous06, and wingblades06 from Go Fish 247
-Won bloodwhip13, athlum09, hugging15, alleluia19, lobster09, survive06, and might18 from Link Cable 12

March 22, 2016
-Won alien15, deimosking01, waspsting16, cheri02, doberman14, popstar09, dwn-01906, and witchqueen05 from Oikawa's Fan Mail 95
-Won steam20, yamazaki16, cipher19, illegal05, and curepine07 from Pick a Color 109
-Won invader14, draculina18, contact12, and broom13 from Quilting 79

March 18, 2016
-Won gemknight02, deyansu07, iwant10, cheerful05, curemarch06, monomi18, betreida02, and fullmetal07 from Directions 106
-Won spaz08, graduate17, deliver17, and emoticon06 from Colorseum 15-4

March 17, 2016
-Won setter01, oldfriend08, greatwitch19, ladykiller08, whitenight05, repeat06, and 1 blue crayon from Beauty Pageant 95
-Won ufo01, sphinx210, osaka17, and exposition06 from Rei's Friend Report 129
-Won equal05, qualia08, and starmagic17 from Host Club Giveaway 129

March 16, 2016
-Turned in theend20, kagutsuchi09, albhed19, and pluses16 to Switch It Up 115; received shoujo12, blitzball01, clow12, and sawashirom12
-Won barbarossa20, bubblebeam07, crow18, blades14, psicom12, countering01, cutethings04, and salute03 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 195
-Won accurate12, hats16, markv03, and handshake06 from Link Cable 11
-Turned in celestial14 to Continue the Story 43; received magoi15, rascal11, teaparty11, and one08

March 14, 2016
-Won junbirthday07, danderes12, and world20 from Deck Lover 22
-Won shepherd05, leftearring04, ruler14, lycanthe01, buusagi14, and 1 orange crayon from Scramble 24

March 13, 2016
-Took hirarin12, batman20, uninterested13, kuga-p18, 2-d09, denial05, cosplayer04, newbie09, references12, designer09, models04, and lightning06 from February release

March 12, 2016
-Turned in background03 and gekko01 to Swap Station 21; received background08 and gekko09

March 11, 2016
-Won helping10, zoologist17, obscenity03, and clowndrop04 from Colorseum 15-3

March 10, 2016
-Received hotblooded14, makimaki07, helping07, bananas09, background12, babuu03, disciple19, morals04, radiohost12, engrish10, dantalion05, negi07, brutal12, dwn-04508, hexes01, youngmen05, half-elf08, mercurius19, revenge19, realian11, usu20, rage16, lovewing14, chousin13, starling05, flirting14, uberhero12, banekick13, witch09, howling18, blueimpulse08, godswill12, air05, saikoku16, bathtub14, tantalus19, unicorn08, davinci14, egoist08, princely15, tuner19, scrambled04, earring12, formula17, ko09, adventure11, pigeons14, athlum16, heldback05, railgun13, pokute13, mariko07, sirens18, danes20, gabcom04, beehive09, region04, undress02, minor13, yupyup09, rosesplash16, enforcers06, goatee05, committee06, hawkeye06, venomous10, doctor06, helpful03, ripple08, corpses16, buster11, adepts06, bladerang05, economical09, blunt13, changeform16, background09, perfect18, angels09, 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon, and 1 gray crayon from Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand
-Won infinity02, symphony01, and bard01 from Arazlam's Clues 287
-Won futon09, myunit12, usu15, and otouto08 from Rei's Friend Report 128
-Won mibugumi08, cipher11, and heightened04 from Host Club Giveaway 128

March 6, 2016
-Won mail-order09, antique12, ojamajo08, and lucky14 from Pick a Color 108
-Gifted Jun disqualified19 and fairies06/07
-Gifted Ana sakuras11 and 1 gray candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Jasper scythe13 and 1 green candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Olivia gamer10 and 1 red candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Lulu undress03 and 1 brown candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Lenga fanservice14 and 1 purple candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Chels restore12 and 1 orange candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Cassandra Jane demoneyes08 and 1 blue candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Kaia goodnight02 and 1 gray candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Dina southpaw07 and 1 orange candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Jailynn wry12 and 1 yellow candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Erin starmagic20 and 1 yellow candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Kiss sevendays17 and 1 brown candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Jen attractive08 and 1 green candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Aletha rank06 and 1 purple candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Ivory and Horn adventure20 and 1 brown candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted ReneeTwist ultima19 and 1 purple candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Lex chousin16 and 1 blue candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Ten eggplant11 and 1 purple candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Netbug posttown19 and 1 yellow candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Veth hoshido07 and 1 gray candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Lita highcycle11 and 1 orange candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Melissa playboy10 and 1 red candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Nikita folklore13 and 1 orange candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Harukami effeminate17 and 1 red candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Cassie childofgod13 and 1 blue candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Sky dln-00509 and 1 blue candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Adelicya armband16 and 1 green candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Anna mindofgod08 and 1 gray candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Aru falling05 and 1 brown candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Raven brains19 and 1 green candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Liz violence13 and 1 yellow candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Eon yard11 and 1 gray candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Jun fairies02 and 1 purple candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Moon captain15 and 1 gray candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Dialny knight-hart14 and 1 purple candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Jiyu logic16 and 1 red candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Sammich splendid12 and 1 green candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted AL tenacity11 and 1 purple candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Kaede conspiring13 and 1 brown candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted Neenee rebirth16 and 1 yellow candy (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)

March 5, 2016
-Gifted background17 and 1 purple candy from Dialny (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted cold02 and 1 blue candy from Jiyu (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Turned in artist06, boots15, bringer07, colony03, deck11, demonrose04, dote15, dressup14, driver08, engineer06, fortune05, frail03, headband08, highjump11, homophobe07, innocent18, katana10, ki04, light04, m001, madness10, maestro14, major12, maskedg04, merciless14, mercurius01, minami07, obnoxious16, onihime14, page06, part-timer01, piratehat09, pururun15, rebelspark13, ridiculous05, rumraisin19, supernova13, systems10, yo-yo09, and zessen03 for a Small Box, a Big Box, and a Mega Box (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand - 4 red, 4 orange, 5 yellow, 5 green, 4 blue, 7 purple, 5 brown, and 6 gray chocolates)

March 4, 2016
-Gifted hayashibara12 and 1 blue candy from Sammich (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)

February 26, 2016
-Won oriental17, surnames07, gakuen16, and wildlion07 from Colorseum 15-1

February 25, 2016
-Won marksechs14, youngmen04, and artifacts04 from Arazlam's Clues 285

February 23, 2016
-Gifted coffee14 and 1 green candy from AL (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)

February 15, 2016
-Gifted hayashibara19 and 1 blue candy from Kaede (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)
-Gifted hayashibara02 and 1 blue candy from Neenee (Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand)

February 5, 2016
-Won selfish07, rumors17, heroic12, and doujinshi12 from Colorseum 14-3
-Won iris13 and one14 from Pick a Color 106

February 4, 2016
-Won engokuki14, wuzhang13, and celestial14 from Arazlam's Clues 282
-Won mechanical12, ladiesman01, and onigiri13 from Host Club Giveaway 126

January 29, 2016
-Won brush13, strom07, innuendos07, and aspirebreak15 from Colorseum 14-2

January 28, 2016
-Gifted Kaede 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, and 1 gray crayon
-Won shadaloo15, corrine17, tempus18, and phazon07 from Rei's Friend Report 122
-Won iciclefall13, stardust04, and spiritwave07 from Arazlam's Clues 281
-Won griefseed16, timegear10, and tartarus19 from Deck Lover 15

January 22, 2016
-Won samuraicat10, fethmus06, forgive14, and enforcers18 from Colorseum 14-1
-Won noble11, baths02, and shoutoku05 from Pick a Color 105
-Won synthesizer02, crossdressf11, and mir03 from Arazlam's Clues 280

January 21, 2016
-Gifted catgirl12, active07, pikori19, and holybell07 from Kaede
-Won hebirote04, grave05, and hearts19 from Host Club Giveaway 125

January 20, 2016
-Won thavas18, simple15, liar09, and emotions13 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 190

January 10, 2016
-Won energetic15, vines18, tabris11, engagement06, 1 yellow crayon, and 1 blue crayon from Advent Calendar Day 20

January 7, 2016
-Received reddragon02, redeyes19, action16, kurohigi09, late02, goddess17, izuna-otoshi20, chat01, konghou06, dln-00617, twinknives20, lazing03, and 1 green crayon from Advent Calendar Day 1

January 3, 2016
-Won background01, 1 yellow crayon, and 1 blue crayon from Advent Calendar Day 9
-Won judge05, shaman20, broadway15, and brokenrose17 from Help Miss Kamila 89
-Won fudanshi01, scorched19, finance17, and flying05 from Art Lessons with Minori 234

January 2, 2016
-Won blackblood16, salvation18, ghostgirl11, impulsive03, dragonrage12, and prince08 from Arazlam's Clues 277

January 1, 2016
-Won psi19, dancers17, occidental05, tharsis15, aprbirthday20, and 1 gray crayon from Advent Calendar Day 8

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