Designed By Chris L. May 2007
trade log: 2016-present

October 10, 2019
-Traded Kazu my adepts06, changshan02, liars15, xxxx07, alice15, all-knowing17, attached13, break11, castle17, cosmoses07/15, cowardly11, death18, deceptively01, drugs04, foundyou17, fugaku01, oddjobs02/05/17, providence04, reddragon02, replicant17, repressed05, revenge19, salvation14, seal14, shinsou20, structure03, america14/19, babied03/07/13/19, buddhism08, bullying02, chips01, christianity05/17/19, corpses16, crossbow16, luck08, outburst06, souls03, stressed18, stupiddog11, tactless13, values17, windor07, wolf15, and zanza05/15 for fukujun13, hirarin04/18, kawasumia19, portalstone03, suwabe20, archaeology12, attendant12, burmecia04, eros12, ghostalley10, invader01, keyanimator19, killerqueen14, krita-yuga14, mace13, makai09, newbie06, regal02/12, sailorcap07, starfighter15, starhealer11, stonemask14, strength16, summoned12, thefool16, tomboyish19, undine04, 3dgraphics09, accounting13, bara03, chatty07, childarmy12, coolene09, femprotags07, harvard16, kaleidostar07, librarian17, marketing15, moogle10, narcoleptic10, neptune15, onod03/06, phosphate16, regina05, romipaku14, saturn03, talented02, tolagido18, whip08, yaoi08, and zanarkand20 (5038)

August 12, 2019
-Traded Ouji my avaricious04, badcop15, bail03/11, biracial05, bite13/18, blackmail19, brains03/11, cameraman09/16, chat01, ciaossu05/16/19, deargho14, deceptively05, doctor06/14, dummy10, flamenblue08/13, fleija08/09, flirtatious15, fujoshi03, gene14, german05/10, gloucester01, grapes08, intuition10, inventions06/19, knightmare07, lacytanga16, lotus16, plane13, repressed09, shenhu06, sociable15, solomon08, welcome20, witch09/12/16, and oaktree17 for archaeology20, camembert08, diverdown13, emishi08, escaflowne10, godswill16, hakama18, hatsutaro14, hawk04, honeyboy01/18, ignored15, kouka05, live15, maps16, mohawk10, musashino14, oar02, osa-p17, overnight03, passionate04, redjewels14, rope05, rubber12, sailorcap01, sakejug05, sobbing08, stapler10, stuntpilot15, summoned05, tangerine20, tearcut15, theguard19, tonedeaf08, ultimate19, unaffected16, undine06/13, wanted02, yomi03, aprbirthday02/08/12, bara03, femprotags20, fukujun01/07, and ghibli04 (4984)

June 28, 2019
-Traded Ouji my junkshop16, branchgate09, demonchild01, geisha06/19, blonddevil20, and regrowth15 for bloodhound14, burmecia19, cabbit03, chousin05, conspiring11, cosmos14, and diesel-san11 (4936)

June 6, 2019
-Traded Ouji my izayoi13, kaka07, nine08, ko09, meganest11, teasing09, youmu09, and calculation19 for 2-d08, airplane01, amour03, apprentice12, archaeology13, bananasushi17, blitzball06, and bond04 (4929)

November 5, 2018
-Traded Francy my helping07/10/11, financial03, branded19, eylstadt16, and earl05 for onod17, plumber06, panda15, loveme02/03/20, and spacepirate18 (4921)

October 22, 2018
-Traded Francy my difficult08 for abes06 (4914)

October 2, 2018
-Traded Andie my alter07, dojima20, sopheria13/18, and warlock11 for corn10, nirvash01, phoenix17, reckless08, and sonati16 (4913)

September 18, 2018
-Traded Jun my broomstick19, crescent20, neptune02, and sorcerers18 for apples06, aria08, better20, and bloodhound12 (4908)

November 30, 2017
-Traded Erin my awkward05, azoth13, bsaa01, bubble09, crucify03, ctarl15, devour08/17, dryjuice05, embodiment11, emoticon03, fabricated15, flying05, granny08/20, gungi19, hypocrite15, key12, lovey-dovey16, miraculous20, nanika13, nicknames06, osmanthus06, precise12, ribika05/18, sablier20, samuraifan11, sechs16, stars10, teddybears17, and utsuwa05 for 108th05/07, 2-d12, astronaut20, ayasugi12, broomstick11, cabbit10, childstar05, closedclock19, elf15, gunbuster11, hanjyuu09, inventing04/13, kaleidostar04, knucklehead17, kokuryu14, midland01, newbie02, ordinary12, oujuu07/13, raider16, regal01/02, robber12, siren09, spin19, tusk06, undine16, whip08, and stands04 (4904)

September 13, 2017
-Traded Catie my controlled18, electricity05, freeshooter16, pragmatist19, ratsbane11, takeout15, and wayward01 for active04/19, annoying20, bedridden04, and burly01/10/18 (4872)

August 23, 2017
-Traded Veth my headphones18 for halloween20 (4865)

August 17, 2017
-Traded Ana my pooka19, abilities05, and nature04 for purplehaze11, addiction06, and nirvash09 (4864)
-Traded Lex my bride20, inferior06, ookwee20, saiyawoman02, and seawizard19 for bananasushi14, icearrows05, okonomiyaki07, starfighter19, and snake19 (4861)

August 16, 2017
-Traded Veth my astra06 and shadowyato18 for autumn07 and shoujo09 (4856)

August 14, 2017
-Traded Ana my marbirthday19 for mochiguma02 (4854)

August 13, 2017
-Traded Lex my emoticon04 for eggs15 (4853)
-Traded Lacie my sig_arianne for sig_lacie (4852)
-Traded Lee my bell05, database11, fashion17, frei03, knowledge10, leblanc10, mole05, moscow17, mulberry19, no17, persocom01/10/13, priest18, rabbit17, setter19, and spirit19 for 3dgraphics05, active19, airplane11/20, akaoni17, amour14, annoying01/16, apples11, apprentice02, asturia15, bamboo08, bananasushi19, bishounen11, bloodhound14, and bluewater01/14 (4851)

August 6, 2017
-Traded Jane my sig_arianne for sig_jane2 (4834)
-Traded Veth my archest17, cowlick05, deku18, elocution01, erudite20, gangster20, hexes01, myunit12, oden06, parallel05, traumatic11/12, tripping04, and west-khan19 for 3dgraphics14/15/18, active09, alseides15, attractive20, bamboo13, bananasushi17, barbarossa11, batman19, bedridden09, bluewater11, and boy-crazy12/20 (4833)
-Traded Lex my thing01/09/13 for tetsuo05, 2-d10, and boy-crazy07 (4819)
-Traded Ana my cetra19, east14, and hagurotonbo06 for chemicals02, eros20, and himeya19 (4816)

August 3, 2017
-Traded Ana my exsphere08 and gateau06 for eros14 and greathawk14 (4813)

August 2, 2017
-Traded Ana my rabbit01 and tercera18 for raider13 and thefool20 (4811)

June 8, 2017
-Traded Kellie my airiel04, charm03/16, charmer09, confection17, conjurer05, hi-potions07, and moumentai11/17 for halloween13, orchard07, otakulife10, midorikaru07, odango07, paisleypark09, rubber09, wanted14, and xenian16 (4809)

April 25, 2017
-Traded Catie my attract19, cavalry01/06, cheerful03, friends14, gracidea03, kagemusha01, ladyluck06, mako16, precepts05/20, quack06, and traitor01/03/17 for knucklehead07, marimo06, newbie01, punisher08, sorcerers08/13, spearhead07, suwabe09/14/17, tonedeaf14, undine17, weather03/12, and wildpitch13 (4800)

April 16, 2017
-Traded Harris my alchemists10, dancers17, gensokyo18, keystone01/02, musicboxes14, negi07, nurseschool08, player205/20, punyaan12, pure14, ribbons07/13, chibimoon13, runaway08, runner17, salamander20, shannaro14, yaoi20, and ossan19 for 3dgraphics10, apples13, designer14, jewelthief08, knife-throw08, kokuryu03, lip-ring15, redjewels19, scarydriver02, sticker04, survey20, thefool17, theguard05, uninterested17, wordplay13, xenian14, ishidaa20, morikawa02, ogata02, romipaku01, and selphia10 (4785)

April 7, 2017
-Traded Curie my ability01, adaptor18, aman02, bearcat20, bully14, explode07, golem17/20, resentment09, starwolf18, sweet04, dragon-type17, and heartless02/11 for donuts01, dousing01, marimo20, musashino19, ordinary07, osa-p16, pharle03, raider13, scarydriver19, spin10, starter11, femprotags06, musicians05, and sugitan18 (4764)
-Traded Netbug my mythical13/15, alabasta09/20, redeyed05, whipsmack10, spoons17, kacchan02, chao15, fascinated02, inexpressive18, loveshower16, beastking15, and eagle08 for xenian20, firebuster11, bloodhound18, salaryman10, pharle11, otakulife08, mistaken18, makai12, mainstream16, keyanimator08, humble11, darkhunter20, denial13, and knife-throw03 (4750)

March 6, 2017
-Traded Harris my animes17, dunceney02/10, firefighter03, g-1202/10/16, grace05/15, grow13, musicsense07, pliskin01/10, revolver16/17, smart08, twinknives13, and pink17 for midorikaru18, cardians03, chousin03, crazyd14/20, cupnoodles13/18, elf17, esper15, foundation14, freespirit07, intoxicated12, rope18, seductress19, starfighter12, tangerine18, tomboyish18, and wildpitch10 (4736)
-Traded Curie my centurion02/04/17, familiars03, goldsaucer10, himalayan05, marry16, nekomata18, pipe03, righteous11, rollingsaw10, sekigan03/17, sensei11, speak10/15, vampirecat01, and welcome13 for apples14, cabbit14, cleanfreak13, escaflowne19, firebuster10, gunbuster05, hornless07, invader18, knucklehead08, mace09, neptune12, raider10, spacepirate07, spin13, survey11, wildpitch06/07, and versicolor19 (4718)

February 13, 2017
-Traded Harris my usagi08/13, liberation17, faithful17, delusions04/19, dramatic06/20, fakehero02, freelance03/15, gateau03, hoteldusk17, iyashikei05/11/13, kissme18, knit14, menfestival11, newkama16/17/18, oblivion19, okama11, poland03, prinny13, repair05, shieikan06, shoutengai11, smiling02, sphinx111, tank09, teapot03, and wolfbeil13 for accounts04, allmeans08, allsunday18, bags20, burly09, byakuei11, chuukaiya07, composed13, conscious17, defend10, emptiness14, gundo14, hamburger07, himeya13, igalima05, isako12, jiangshi11, kids11, legend09, loveshower16, meganest20, muru13, outbreak04, owl15, pigeons07, rebirth05, rosethorns09, selector16, sorcerers18, sunrisecafe19, terran10, treats14, werewolf08, and yeast16 (4700)

January 31, 2017
-Traded Cassie my 198809, cleaning14/15, coach16, cool16, fifth19, flash19, hadoukyuu02/15, impersonate16, lilac05/11/14, origami14, otouto03/08, samuraicat03, scold09, sensor01, softball13, thecrows11, thornqueen07, usagimimi06, vampirecat02, violin20, and x88s01/20 for annoying14, ball19, bananasushi05, coolene03, corn05, dark12, diesel-san13, emishi12, everybirdie18, godswill09, highpriest11, katamari19, midorikaru13, mourning04, newbie04, palette19, paopufruit11, posttown14, robber01, rope14, sakejug14, spin20, stonemask20, sugitan19, summoned07, uninterested14, and yaoi11 (4666)

January 27, 2017
-Traded Ritsu my agna04/06, davinci14, giver09, comrades06, intelligence10, principal07, gemini01/06/16/20, libra10/14, and journalist15 for burly14, holybell18, intoxicated14, killerqueen15, paopufruit03, robber20, seductress17, snake17, tonedeaf06, aprbirthday01, follows04, josei07, mmlove07, and selphia14 (4639)

January 25, 2017
-Traded Jun my whealbrook11 for ayasugi04 (4625)

January 24, 2017
-Traded Jane my 2-a16, goodcop07, and rising17/19 for stammi18, incognita17, musashino03, and typhoon06 (4624)
-Traded Miro my famous08, mask09, toadsage08, villagerb08, devoted05/08, literature05/08, spaz08, hakari04, humanist03/10/20, big18, blackblood16, camellia01/09/19, snakes11/14, and sig_arianne for attendant19, better07, caeli06, chousin01/15, cruiser01, cupnoodles13, elf14, holybell02, incivil11, krita-yuga19, makai05, monapizza06, record05/18, siren11, spacepirate02/15/16, umibozu02, and sig_miro (4620)
-Traded Coops my benois05, gottasmoke18, bake16, eggplant05, hachiko10, protestant18, and healers01 for cupnoodles14, hakama01, maps15, masochist12, scientific19, strategos15, and sawashirom16 (4599)

January 23, 2017
-Traded Brittany my teamaqua11 and musical01/05 for ishidaa18, akaoni16, and survive18 (4592)

January 22, 2017
-Traded Netbug my speedosound18, furpelt01, and carpenter17 for active17, watashi19, and uninterested07 (4589)

December 2, 2016
-Traded Kiss my onigiri13, leo10, meridian14, nanoda07, rely17, amon13, barrier15, baths02, goodnight18, judas15, lateshift06, leaves03, lotte17, majokko06/14, ramune19, sheltered01, talking19, teaparty11, tenmon03, townhall04, umbrellas20, witchqueen05, yosakoi19, bicycle20, braveface04, couturier08, entermate18, feminine05/18, fimbulvetr05, haggler04, prison03/04, retriever10, shivers04, shorthair06, sphinx208/10, sunflowers16, nohr12, tsukumogami18, and yard13 for donuts18, alseides11/17, aria15, attractive17, caeli12, corn02, drops01, ghostalley20, godswill18, gondola13, gunbuster14, hawk18, hellmaster19, herbalist03/19, honeyboy12, ignored01, knife-throw17, kokuryu17, mainstream06/17, maps09, nadeshiko10, noda05, parenting04, plumber08, raider11, redjewels02, sorcerers01, spacepirate17, split13, stapler09/11, stonefree14, strength07/17, typhoon18, umibozu09, wanted13, clow07, ishidaa17, and koyasut14 (4586)

November 28, 2016
-Traded Jun my crystal19, curious20, luminous09/19, pendragon03/04, rai16, storybook06, beatdown14, cyber11, darkfusion11, entermachine09, exposition06, ghouls07, harpielady04, highspirited18, kidnapped20, niconico05, shivers15, antagonist13, armlet02, asteroid05/07, bluebomber17, dicebomb05/06, digger17, dnn11, dwn-01007, dwn-01906, dwn-02216, elecstorm08, interview20, ipc08/11, larkdive06, matterwaves13, nebula06, peacekeeper19, plugin20, policelady05, popnbeat12, pyu01, variable07/14, aqua11, blossom02, cupcake01, curehappy07/12, cureheart02, curemarch07, curemelody08, curepassion03, curerouge15/16, curesword02, curewhite01/16/17, huladance20, jikochuu05, marchenland01/12, biometals17/19, henshin05, precure07, ultima04/14, weddings17, and sig_arianne for active16, asturia07/20, attractive06, batman16, bloodhound10, bye-bye19, causality14, chemicals10, consultant19, cruiser02, dark03, dousing10, gondola01/15/16, gunman02, honeyboy04/20, host18, jurai09, kokuryu15, loveme08/10, machines02, mochiguma03, musashino04, naturally18, orchard16, pharle16, posttown07, promotion19, puppy11, redjewels11, regal07, remember15, riches11, sakejug09, seductress15, seiryuu05/14, snake09, strength02/20, stuntpilot01/06, survey13, suzaku06, tall06/12, tetsuo13, zanbatou16, aprbirthday13, bara15, jobs16, kawasumia18, midorikaru17, mmlove15, morikawa06, portalstone10/19, romipaku07, seinen06/14, sekit09, selphia04/20, shoujo03, versicolor07/13, yaoi14, and sig_jun (4543)

November 27, 2016
-Traded Tanna my beatjumper18, platinum11/14/20, ladle01/08, napping16/17, rank10, wickedeye02, yuusha15, childlike15, drooling16, invisible15, reason04, rumraisin01/03/18, affair14, and gardening15 for ayasugi09, batman18, burly02, chemicals07, corn04, cosplayer05, escaflowne03, freespirit17/19, insurance02, orchard01, otakulife05, precious16, purplehaze19, route14, scanning08, sticker08, unaffected18, uninterested11, and yomi08 (4471)

November 25, 2016
-Traded Ivory and Horn my battle13, flashcard19, nanatsusaya15, pink03, uberhero17, worthless18, dead16, apathetic08, mute17, observing02, chivalry04, emptiness05, gao13, glory02/16, heroes02, maguskiller08, ulster01, witchcraft03, conjurer11, flighty07, gridania04, knowing01, leftearring04, upstairs10, fiancee19, redhood08, salt04/05, headboy18, a-class02, disciple14/19, hairloss02, speedosound06, aerialace04/07, brickbreak05, chimchar18, duchess03, flirt04, futuresight04, hatched06, legendary08, nightshade09/16, nuvema12/17, outlaw06, region04, rollout01/07/10, scalchop12, shocking03/18, smokescreen04, submissive10, torchic04, venoshock08, victory02/08/13, well-spoken17, yupyup09, black11, blue06, purple11/18, sen02, attentive10/16/20, bloodwhip08, cursedtwin10, seagull08/09, april15, athlum04/09, brush13, chopsticks12, exorcise09, hitsuzen07, illusions03, mysteries01, nagi19, ozeki13, symphony01, tease13, wizard13, grayscale16, griefseed16, heartless14, and schwarzwelt03/15/18/19 for 3dgraphics01, amour17, ayasugi07, bloodfang17, bluewater17, bond17, cardians09/14, causality02/08, cinema09, cleanfreak19, coolene11, corn17, cruiser17, designer01, diesel-san16, donuts15, dutiful03, expressive04, freespirit11, gekko16, godswill08, gunman09, hawk07, holybell05, host14, humble03/20, jiangshi03/04/12, jockey04, kaneda17, keyanimator03/07, knucklehead09, krita-yuga05, loveme04/12, makai10/19, mallet09, mistaken03/12, mohawk08, osa-p18, paisleypark14, palette15, palu04/11, pharle05, playbirdie16, points15, punisher14, redjewels12, regal20, rosequeen01/14, route12, sailorcap03, seiryuu19, sexpistols20, shanghai11, siren06, sorcerers05/17, stapler04, starmaker05, subordinate17, summoned02/13, survey16, suzaku02/11, tall17, undine03, wanted19, weather11, wordplay08/17, worldcreate02/03, yesiam06/19, clow18, everybirdie04, kanahana18, koyasut03, mmlove02, musicians09/16, onod16, ossan20, portalstone01, sakurait10, shoujo02, and yaoi05 (4451)

November 21, 2016
-Traded Kaede my dog-like20 for 2-d11 (4353)

October 31, 2016
-Traded Kaede my brilliant20, brush13, dutiful09, infatuated13, judicial03, momiji07, mutt05, poultry09, squad04, vape02, village07, villagerb11, asterisk18, femaleidols04, junbirthday04, and kimurar03/06 for dark06, emishi02/04, hawk10, honeyboy02, mochiguma13, nadeshiko11, naturally10, passionate11, references04, rope17, rubber06, ruthless12, sexpistols03, spicegirl10, stuntpilot05, and umibozu03 (4352)

September 7, 2016
-Traded Makorin my kataomoi03/13, tama-ya10, trainride03/18, cheese12, four08, loligothic01, puririn16, and psi18/19 for lip-ring11/13, rubber19, sexpistols12, sorcerers04, spicegirl03, strength18, thehand07, tusk17, ghibli18, and selphia13 (4335)

September 4, 2016
-Traded Jailynn my connected07, lovehime09, awakening07, captivate16/19, careless14, deceiving10, drawing15, paralysis04, steals05, jojo17, spin03, badges17, cousin12/18/19, gasmask04, gekokujou12, hairloss20, kokeshi09, rocker10, and tarundoru20 for ball12, barbarossa16, brand07, caeli17, esper07, flaming17, honeyboy06, incivil04, knucklehead18, koyasut07, loveme11, lunarbase16, mace02/18, mallet11, onod19, promotion16, tall05, worldcreate08/10, wwwa08, and koyasut04 (4324)

September 2, 2016
-Traded Ana my byakugan02, gray05, iceorb03, pants04, and sig_arianne for bishounen18, conspiring12, hawk13, kamiyan14, and sig_ana (4302)
-Traded Jessu my fukurodani20, browntiger02, friendship01, tigerstriped02, and reptile03/13 for kawasumia20, ero-cook02, pluto17, shanghai04, snake02, and tomboyish01 (4297)
-Traded Ten my rufous13, ashinaka14, blastia01/07/14, byakko08, canaan20, fethmus06, goldking11, hospitality11, junes08, karmicloop14, mangaka02, melphis06, shackle19, tootall09, turks06, velvetroom10, villagerb01, gakuenk02, and kimurar09 for 2-d01, attendant03, brand10, causality11, chousin12, kaneda08, leeks06, naturally09, noble03, parenting06, raider03/14, remember06, sakejug06, scientific15, tall18, umibozu01, uranus06, withlove07, halloween06, and shoujo13 (4291)

August 30, 2016
-Traded Jane my technician12, medicine15, welcome17, civilian01/02, forecaster18, taisa05, tomorrow14, badcop01/03/18, and uncle09 for addiction09, appearance10, capsule04, crescent04, gaiseric08, ghostalley04, ghostgirl08, hawk01, makai06, monapizza03, starmaker13, and onod13 (4270)
-Traded Mina my caged02, forcefield16, envoy09, corseit11, lovers17, pyrokinetic20, naginata04, hounan02, verdancy11, and nonchalant05/15/19 for cosplayer17, dutiful01, icearrows19, kuga-p09, mourning13, sailorcap05, spin03, tearcut18, fflove18, mmlove17, portalstone12, and yaoi16 (4258)
-Traded Aru my whirlpool07, 89th14, banana03, bluebeard08, blueimpulse08, borealis01/16, bugs01, buusagi14, caramels05, cheater03/19, civics04, collected17, curesunny15, dancefusion03/08/11, daruma18, diamonddust08, ditelada02, dreaca10, dreamycrown04, forward19, fuuma08, gekkooin06, goatee05, half-elf08/10, hawkeye04/06, heroines17, hijizo04, honorific17, horoscope04/09, ichii-bal03, idolfan11/13, immelmann08, injured07, killerwolf15, killrecord04, kou04, literary19, magicaltoy15, magoi02/15, maple13, maxwell05, mibugumi08, mirror07, nfu17, onlypurpose19, poffins11, poseidon18, potassium05, prefect07, presence03, princesslike20, probe13, queenbee16, reserve13, robotabuse07, saiyan11, sbjk08/17, schemer01, secondson14, shepherd05, shogunkayo18, shrine15, staying03/09, sulfur04, swordplay17, swordswoman05, thebrain13, tyrolean13, underworld07, wedding08, winery05, and precure06 for aerosmith20, bananasushi20, brand20, burly09, bye-bye08, catgirl19, chousin18/20, cleaver15, consultant18, coo01, corn20, cruiser05/14/18, dousing03, dutiful09, echoes12, escaflowne14, esper01, evenbetter01, freespirit10, host09/15, humble18, icearrows16, invader12, jewelthief04, knife-throw18, leeks17/18, loveme13, mace20, makaiju15, mansion12, maps12, mistaken08, mohawk16, monapizza04, moneylover12, mourning05, newbie05, odango13, ordinary09/11, pluto05, promotion18, punchout11/15, purplehaze05, raider06, redjewels13, references19, regal06/09, robber18, rubber03/13, sakejug01/19, scarydriver16, seiryuu10, siren13, snake04, sobbing09, spacepirate13, spearhead08, spin03, split10, starmaker14, strength11, subordinate15, summoned06, suzaku05, tangerine17, tetsuo17/19, trash17, unaffected15, weather09/10, yomi04, and novbirthday20 (4246)
-Traded Eon my glacies08, npc08, lumen03, bibliophile09, box18, codename05/09/20, darkblood07/19, dualkatana19, earring12, elegance19, gamer01, hotarumaru18, lethargic07, oracle12, oranges10/13, oshu03/13, pyuru19, temari05, maleidols03, millenia18, pink07, universe15, and sig_arianne for active05, annoying11, better09, brand02/14, causality17, darkhunter01, elf20, ero-cook08, jiangshi17, narcoleptic12, naturally02/03, oceanwave01, paopufruit12, parenting13, rubber07, shanghai18, stonemask16, strategos10, tomboyish10, withlove16/17, bara04, kawasumia16, mahou18, sawashirom20, and sig_eon (4163)
-Traded Kiri my firststring17, 4thdistrict03, gymnast15, ideals12, kayo-chin05, nico-nii17, sakanoshita17, tooth19, and idolclub09 for apples08, causality01, monapizza12, playbirdie04, promotion02, scavenger12, stapler18, thechariot13, and clow09 (4135)
-Traded Cassie my adieu14, analyzation18, bake11, bass02, chakra03, and redoni03 for rubber01, sakurait03, sticker20, stuntpilot10, summoned08, and thehand01 (4126)

August 18, 2016
-Traded Naociak my earthquake16, reiki12, television02, quadra06, widowed19, and youcopy09 for endurance04, ratsbane03, twinstar15, quack06, weak15, and yasako08 (4120)
-Traded Lex my enroll20, raising06, and tail07 for evenbetter15, remember14, and thechariot15 (4114)
-Traded Ana my extreme13 for embodiment11 (4111)

August 15, 2016
-Traded Aletha my ngrecords20 for 2-d15 (4110)
-Traded Lex my quotations13, welcome15, yondaime04, break04, lifeenergy03, and velvetroom13 for quadra02, watashi08, yankee07, airplane13, alseides13, and amour05 (4109)

August 14, 2016
-Traded Ana my quadra05, warrior07, youngmen04, accurate12/13, akagami14, angel01/17, awaken13/15, b-rabbit12, barriera01, baseball09, bluerose06, bronco18, farming09, judge05, marshmallow19/20, poultry10, redrose05, ruby01, supermarket05, roses16, three16, ugly02/20, circus10, cosplay20, deities20, and starmagic17 for qilinbow10, withlove15, yesiam13, dark07, darkhunter06/09, escaflowne15, gondola14, jiangshi14, jockey06, jurai15/20, knucklehead19, mistaken16, ordinary05, paisleypark17, punchout10, references20, ruthless10, split15/17, strategos14, typhoon09, vegetation11/12, wordplay11, zippers07, bara19, portalstone13, and seinen02/05 (4103)

June 12, 2016
-Traded Netbug my enforcers06/18, relic16, starcave06/10, tower20, masked13, and mega10 for split09, robber08/10, riches02, references20, mace11, jockey17, and capsule02 (4072)
-Traded Miro my armor05, beretta10, betelgeuse17, fullmetal07, setter01, wingspiker10, toss11, viginti04, cha13, drugs14, popular05, lovewing14, mask07, symmetry15, papa15, india17/20, dullahan03, gatsuga18, and kikaichu09 for points09, cold06, airplane18, alseides01, cardians11, diverdown20, evenbetter05, host10, mochiguma16, naturally15, oceanwave18, precious03, riches09, robber03, theguard17, weather18, whip02, worldcreate11, sekit12, and sugitan20 (4064)

June 2, 2016
-Traded Kaede my astraeus16, bananas09, caregiver07, loveshower07/15, paladienne05, sagami03, sugar01, flowers08, horror07, junbirthday07, and summer08 for annoying05, cardians12, crescent20, cruiser10, darkhunter02, firebuster13, greedy12, hornless09, jockey07, knucklehead15, references01, and sakurait05 (4044)
-Traded Veth my bandages02, buster11/16, c-class11, princely15, sue04, and sig_arianne for hayashibara11, points07, active03, aerosmith12, asturia01, attendant15, and sig_veth (4032)

May 22, 2016
-Traded ReneeTwist my akagami04, assignment06/20, breast13, chivalry20, disney15, earlyshift14, eblan07/14/16, eruyt04, eternia01/17, garouga20, and gourmand03 for bluewater18, caeli07, holybell16, hornless08, host04, invader03/16, kaneda13, mainstream04, mischievous07, shanghai07, split06, stuntpilot09, tetsuo15, and wwwa05 (4025)

May 11, 2016
-Traded Kaede my osananajimi04, paladienne12/13, shesmay11, vesta03/18, healers09, and polearms04/15 for baby15, blitzball07, burmecia09, dark08, hakama07, leeks04, mallet20, mansion03, and musicians07 (4010)

March 31, 2016
-Traded Cassidy my s-hall08, hydrangea18, bass13, blend03, observant11/17, one14/16, peach16, pinkpearl05, rascal12/19, and rosewater09 for archaeology17, asturia11, hakama10, insurance18, littlekitty07, mainstream18, maps04, passionate16, pharle19, spacepirate12, zanbatou15, ghibli02, and sekit16 (4001)

March 30, 2016
-Traded Chels my hachiko20, kayo-chin14/17, and totori14 for ayasugi02, icearrows17, insurance19, and route11 (3988)

March 28, 2016
-Traded Olivia my blood01/03 for firebuster01 and mochiguma04 (3984)

March 24, 2016
-Traded Kaede my darts19, ghosthouse01, haru12, insensitive20, princely05, silverknife04, tableware19, thavas18, wushu19, escaped01/06, gsleague13, kalos06/11, and sinnoh03 for aerosmith02, ignored04, stapler13, strategos09, tomboyish09, tusk03, withlove14, woman03, worldcreate18, clow05, halloween11, and kawasumia01/06/14/15 (3982)

March 5, 2016
-Traded Dialny my amahara07, aodaisho01, blackharu05, bored10, bubblegum03, determined07/09, dolphin15, extreme11, flamboyant01, flaming02, flowerclip19, fujoshi02, kira06/13, lace04/05, lieutenant11, monta11, sanction05, tauburn01, and unchanging02 for alexandria15, alseides03, ancestor02, attendant11, better15, camembert10, capsule15, cleaver02, cruiser16, donuts05/20, dutiful09, elf03, himeya03, honeyboy17, invader13, judecca01/12/14, narcoleptic17, oceanwave07, and ordinary14 (3967)

February 15, 2016
-Traded Liz my calamity07, feminist12, and spitfire16 for gunman20, kweh14, and woman13 (3945)

January 31, 2016
-Traded Kaede my mikazuki08 for mohawk05 (3942)

January 28, 2016
-Traded Kaede my bluesky13/19, dragonblood19, investigate02, round06, shinjuku13, unwavering09/20, and upstairs06 for odango05, redjewels18, route06, sakejug11, shanghai16, sorcerers18, stapler07, umibozu15, and wwwa15 (3941)

January 1, 2016
-Traded Liz my admiration08/15, cocky09, heroic14, hotblooded12, information12, ladyluck02, mako06, mindofgod06/10, mysterious14, outside14/16, pulse13, rosary08, silpelit19, snowboard12, sociable06, sorcery19, stride06, and stripes16 for autumn01, bluewater10, cardians03, distanced05, eternia01, evenbetter02, gloomy03, human02, invader20, kokuryu19, krauser17, obedient05, ossan09, parenting02, rascal19, sensei11, shoutoku03, streetgang16, tharsis12, thehand05, and worldcreate09 (3932)

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