Designed By Chris L. May 2007
trade log: 2011-2015

November 17, 2015
-Traded Erin my brahms01, chibimoon01, childstar04/05, dawn18, dodge03, dreamseer02, evolution01, heartbeat18, hide03/20, inugami11/18, leyline01/07/20, loyalty10, maschera02, meganest02, paopufruit19, pet16, sablier17, status07/09, tranquil07/11, transfer09, trapeze05/15, wait02/05/06, arrows14, and lightside09 for abes14, aria09, apples10, bamboo06/20, boy-crazy11, camembert17, cockatoo18, dark05/16, escaflowne13, gekko01, holybell11, honeyboy14, jiangshi07, koyasut02, krauser03/06, minuses04, nirvash06, overelement02, plankton16, punisher03, ruthless15/19, thread06, trash01, watashi17, wwwa13, yesiam12, musicians19, onod12, sakurait13, and shoujo01 (3911)
-Traded Nikita my absence17, affair05, drill04, fan02/08, firebrand07, infant13, kape20, maidcafe04, maiden06, nyo07, nyu13, ornithology02, penguin10, prediction09, pyo09/12, rabi12, rebel16/18, tianzi02, vegetables02, austria10, champloo19, ciaossu06, cointoss06, cowbell02/07, eyepatch15, haggler11, hairloss02, impatience01/06, jian16, kamichama16, nanika20, nerv09, nosebleed02, rabbit03, regalia03, robberfly01/20, seductive18, surgeon01, swimming01, territorial10/13, and visitor09 for catsndogs18, clow20, hayashibara07, shoujo10, sugitan06, 7thheaven18, attractive11, ayasugi10, dousing17, elf09, evenbetter13, ghostalley08, greedy04, gunman06/10, holybell10, honeyboy13, host02, insurance06, invader06, jiangshi02/05, jurai06, knucklehead06, leeks14, maps14, minuses14, mochiguma10, muda16, nadeshiko05, naturally13/20, odango17, one-track05, overelement01, parenting03, pikori02, precious15, scavenger04/19, siren08, sorcerers20, stapler07, sticker15, tetsuo20, valentine11, watashi09, and wwwa12 (3877)

November 14, 2015
-Traded Sammich my 80pitches08, answer06, cabbage20, dwn-02004, elevator18, harmonius12, idol15, indifferent11, laughing11, leadership04, magicguild01, nanza03, sparkball19, starfox05, summons09, viera05, and waterfall12 for hayashibara18, better16, escaflowne08/09/11, forest17, gunman08, hakama17, masochist13, minuses03, ruthless03/18, scavenger08, spacepirate04, spearhead16, thread14, and umibozu14 (3829)
-Traded Kaede my intestines19 and kanabo16 for trash08 and wordplay14 (3812)
-Traded Eon my secretshop16 for closedclock04 (3810)

November 13, 2015
-Traded Veth my allies03 for halloween08 (3809)

November 9, 2015
-Traded Dina my amaterasu08, band13, nico-nii06, onlyreason17, and pyuru20 for mistaken09, thread15, wanted11, bara10, and ishidaa11 (3808)

November 6, 2015
-Traded Lindsay my gaebolg06, replicant18, and perception07 for palu01, split02, and halloween16 (3803)

October 27, 2015
-Traded Dina my fortissimo16, pendragon16, piercing05, canaan06, and pocketwatch18 for catgirl04, donuts10, sakejug02, worldcreate05, and retro16 (3800)

October 26, 2015
-Traded Anna my 1000th05, all-knowing03, aunt14, betray20, comet03, cureblack13, dance17, decalogue16, deny02, foughten17, hartmann09, heartereki17, heir08, kirara01, linda05, mariko12, megaphone05, monomi06, nova08, persocom04, psychology07/15, roadrage11, rot09, shonichi01/04, sonati12/20, wisdom07, black09, detectives16, figments03, green10, and octbirthday18 for aerosmith03, airplane06, amour04/09, ball14, bond15, consultant08/16, cruiser11, diverdown09/19, drops10, emishi07, foundation18, himeya09, host01/20, ignored13, kaneda16, krauser19, krita-yuga03, mallet16, mischievous15, mochiguma20, mohawk07, okonomiyaki14, ordinary13, palette13, promotion08, punchout05, rubber10, shanghai12, and split05/18 (3795)
-Traded Kaede my shimabara10 for monapizza03 (3761)

September 12, 2015
-Traded Kaede my vangaro15 for dutiful07 (3760)

August 11, 2015
-Traded Chives my cheese20, dreamyard19, johto07, magicaltoy05, marchenland02, marine07/10, and selfless03 for amour18, bye-bye02, crazyd20, dutiful07, maester13, remember17, sakejug15, and wordplay10 (3759)
-Traded Veth my anaru05/12, bassist14, blooming03, deadcenter14, firefist04, gangster02, hanafuda10, insensitive11, itako12/15, kingkazma10, leap09, logical19, memento07/18, mudabijin12, normal16, owl18, prodigal11/20, snowwhite17/18, stickfigures10, wary02/13, and yukiatsu07 for airplane04/15, ancestor05, blitzball11, cosmos20, donuts08, evenbetter14, honeyboy10, icearrows08, mohawk03, nadeshiko09, okonomiyaki04, paisleypark20, pharle01, precious09, redjewels09, sailorcap09, stonemask08, summoned01/09, tetsuo06, typhoon04, weather08, withlove09, wwwa14, yomi17, and zanbatou02 (3751)

August 5, 2015
-Traded NeeNee my oriental04 for ogata09 (3724)
-Traded Jun my necklace13 for nirvash14 (3723)

August 3, 2015
-Traded Kaede my isshu08 for ichii-bal03 (3722)
-Traded Cal my reaper01 for rainbow12 (3721)
-Traded Eon my teapot16 for talented17 (3720)

July 13, 2015
-Traded Colette my broom03, demifiend09/16, and caelin04 for coffee15, route07, undine07, and ogata01 (3719)

July 6, 2015
-Traded Kaede my brave01/06/17 and peakspider13 for holybell11, mochiguma01, and thread02/04 (3715)

June 23, 2015
-Traded Dialny my gekidasa08/09, hallmonitor02, isolated15, patient05, sparrow17, and mercury18 for bye-bye10, drops15, dutiful16, ero-cook10, jockey02, krauser03, and leeks05 (3711)

June 21, 2015
-Traded Liz my babylon01/07, beauty18, body09/19, elocution08, mischief19, moonlight17, sororicide17, and spider02 for abes19, ignored12/17, killerqueen13, monapizza05, muda19, neoarcadia11, redjewels06, scholarship08, and zippers18 (3704)

June 17, 2015
-Traded Kiri my 4thdistrict14, carmine14/15, deduction04, epinard10, gamer10, goodlooks11, gun17, hawkeye04, interested13, malamute06/08, presence12, prototype16, screentone12, stride07, superhero04, sworn04, therat20, and untouchable13 for ayasugi13, boy-crazy01, cosmos15, hadouken14, hellmaster01, kaneda18, krauser14, moogle14, nadeshiko02, ora12, passionate15, salaryman15, scarydriver12, signorina05, starhealer18, starmaker11, starter08, thread17, withlove13, and hayashibara10 (3694)

June 13, 2015
-Traded Kaede my claymore15, incite06, and time04 for hayashibara08/16 and honeyboy09 (3674)

June 3, 2015
-Traded Kaede my aisen07, cerulean09, dee-dee19, embodiment01, hammer19, kyotouryuu03, loveshower07, and tophat02 for bloodhound11, redjewels01, rope03, sailorcap16, spacepirate05, strategos13, woman10, and vegetation06 (3671)

May 22, 2015
-Traded Veth my goggles05, minidragon13, skazka11, and travel07 for kaneda11, parenting20, salaryman20, and scavenger14 (3663)

May 21, 2015
-Traded Dialny my 8years15, bell11, bubble16, charm11, dane13, extreme05/16, fiancee13, flamboyant14, fullmoon12, futuring02, happysong04, heavenguide11, hellguide02, heyheyhey07, immortal01/04/19, information16, lucky04, sin04, smart-mouth05, and zwei03/12 for background09, blitzball14, caeli03, cupnoodles06/16, elf13, forest15, gekko11, herbalist20, ignored20, kaneda10, mohawk18, moogle17, osa-p09, panda20, punchout20, record01/02, ruthless09/13, sakejug18, snake08, spacepirate09, and split11 (3659)

May 12, 2015
-Traded Kaede my aimless04/18, gondola02, satsuma19, shimabara09, siren12, and sig_arianne for attractive12, donuts13, maester08, palu18, paopufruit13, trash15, and sig_kaede (3635)

May 5, 2015
-Traded Silvanus my demonstone14 and swimmer12 for tetsuo12 and weather13 (3628)

May 4, 2015
-Traded Eon my sekigahara05 for halloween17 (3626)
-Traded Sky my dln-00520, dwn-01016, dwn-01418, dwn-01610, rollingsaw20, servbots05, modelx18, giroexpress03, stayathome20, fakekey07, satella13/19, murian15, mentor07, loyalty07, magic03/10, snobbish01, ceramics04, cruxis20, reality04/16, effort18, realist14, exodus18, catemperor09, intensity05, avoiddeath16, d9914, fabricated04, knight02, privilege07/13, story19/20, whitecoat10, enjoying09, code04, searching20, lorelei03, sopheria02, glider11, boilerroom12/14, bathhouse15, clothespeg08/15, arrogant03, and inherited18 for ghibli09, kawasumia10, ossan03, retro13, selphia08, yaoi20, alexandria19, apples03, asturia04/16, bloodfang14, capsule14, catgirl16, cruiser09, donuts14, elegies07, emishi17, gondola06/18, hakama08, herbalist02, insurance16, invader08, kokuryu11, krauser02, maps10, masochist02, monapizza13, overelement09, paisleypark03/08, passionate12, promotion15, rope15, scientific12, siren14/16/19, sorcerers19, sticker16, stonefree05, stuntpilot12, theguard06, tusk04, withlove06/12, wwwa07/19, and zippers16 (3625)

May 3, 2015
-Traded Kaede my handshake02/09, oni05, and samurais02 for blackmage20, jockey10, mahou13, and monapizza18 (3576)
-Traded Nomi my raikiri17 for mistaken17 (3572)
-Traded Narwhal my line19, fathers07, headphones02, cherry19, chuu11, claw13, colonel08, knightmare13, and silvana11 for chousin04, holybell19, jobs07, mourning08, ogata17, redjewels15, split19, tune08, and zanbatou04 (3571)
-Traded Aki my leap02 for stonefree08 (3562)

April 29, 2015
-Traded Dina my oblivious19 for maps13 (3561)
-Traded Li my wisewolf16 and effeminate07 for attractive19 and gekko18 (3560)

April 21, 2015
-Traded Netbug my lemu04, shards17, chimchar11, countering17, fighter07, flirt09, mineral09, musical02/17, pokedex01, ruler20, and oyaji15 for passionate13/17, aerosmith16, asturia14, attractive14, ignored14, mainstream15, mochiguma09, mourning17, nadeshiko17, noble07, and overelement12 (3558)

April 20, 2015
-Traded Ivory and Horn my beauty05, erokappa12/18, spiderqueen09, valuable19, well20, norimaki17, stowaway02, tortured05/10, adventure12, honorific12, labcoat08, vest10, oranges13, contract09, nephilim20, battle16, disintegrate13, 89th18, avenge13, earl02, eve06, gigolo12, invincible15, organic14, secretary02, supports12, tagged11, valet13, griefseed12, and sig_arianne for archaeology19, blitzball03, boy-crazy03, bye-bye06, catgirl06, cruiser03, elf17, freespirit12, hadouken01, hellmaster03, holybell04, ignored11, lightning07, masochist03, mochiguma18, mourning10, osa-p19, pharle09, precious02/10, ruthless07, spacepirate14, theguard03, thread08, wry12, zippers10, miyanom06, retro03, seinen03, shoujo16/19, and sig_ivoryandhorn (3546)

April 19, 2015
-Traded Eon my eon04 for nirvash06 (3514)

April 18, 2015
-Traded Kiri my beehive11, binge07, dogkeeper05, ghoul19, policeman06/10, and usagibrand05 for barbarossa06, broomstick03, catgirl11, causality15, crazyd12, and darkhunter12/14 (3513)

April 17, 2015
-Traded Liz my farseer01, fashion01, faust17/18, purpose01, rosary10, science18, talking20, waitress20, cure03, colony20, and uranus20 for dee-dee19, glory02, hakoniwa12, intensity05, promotion17, route13, siren07, tusk19, undying03, withlove10, yakuza10, and yasako18 (3506)

April 15, 2015
-Traded Chives my classical11, kamichama14, lovequeen08, tensionmax14, and vividkiss07 for better03/14, cupnoodles01, snake15, and musicians11 (3494)

March 28, 2015
-Traded Ari my bodhisattva08, iyashikei17, kou17, lovehime03, and secretary11 for repeat16, apples20, barbarossa13, gekko01, and gunman16 (3489)

March 22, 2015
-Traded Veth my contact17, drei03, and poopgod18 for bamboo02, invader15, and spearhead17 (3484)

March 18, 2015
-Traded Dialny my archer04, beretta01, betrayed04, canada09, calvaria10/19, cat01, disappear18, japanese06, maskedg02/11, massage14, overlord01, renowned18, and straysheep17 for lightning01, archaeology05, bamboo15, cabbit18, cinema14, closedclock16/20, cruiser08, darkhunter19, ghostalley17, himeya04, mainstream07, nadeshiko15, and nirvash05/12 (3481)

March 16, 2015
-Traded Liz my totalwood05 for cupnoodles15 (3466)
-Traded Nea my dimwitted06, cyborgidol05/19, cares19, tomochin12, idolclub14, fairies19, marchenland17, charmbuster19, grownup08, metalia17, pegasus13, compy06/19, lovequeen20, vividkiss14, guardian02, and regal04 for cupnoodles20, summoned20, sakejug20, aerosmith19, caeli10, camembert02, eggs10, emishi01, hakama10, himeya11/13, marimo16, nirvash11, panda12, playbirdie17, miyanom09/15, and moogles09 (3465)

March 15, 2015
-Traded Adelicya my dance08, howl13, hogyoku11, hyourinmaru07, baldy11, hairclips13, octava01, dee-dee15, nature05, furpelt14, sincerity09, knowledge20, crybaby08, kind04, silk07, takatomon01, kitsune19, sockpuppet08, tamer03, understand08, titania09, irondragon05/20, jump18, myths09, tackle07, dragonrage14/17, thunderbolt02, and rollout17 for asturia05, ayasugi15, broomstick09, burmecia11, dutiful20, gekko10, greedy08, hakama06, hellmaster11/16, hornless14, mistaken10, nirvash13, parenting07, repeat03, ripple04/16, rubber19, spearhead05, stonefree10, stonemask10, strategos01, undine02, wanted01/20, woman09, zanarkand12, koyasut15, sawashirom17, and sekit19 (3447)

March 9, 2015
-Traded Liz my backlace01, curepassion03, headmaster17, haro12/15, key14, kingsaw01/17, klarerwind11, lacytanga20, logout02/04, potato10, solitude07/16, unison07, octbirthday03, ponytail05, and thieves10 for cafe08, draculina14, fudanshi06, guardian14, hairloss02, heroking09, ignored05/08/19, laid-back06, mafioso01, major06/12, mellow15, memento01, ramune19, searching20, silverrose16, and tomochin12 (3417)

March 8, 2015
-Traded Kiri my bestsenpai16, bold09, bullying06, bunbunmaru02/07, cellphone18, confection13, dolly12, kou06, logical17, osananajimi18, rebellious06, stealing18, swordplay09, udonge06, and vanguard20 for dark11/19, invader04, mainstream02/14, maps08, oceanwave05, palette14, palu17, pikori12, robber04, siren18, stonefree01, trash20, undine19, and wordplay19 (3398)

March 7, 2015
-Traded Veth my emotional03, four08, freckles09/17, intelligent01, polite20, prediction02, seasalt15, and travel01 for cinema16, crazyd07, darkhunter07, dousing04, elf19, monapizza08, starter04, strategos04, and undine09 (3382)

January 26, 2015
-Traded Liz my curepeach19, curerhythm17, patch20, titania11, viewpoint17, and zanber01 for catgirl13, elegies14, invader09, katamari04, precious20, and prison03 (3373)

January 10, 2015
-Traded Pam (E) my fukujun11 and midnight05 for scientific05 and ultima01 (3367)

January 5, 2015
-Traded Johanna my blacktiger08, bowwow02, eggshells10, greatdane04, mutt05, outside08, and strongone17 for femprotags10, invader07, minuses11, parenting09, selphia15, versicolor02, and zanbatou03 (3365)

January 1, 2015
-Traded Moon my squad14, cape16, fog07, lovehime18, chibipuri10, ecstasy09, rivalry08, beautymark07, lackey03, crystal09, hermit18, muramasa09, avarice06, housewife14, icequeen13, hikikomori03, advisor07, loud06, insei11/14, and ruby10 for asturia11, hadouken15, hakama13, insurance18, koyasut06, lightning17, masochist19, nadeshiko04/19, ossan10, pluto05, record03, sawashirom18, sekit08, tetsuo03, thread13, uranus01, valentine17, woman14/17, and zanbatou20 (3358)

December 31, 2014
-Traded Chi my make-up08, spicyageha09, beaker18, blackknight19, bluekimono03, cakepig02, castle19, hustle06, knights03, koisuru20, magicaltoy06, noble13, sonati04, tank16, and were-cat18 for yomi01, bunny03, coffee13, donuts02, forest09, ghostalley15, hellmaster10, jurai11, nadeshiko01, ruthless15, tetsuo08, typhoon13, wanted08, watashi05, and zanbatou13 (3337)
-Traded Veth my brute04, hummingbird16, kill08, shy03, taijutsu14, woodpecker01, and warlord07 for amour12, hellmaster12/13, okonomiyaki03, precious05, shanghai17, and sticker01 (3322)

December 30, 2014
-Traded Kiri my cage04, cameraman19, faith11/19, freestyle09, regain14, and voile10 for ayasugi05, coffee07, gunman07, hellmaster09, scavenger13, stapler08, and wry03 (3315)
-Traded Nikita my appetite06, burn04, carpetbomb08, dead04, eldest01, fleija02/08, gunjou13, harsh02/07/09/15, ise02, itadakimasu05, lenster18, levitation12, littleevil02/03, malice01, orenji07, padlock09, six02/10, suit18, tristan09, troy06, ufo03/18, witch02, and worthless18 for camembert09, causality16, chousin03, classical11, four08, gekko14, herbalist06, hostess18, invader10, japanese06, kaleidostar12, killerqueen04, krauser01, mainstream09, malamute08, meiji01, mssweets17, narcoleptic14, ocean20, paisleypark15, precious08, punchout18, somnians14, stonemask13, tiger03, tohoku09, tusk02, musicians06, sawashirom05, and yuri06 (3308)

December 29, 2014
-Traded Em my goya19, lovespells06/07/19, and scrawl13 for background13, katamari17, neptune04/07, and record20 (3278)
-Traded January my detection05, inherited19, and fisticuffs17 for crescent04, nadeshiko08, and ruthless08 (3273)
-Traded Ten my adultlike05, egotistical07, fabricated09, pocketwatch04, and princesslike06 for alexandria04, nirvash20, panda04, and watashi10/20 (3270)

December 24, 2014
-Traded Ten my beelzebub08, blocker03, clairvoyant06, forehead01, lovewing01, and nekoma09 for boy-crazy16, gondola04, hellmaster18, krauser05, mace03, and maps19 (3265)

December 14, 2014
-Traded Aave my fashionable07, chessboard19, april11, empathy02/08, meister15, model19, talisman18, horoscope01, howling10, cyborg04, duel14, calamity06, actor20, commandant15/19, snacks04, and submissive05 for alseides06, hakama03, insurance05, kaneda06, ocean06, oceanwave20, okonomiyaki08/09, ora20, panda01/19, plumber18, scientific13, tall14, thread12, tune18, umibozu17, and valentine08 (3259)

December 4, 2014
-Traded Lila my talented03, sopheria02, xxxx11, devilstrill15, hottemper02, docodemo12, impressions17, thing12, and guertena07 for camembert13, elf02, greedy13, muda12, precious12, spacepirate19, valentine15, wordplay02, and ghibli03 (3241)

November 26, 2014
-Traded Kiri my dln-00619, dln-00812, doujin02, dwn-02415, gasmask17, island18, and junkshop13 for precious01/07, repeat02, strategos20, thread01/05, and woman15 (3232)

November 19, 2014
-Traded Pam (E) my carmilla02 and throwdown09 for cham11/12 (3225)

November 13, 2014
-Traded Nat my earlyshift08, england01, and hre12 for cabbit12, capsule16, and dousing14 (3223)

November 3, 2014
-Traded Ten my heartbeat03, jagara09, janken12/18/19, leraje07, parallel11, and sutures12 for apples18, attractive07, escaflowne02, greedy10, gunman13/19, and hakama14/15 (3220)

November 2, 2014
-Traded Dialny my babble20, banana17, bloodwhip17, coquettish13, gambler02/19, gangleader08, mischief20, player16, sew10, and vaniville04 for amour15, apples04, attractive10/15, ayasugi18, catgirl05, greedy20, gunman17, pikori01, and woman18/19 (3212)
-Traded Jack my pyrokinesis15 for apples05 (3201)

November 1, 2014
-Traded Kiri my connected19, cowardly04, equestrian04/20, everafter06, imanity15, lyrics01, minalinsky01, and pity11 for dousing16, ero-cook04, gondola11, gunman14, insurance04/11, palette09, playbirdie10, and plumber05 (3200)
-Traded Mad my brave10/20, cleanfreak10, and survey13/17 for alexandria11, catgirl15, leeks08, noble18, and pikori05 (3191)
-Traded Anna my berrybell08, comet04, guillotine13, mainstream06/11, mainyu17, motor13, pizzicato05, princess13, silpelit18, swimmer20, tsukihime19, kuuderes08, and shugo07 for ocean07, cold14, blackmage14, elf16, masochist16, ordinary10/16, panda13, playbirdie08, promotion05, scientific17, snake13, thread18, and weather15 (3186)

October 14, 2014
-Traded Lili (M) my homophobe16, infatuated16, lasagna07, osananajimi19, regain01, snowdrop06, and witchcraft19 for judecca02, katamari12, maester18, starhealer10, tiger20, tune12, and qipao15 (3172)

October 7, 2014
-Traded Hijiri my patch03, hakoniwa03, and novice15 for catgirl14, himeya05, and tiger01 (3165)

October 4, 2014
-Traded Kiri my baumkuchen12, fix06, grenades02, kicks15/16, mentalout18, outburst13, shenlong17, uu16, and voiceless05/20 for alseides18, amour16/19, ball16, better18, bunny09, coolene08, cynical06, hakama20, narcoleptic09, and minuses07 (3162)

September 30, 2014
-Traded Em my destiny10 and wildflower16 for mohawk02 and obedient14 (3151)
-Traded Chi my spicyageha15 and kiss14/15 for bunny01, project09, and spin01 (3149)

September 29, 2014
-Traded Char my gnaw11, math15/17, and schwarzer02 for better02, firebuster03, portalstone18, and shanghai03 (3146)
-Traded Pie my berserker02, bolt07/09/12, and shaolin12/14 for portalstone16, ayasugi06, cynical05, gondola12, siren15, and woman16 (3142)

September 28, 2014
-Traded Nikita my firebrand13, inorganic15, savior02, tortured14, crow18, dreams13/16, otters03, proud11, seiyuu07/17, and actress10 for amour08, ayasugi01, barbarossa20, elegies16, holybell12, killerqueen02, mallet18, rubber17, saturn04, woman05, everybirdie03, and portalstone14 (3136)
-Traded Marge my ageha10, pantheress17, dynames14, meister20, veda02/15, bicycle06/08, maidcafe15, stern19, nonchalant08, rasetsu20, aquarius12, ophiuchus03, sagittarius18, cheerio07, copy03, egoist16, genome13, otomen20, spear19, and twentyone06 for attractive16, ayasugi03, burmecia03, caeli16, catgirl10, cham13, emishi06, gekko04, gunman05, hakama02, kaneda02, krita-yuga17, ocean05, one-track14, ora17, palette01/18, scavenger07/15, tomboyish16, typhoon14, and uranus18 (3124)
-Traded Lila my lobster19, guitar15, nyan04, costumes07, reckless10, introvert06, magoi07, poppo01/15/18, razril07, and paranoia10 for amour01, aria17, cruiser20, mohawk09, passionate08/16, pikori20, repeat15, salaryman19, umibozu05, everybirdie08, and qipao16 (3102)

September 26, 2014
-Traded Aave my 2ndchild07, 89th01/05, april20, center12, dimwitted19, headmaster10, hod04/10, meister08, rebel02/12/14, and enjoy13 for coffee20, tiger05, lightning05, apples09, asturia08, capsule05, chousin14, forest16, gunman04/18, hadouken09, hellmaster20, herbalist15, and himeya02 (3090)

September 24, 2014
-Traded Tara my appearance20, beautiful08, bubblebeam12, cascade16, dna20, jet01, offense04, and west09 for marimo05, record10, withlove11, burmecia18, hustle06, malamute06, project13, and siren12 (3076)

September 23, 2014
-Traded Ouji my america06, bolverk17, bridge09/16, china10, denmark10, experiments02, exceed19, germany03, hre03, ironheart12/16, japan05, jump05, kaminokoe02, kaminomimi19, knave10, murakumo13, raziel04, reddragon11, ship17, shogi17, sweden12, turkey16, ukraine08, watchers05, and ossan05 for chousin07, crescent08, jurai16, moogle08, punisher13, withlove08, egoist19, gambler02, kosmos16, lascivious10, lightblue03, norende05, passionate01, princesslike06, privilege07, rendere08, shooter07, siva12, smell04, smiling02, spicyageha15, stealing18, strategos12, trashy16, koyasut01, sawashirom01, and versicolor17 (3068)

September 22, 2014
-Traded AL my analyst17, artemis12, at-low07, badfortune10, banshees12, and yoohoo09 for 7thheaven14, cleaver04, drops20, minuses13, spacepirate06, and starhealer06 (3041)
-Traded Dialny my accused16, albhed04, blackblood14, contests13, cool14, moogle11, motor01, nonexistent06, oath07, perfect11, rip-off05, rush13, thor06/09, wandering19, and chibipuri13 for burmecia05, bye-bye12, dousing12, escaflowne17, hakama04, hellmaster14, krauser12, pikori16, snake06, strategos05, tomboyish15, undine18, weather01, mohawk17, yakisoba15, and bara11 (3035)
-Traded Joyce my adeptrogue10, games05, saiko02, and forkball09 for bloodhound01, donuts06, ferocity10, and greedy19 (3019)
-Traded Nat my ariadoney17, phones15, popular04, sohcahtoa06/12/20, and begnion14/19 for hellmaster17, mansion17, masochist14, minuses18, mochiguma19, nadeshiko12, bara17, and versicolor06 (3015)
-Traded Noxie my elrond06, fieldwork16, greatwitch11, lazing12/20, var15, avaricious17, cybele01/08, fontech15, imaginal20, introvert19, kendama20, schism10, and tsunderella17 for asturia06, capsule13, himeya08, judecca19, obedient03, strategos02, agriculture10, mallet14/19, maps05, playbirdie20, rice20, watashi13, x-laws12, and yuki-onna01 (3007)

September 21, 2014
-Traded Ten my metalrod08, spicy18, thebrain01/07/20, wingspiker08, faithful18/20, and laguz10 for tiger19, lightning19, background13, airplane17, better08, bond13, dousing19, ero-cook12, and portalstone02 (2992)

September 9, 2014
-Traded Pam (E) my calculation13 for cham14 (2983)

September 2, 2014
-Traded Moon my brag18, dancing13, netnavi14, t-shirt14, and vinewhip14 for aria02, blitzball05, boy-crazy05, gekko15, and infertile08 (2982)

August 31, 2014
-Traded Chives my six03, compy04, cureberry19, selfless05, and speak17 for caeli13, cinema10/11, gondola02, and wanted07 (2977)
-Traded Lila my ai18, amarcian18, fireball09, gianthornet14, mgronald08, quick13, responsible13/15, ruinmode10, stew07, talented19, and yoru17 for eyesight06, donuts07/17, hellmaster07, holybell20, kaneda12, lightning03, mansion13, ocean03, promotion11, sun15, and tetsuo01 (2972)

August 30, 2014
-Traded Johanna my bendback05/07, armor15, and sig_arianne for cham03, valentine12, zanarkand16, and sig_johanna (2960)

August 21, 2014
-Traded Onyx my gaebolg02, chaotix04, harpnote05/13, and ipc01 for fulfill02, shanghai20, starmaker18, tiger17, and saturn06 (2956)

August 18, 2014
-Traded Aave my angelic06, anti-hero13, certainty10, fashionable16, helpful11, and wild14 for colony05, bamboo06, better01, boots11, burmecia20, and chousin13 (2951)

August 16, 2014
-Traded Naociak my guitar18 for ariadoney17 (2945)
-Traded Adina my zagan17, snail07, streamlight01, sunflower07, weakness16, and allstars07/20 for astronaut11, background02, melodrama13, nadeshiko03, shishi-oh07, everybirdie09, and portalstone15 (2944)

August 15, 2014
-Traded Kati my ophiuchus17, balbadd12, butler11, fanalis04, gemini10, and 142cm09 for lively12, gekko17, kicking19, okonomiyaki20, pluses05, and uncute01 (2937)

August 14, 2014
-Traded Kazu my code0519, blueking10, voi11, and evenodd16 for orange19, ero-cook20, krita-yuga13, and safety05 (2931)

August 13, 2014
-Traded Dialny my childlike07, deduction06/12, devon14, and disintegrate06 for 7thheaven19, elegies10, himeya06, odango20, and starter20 (2927)

August 10, 2014
-Traded Ten my artemyra17, hobbyist15, maniac20, and tauburn20 for marimo17, mars03, shouryuuken16, and wry16 (2922)

August 9, 2014
-Traded Beth my buusagi11, malkuth05, and raising01 for eyesight04, cats18, and sekit05 (2918)
-Traded Nat my libero20, moonchild04, and orion15 for coolene12, playbirdie09, and pluses19 (2915)
-Traded Harukami my youngmen02 for infertile09 (2912)

August 8, 2014
-Traded True Blue Spark my clumsy16, deer01, ducati09, duck02/09, flight16, persocom18, phazon03, sergeant13, shy20, and stoic01/12 for 7thheaven04, bakeneko05, better11, boy-crazy09, bye-bye07, crescent17, emishi15, jurai05, mace05, masochist09, oceanwave12, and tiger07 (2911)
-Traded Melissa my dresses10, funyarinpa20, kodama19, letter08, littledevil05, sweettooth19, thing02/15, and support13 for aria04/09/19, cham01, himeya07, maester16, watashi16, weather04, and sawashirom13 (2899)

August 7, 2014
-Traded ReneeTwist my hatshepsut11/13/19 for aria01, ero-cook18, and nadeshiko07 (2890)
-Traded Laurant my bookofd07, norende08, and alchemists14 for ayasugi14/17 and scientific20 (2887)
-Traded Ember my frigid14 and winter13/18 for boots10, insecure18, and orange05 (2884)
-Traded Kat (C) my bodhisattva17, fighter10/19, and moon04 for zessen09, holybell09, incivil12, and valentine02 (2881)
-Traded Sammich my navigate19 for asturia19 (2877)
-Traded Abyss my asleep19, awakening14, concern05, illusions01, and imitation03 for alexandria12, barbarossa14, dousing07, evenbetter18, and repeat12 (2876)

August 6, 2014
-Traded Lila my alice11, ran09, thiers02, clergy07, and soda08 for alseides20, better17, cham06, starfighter20, and ossan09 (2871)
-Traded Nikita my bossun19 and blocker17 for archaeology06 and sun19 (2866)
-Traded Chi my backstroke15, boisterous01, satsuma05, and strict05/16 for avaricious17, lively07, minalinsky01, rayofhope17, and starter05 (2864)
-Traded Fumika my hereditary17 for effeminate06 (2859)
-Traded Fumika my fitness19, lovestruck19, talking18, and tentacles20 for barbarossa02, beard05, blitzball09, and bunny16 (2858)
-Traded Nea my megu20 and curemelody12 for superiority08 and spearhead20 (2854)
-Traded AL my fallere16 for goddess01 (2852)

August 5, 2014
-Traded Coops my survivor17 for bunny20 (2851)

July 26, 2014
-Traded AL my aodaisho15 and defend05 for asturia12 and mochiguma17 (2850)

July 20, 2014
-Traded ReneeTwist my allsunday10, attache03, birds06, breast01, courage19, dattebayo07/10, dollmaster17, icebeam18, and marbirthday13 for bloodhound15, dousing18, himeya18, okonomiyaki19, pikori17, scavenger20, shanghai06, watashi17, josei02, and portalstone07 (2848)

July 7, 2014
-Traded Pam (E) my aunt10 for converted15 (2838)

June 30, 2014
-Traded Lepidopteran my melnics08, littleevil15, dunceney06, and fairytales19 for archaeology03, bloodhound16, bunny15, and sawashirom19 (2837)

June 29, 2014
-Traded AL my nanoda14 for barbarossa04 (2833)

June 28, 2014
-Traded Aru my neet11, shopping20, zaibatsu17, wildlife20, fightmoney08, yoga17, systems01/11, dj06, and kunoichi08 for bamboo04, boy-crazy02, kicking01, lightning11, punisher17, ruthless20, tomboyish14, panda06, krita-yuga04, and theend14 (2832)

June 27, 2014
-Traded Abyss my synthesizer03/12, baseball14, intuition01, mechanic09, and wrath06 for barbarossa12, boy-crazy18, incivil19, lovestruck05, yamaken10, and yukiatsu07 (2822)

June 26, 2014
-Traded Ruriair my priestess06, marionette08, haggler04, nun12, protect04, vegetables17, seventeen10, and vassal17 for incivil15, mace14, odango03, panda17, tomboyish05, tune05, josei03, and shoujo11 (2816)

June 25, 2014
-Traded Laurant my littlekitty07, nico-nii19, and koisuru08 for jobs10, leeks18, and mourning12 (2808)
-Traded Em my doujutsu16, ink02, and naska06/12 for better05, caeli04, scavenger01, and sekit14 (2805)
-Traded Anna my gal01, selfless18, tao12, possessive06, scythe10, costumes18, hollie18, pizzicato19, suidream03, and purple06/14 for armored06/10, barbarossa03, cats01, insurance20, rubber04, valentine01, wry02, koyasut19, portalstone08, and sekit17 (2801)

June 24, 2014
-Traded Dialny my agility04 for salaryman03 (2790)

June 22, 2014
-Traded Trias my jokes05, lowee10, baumkuchen18, kouhai-kun03, heropon16, disintegrate16, jizaikon10, mouse15, and stew09 for bunny04, eggs08, evenbetter19, kaneda19, katamari07, okonomiyaki15, record11, repeat05, and ultima06 (2789)
-Traded Nat my magic01, collected07, theater08, haraezuki07, legal19, and sig_arianne for asturia02, broomstick02, bunny08, cold05, rubber16, and sig_nat (2780)
-Traded Allmia my armadillo09, magicalfire17, minidragon18, chainsaws09, kamisarizuki02, luxury07, sacrifice10, shinigami08, tattooed11, townhall14, and virage07 for barbarossa10, broomstick12, cats20, classy19, converted03, esper20, general02, oceanwave06, pluses20, sogeking16, and wutai17 (2774)
-Traded Archer my cats19, termina09/16/18, strength08, fortune17, and justice11 for dousing20, general14, insecure15, mace15, ocean08, ordinary20, and sogeking13 (2763)

June 21, 2014
-Traded Sammich my kicks20 for seminar05 (2756)

June 16, 2014
-Traded Cendol my sevendays11 for jojo14 (2755)

June 15, 2014
-Traded Lita my ast07, captivate11, concealing10, debauchery08, earnest02, floating16, listener15, observant06, and udonge11 for p-chan06, blackmage10, chibimoon09, coo07, ero-cook13, maester06, pikori09, plumber17, and sekit18 (2754)
-Traded Aletha my nejiko03, oath09, petal05/07, salmon05, and witchhat06 for katamari10, ossan13, record12, snake12, wry15, and zanarkand09 (2745)
-Traded Ten my fivefoxes17, gaedearg14, meijin11/15, pooka12, banana04, and earthshaker05 for aria07/11, boy-crazy19, kaneda01, ripple18, ruthless17, and scavenger09 (2739)
-Traded Chives my strawberry01, selfless18, and moonblast09 for narcoleptic08, umibozu13, and watashi02 (2732)
-Traded Coops my bsaa03/10/12, crusher19, finalturn10, heaven03, shujaa12, stars14, survivor06, and wait13 for incivil07, insecure16, koyasut11, obedient19, sun11, tetsuo09, tune04, zanarkand13, donuts09, and gekko20 (2729)
-Traded Fumika my endless10, illegitimate08, mercenary06, and usagi15 for typhoon10, uncute13, valentine10, and watashi03 (2719)
-Traded Dialny my tortured02, stressed12, sew15, freeze03/10, and uncle11 for bloodhound17, bunny18, kaneda05, pikori15, ruthless04, and withlove04 (2715)

May 28, 2014
-Traded Dove my across11, author02, avalanche06, beretta10, buddhism02, cetra12, chainsaw07, detective01, deus20, disgusting02, hakubaiko13, innocence04, jaganshi09, judge12, kasshin12, mako02, pharaoh11, playbirdie06, revenge16, rising06, roses19, and thepaper07 for broomstick04, cool14, escaflowne05, infertile18, judecca18, kaneda04, kicking15, mace07, masochist15, nirvash04, rubber05, salaryman11, scavenger03, spacepirate12, spearhead19, starter01, tune10, withlove19, halloween10/15, sekit16, and versicolor12 (2709)
-Traded Lizzy my al-thamen18, automail15, benishigure16, breeder15, conqueror16, dragoon02, gangster17, headmaster17/20, maguskiller14, swordswoman07, tabris13, homunculus07/09, precipices15, clueless08, entei06, kindness04, original20, pierced16, umbrellas07, womanizer14, and schoolidol01 for bamboo11, barbarossa05, bloodhound02, bunny07, catgirl02, hadouken10, inferior10, infertile06, insecure03, insurance03, jojo11, killerbee01, masochist04/18, minuses06, panda16, salaryman17, scavenger10, shishi-oh06, spearhead02, starter13, and tall09/19 (2687)

May 26, 2014
-Traded Ouji my corrupted06, blackrabbit17, gravekeeper09, observant10, tsunshun07, firefly19, and speech06/14 for apples19, background10, general07, jurai07, seminar11, shishi-oh18, tall16, and orange17 (2664)

May 21, 2014
-Traded Liz (A) my meimei03, pendulum02, s-class20, and snacks03 for ball13, faction06, pluses17, and ratsbane06 (2656)
-Traded Noxie my aquarimms14, commandant07, countryboy19, handmaid03, longdau13, schism06, seal14, unpopular19, vincent05, older17, and squad42203 for bunny13, cabbit06, jurai08, starter19, theend20, naught18, octava19, pikori13/14/18, and siren17 (2652)
-Traded Adina my stealing15, bon17, g-8903, sen01, and woodpecker18 for escaflowne07, mochiguma05, repeat19, ruthless14, and wutai04 (2641)

May 20, 2014
-Traded Lorekky my marion19, doha08, ensign19, and moonwalker02 for aria16, coolene07, insecure04, and saikoku07 (2636)
-Traded Rune my express15, goodnight10, mini04, steak02, twirl05, wakawaka14/19, and lunallena19 for ossan01/07, zessen17, incivil16, classy20, versicolor03, deathscythe04, and uncute12 (2632)

May 19, 2014
-Traded Kat (C) my wings12/13 for benishigure16 and purpose01 (2624)

May 18, 2014
-Traded Cendol my housekeep12, sunrisecafe10, breath14, distance13, and opening05 for background03, barbarossa01, eternal06, forest10, and zanbatou10 (2622)
-Traded Laurant my nico-nii14 and minalinsky13 for ball15 and cosmos01 (2617)
-Traded Ember my mp304, calming16, and dedicated04 for background06 and incivil02/18 (2615)
-Traded Lila my hiraikotsu09 and seashells17 for sexta20 and companions09 (2612)
-Traded Dialny my luckless01 for narcoleptic18 (2610)
-Traded Hijiri my challenges12 for krita-yuga11 (2609)
-Traded Kiri my coupdetat20 and vivace09 for eyesight05 and odango12 (2608)
-Traded Kippi my orifiel12 and batanima07/14 for emishi13, spearhead13, and tetsuo11 (2606)
-Traded Nat my perceive20 and searching08 for cats10 and hornless02 (2603)
-Traded Ralene my pk03 for jojo07 (2601)
-Traded Jun (B) my brahms16, dinosaur17, lockedin02, railway11, thunder06, and wisel09/20 for apprentice16, cats15, colony19, forest06, guts09, insecure11, and shouryuuken03 (2600)
-Traded Dialny my shocking07, zephyr19, logic01, orcatrainer05, and avoiddeath04 for catgirl07, converted09, coolene04, eternal05, and repeat09 (2593)
-Traded Nea my accounts04, sonati05, lascivious13, pheromone17, strongone08, and withdrawn10 for cinema02, elegies03, playbirdie15, plumber01, saikoku14, and tomboyish12 (2588)
-Traded Kati my petals09, upbeat10, cancer05, heroine19, 80pitches10, faust14, austria06, england14, hungary11, and sealand06/11 for barbarossa09, caeli08, cham19, converted05, maester03, pikori07, rubber08, shouryuuken15, siren02, strategos18, and watashi14 (2582)
-Traded Sammich my laguz20 and aquapearl16 for fulfill11 and sekit13 (2571)

May 17, 2014
-Traded Em my flowing08 for archaeology04 (2569)
-Traded Mal my abel16, heart04, train07, and gramarye18 for cabbit19, incivil17, infertile13, and salaryman07 (2568)
-Traded Melissa my lemonsoda04/05/06, eligible01/17, infatuation13, melnics02, sigmund10, sopheria05, pure19, nonary20, shinjuku05, jadedragon09, rougeschool04, and sig_arianne for aniue18, barbarossa15, cold13, coolene15, general17, infertile20, insurance08, krita-yuga06, minuses20, nirvash17, ripple08, salaryman12, tune17, sekit06, and sig_melissa (2564)
-Traded Harukami my lynx19, veil06, riskbreaker10, clock02/04/12, and pegasus16 for broomstick05, bushido03, capsule10, hornless03/05, lightning10, and spearhead12 (2549)
-Traded Pam (E) my samezuka11 for background19 (2542)

May 16, 2014
-Traded Moe my knightmare16, deliver16, akabari02, viena16, realeater10, cellphones12/19, pyroqueen13, stalker08/20, and widow06 for catgirl18, elegies09, emishi10, ferocity01, himeya10, safety16, spearhead14, tall13, ultima12/18, and zessen03 (2541)

May 15, 2014
-Traded AL my blurball01 and iaigeri17 for cats05 and classy14 (2530)
-Traded Kazu my calculation17, evolution18, samezuka01/07, and elocution17 for caeli20, ferocity07, killerbee19, tall11, and noble16 (2528)

May 13, 2014
-Traded Muri my latvia13 and jellyfish18 for alseides07 and watashi18 (2523)
-Traded Laurant my mobile17, lovefreak01, elemia05, arphage20, wanderer07/18, and amnesia02 for asturia17, caeli02, deathscythe11, raccoon15, zanarkand10, zanbatou01, and zessen05 (2521)
-Traded Liz (A) my broadway15 for capsule20 (2514)

May 12, 2014
-Traded Pam (E) my idolize10/16 and sig_arianne for armored08, seminar17, and sig_pam (2513)
-Traded Kiri my tenshi02 for eyesight02 (2510)
-Traded Delitan my adherent07/14, demonstone20, harmonius05, overclock13, and redtower15 for barbarossa07, eternal15, masochist08, raccoon18, ripple06, and wutai16 (2509)
-Traded Anrui my ichor02, disinfect07, traveler19, wayward08, blue12, and sig_arianne for bushido17, classy17, eternal07, p-chan04, saikoku15, and sig_anrui (2503)
-Traded Chuu my older10, diligent17, recruit15, action20, banchou06, boy15/20, geek12/19, standup01, wickedeye09, and synthesizer03 for apprentice10, cynical16, elegies01, melodrama02, p-chan03, paopufruit08, raccoon08, seminar02, sogeking02, sun20, wingzero03, and orange10 (2497)

May 11, 2014
-Traded Moon my bossun12, collector10, kendo10, kijin08, outlook13, virtual05, and cakepig14 for aniue08, bakeneko01, cinema12, general19, halloween07, infertile17, and sun02 (2485)
-Traded Lila my cantus18, duty04, and kusarigama15 for angra19, thread09, and zanbatou11 (2478)

May 8, 2014
-Traded Fel my electrifying06, esteem05, gateau12, moscow19, poet18, principal08, and hylia01 for alexandria02, bloodhound07, bunny12/14, caeli11, evenbetter11, and preventer13 (2475)

May 3, 2014
-Traded Aeris my impatient14, kurogamon12, memories16, november07, pianist16, sprinter12, yakuza04, junkshop18, and dryjuice19 for krita-yuga07, ruthless06/19, infertile03/10, elegies11, performer20, pluses01, and sogeking05 (2468)

April 30, 2014
-Traded Kazu my guns02, orpheus09, quality20, centurio11, firstson04, and revolution02 for beard08, blitzball17, halloween18, killerbee13, masochist17, and pluses12 (2459)

April 29, 2014
-Traded Liz (A) my cryokinesis14, swallow01, war10/16, and witchhunter03 for bounty20, bunny02, deer01, patch11, sagittarius18 (2453)

April 18, 2014
-Traded Lila my blastia02 and janina15 for shard02 and watashi04 (2448)

April 9, 2014
-Traded Liz my penguin20, cleaning19, diary09, dresses04/13, internet04/09, and sig_arianne for blitzball13, capsule06/18, colony12, hadouken18, jurai02, ultima03, and sig_liz (2446)
-Traded Chives my speak13 for eyesight10 (2438)

April 8, 2014
-Traded Em my pendulum18 for swordswoman07 (2437)
-Traded Katie my proxy01, cyber08, durandal11, mop02, prima16, teasing02, thunder05/18, zanza09, antoinette15, despair03, ikazuchi06/18, kita05, newton02, normal11, pheromone08, protective13, takatomon13, and thehero16 for alexandria06, bloodhound09, cats06, causality09, drops08, effeminate08, eggs19, forest01, gekko09, greedy01, jurai04, killerbee03, p-chan02, performer05, promotion09, raccoon01, shouryuuken09/18, snake05, and wingzero09 (2436)

April 7, 2014
-Traded Raven my comet10, shadaloo01, bassist12, cat05, cyclone10, distant19, faction14, nazcaa12, serenade07, starling15, and eldarian09/18 for armored12, cleaver10, effeminate02, esper03/17, eternal17, guts13, jojo09, maester19, saikoku08/10, and uncute04 (2416)
-Traded Adina my minchi07, clutch02, bon01/09, emotional12, hotblooded13, magedom16, and ruin19 for attendant10/17, bunny06, cats19, eggs07, eyesight12, tall10, and tune15 (2404)
-Traded Yuki my bench10/20 for incivil05 and melodrama06 (2396)

April 6, 2014
-Traded Abyss my hahi05, knives08, oolong16, voi12, 6609, horoscope09, and puns20 for bye-bye11, converted12, infertile15, restaurant09, safety03, tomboyish11, and zanbatou19 (2394)
-Traded Ember my ayesir09 for bamboo05 (2387)
-Traded Sky my loyalty02, ramble16, and oldlion19 for cats03, causality10, and effeminate16 (2386)
-Traded Hollie (A) my amnesiac02, kendo02, reliability06, magicalfire02, railway02, creator17, and merak15 for cinema01, fulfill17, points04, promotion06, ripple07, strategos17, and tomboyish03 (2383)
-Traded Ly my firstroom14, blackknight04, bluerose01/12, prospero14/19, scepter412, yatagarasu20, restoration01/19, imitating03, badfortune04, tsukuyomi19, capricorn14, ilmago06, leo16, libra13, suzumori08, trumpet13/20, and workaholic04 for alseides02, boots19, burmecia01, cinema03, coo02, crescent06, emishi18/20, fulfill12, gekko19, jojo13, krita-yuga02, marimo01, masochist01, moogle13, okonomiyaki10, points03, tetsuo16, wingzero05, bara14, and catsndogs09 (2376)
-Traded ReneeTwist my harass10, blackharu17, and spirit17 for saikoku13, ossan08, and qipao12 (2355)

April 3, 2014
-Traded Cedar my diepencil20 and genesis14 for caeli01 and judecca06 (2352)

April 2, 2014
-Traded Sammich my rasetsu07 for preventer14 (2350)

March 31, 2014
-Traded Kati my curesunny08, hachiko13, kiyoubinbou06, librarian16, rumraisin01, momokan11, and chu-hi17 for cham02, eternal12, evenbetter08, insurance09, kaneda07, theend15, and tomboyish07 (2349)
-Traded Hijiri my cello04/11, hotheaded15, koga06/16, nyanperona13, and page20 for bubbly20, hadouken12, lancecorp04, mako02, ocean12, pooka12, and qipao09 (2342)

March 30, 2014
-Traded Christy my butler02, india20, madamered14, adore10, dukedom13, and star12 for bloodhound20, chousin16, ero-cook11, gekko07, insecure05, and sogeking12 (2335)
-Traded Lila my earth14 for spearhead04 (2329)
-Traded Ori my countering16, frown03, lumiose11, poffins13, androgynous20, blackharu04, kimono15, engrish17, prodigy14, rookie04/05/08, and sig_arianne for bloodhound08, cham20, greedy05, insecure08, masochist11, plumber03/11, saikoku01, shishi-oh15, starfighter18, tetsuo18, wry05, and sig_ori (2328)
-Traded Sammich my selfish02 and neshitteru17 for fulfill20 and ossan17 (2315)
-Traded Cendol my selamatpagi13 and storybook09 for alexandria01 and boy-crazy11 (2313)
-Traded Lita my electriceel02, hypervision07, spiritmagic01, and steals16 for eggs04, jojo19, points18, and zanbatou06 (2311)
-Traded Nat my junes05, letter08, regret02, butterfly17, cabbage14, castle17, popular13, rebirth14, and remaining20 for colony06, snake10, spacepirate03, avalanche06, magicalfire02, napping16, observant10, rasetsu07, and sopheria05 (2307)
-Traded Chelsea my concern01 for tune14 (2298)
-Traded Stareyes my innuendos04, regal01, smoker19, and claw08 for kicking06, killerbee02, performer04, and zessen19 (2297)
-Traded Yun my dissonance20 for starfighter02 (2293)
-Traded Jen my helpful20, icefairy13, loligothic20, loveyou15, miko13, musicstart19, musket20, and anguished07 for better13, boots01, bye-bye01/14, eternal03, raccoon12, sogeking15, and qipao04 (2292)
-Traded January my diminished10 for fulfill05 (2284)
-Traded Kazu my code0608 and sororicide19 for bloodhound04 and dousing05 (2283)
-Traded Ari my calculation05 and thebrain13 for bloodhound03 and cosmos02 (2281)
-Traded Gargant my pliskin11, lenshunter15, bunhead13, excellent19, hod15, varna16, and colossi16 for blackmage18, leeks19/20, saikoku12, scientific14, shishi-oh03, and qipao06 (2279)

March 27, 2014
-Traded Abyss my asleep17, kaijou06, marchhare04, pinzu11, presence18, and sevendays07 for broomstick15, causality13, cleaver20, maester02, scientific07, and snake14 (2272)
-Traded AL my amulet19, nejiko16, ace18, and ribbon08 for cham05, cinema17, killerbee07, and saikoku11 (2266)

March 26, 2014
-Traded Noxie my lyre20, eating17, elrond16, firstson20, and bladerang01 for 7thheaven12, coolene18, greedy06, kaneda09, and nirvash19 (2262)

March 24, 2014
-Traded Cedar my lunar17 for raccoon13 (2257)

March 23, 2014
-Traded Pikari my anaru12/13 for lancelot01 and tabris12 (2256)
-Traded Harukami my deadpan19, echo20, heart03, howling10, spear01, traitor16, and wayward13 for krita-yuga15, masochist05, performer11, salaryman16, seminar16, cats14, and orange09 (2254)

March 6, 2014
-Traded Abyss my egotistical16 for record14 (2247)

March 4, 2014
-Traded Liz my penguin07 for starfighter09 (2246)

March 2, 2014
-Traded Beth my bravior12 for theend01 (2245)
-Traded Lita my shinjuku14, guertena16, haven07, javelin04/15/20, kissing18, and naive01 for bunny17, ero-cook14, krita-yuga20, miyanom03, octbirthday18, ossan16, safety17, and shishi-oh16 (2244)

March 1, 2014
-Traded Abyss my presence03 for bara05 (2236)
-Traded Yun my journalist05, legs08, meridian04, norimaki20, outside11, aries11, apathetic14, and aug2314 for inferior20, kicking03, pluto08, salaryman13, koyasut08, causality12, punisher02, and ruin18 (2235)
-Traded Hollie (A) my heartereki12 for jojo15 (2227)
-Traded Cendol my bow12, icefairy03, katana11, petite19, and spear08 for better10/19, evenbetter12, mourning14, and nirvash07 (2226)

February 28, 2014
-Traded Kiri my line11 and player17 for attendant13 and safety09 (2221)
-Traded Charlotte my disqualified12, guidance13, and recall01 for classy08, archaeology16, and armored18 (2219)
-Traded Kazu my psychopath17 for beard20 (2216)
-Traded Dialny my fighter14, igaclan15, king19, labcoat02/15, sigmund10, and swan06 for better06, caeli19, dousing13, evenbetter04, gekko06, and pluto10/14 (2215)
-Traded Ember my buchou07 and granddream07 for bushido18 and shoujo05 (2208)
-Traded Ralene my shugo13, alter10, teacup18, attractive06, billionaire11, kekkai10, lettuce20, malefic07, pomegranate16, and winglet17 for catgirl01, eggs11, insurance15, kaneda03, knife09, playbirdie06, repeat13, wakawaka14, withlove01, and koyasut17 (2206)
-Traded Ly my happyda07 and tenacity12/15 for bloodhound05, starmaker20, and wry08 (2196)
-Traded Moon my copying17 and murasame16 for converted11 and zessen07 (2193)

February 24, 2014
-Traded Kristi my academy18, armored16/20, cards01/17, chibimoon16, confident15, contract09, counselor17, cowbell03, dango08, devotion08, disney01/04, dorm16, electricity04, eleventh03, endless04, engetsu12, flowery10, forelock19, fullbringer09, gaps13, heartless16, homophobe10, hornet11, impatience17, lionheart07, locket12, lovey-dovey09, lunatic13, madamered04, mako20, meyvn14, naught02/08, noheart01/16, onion04, pegasus11/13, primera19, radiohost01, reins20, rhythmia07, roseprince14, schemer19, scold10, sitar20, summoner11, tantalus02, teacher20, theatrical18/20, throttle03, trance13, uu02/04, zanarkand07, and zangetsu02 for adonis06, anaru13, aodaisho01, apathetic14, bluesky13, broom09, bunny05, cancer05, capoeira13, cheshire05, clutch02, contests13, corrupted15, costumes07, deus20, dialect13, diary09, dna20, emishi09, equestrian04, esteem05, excalibur20, firefist04, fulcrum12, garugari16, headmaster17, iinodoue08, kouhai-kun03, ladykiller20, loligothic20, maidcafe15, meridian04, murakumo20, neojapan09, odessa10, padlock09, perception07, poverty05/10, project11, puns20, regret02, revenge16, sayo10, sigmund10, siva01, stew09, suzaku01, tabris13, tanuki20, tenshi02, thebrain13, thehero05/16, traveler19, typhoon15, vincent05, whitestorm18/19, and yggdrasil10 (2191)

February 17, 2014
-Traded Len my france18 for seminar09 (2131)

February 16, 2014
-Traded Ember my blood08 and celestial10 for minuses12 and pluses07 (2130)
-Traded Nea my fairies15 for ossan02 (2128)

February 12, 2014
-Traded Fel my dyaus06, horseback14, nelde01, and hylia15 for archaeology18, beard11, bushido10, and p-chan05 (2127)

February 11, 2014
-Traded Bonifacy my catbingu12/14 for converted06 and wingzero19 (2123)
-Traded Kazu my code0414, spicy06, kiseru07/16, manipulative10, and orpheus13 for aniue12, armored16/20, coo06, devotion08, and locket12 (2121)

February 9, 2014
-Traded Allmia my kitsune05 for eyesight18 (2115)

February 1, 2014
-Traded Harukami my indra15, lynx02, legalwife16, oyajijokes01, eve01, bear07, secret07/10, and xiv02 for broomstick17, caeli18, escaflowne12, kicking11, pluses18, restaurant15, saikoku05, salaryman05, and sogeking14 (2114)

January 30, 2014
-Traded Beth my 66703 and deadpan11 for blitzball10 and mars11 (2105)
-Traded Shay my curepeach07, luminous03, and yosuga15 for effeminate12, infertile05, and ossan19 (2103)

January 29, 2014
-Traded Laurant my feral04, firstson03, lyre16, pooka17, and griefseed05 for killerbee14, nirvash15, nyoro04, tall02, and versicolor20 (2100)
-Traded Yun my gemini03/05, moodmaker12, and worthless02 for bakeneko09, beli19, and forest13/19 (2095)
-Traded Charlotte my greathorn04, irregulars10, and psi04 for kali-yuga18, kindness18, and queen15 (2091)
-Traded Celi my nekoma20 for systems19 (2088)
-Traded Nea my bearhound11, comical10, cupcake18, cyborgidol06, dna01/05, housewife08, kaminomimi12, maihime01, marine20, okaro10, schoolidol03, and strength18 for windom06/11, burmecia15, dreams16, general08, homophobe10, javelin20, nelde01, ruthless01/05, ryouran06, skater11, and spicy06 (2087)
-Traded Fel my ghouls12 for epyon15 (2074)
-Traded Ralene my cascade15, comnet11, curemarch19, delete08/10, fog10, helpful12, infinity09, minidragon12, pomegranate08, ramen14, reptile05, teacup07, engagement08, and lapistier06 for disney04, dresses04, ero-cook17, flowery10, ghostgirl20, hadouken02, heartbreak05, herbalist08, kaijou06, myshin17, overlord01, redtower15, sogeking09, umbrellas07, and wutai02 (2073)
-Traded Sammich my prithivi08, 8-bit10/13, and r-traps02 for nitro16, nyoro15, scientific04, and streamlight16 (2058)
-Traded Qu-ko my daru19, kidnap07, and merak12 for aniue17, bloodhound04, and drops13 (2054)
-Traded Noxie my elrond09, goodluck03, minervykins09, totori01, and winglet03 for kali-yuga07, drops14, killerbee04, salaryman02, and stapler06 (2051)
-Traded Lita my bags05, cult02, effortless09, poor20, secondson05, volunteer03, and wafu15 for debt12, toran15, armored19, gekko13, makai20, orange06, and shouryuuken13 (2046)

January 28, 2014
-Traded Kiri my g-8915, loveletter12, and steals16 for elegies19, gekko08, and nitro13 (2039)

January 27, 2014
-Traded Moe my sia11 for nyoro18 (2036)
-Traded Lepidopteran my pillowtalk11, collector04, blastia19, and talking03 for greedy18, kali-yuga16, nyoro12, and ojamajo07 (2035)
-Traded Ten my tasla20 for timeslip04 (2031)

January 24, 2014
-Traded Pam (E) my samekh15 for forest02 (2030)

January 23, 2014
-Traded Qu-ko my gourmand05 for dealer03 (2029)
-Traded ReneeTwist my clothespeg09, dance11, sandrock03, and sunflower10 for boy-crazy08, coffee04, elegies20, and wry06 (2028)

January 22, 2014
-Traded Kiss my drag03, syringe09, and flask08 for armored14, bentenmaru19, and epyon18 (2024)

January 18, 2014
-Traded Aeris my bar03, blueking19, irises09, and yatagarasu20 for restaurant14, dango08, emishi19, and pegasus11 (2021)
-Traded Kisa my tamer14, azuresea12, julia18, maihime07, and supporter01 for blitzball12, infertile19, mourning13, snake16, and umibozu08 (2017)

January 16, 2014
-Traded ReneeTwist my brushgods13 and agriculture10 for nitro01 and scientific02 (2012)

January 14, 2014
-Traded Greer my brutal07 for jojo02 (2010)
-Traded Mora my wahoo10 and brush09 for wry01 and wutai09 (2009)

January 13, 2014
-Traded Pam (E) my kita14 and yebisu11 for beli03 and emishi16 (2007)
-Traded Trias my interested20, garugari13, telepathy09, jimuguri20, pitviper14, and highentia05 for preventer08, sekit01, sogeking08, starhealer12, wry17, and zanbatou05 (2005)
-Traded Jen my acchan15, searching08, and servbots04 for attendant07, converted19, and spearhead03 (1999)
-Traded Cedar my uguu06 for ojamajo08 (1996)
-Traded Nu my selece01 and yang04 for angra03 and epyon08 (1995)

January 12, 2014
-Traded Ori my american17, beautiful11, venoshock19, determined03, generation16, and icequeen14 for aniue02, bentenmaru20, infertile07, sun04/18, and zessen04 (1993)
-Traded Lex my fan12, virage10, gene04, wildlife02, break20, and happyend18 for bentenmaru03, bushido09, debt11, epyon07, kouhai14, and morning16 (1987)
-Traded Nata my research12, nekotalia01, and sinnoh11 for ero-cook07, infertile11, and points20 (1981)

January 11, 2014
-Traded Aaya my godknows05 for angra09 (1978)

January 9, 2014
-Traded Ly my backstroke04 for dealer17 (1977)
-Traded Kiss my syringe07/15 for amita04 and elegies05 (1976)
-Traded Lepidopteran my fryingpan20, kijin02, peachpie12, and prima18 for apprentice13, bentenmaru08, deathscythe05, and drops05 (1974)

January 4, 2014
-Traded Senren my estabul16, hellguide09, peony12, and wildflower04 for armored02, blackmage11, counselor08, and masochist06 (1970)

January 2, 2014
-Traded Lili (W) my ko10 for epyon13 (1966)
-Traded Shuri my gaps12 for timeslip06 (1965)
-Traded Lizzy my absence01, beast09, cleanfreak13, eyepatch14, freedom05, toss12, and ambidex17 for bentenmaru15, bloodhound13, ero-cook19, insecure02, nyoro07, saikoku06, and theend17 (1964)
-Traded Sammich my cycle17 for general18 (1957)

January 1, 2014
-Traded Melissa my fangs18 and athlum18 for krita-yuga08 and repeat14 (1956)
-Traded Laurant my cannon09, gadgeteer20, helmsman20, totori14, and oriental10 for guertena16, hornet11, kawasumia12, makai02, and roseprince20 (1954)
-Traded Ralene my azuresea13, badda-boom15, curerouge12/14, deus04, harpnote19, helpful07, and outcast08 for cleanfreak13, commandant19, contract09, forelock19, onion04, oyajijokes01, parfaits19, and pet17 (1949)
-Traded Rune my gemmy02, iwant14, and sunrune09 for zessen15, armored15, and repeat07 (1941)

December 31, 2013
-Traded Sammich my braves10, camazotz13, and oriental18 for amita17, directions05, and jojo20 (1938)
-Traded Fumika my a-10010015, goldsmith20, kid09, and nanodesu20 for attendant06, crescent11, effeminate03, and judecca15 (1935)
-Traded Ari my jazz01/17 for esper14 and neshitteru11 (1931)
-Traded Yun my top118 and adepts04 for zanarkand07 and sekit20 (1929)
-Traded Nea my acrobat06, anti20, position017, shonichi06, and spitfire14 for bold09, drifter12, earphones14, parents08, and roleplay15 (1927)
-Traded Michelle my baldy03/10, confined18, contests08, controlled09, hairclips08, illness13, luna04, and tercera13 for ageha10, air19, anti-skill01, delusions19, heart04, masochist07, paint13, werewolf16, and wry19 (1922)
-Traded Lita my player10/14 for bakeneko12 and jojo03 (1913)
-Traded Anna my stitches05 and items05 for debt13 and sun05 (1911)
-Traded Naru my admiral06, crybaby14, and reliability12 for albhed20, personality02, and restaurant07 (1909)

December 27, 2013
-Traded Fumika my sayo06, piccolo16, powder11, and waitress07 for moe14, morning03/08, and systems20 (1906)

December 26, 2013
-Traded AL my righthand02 for bakeneko20 (1902)

December 17, 2013
-Traded Kiss my peterpan08 and tari02 for erhu12 and general13 (1901)

December 15, 2013
-Traded Mii my blackwave07, blastia12, pliskin11, and pyrokinesis04 for bakeneko14, morning14, plumber16, and roseprince13 (1899)

December 13, 2013
-Traded Lepidopteran my sacrifice13 and sig_arianne for fulfill07 and sig_lepidopteran (1895)

December 12, 2013
-Traded Bonifacy my burgers15 for amita14 (1893)

December 9, 2013
-Traded AL my barcode05 for capsule07 (1892)
-Traded Octa my mechanic06 and snowmaru19 for saturn01 and neshitteru06 (1891)
-Traded Jex my wolf04 for sen16 (1889)
-Traded Qu-ko my roids15, dream02, electrifying10, and rabi11 for classy05, elegies17, snail16, and sogeking01 (1888)
-Traded Ivory and Horn my 89th20, freestyle05, and petshop19 for amita09, marimo10, and p-chan08 (1884)
-Traded Lili (W) my immortal09 for cold15 (1881)

December 8, 2013
-Traded Laurant my klutz18 and meruru20 for greedy14 and scientific16 (1880)
-Traded Harukami my basement14, blank01, demifiend17, and zelda18 for dealer08, bushido05, personality12, and scavenger16 (1878)

December 6, 2013
-Traded Celi my curebeat03 and pluviose20 for cleaver13 and starmaker15 (1874)

December 5, 2013
-Traded Ten my buusagi09, ladyluck18, madness04/05/17, and promise11 for background20, cleaver05, fulfill16, mercury12, ripple11, and shishi-oh12 (1872)
-Traded Ceesoo my secret03 and isako07 for pluto16 and repeat04 (1866)

December 4, 2013
-Traded Caitie my blackkeys16 for epyon12 (1864)

December 3, 2013
-Traded Mal my monta13 and dojima06 for inferior11 and mercury15 (1863)
-Traded Kippi my orifiel07 for points12 (1861)

December 2, 2013
-Traded Lepidopteran my koyaku02 for cynical07 (1860)

December 1, 2013
-Traded Harukami my arrogant06, basement15, candy07, changing16, conqueror14, and legs02 for elegies06, eternal16, general10, kali-yuga20, spacepirate20, and koyasut13 (1859)
-Traded AL my snowmaru06 and scorch18 for okonomiyaki12 and traditional14 (1853)
-Traded Awe my blades11, diagnostics07, and watch04 for kicking17, moe20, and uncute18 (1851)
-Traded Marie my marry07 for kali-yuga06 (1848)

November 30, 2013
-Traded Dev my g-1214 and pai-pai12 for bushido08 and orange14 (1847)
-Traded Thao my horatio03, osuwari15, and shinsou14 for jojo04, nyoro06, and toran03 (1845)
-Traded Abby my positive05, blame17, and calm12 for killerbee08/09 and shishi-oh17 (1842)
-Traded Mei my prelati19 for bentenmaru13 (1839)

November 29, 2013
-Traded Laurant my okaro19, penetration04, and bell09/10 for greedy16, leeks10, makai15, and safety15 (1838)
-Traded Diana my creator05 for iaidou14 (1834)
-Traded January my clarines16 and bearanima07 for elegies08 and preventer06 (1833)
-Traded Moe my leanbox14, alleluia15, rhythmic20, and yami-nabe07 for aristocratic05, counselor06, iaidou09, and maester17 (1831)
-Traded Harukami my ousaka03, blademaster05/13, and jabot14 for cosmos05, paprika07, personality19, and shouryuuken02 (1827)
-Traded Anrui my assistant05, rouge14, queen06, and meister04/07 for bushido16, esper06, mars08, okonomiyaki16, and sun13 (1823)
-Traded Becca (T) my hopeless05, witchhunter05, bodyguard19, and cybernetic20 for converted14, kindness11, kouhai06, and melodrama19 (1818)
-Traded Johanna my sunflower05 and sports19 for converted01 and cynical02 (1814)
-Traded Lily my fantasia03 for nyoro08 (1812)
-Traded Kinks my actress16, brokenrose05, crush13, and wired18 for bushido19, dealer12, roseprince04, and tune02 (1811)
-Traded Rune my tsuruko02, collected03, freshgreen20, and achoo06/18 for colony18, directions16, fulfill06, ojamajo09, and streamlight18 (1807)

November 28, 2013
-Traded Dialny my clueless17, mineral15/16, and rollout14 for nyoro03, pameruku17, systems12, and halloween05 (1802)
-Traded Chris my actor01 for systems14 (1798)
-Traded Sammich my 20th08, dualwield05, musicboxes07, pinkpearl08, and peacekeeper03 for eyesight17, attendant09, beard07, gekko05, and paprika16 (1797)
-Traded Fel my demifiend17, okikurumi11, and warlord03 for aristocratic18, streamlight08, and toran12 (1792)
-Traded Nevada my ruby13, sweet10, isolated01, kimono04, and iaidou02 for fantail05, kouhai12, nitro05, spacepirate13, and theend16 (1789)

November 27, 2013
-Traded Octa my nanamin20, playwright12, parasite13, and impatient18 for qipao01, theend02, elegies04, and peacekeeper03 (1784)
-Traded Li my hatchin04 for morning17 (1780)
-Traded Kim my cradle14 and dependable12 for angra15 and beard12 (1779)
-Traded Naoto my orpheus06, meatbun12, eleven06, and osuwari09 for cosmos19, inferior05, makai11, and spearhead01 (1777)
-Traded Lauren my mind12, anchor19, and maru05/13 for jojo16, shouryuuken08, spearhead15, and ultima04 (1773)
-Traded Jen my sonati15, droopy18, popular09, and denmark07 for fulfill10, roseprince10, sogeking18, and toran09 (1769)
-Traded Saya my owner07 for guts01 (1765)
-Traded Kaia my knightmare18, marriage15, and pms05 for dealer20, eggs17, and killerbee15 (1764)
-Traded Hijiri my calligraphy07 for kicking14 (1761)
-Traded Naru my daisy08, allsunday07, and foxes02 for snail09, systems03, and timeslip10 (1760)

November 26, 2013
-Traded Ruriair my model04 and jewel16 for judecca16 and umibozu18 (1757)
-Traded Bao my blackknight18, cage17, cameraman09, clerk20, complex01, dolls15, faithful01, harmonica14, hawkeye10, leo19, passion11, saru20, and deities17 for greedy03, judecca17, killerbee05, kindness01, makai04/13/18, mansion17, p-chan07, plumber10, uncute07, catsndogs16, and halloween01 (1755)
-Traded Len my purpose13 for inferior13 (1742)
-Traded Shar my entertainer16 and france08 for apprentice19 and beli20 (1741)
-Traded Anna my sailorfuku15 for converted02 (1739)
-Traded Lihanortti my hre17 for saikoku09 (1738)
-Traded Sachi my sea11 for okonomiyaki06 (1737)
-Traded Kelsey my skydragon10, regulus20, deer08/17, and cursedseal04 for eggs14, gekko02, morning15, makai06, and safety01 (1736)
-Traded Netbug my nature16 for systems10 (1731)

November 25, 2013
-Traded True Blue Spark my paranormal03, medicans04, shinmeiryuu20, and corporal07 for cleaver06/08, panda05, and stapler16 (1730)
-Traded Lepidopteran my darkfusion13 and lilac07 for classy10 and directions14 (1726)

November 22, 2013
-Traded AL my 3moles15 for seminar19 (1724)
-Traded Netbug my serious10 for ripple14 (1723)
-Traded Kristi my kunlun19 and zangetsu17 for salaryman01/08 (1722)

November 21, 2013
-Traded Melissa my klutz10, playboy16, presidente13, and urn10 for epyon06, nirvash02, pluses10, and preventer07 (1720)
-Traded Kiri my blaster19 and observe18 for boots17 and odango16 (1716)

November 19, 2013
-Traded Nata my guilt08 and pity03 for eyesight09 and ultima19 (1714)

November 18, 2013
-Traded Joyce my redcomet16 for zessen18 (1712)

November 17, 2013
-Traded Lizzy my 2ndchild03, hatter11, waitress13, and sig_arianne for kicking20, performer02, points01, and sig_lizzy (1711)
-Traded Adina my iwant19 for p-chan18 (1707)
-Traded Sami my curemelody09/18 and kind07 for background18, queen03, and ossan11 (1706)
-Traded Silas my castle04 and anaru12 for armored11 and bakeneko04 (1703)
-Traded Mii my blueeyes05, colonel08, redeyed17, and thing01 for esper02, makai08, starhealer07, and umibozu19 (1701)

November 15, 2013
-Traded Dialny my escape13 and automail14 for zessen10 and versicolor04 (1697)

November 13, 2013
-Traded Christy my egoist07, negi15, and yggdrasil04 for beli08, umibozu16, and starfighter08 (1695)
-Traded Kim my impatience03, scarf15, domineering14, and tsundere14 for bakeneko19, broomstick20, effeminate13, and safety20 (1692)

November 12, 2013
-Traded Lepidopteran my relaxed09 and zippo02 for dealer10 and cynical10 (1688)

November 11, 2013
-Traded Ets my motorcycle02 and vermouth12 for colony14 and timeslip07 (1686)
-Traded Ari my scribe05 and stealing12 for armored03 and personality11 (1684)

November 10, 2013
-Traded Pam (E) my backlace06 and clow12 for melodrama17 and silhouettes15 (1682)
-Traded Mal my maou14 for odango18 (1680)
-Traded Aave my imperial10 for silhouettes18 (1679)

November 9, 2013
-Traded AL my curryudon01 and nyanperona01 for iaidou12 and orange08 (1678)
-Traded Harukami my devour02 and tengu12 for lightning09 and nyoro11 (1676)
-Traded Namika my canary14, peacock17, futon09, and siva08 for nitro09, points13, luna04, and attractive06 (1674)

November 8, 2013
-Traded Qu-ko my blackbird11 for aniue16 (1670)
-Traded Noxie my spiritmagic12 for ocean15 (1669)

November 6, 2013
-Traded January my imaginal15 and kusarigama20 for dealer06 and safety10 (1668)
-Traded AL my rhythm13 for orange18 (1666)

November 4, 2013
-Traded Delitan my godhand16, odinsword18, and proverbs04 for cold12, performer15, and points17 (1665)
-Traded Noxie my exsphere06 and bravior08 for nitro18 and systems11 (1662)
-Traded Nayami my spiderqueen02 for paprika13 (1660)
-Traded Len my heaven20 and tenseiga13 for umibozu04 and leeks13 (1659)
-Traded Astral my unicorn01/05/08/09/20 for cold07, crescent09, eyesight03, insecure19, and ultima11 (1657)
-Traded Rozen my ignition09 for streamlight09 (1652)
-Traded Tot my moonlight06 and namekian05 for dealer11 and points10 (1651)

November 3, 2013
-Traded Miles my caged19, yakuza16, and electrifying02 for boots14, saturn05, and shishi-oh02 (1649)
-Traded Katie my lowborn13, hanafuda01, prince06, heights07/08, ikazuchi13/20, and worst03 for melodrama09, p-chan11, paprika14, roseprince03/14, saikoku18, scientific10, and starmaker03 (1646)
-Traded Aly my cyborg07 for devotion20 (1638)
-Traded Alex my raildex18 and surgeon18 for colony10 and counselor01 (1637)
-Traded Lepidopteran my mononoke11/18 for nitro10 and ocean04 (1635)

November 2, 2013
-Traded Nayami my dead10 for beli01 (1633)
-Traded Ouji my gaebolg03, insomnia17, piercings04, temple01, and whiterabbit09 for bentenmaru01, fulfill04, makai14, nyoro02, and roseprince16 (1632)
-Traded Stareyes my badda-boom17, sincerity07, changshan07, klarerwind09, and manikatti07 for boy-crazy10, converted13, performer07, plumber15, and starfighter01 (1627)

November 1, 2013
-Traded Ten my goodcop05 for shishi-oh11 (1622)
-Traded Awe my brother09/18 and heropon01 for kunlun19, lightning02, and makai07 (1621)
-Traded Anrui my eternity19 and bored04/12 for epyon10, ojamajo04, and paprika18 (1618)
-Traded Lizzy my galaxy17 and rouge19 for kali-yuga15 and nirvash10 (1615)
-Traded ReneeTwist my baldy20 and howl18 for directions12 and iaidou19 (1613)

October 31, 2013
-Traded Yun my hiwa04 for scientific03 (1611)
-Traded January my gastark09, imaginal19, manipulative18, and strategies14 for orange11, amita08, killerbee17, and makai01 (1610)
-Traded Moe my galax06 for beli09 (1606)
-Traded Ari my selfish15 for marimo11 (1605)
-Traded Sammich my dyaus05, warlord03, infinity01, and variable13 for shouryuuken10, angra04, ocean11, and maester05 (1604)
-Traded Mal my papillon07 for scientific18 (1600)
-Traded Kiss my well01, outlook04, mirakurun20, icy18, fantasy15, and checkmate10 for background12, ocean18, hadouken13, erhu03/15, and armored17 (1599)
-Traded Melissa my soulunion08, candy13, oldlion01, and tokunaga12 for eyesight14, gekko03, killerbee16, and repeat11 (1593)
-Traded January my batanima07 for orange13 (1589)
-Traded Harukami my obstinate15 for streamlight15 (1588)

October 30, 2013
-Traded Kristi my 1stlt03, autozam13, brain10, bushido15, cavalry09, dawn15, dictator16, eternal19, farseer05, hyperion17, kaleidostar18, lionheart15, lunatic03/10, mako19, nataku16, oceanwave11, octava09, onion10, pillar13, private06/11, pulse16, rainfell08, ratsbane20, reins02, ruin07, starmaker04, uncouth19/20, and venus13 for aimless18, allsunday07, calm12, canary14, cipher20, converted20, cryokinesis14, earnest02, faithful01, fantasy15, galaxy17, gemini03/10, illegitimate08, interested20, janina15, kiseru07, kouhai11, lacytanga16, leap02, lowborn13, lunar17, minchi15, observe18, phobia07, regain01, scribe05, shinmeiryuu20, siva06, sky11, and unicorn09 (1587)

October 29, 2013
-Traded Lihanortti my hoihoi18 for colony17 (1556)

October 28, 2013
-Traded Octa my knives20 and question15 for counselor05 and effeminate20 (1555)

October 24, 2013
-Traded Makoto my magnet18 and pyroqueen05 for forest20 and sogeking06 (1553)

October 23, 2013
-Traded January my imaginal16 for attendant05 (1551)

October 22, 2013
-Traded Aletha my kirakira12 for beard06 (1550)

October 19, 2013
-Traded January my imaginal01 for zessen08 (1549)

October 18, 2013
-Traded AL my nyanperona06 for iaidou13 (1548)
-Traded Octa my umeboshi12 and shogi18 for eggs06 and kicking13 (1547)
-Traded Anna my fulcrum20 and backlace01 for morning13 and warfare18 (1545)
-Traded Kim my astronomy12, talented18, and sig_arianne for kouhai09, mace16, and sig_kim (1543)

October 14, 2013
-Traded Lita my babied06, breath04, cage09, and revenant18 for iaidou20, crescent19, cynical13, and kouhai16 (1540)
-Traded Lepidopteran my blastia16 and bluemoon20 for safety11 and effeminate14 (1536)
-Traded Qu-ko my reporter15 for greedy11 (1534)

October 13, 2013
-Traded Leena my owl01/20 and dogtags10 for kindness13, nyoro10, and saikoku02 (1533)
-Traded Noxie my gambler17, literary17, optimistic03, and voice11 for wingzero10, autozam13, fighter14, and valentines02 (1530)

October 8, 2013
-Traded Lily my seasalt08 for mars13 (1526)
-Traded Qu-ko my ivrogne17 for timeslip05 (1525)

October 6, 2013
-Traded Moth my beaker07 for inferior07 (1524)

October 5, 2013
-Traded Lepidopteran my curious11 for quadra05 (1523)

October 4, 2013
-Traded Kiss my yellow02 for mourning18 (1522)
-Traded AL my scan15 for angra07 (1521)

October 3, 2013
-Traded Diana my robin19 and mizar09 for saikoku04 and odinsword18 (1520)
-Traded Dialny my bread02/05, cascade16, phantom08, and xrosheart07 for converted07, zessen10, restaurant03, armored05, and queen01 (1518)

October 2, 2013
-Traded Harukami my slacker08/20, tengu02, and mizuchi16 for babylon01, ruin07, private06, and bushido15 (1513)
-Traded Kaia my foxhound15 and lion03/11 for eyesight07, jupiter18, and seminar03 (1509)
-Traded Berri my breaker10, kaiser15, and caliber05 for makai03, panda07, and timeslip09 (1506)
-Traded Netbug my sealand06, digimon07, and sig_arianne for restaurant02, runesage11, and sig_netbug (1503)

October 1, 2013
-Traded Dove my neptune09, blastia13, horseback20, lieutenant07, spacepirate10, and 20faces19 for angra13, erhu18, safety06, snail08, systems07, and timeslip02 (1500)
-Traded Riidaa my tianzi20 for neshitteru14 (1494)
-Traded Fel my machinegun17, zelda11, and yosuga19 for albhed05, cynical01, and kindness07 (1493)
-Traded Thao my breast03 and illusions05 for dealer05 and paprika15 (1490)
-Traded Caitie my one07, curry12, feathers02, and observe20 for cosmos16, inferior12, scientific01, and zessen06 (1488)

September 30, 2013
-Traded Kiss my soccer13/14, starmiya19, and y-ko02 for eyesight19, kindness03, mace19, and uranus07 (1484)
-Traded Charlotte my emotions18 for restaurant18 (1480)
-Traded Ivory and Horn my beauty01, mononoke15, myths19, priest11, rock20, and scythe20 for armored01, pluto01, scientific11, shishi-oh01/08, and starhealer05 (1479)
-Traded Ceesoo my baseball18 for timeslip14 (1473)
-Traded Mii my confrontal14 and tempest12 for counselor19 and snail13 (1472)
-Traded Naoto my council06, revenge19, and hero12 for debt17 and snail07/11 (1470)

September 29, 2013
-Traded Laurant my cartology01, feral15, meruru03, and totori04 for farseer05, gaebolg03, tsuruko02, and uncouth20 (1467)
-Traded Sami my zagan19 for beli17 (1463)
-Traded Lily my fairytales02 for zessen13 (1462)
-Traded Lauren my geisha03 for aristocratic14 (1461)
-Traded January my taichou07 for tune03 (1460)
-Traded Christy my seventh10 for kali-yuga19 (1459)
-Traded Anna my beretta19 for mace06 (1458)
-Traded Ankari my shine01 for amita01 (1457)
-Traded Harukami my akuma15 for mace08 (1456)
-Traded Moe my irises19 for apprentice07 (1455)
-Traded Sammich my kekkai08, survive12, and boisterous16 for epyon16/19 and wutai05 (1454)

September 28, 2013
-Traded Lepidopteran my zexen14 for cats12 (1451)
-Traded Octa my oath04 for playbirdie14 (1450)

September 24, 2013
-Traded Ten my busted15, pipe17, saru17, chef17, and samekh04 for systems13, moe01, ojamajo11, colony11, and scientific08 (1449)
-Traded Octa my maid13 for mace01 (1444)
-Traded Michelle my meganekko09, pulse07, sexta05, and zangetsu05 for coffee11/17/18 and saturn08 (1443)
-Traded Pam (E) my witch08 for machinegun17 (1439)
-Traded Christy my form08 and temple06 for debt20 and directions20 (1438)
-Traded Sammich my weasel08 for personality10 (1436)

September 23, 2013
-Traded Noxie my headmaster04, programmer13, realist11, straw13, and voice13 for boots04, general15, nyoro14/17, and raccoon10 (1435)
-Traded Styx my caduceus07 for kindness05 (1430)
-Traded Delitan my godknows04, godhand17, snowfield19, blizzard19, beats05, and surfing11 for angra18, colony20, converted17, iaidou15, pameruku02, and warfare12 (1429)

September 22, 2013
-Traded January my bishoujo12 for eyesight16 (1423)
-Traded Dev my fierce07/14 for classy03 and shishi-oh09 (1422)

September 21, 2013
-Traded Moe my gergo02 and obliged01 for bentenmaru05/14 (1420)
-Traded Kristobal my king08 for timeslip19 (1418)
-Traded Netbug my america06 for tomboyish13 (1417)

September 19, 2013
-Traded Trias my nameless10 and nonexistent08 for debt19 and kindness12 (1416)

September 18, 2013
-Traded Harukami my shark10 for converted18 (1414)
-Traded Necro my quadra02 for halloween19 (1413)

September 16, 2013
-Traded Mazoku my madamered14 for dealer09 (1412)
-Traded Sami my carmine19 and scythe07 for curerouge12 and redcomet16 (1411)

September 15, 2013
-Traded Gargant my riddles20 for effeminate04 (1409)
-Traded Lycoris my muchourin06 for angra05 (1408)
-Traded Trias my perfect09 for ossan15 (1407)

September 14, 2013
-Traded Mei my cutegirls13 for beard02 (1406)

September 12, 2013
-Traded Stareyes my friendship19 and kaze05/06 for counselor17, eternal04, and neptune05 (1405)

September 6, 2013
-Traded Riidaa my tears05 for pameruku16 (1402)

September 2, 2013
-Traded Trias my conclusions10, misfortune13, and question01 for amita16, kouhai19, and starfighter07 (1401)

August 29, 2013
-Traded Awe my visualizer05/16 for kindness17 and ousaka03 (1398)

August 27, 2013
-Traded Melissa my fishing04 and golem20 for insecure20 and wutai13 (1396)

August 25, 2013
-Traded Aave my butterfly11 for queen18 (1394)
-Traded Harukami my gatekeeper18 for bond07 (1393)

August 24, 2013
-Traded Berri my breaker05 for hadouken04 (1392)
-Traded Anais my railgun11 for killerbee18 (1391)
-Traded Silas my blastia15 and tsuruko10 for p-chan13 and paprika03 (1390)
-Traded Kiss my meganekko08 and zauber11 for gambling10 and judecca04 (1388)
-Traded Li my lipstick03 for morning18 (1386)

August 23, 2013
-Traded Noel my needles12 for reins02 (1385)
-Traded Ten my exceed15 and ostia08 for jojo10 and timeslip15 (1384)
-Traded Pam (E) my tristan08 for venus13 (1382)
-Traded Qu-ko my gynoid06 for restaurant10 (1381)

August 22, 2013
-Traded Chikky my eggs19 for marimo12 (1380)

August 21, 2013
-Traded Melissa my gasmask19 for stapler03 (1379)

August 20, 2013
-Traded Dialny my left02, prodigy14, rival19, nanodesu12, and eyepatches17 for kali-yuga13, fulfill01, queen09, internet09, and unicorn11 (1378)

August 18, 2013
-Traded Harukami my gestalt01, lotus08, and bride07 for shishi-oh20, cybernetic20, and hadouken20 (1373)
-Traded Lepidopteran my defeated14 for beli14 (1370)

August 15, 2013
-Traded Aletha my schwert03 and unique18 for dealer02 and hadouken03 (1369)

August 13, 2013
-Traded Blue my slave01 for ossan05 (1367)

August 12, 2013
-Traded AL my bored18 for nyoro01 (1366)

August 10, 2013
-Traded Harukami my ashikabi20 for jupiter14 (1365)
-Traded Lizzy my zagan16 for 1 red crayon (1364)
-Traded Nayami my firebrand12 for chibimoon19 (1363)
-Traded Sammich my aimless10 for 7thheaven16 (1362)
-Traded Oni my bubbly09 for restaurant17 (1361)

August 7, 2013
-Traded Nayami my nekotalia06 for plumber19 (1360)
-Traded Eri my batanima15 for myths20 (1359)

August 6, 2013
-Traded Naociak my psybeam17, daru03, ember13, gambling03, government10, nonary08, and razorleaf14 for stapler02/19, performer12, starhealer02, warfare04, colony01, and ero-cook15 (1358)

August 5, 2013
-Traded Duo my duality09 for umibozu11 (1351)
-Traded Adeline my jellyfish14 for naive01 (1350)
-Traded Silas my castle17 for starmiya19 (1349)

August 4, 2013
-Traded Aave my neshitteru05 for wutai15 (1348)
-Traded Fumika my clueless04 for attendant04 (1347)
-Traded Ankari my blame19 for general09 (1346)
-Traded Lily my musket05 for uranus11 (1345)

August 3, 2013
-Traded Moon my bellflower04 and birthplace19 for emperor10/18 (1344)
-Traded Aru my saiyawoman03, grandkid03, and transform06 for heavyarms05, saillune15, and shakugan11 (1342)

August 2, 2013
-Traded Tot my maou04/16 for marimo03 and moe04 (1339)
-Traded Michi my bigpuppy03, editor16, and violence08 for curemelody09, mako19, and scorching07 (1337)
-Traded Lycoris my bolverk03/20 for classy12 and omega06 (1334)
-Traded Jane my oranges01, robots10, and tri-edge06 for effeminate10, eight11, and general01 (1332)
-Traded Duo my ignition07/17/19 for blackmage16, shouryuuken11, and ultima10 (1329)
-Traded Makoto my ogredemon13 and eyepatches10/20 for airhead04, data04, and jellyfish03 (1326)
-Traded Ruriair my judgment01, jealous07, ninja04/18, and uu10 for cleaver16, cold16, cynical17, kouhai20, and points11 (1323)

August 1, 2013
-Traded Abby my moderator15 for ocean16 (1318)
-Traded Shuri my kiyohime07 and amiable13 for classy18 and seminar10 (1317)
-Traded Naru my catcher05/08 for insecure10 and osaka17 (1315)
-Traded Aave my legend20 and marionette15 for guts14 and insecure12 (1313)
-Traded Fumika my tattoo14 for beli10 (1311)
-Traded Katy my balut19 for scan15 (1310)
-Traded Ayla my cake15 for classy13 (1309)
-Traded Stareyes my thieves01 for seminar15 (1308)
-Traded Miles my goldenring02 for 1 yellow crayon (1307)
-Traded Ankari my capoeira11 for silhouettes19 (1306)
-Traded Milk my ko03 for iaidou04 (1305)
-Traded Namika my kaminomimi07 and cello15 for directions10 and 1 yellow crayon (1304)
-Traded Sammich my megaten19 and kasshin20 for kicking10 and queen17 (1302)
-Traded Qu-ko my icy20 for eggs02 (1300)

July 31, 2013
-Traded Kaia my magatama04 for jupiter07 (1299)
-Traded Vincent my chaos05/12 for amita05/07 (1298)
-Traded Delitan my deadpan03 for beli05 (1296)
-Traded Berri my chiefmaid10 for reins20 (1295)
-Traded Ets my demonchild07 for blue12 (1294)
-Traded Jex my feathers12 for directions04 (1293)
-Traded Dove my littlekitty05 for amita02 (1292)

July 30, 2013
-Traded Thao my primo13 for warfare17 (1291)
-Traded Sarie my sukonbu16 and sadist15 for beard01 and marimo13 (1290)
-Traded Charlotte my 10join19, border02, and dunksmash09 for kicking04 and kindness10/14 (1288)
-Traded Debs my berserker12 and blossom18 for empress16 and kindness02 (1285)
-Traded Manda my idol09 and mini14/20 for ero-cook05, general12, and killerbee10 (1283)
-Traded Bao my hatter14 for jellyfish15 (1280)
-Traded Drea my camera14 for chui04 (1279)
-Traded Wolf my otomen10 for performer18 (1278)

July 29, 2013
-Traded Gabe my bard14 and scout05 for gambling03 and mansion16 (1277)
-Traded Nayami my dum02 for pulse16 (1275)
-Traded Lepidopteran my billiards09 for winter18 (1274)
-Traded Milk my minus14 for general20 (1273)
-Traded Chikky my aqua03, 012/18, 66714, bicycle07, bleep04, broadway11, cavalry07, chainsaw09, chozo07, clowndrop17, dawn08, fanboy17, fork09, gunblade16, heiress16, lazy03, minami11, nii-nii17, oracle20, peach12, and rash19 for boots13, cats02, chui08, cynical09, directions01/07/09/13/15, eternal09/11, erhu01, iaidou01, queen14, restaurant01, shakugan01, snail02, sogeking04/19, theend13, timeslip01, and warfare09 (1272)
-Traded Heather my 3rdchild01 for personality17 (1250)
-Traded Howl my crossdress12 for kali-yuga17 (1249)
-Traded Dialny my hoihoi10 for cynical19 (1248)
-Traded Michelle my solar09 and reluctant03 for armored20 and uranus04 (1247)
-Traded Fel my worms11 and over900009 for enjoy10 and iaidou08 (1245)

July 28, 2013
-Traded Emma my effortless20, firetruck14, literary16, lost15, netherworld04, and wrestler12 for cold04, epyon01, odango02, osaka16, repeat17, and sogeking20 (1243)
-Traded Ets my proud10 for classy07 (1237)
-Traded Leena my america16 and mist10 for eight07 and erhu05 (1236)
-Traded Styx my disarm02 and police06 for bakeneko15 and chibimoon06 (1234)
-Traded Ayla my baseball01/18, grapes14, intuition02, celestial08, and trinisette17 for inferior04, insecure01, kindness16/20, starhealer01, and zessen11 (1232)
-Traded Lizzy my tabris16 for amita12 (1226)
-Traded Nea my hydrangea02/06 for beard19 and seminar12 (1225)
-Traded Ankari my clowndrop19 for zessen12 (1223)
-Traded Fumika my obliged15 for kindness19 (1222)
-Traded Melissa my hymn13 for jojo08 (1221)
-Traded Trias my amarcian15 for nitro02 (1220)
-Traded Chizu my minus02 for warfare15 (1219)
-Traded Nea my rookie15 for kali-yuga01 (1218)
-Traded ReneeTwist my sensible20 for coffee08 (1217)
-Traded Ten my flameking12 for spacepirate10 (1216)
-Traded Diana my screams15 for epyon14 (1215)

July 27, 2013
-Traded Miles my sadistic03 and 098806 for daru03 and qipao14 (1214)
-Traded Muri my 2-307 for beard13 (1212)

July 23, 2013
-Donated abh20, abusive06, acrophobia16, afro01, aimo07, badminton01, bearcat08, bleep04, blossom14, cake05, curry07, cybermedic14, extreme20, gatekeeper17, heybo03, inside17, moderator18, money15, monocle07, nameless19, pageant18, phazon08, ramble07, sexta01, shark02, snowboard17, stalker10, storm17, taijutsu17, and zwei18 to Kindness Terrorism Act (1211)

July 22, 2013
-Traded Jane my zombie20 for counselor16 (1181)
-Traded Beth my janina16, misandry13, sigmund14, and wired05/07 for airhead13, channel09, government10, odango06, and p-chan20 (1180)
-Traded Ceesoo my comrades10 for saturn16 (1175)

July 21, 2013
-Traded Ankari my runner11 for preventer19 (1174)

July 20, 2013
-Traded Ankari my runner08 for directions17 (1173)
-Traded Aaron my gretel02 and vocalist11 for pluto11 and lionheart15 (1172)

July 18, 2013
-Traded Tessa my brush14 for jupiter20 (1170)

July 17, 2013
-Traded Delitan my bench09 and earth11 for osaka08 and restaurant13 (1169)

July 16, 2013
-Traded Alma my funeral20 for bakeneko07 (1167)

July 15, 2013
-Traded Melissa my punishment02 and scorpio08 for jojo17 and preventer18 (1166)
-Traded Fumika my clueless10 and eccentric15/16 for ojamajo14, omega07, and timeslip11 (1164)

July 14, 2013
-Traded Junny my driving04 and ostia20 for mentor13 and silhouettes13 (1161)
-Traded Ankari my hamha09 for starfighter05 (1159)
-Traded Sarie my mayonnaise01/03 for attendant08 and neptune10 (1158)
-Traded Mei my cutegirls19 for eggs16 (1156)

July 12, 2013
-Traded Naociak my swearing19/20 for systems17 and toran07 (1155)
-Traded Kati my catcher14 and third18 for debt09 and bicycle07 (1153)
-Traded AJ my impressions04 for debt15 (1151)

July 11, 2013
-Traded Nayami my wait04 and amusement09/19 for beard17, cosmos07, and toran10 (1150)
-Traded Nea my daisy20 and shugo08 for empress18 and paternal03 (1147)
-Traded Silas my zangetsu10 for seminar13 (1145)
-Traded Kristi my hogyoku07 for swearing19 (1144)

July 10, 2013
-Traded Chrissy my cherry17 for amita18 (1143)
-Traded Lily my tauburn03 for private11 (1142)

July 9, 2013
-Traded Aave my ditz16/17 and unlucky10 for 4-dpocket05, aniue13, and beard03 (1141)

July 8, 2013
-Traded Aletha my save03/16 and virtual08 for beli16, cynical15, and neshitteru19 (1138)

July 7, 2013
-Traded Melissa my amnesia04/12 for timeslip16 and changshan07 (1135)
-Traded Stareyes my taforashia15, hikari06, kendo20, and fireball15 for ero-cook01, insecure17, marimo18, and safety18 (1133)
-Traded Eri my curesunny05, earring07, heartbreak06, homunculus15/18, and snowboard05 for burgers15, data02, emperor04, kali-yuga11, moe09, and snail05 (1129)

July 6, 2013
-Traded Celi my unwritten08 for nitro07 (1123)
-Traded Shannon (2) my cantonese06 and cabbage05 for cavalry09 and misandry13 (1122)
-Traded Jane my draculina18, generation13, and secondlife13 for aniue15, jojo18, and orange20 (1120)

July 4, 2013
-Traded Lauren my waitress03 for amita15 (1117)

July 2, 2013
-Traded Lily my musket08 and wayward08 for preventer11 and hamha09 (1116)
-Traded Allmia my nightshade05, tackle10, and watergun19 for starhealer16, trinisette17, and world20 (1114)
-Traded Nayami my knave17 for pluses08 (1111)
-Traded Ankari my tanabata05 and shy14 for orange03 and playbirdie13 (1110)
-Traded Wing my gangleader12 and ariadoney05 for chui10 and toran18 (1108)

July 1, 2013
-Traded Ankari my spider03 for eternal08 (1106)
-Traded ReneeTwist my loveme16 for cold18 (1105)
-Traded True Blue Spark my flare06 for inferior01 (1104)

June 30, 2013
-Traded Lili my abuse03, adam17, awkward02, fairy05/08, innkeeper12/13, optimist20, and ribika04 for kicking09, mars15/17/18, oceanwave13, ojamajo03, saillune14, shishi-oh04, and uncute06 (1103)

June 29, 2013
-Traded Nayami my mortician16 for sun10 (1094)

June 28, 2013
-Traded Nayami my demon12 for secret12 (1093)
-Traded Ouji my glory08 for attendant01 (1092)
-Traded Aaron my wayward09 for marimo09 (1091)
-Traded Lazuli my sickly11 for minuses19 (1090)
-Traded Tokiya my junkshop01 for spacepirate01 (1089)
-Traded Bao my agna14, cancer05/19, heroine16, and oldest06 for cleaver14, cosmos09, counselor10, pluto13, and repeat18 (1088)
-Traded Lex my basketballs01, apathetic19, and wildlife10 for albhed04, enjoy12, and paternal05 (1083)
-Traded RaiYei my alias11, illness05, and lotus17 for pameruku19, secret14, and toran20 (1080)
-Traded Netbug my curebeauty04, firefist10, hakuryou15, and shakushi14 for effeminate15, emperor05, kicking07, and performer08 (1077)

June 27, 2013
-Traded Vincent my 1stchild19, foul13, oblivious18, and wingzero18 for mercury02/14/20 and restaurant08 (1073)
-Traded Ori my emotions05, johto12, and zephyr18 for apprentice11, minuses16, and points06 (1069)
-Traded Francy my persocom05/16 for innkeeper12 and sultry16 (1066)
-Traded Nea my ramen14 and ragnarok04 for angra02 and iaidou11 (1064)

June 26, 2013
-Traded Lepidopteran my curious17 and cyber08 for feathers12 and phoenix12 (1062)
-Traded Miles my vodka01 for osaka02 (1060)
-Traded Adeline my manikatti18 for cold08 (1059)
-Traded Ceesoo my kiseru11 for classy09 (1058)
-Traded Anna my crane14 and vengeance02 for classy06 and shishi-oh14 (1057)
-Traded Charlotte my evolver18, exchanger12, singer13, sunshine13, and bungee06 for 7thheaven08, jojo01, melodrama18, windom15, and zessen14 (1055)

June 25, 2013
-Traded Heather my judgment10 for snail04 (1050)
-Traded Raven my appearance06 and believe07 for 4-dpocket01 and airhead06 (1049)

June 24, 2013
-Traded Ruriair my softball08/18 for boots12 and jupiter17 (1047)
-Traded Ayla my illusions02 for orange02 (1045)
-Traded Ouji my knights01/06 for attendant18 and erhu02 (1044)
-Traded Kiss my tanuki04/19 for sen19 and seventeen15 (1042)
-Traded Mavis my okama17, avenge18, nindou05, and optimistic10 for emperor03/15, snail10, and windom11 (1040)
-Traded Lita my icefairy11, flask03, gardener19, prediction14, stalker12, and vector02 for emperor14, morning10, noble13, ojamajo01, osaka03, and snail15 (1036)
-Traded Lycoris my birthmark08, witch08, and aikido12 for airhead14, seminar07, and angra08 (1030)
-Traded Kat my mute01 for maester14 (1027)

June 23, 2013
-Traded Mei my smitten14 for p-chan19 (1026)
-Traded Aletha my blend17, composing15, and senbon11 for cats07 and restaurant19/20 (1025)
-Traded Lily my four09 for stapler12 (1022)
-Traded Kristi my maiden17, rosary02, supporter05/16/19, joajna09/10/12, and precise07 for beard15, cynical14, directions11/19, emperor02, erhu07, marimo04, nitro04, and raccoon11 (1021)
-Traded AJ my sadistic10 for orange04 (1012)
-Traded Stareyes my abh08 for amita10 (1011)
-Traded Allmia my form16 and nun13 for pal01 and shakugan02 (1010)
-Traded Dove my astraphobia13, glasses06, manba15, parfait14, r-traps16, resentment09, tiger20, and wish03 for chibimoon12, neptune01/18, saillune05, sandrock19, sen13, seventeen09, and windom18 (1008)
-Traded Trias my junes18 for systems18 (1000)
-Traded Celi my positive19 for systems15 (999)

June 22, 2013
-Traded Floor my selece19 and perception11 for ojamajo17 and emperor06 (998)

June 20, 2013
-Traded Lycoris my blackrose08 and amnesiac16 for catsndogs02 and boy-crazy14 (996)

June 19, 2013
-Traded Nayami my obsession04 for uranus20 (994)
-Traded Ankari my dattebayo10 for reckless10 (993)

June 17, 2013
-Traded Aaron my unwavering12 for pal03 (992)

June 15, 2013
-Traded Nayami my knave01, stigma14, and freeze10 for newyears01, firefly19, and relaxed09 (991)

May 23, 2013
-Traded Jane my aptx486917 and ghost11 for 7thheaven02 and aniue01 (988)
-Traded Netbug my admiral14 for pameruku10 (986)

April 22, 2013
-Traded Netbug my allsunday02 for marimo15 (985)
-Traded Gargant my bk-20106, caelin20, heian09, obstinate09, and shattered01 for airhead03, boots07, emperor11, nirvash18, and osaka11 (984)

March 5, 2013
-Traded Fel my anima16 and ptrd-4112 for cosmos10 and kali-yuga02 (979)

January 26, 2013
-Traded Gargant my gene12 for across16 (977)

January 22, 2013
-Traded Naociak my avarice12, doctor04, drugs06, dullahan10, gsleague10, isshu17, keyblade04, library10, math12, memorized02, and shinsou03 for apprentice20, counselor11, emperor13, eternal14, paternal17, roseprince01, silhouettes16, snail01, sogeking10, theend04, and uranus09 (976)

January 21, 2013
-Traded Fel my glass13, imperial13, disaster09, and lionheart16 for boots06, empress02, epyon03, and ojamajo19 (965)

January 20, 2013
-Traded Meru my chartreux11 for data12 (962)
-Traded Ka-chan my anty19, artist18, bugle08, driver01, logic19, ninja02, and stealth03 for airhead20, aniue07, emperor12/20, erhu08, jupiter16, and morning11 (961)

January 8, 2013
-Traded Bao my skydragon09 for boots03 (954)

January 1, 2013
-Traded Aletha my defense08 for sultry19 (953)

December 16, 2012
-Traded Ashley my pentagram04, principal16, and taciturn17 for guts07, jupiter09, and neptune13 (952)

December 4, 2012
-Traded Kristi my earthshaker11/17, library13, and swords18 for airhead15, attendant14, eggs19, and countdown01 (949)

November 30, 2012
-Traded Aru my bandit05, ditz12, matriarch03, ufo18, and socute08 for albhed10, deathscythe16, eight10, paopufruit05, and shakugan04 (945)

November 28, 2012
-Traded Rachel my pitcher03, royalty18, and aresweis15 for eternal20, performer06, and uncute09 (940)

November 27, 2012
-Traded Chuu my dattebane06, futon17, and inventions17 for moon04, omega08, and pal18 (937)
-Traded Ouji my faithful06 for scar04 (934)

November 25, 2012
-Traded Moon my patissier18, second15, bloodelf12, bon02, ecstasy05, hoihoi05, kaze05, mature14, rhythm03, turkey02, ukraine03, and understand03 for deathscythe12, debt08, empress07, mercury09, nataku12, ojamajo02, osaka14, pal16, roseprince08, sen01, seventeen06, and streamlight12 (933)
-Traded Grey my burgers13, joajna03, ramble10/17, and xiv07 for bushido06, counselor18, eight02/17, and oceanwave02 (921)
-Traded Bao my caliber13 and excluded18 for counselor12 and uranus05 (916)
-Traded Auste my knight04, mentor10, and objection17 for armored16, esper19, and sogeking17 (914)

November 24, 2012
-Traded Fel my elite14 and wolf12 for eight08 and maru09 (911)

November 16, 2012
-Traded Netbug my whaleshark18 for nyoro09 (909)

November 13, 2012
-Traded Nuge my 3rdchild15, choker07, jump12, junes14/18, libra07, magical11, rouge06, selfless20, soccer03/20, suzaku04, whitemage18, wish15, and yondaime06 for aristocratic07, bakeneko08, capsule09/19, melodrama12/15, nitro19, performer10, personality08/14, qipao17/18, sandrock12, and wutai06/11 (908)

November 11, 2012
-Traded Fel my varna16 for chibimoon17 (893)
-Traded Jun my delinquent15 for secret09 (892)

November 8, 2012
-Traded Bao my breaker20 for ultima07 (891)

November 7, 2012
-Traded Chianna my kid06 for shakugan14 (890)

October 26, 2012
-Traded Noxie my assertive08, bleep16, cybele11, and motherly17 for boots15, debt05, nitro14, and p-chan17 (889)

October 12, 2012
-Traded Aletha my wealth07 for ojamajo06 (885)

October 5, 2012
-Traded Sarie my foxhound02/06 for snail18 and emperor17 (884)

September 29, 2012
-Traded Chianna my asset12, childish06, excluded19, eyes03, five06, forbidden06, gentle18, irritated05, kitten08, knightmare04, littledevil02, recruit07, rich02, underwear15/17, and yeast05 for forest08, futon17, gestalt18, honorific12, littlekitty05, maru20, neptune17, performer13, pluviose20, principal16, puberty02, sun09, taichou07, tri-edge06, whitemage18, and wutai10 (882)

September 25, 2012
-Traded Chuu my a-hall19, conclusions10, donuts16, earring01, maniac10, oolong01, ptrd-4116, taciturn05, and sailorfuku01 for 4-dpocket16, apprentice18, data08/09/14/20, debt03/16, and eight12 (866)
-Traded Skie my cellphone20 and stealth20 for silhouettes07 and crescent02 (857)

September 19, 2012
-Traded Kearin my cheri09, taijutsu19, minchi12, chu-hi04, justice13, penguin16, shy01, solidscript14, takeover03, and wish12/20 for pameruku03, bushido02, capsule19, drugs06, eternal19, library10/13, memorized02, mercury18, and p-chan10/16 (855)
-Traded Pi-Face my duck10 and valkyria03 for gestalt01 and seasalt02 (844)
-Traded Zags my reliability17 for mars05 (842)

September 16, 2012
-Traded Nuge my copying16, corpses03, dollie03, frigid09, helpful03, ishval14, justice15, lascivious15, lily07, marry13, mudabijin03, nice09, rare08, rascal15, roadroller13, sadako04, stowaway01, toyboat06, and wizard14 for 7thheaven09, bentenmaru10, epyon17, inferior18/19, maester04, nitro11, noble04, ojamajo18, paopufruit07, secret06/10, seminar04, sen10, sun06, wutai18, neshitteru10/18, and qipao20 (841)
-Traded Pi-Face my crimson05/15 for liberate10 and libra07 (822)

September 11, 2012
-Traded Aletha my british03 and unique12 for eight18 and shakugan05 (820)

August 26, 2012
-Traded Kuri my heaven04, room05, toon12, and ussocom09 for minuses02/05/10 and nataku07 (818)

August 23, 2012
-Traded Naociak my oracle01 for 4-dpocket04 (814)

August 21, 2012
-Traded Wing my aquarius17, henshin12, musket01, sew01, and uncle15/18 for 7thheaven05, kali-yuga14, maester20, moon08, personality20, and roseprince12 (813)

August 9, 2012
-Traded Kikai my brushgods15, gakuran15, mascots04, sensible05, twintails01/06, unlimited12, and yellow09 for aristocratic20, bentenmaru17, chibimoon15, data07, eight15, guts02, heavyarms19, and jupiter05 (807)
-Traded Zags my black17, maps20, superior11, and vino04 for ojamajo10, paternal02, roseprince15, and wingzero11 (799)

August 8, 2012
-Traded Chianna my dresses02 for pluses15 (795)

August 4, 2012
-Traded John my vengeance15 for wingzero20 (794)

August 2, 2012
-Traded Myde my knightmare05, shirogamon11, and tekou16 for empress08, guts17, and heavyarms12 (793)
-Traded Aletha my yakisoba09, composing05/18, dreams04, and soft13 for heavyarms18, jellyfish19, nataku20, and streamlight02/20 (790)

August 1, 2012
-Traded Noxie my maskedg10 for seventeen10 (785)
-Traded Aby my calnus12, chain15, curemelody10, flamboyant05, and iaigeri06 for albhed13, apprentice03, heavyarms03, paopufruit09, and starmaker17 (784)
-Traded Mara my horoscope11 for streamlight11 (779)
-Traded Nuge my alliance01, believe09, gunblade17, hamha19, and honorific05 for noble20, p-chan14, performer14, and uncute08/19 (778)

July 31, 2012
-Traded Miru my license05 and execute01 for mentor10 and moon06 (773)

July 29, 2012
-Traded Moon my billiards03 and youthful05 for saillune13 and mentor10 (771)

July 28, 2012
-Traded Elphie my allmate03, beli14, capture14, iceblue09, lenster19, one01, piccolo14, punishment13, ribika18, rockleone13, romaantiqua12, shamisen20, and yankee04 for 4-dpocket06, across19, data05, deathscythe09, debt07, eight03, melodrama14, oceanwave11, saturn09, seventeen04, starmaker12, uranus19, and ultima08 (769)

July 24, 2012
-Traded Remus my exceed16 and luck13 for paprika20 and scar18 (756)

July 17, 2012
-Traded Chikky my vigilante19 for apprentice05 (754)
-Traded Becca my timberowl19 and whiteknight05 for burgers03 and secret11 (753)
-Traded Chianna my deliver16 and eyelashes04 for queen19 and maru19 (751)

July 16, 2012
-Traded Wing my wisdom11, keyblade14, falchion08, and tea16 for forest03, neptune02, p-chan09, and starmaker04 (749)
-Traded Ari my gunsmoker05 for sen18 (745)
-Traded Syn my ayesir14, crush14, dance10, howl03, and jindujun12 for airhead18, boots20, maru12, paternal01, and roseprince05 (744)
-Traded Nuge my uriah11, reactions13, and puppet14 for saillune03/07/10 (739)
-Traded Eirin my overpower14 for aristocratic06 (736)

July 15, 2012
-Traded Chiisai my thornqueen13 for queen02 (735)

July 10, 2012
-Traded Noxie my 66712, furniture03/10, gergo12, reality07, roadroller05, and valkyria08 for chui03, kali-yuga04, ojamajo16, paprika06, qipao08, and roseprince07/17 (734)

June 30, 2012
-Traded Kikai my littlekitty02, rebel17, wizard02, and engaged18 for objection09, sultry04, moe16, and jellyfish14 (727)

June 16, 2012
-Traded Lazuli my mortician06/19 for noble02 and omega17 (723)

June 15, 2012
-Traded Rachel my cowbell19, forelock18, kiss16, pegasus06, pomegranate15, redrose07, and silent17 for 4-dpocket14, airhead01, empress03, objection17, uncute14, wingzero14, and neshitteru05 (721)

June 12, 2012
-Traded Aniki my cute10, drugs07, scorpio04, and line18 for data03, epyon09, mercury17, and noble19 (714)

June 11, 2012
-Traded Nerrin my bakushin15, eroge10, finalturn06, oldest18, and oni02 for pameruku20, data19, melodrama01/03, and objection10 (710)

June 10, 2012
-Traded Zags my avarice10, bicycle01, friendship01, green16, and leader12 for 4-dpocket09, apprentice17, eight14, objection02, and paternal20 (705)

June 9, 2012
-Traded Aru my namekian15, over900001, 1809, bomb07/20, acrophobia17, devon07, and ponta03 for paprika04, scar01/13, secret01/08, selece13, sen17, and tuxedo15 (700)
-Traded Tyro my flute17 and trumpet13 for airhead16 and performer03 (692)
-Traded Wing my presence12 for heavyarms09 (690)
-Traded Nomi my bluegrad10/13 and saga03 for airhead02, bride04, and streamlight19 (689)
-Traded Lita my gal03 and goodluck03 for melodrama04 and secret16 (686)
-Traded Eirin my blastia10 for 1stlt13 (684)
-Traded Aletha my broadway10 for pal13 (683)
-Traded Syn my overlord19 and rain20 for debt10 and catsndogs07 (682)
-Traded Noxie my pigeons07 for jellyfish14 (680)
-Traded Miru my worms06 for catsndogs01 (679)

June 7, 2012
-Traded Aletha my seiyuu17/19 for bentenmaru07 and chibimoon13 (678)
-Traded Lucathia my nagi04, america17, brother01/03, daisy07, strategy10, and valkyrie15 for chimera08, whirlwind03, bride06, moe17, seventeen20, jupiter01, and debt14 (676)

June 6, 2012
-Traded John my council20, pharaoh12, birthmark07, and pain10 for enjoy19, scar15, secret13, and shakugan18 (669)

June 5, 2012
-Traded Hitomi my fire08, blizzard13, and finland16 for burgers06/11 and rayearth05 (665)
-Traded Chuu my oranges08 and barriera05 for tuxedo10 and pudding09 (662)

June 4, 2012
-Traded Moon my bossun03 for tuxedo01 (660)

May 25, 2012
-Traded Eri my curepine06, hammer06/12, johto12/13, klutz12, maihime16, nishi09/16, nonary02, prince14, and twintails04 for data01, guts06, jellyfish18, mentor02, oceanwave08/16, pal20, pameruku01/05, scar14/16, and seminar08 (659)

May 24, 2012
-Traded Kuri my admiral17 for paopufruit20 (647)

May 23, 2012
-Traded Remus my points18 for 4-dpocket11 (646)

May 19, 2012
-Traded Moon my cheat20 for realian12 (645)

May 10, 2012
-Traded Nuge my banana15, break01, nirvash20, outdated03, paladin05, pisces04, rhythmic12, sympathy20, uncle10, and winter17 for across05, deathscythe01/10, foul19, guts15, jupiter11, pal17, pameruku06, and uncute05/11 (644)

May 7, 2012
-Traded Miru my housework10 for mentor07 (634)

May 6, 2012
-Traded Syn my cat04, eleventh14, and shinsou13 for secret07/15 and keyblade14 (633)

May 5, 2012
-Traded Elphie my attache08, barrels09, determined13, gaebolg19, ishval03, karaya06, maps02, nindou17, revenge16, and waterdrop16 for albhed02, alexandria13, aristocratic03, chibimoon04, jupiter08, mars10, mentor08, nataku08, paopufruit17, and ultima14 (630)

May 2, 2012
-Traded Nuge my anko12, folklore06, gravity09, and mischief18 for paopufruit04/14, tomboyish02, and uncute16 (620)

May 1, 2012
-Traded Nerrin my cybele16, elemental16, libra13, photographs16, and seiken04 for chimera18, mws12, omega14, paprika10, and seventeen05 (616)

April 30, 2012
-Traded Aniki my niceboat05 for paprika12 (611)

April 22, 2012
-Traded Nuge my barrels14, bloodshot10, caution05, chocolate16, claw08, dearbaby09, fuukan01, naught15, ngrecords14, pistol03, and scythes11 for bushido01, airhead07, eternal01, inferior14, nataku11, queen20, rayearth13, saillune04/08, and streamlight04/10 (610)

April 16, 2012
-Traded Remus my badges08 for deathscythe14 (599)
-Traded Myde my page12 for pluto12 (598)

April 12, 2012
-Traded Origami my charisma13, hell16, knave03, knives04, novice01/07/20, piercings14, and rubber12 for cutegirls13, un-sorcerer02, dawn08, emperor08, headband08, loveless08, millenium08, siva08, and suave08 (597)

April 10, 2012
-Traded Kearin my loveme15, king18, irondragon05, raven07, and solidscript16 for pameruku13, airhead17, paopufruit01/18, and uranus03 (588)
-Traded Remus my gasmask11 for dhampir14 (583)
-Traded Amanda my dna07 for epyon04 (582)

April 9, 2012
-Traded Milk my zombie10 for chibimoon03 (581)
-Traded Moogles my extreme02 and falchion08 for 7thheaven17 and oceanwave15 (580)
-Traded Aby my curebeat17 for obnoxious18 (578)

April 8, 2012
-Traded Elphie my bard05, daathic11, and denmark01 for cosmos08, seminar18, and sultry12 (577)
-Traded Destiny my blizzard10 for bride18 (574)

April 6, 2012
-Traded Dany my electricity16 for empress09 (573)
-Traded Kristi my india07 for tsundere05 (572)
-Traded Aru my burglar14 and mars13 for dhampir01 and otaku10 (571)
-Traded Myde my fate09 and oni13 for maru11 and osaka19 (569)
-Traded Wing my bravior16 and gunblade05/14 for dunceney04, realian19, and streamlight07 (567)

April 5, 2012
-Traded Nerrin my acrobat14 and slacker19 for aristocratic12 and paternal19 (564)
-Traded Sylwia my monta09 for moe02 (562)

April 4, 2012
-Traded Nuge my dunceney16, souleater07, stew13, uriah05, anchor13, halberd04/20, and major18 for inferior09, mars07, pameruku09, paternal13/14, saillune02, whirlwind11, and wingzero07 (561)

March 29, 2012
-Traded Remus my sign20 for chui18 (553)
-Traded Chikky my betreida18 for 4-dpocket07 (552)

March 21, 2012
-Traded KellieDee my dogs15, hyourinmaru08, protective14, and science01 for fireball19, mws10, paprika11, and selece12 (551)

March 17, 2012
-Traded Origami my gsleague09 and wakening04 for across11 and albhed15 (547)
-Traded Nerrin my shenhu05 for chibimoon01 (545)

March 11, 2012
-Traded Nerrin my tristan06 and belarus16 for paternal18 and mars20 (544)

March 9, 2012
-Traded Nuge my cureblack05, durandal16, hylia13, mute11, oracle20, romance16, shihouka09, steiner20, and witch10 for fireball13, kali-yuga03, mercury05, nataku19, rayearth11/19, realian13, streamlight13, and silhouettes01 (542)

March 6, 2012
-Traded Angela my wealthy16 for tsundere14 (533)

March 4, 2012
-Traded Nerrin my cruel18 for chui06 (532)

March 3, 2012
-Traded Naociak my flame14 for debt18 (531)

March 1, 2012
-Traded Miyako my artemis04 and bokken09 for dhampir02 and pal02 (530)

February 21, 2012
-Traded Nerrin my hell15 and switzerland13 for aristocratic08 and burgers13 (528)

February 20, 2012
-Traded Ka-chan my pal01/19 for otaku07 and paprika19 (526)

February 19, 2012
-Traded Aniki my sexta14 for dhampir16 (524)

February 16, 2012
-Traded Zags my gaedearg17, hanafuda01, stern20, and taser10 for burgers08/10/14 and maru05 (523)

February 14, 2012
-Traded Origami my elegance13 for bride08 (519)
-Traded Moon my editor11 for foul14 (518)

February 12, 2012
-Traded Moogles my extreme17 for albhed06 (517)

February 11, 2012
-Traded Jiyu my blackrose14 for india07 (516)
-Traded Nerrin my kita03, plunder11, and unlimited13 for 4-dpocket17, data16, and kitten08 (515)

February 8, 2012
-Traded Elphie my 1stlt16 for pal04 (512)

February 5, 2012
-Traded Yingyu my workaholic19 and sig_arianne for sos10 and sig_yingyu (511)
-Traded Kearin my princess02 for realian10 (509)
-Traded Alice my sig_arianne for sig_alice (508)
-Traded Origami my sig_arianne for sig_origami (507)
-Traded Moogles my ragnell09/12 and sig_arianne for osaka06, tears05, and sig_moogles (506)

February 4, 2012
-Traded Origami my tackle17 and watergun18 for bride12 and omega11 (503)

February 1, 2012
-Traded Emma my social07/17 for burgers19 and wingzero18 (501)

January 24, 2012
-Traded Hyu my friends13, bloody17, and sig_arianne for dhampir18, enjoy17, and sig_hyu (499)

January 20, 2012
-Traded Origami my shades18 for shakugan10 (496)

January 15, 2012
-Traded Destiny my nichirin16 and chupa20 for queen08 and tsundere03 (495)

January 11, 2012
-Traded Aniki my nyan12, television17, idol05, and megaten02 for maru07, pudding19, rayearth16, and windom14 (493)

January 10, 2012
-Traded Lain my prediction04 and god15 for empress01 and objection07 (489)

January 8, 2012
-Traded Wing my gramarye14 and sig_arianne for mercury06 and sig_wing (487)
-Traded Emma my goddess18 and sig_arianne for across10 and sig_emma (485)
-Traded Moogles my wolfbeil06 for dhampir13 (483)
-Traded Moogles my loyalty01 for albhed09 (482)
-Traded Ari my kyuudou17 for dhampir11 (481)

January 7, 2012
-Traded Cassidy my a-hall06/12 for foul07 and noble08 (480)

January 5, 2012
-Traded John my legendary05 for burgers07 (478)

December 28, 2011
-Traded John my kaze11 for mws14 (477)
-Traded Miyako my billionaire06 for saillune19 (476)

December 22, 2011
-Traded Origami my cold01, ousaka14, sickly10, and sweden19 for debt01, dhampir07, moe18, and shakugan19 (475)

December 19, 2011
-Traded Polly my pachinko02 for omega18 (471)

December 17, 2011
-Traded Elphie my nindou12 and otomen09 for paternal06 and shakugan08 (470)

December 15, 2011
-Traded Remus my safety15 and mild18 for obnoxious04 and serpent08 (468)

December 14, 2011
-Traded Siouxsie my prodigy15 for seventeen03 (466)
-Traded Aru my god07 for hacker10 (465)

December 12, 2011
-Traded Risu my feel13 for sen20 (464)
-Traded Ka-chan my bikinis08, chibikko02, and strongest13 for jellyfish02, windom16, and chibimoon02 (463)
-Traded Ouji my judge06 for sos16 (460)

December 11, 2011
-Traded Seichi my flirt08 and sig_arianne for sen12 and sig_seichi (459)
-Traded Skie my copy06, cybermedic18, earring04, fragile20, and golden07 for sos01, bride03/16, otaku08, and saturn19 (457)
-Traded Rachel my erokappa09 and lorikeet04 for chui07 and seventeen16 (452)

December 10, 2011
-Traded Cyrene my zura20 for sultry11 (450)
-Traded Kearin my faust13, shy10/18, vocalist15, and wildflower08 for catsndogs04, dhampir19, foul05, mentor18, and moe10 (449)
-Traded Chuu my bk-20102 for dhampir17 (444)

December 6, 2011
-Traded Aletha my caring02 and feminist18 for sos04 and whirlwind19 (443)

November 25, 2011
-Traded Moon my exchanger20 and marshmallow15 for serpent05/13 (441)

November 23, 2011
-Traded Sylwia my sig_arianne for sig_sylwia (439)

November 20, 2011
-Traded Kristi my claw03/16 and delinquent03 for neshitteru12 and moe06/08 (438)

November 19, 2011
-Traded Origami my marshmallow02/03 and swallow18 for dhampir08 and claw03/16 (435)

November 18, 2011
-Traded Elphie my beauty10, impressions13, and messiah16 for across14, deathscythe20, and silhouettes06 (432)
-Traded Remus my exceed20 and hungry10 for empress11 and foul10 (429)

November 13, 2011
-Traded Crystal my manager11 for obnoxious20 (427)

November 12, 2011
-Traded Aniki my bully19 and nyan11 for chui13 and tuxedo04 (426)

November 10, 2011
-Traded Eri my lemonade06 for meganekko09 (424)

November 6, 2011
-Traded Chikky my waitress05 for wired12 (423)
-Traded Ka-chan my psychotic16 for locket06 (422)

November 2, 2011
-Traded Ouji my ouroboros20 for foul02 (421)

November 1, 2011
-Traded Origami my watermelon08 for moon14 (420)
-Traded Miyako my alien12 for tsundere02 (419)
-Traded Aby my east16 for omega13 (418)

October 31, 2011
-Traded Remus my scout20 for iris09 (417)
-Traded Kearin my hachiko08, rat12, and writer07 for enjoy11, gynoid04, and moon15 (416)
-Traded Rachel my goldfish13 for tuxedo17 (413)
-Traded Lucathia my loleus04 and royalguard03 for hacker01 and wired02 (412)
-Traded Aru my badminton20 for deathscythe02 (410)
-Traded John my birthplace03 for kagutsuchi20 (409)
-Traded Lita my daru17 for meganekko02 (408)
-Traded Kristi my corporal11 for realian03 (407)
-Traded Curry my eyelashes03 and heartbreak07 for locket13 and serpent04 (406)
-Traded Moon my razorleaf13 for hacker01 (404)
-Traded Lazuli my nonchalant13 and energetic04/15 for hacker20, locket07, and moon01 (403)
-Traded Hitomi my aquarius08 and marriage02 for chimera05 and sultry20 (400)
-Traded Aniki my brush09 for otaku18 (398)
-Traded Naociak my bicycle08 for tuxedo16 (397)
-Traded Tonko my cola03 for vocalist15 (396)

October 30, 2011
-Traded Tress my synesthesia06, wings11, and sen11 for gynoid05/08 and meganekko05 (395)

October 29, 2011
-Traded Kerry my blossom05 and visualizer08 for chimera03 and windom20 (392)

October 28, 2011
-Traded Lain my light14 for engaged19 (390)

October 27, 2011
-Traded Elphie my bonds13 for burgers12 (389)

October 26, 2011
-Traded Kristi my sergeant06 for paternal10 (388)
-Traded Aru my planeptune16 for summoner14 (387)
-Traded Meghan my friendship06 and ruby07 for across09 and guts16 (386)

October 25, 2011
-Traded Kuri my marimo14 for seventeen01 (384)
-Traded Lita my necessarius02 for obnoxious07 (383)
-Traded Ouji my geek16 and kiseru06 for obnoxious10/12 (382)
-Traded Chuu my oceanwave06 for iris10 (380)
-Traded Raven my albhed08 for anchor06 (379)
-Traded Nuge my whip05/17 for mercury01 and tsundere18 (378)
-Traded Zweilous my renegade03 for gynoid15 (376)
-Traded Mara my names09, parasite02, and darkangel15 for mentor11, shakugan09, and succubus18 (375)

October 24, 2011
-Traded Gil my railgun14 for across17 (372)

October 23, 2011
-Traded Nomi my crowanima07 for guts05 (371)
-Traded Cassidy my shugo05, leo06, and pervert01 for empress06, burgers17, and selece10 (370)
-Traded Rachel my direction05/06, earl13, general11, reliable14, and tokunaga10 for enjoy08, locket14, objection05, obnoxious13, pal12, and wingzero06 (367)

October 22, 2011
-Traded Shadowy my destiny20, harmonica15/18, and snake14 for engaged05/14, shakugan13, and tsundere04 (361)
-Traded Moon my knives19 and watergun14 for across15 and sos13 (357)

October 18, 2011
-Traded Indigo my sig_arianne for sig_indigo (355)

October 14, 2011
-Traded Nuge my blastia12, cubes11, curse08, and fullmetal11 for obnoxious02/09, tiny07, and tuxedo02 (354)

October 13, 2011
-Traded Elphie my asset15, godhand13, and quack14 for chui11, neptune08, and otaku05 (350)

October 9, 2011
-Traded Wolfie my coffee08 and uncouth06 for chimera01 and foul03 (347)
-Traded John my drugs03, oracle09, and revenge20 for engaged09, iris15, and tsundere13 (345)

October 3, 2011
-Traded Nuge my maou05 for engaged06 (342)

September 26, 2011
-Traded Aniki my bangle13 and mayonnaise14 for summoner17 and sos18 (341)
-Traded Aletha my hikari04 for maru15 (339)
-Traded Lita my feiris04 for tiny14 (338)

September 25, 2011
-Traded Nuge my anaru12, author07, and wisdom19 for chimera10/15/16 (337)
-Traded John my sig_arianne for sig_john (334)

September 24, 2011
-Traded Rachel my pluto13 for succubus07 (333)

September 23, 2011
-Traded Nuge my third02 for across01 (332)

September 20, 2011
-Traded Chrissy my aquarius20 and blossom04/11 for chui14, chimera09, and pudding08 (331)

September 19, 2011
-Traded Elphie my arcana10, magatama20, and sig_arianne for gynoid11, pudding18, and sig_elphie (328)

September 17, 2011
-Traded Kearin my sig_arianne for sig_kearin (325)
-Traded Kikai my adeptrogue06, bigkitty20, isolated07/16, littlekitty14, theend09, newyears05, and sig_arianne for albhed12, bride19, enjoy03, empress10, foul04/09, neshitteru04, and sig_kikai (324)
-Traded Vic my clueless15 for pal11 (316)

September 16, 2011
-Traded Moon my cyber03/18 for iris03 and mediator16 (315)
-Traded Disutansu my namekian18 for pudding14 (313)

September 14, 2011
-Traded Ray my r-traps06/08 for anchor14 and sen06 (312)

September 13, 2011
-Traded Mango my flamboyant08, lionheart09, and tenseiga10 for across03, locket20, and pluto13 (310)

September 12, 2011
-Traded Destiny my 10join17, council05/10, and games14 for mercury19, omega09/10, and tsundere12 (307)
-Traded Risu my masou12 and otoko14 for albhed11 and anchor04 (303)
-Traded Umi my kyotouryuu15 for tiny10 (301)
-Traded Chuu my child12 for anchor19 (300)

September 11, 2011
-Traded Naociak my salamander10 for chimera02 (299)
-Traded Jas my tokunaga19 and sympathy20 for hacker15/19 (298)
-Traded Lain my death13 and pachinko12 for engaged20 and sos02 (296)

September 10, 2011
-Traded Duo my trace11/20 for objection11 and saturn18 (294)
-Traded Aby my eyes03 and thief05 for iris04 and sen07 (292)

September 9, 2011
-Traded Kat my germany05 for lazy01 (290)
-Traded Diasparkle my hahi18 for lazy03 (289)
-Traded Kearin my egotistical11, flask18, jyuuken03, and slave05 for otaku13, moon05, queen13, and serpent09 (288)
-Traded Meghan my catsndogs17 and sincerity03 for lazy08/10 (284)
-Traded Wing my loyal11 for mws15 (282)
-Traded Aru my paprika09 for anchor20 (281)
-Traded Polly my england12, bills08, cowbell12, itadakimasu19, and steiner20 for across06, mentor17, mercury04/07, and sos06 (280)
-Traded Lucathia my mature04 for anchor18 (275)
-Traded Hitomi my apple05 and pistol18 for anchor05/15 (274)
-Traded John my kaze03, power06, animajor16, mature11, and maschera09 for kagutsuchi09/10/13/14/16 (272)
-Traded Ori my withdrawn05 for anchor09 (267)
-Traded Zweilous my dullahan11 for summoner16 (266)

September 8, 2011
-Traded Tokiya my yakuza20 for wired15 (265)
-Traded Elise my falchion04 for succubus20 (264)

September 6, 2011
-Traded Ka-chan my carefree02, nemesisq08, stoic19, mysterious09, and spitfire08 for hacker09, meganekko08, neptune09, sultry15, and wired08 (263)

September 5, 2011
-Traded Skie my soulunion18 for mars13 (258)

August 29, 2011
-Traded Kearin my haro11, jyuuken15, king12, shy16/20, slacker02, and strength03 for chui01, empress17/19, locket17, moon02, pluto09, and seventeen02 (257)

August 23, 2011
-Traded Remus my kill14 for chui05 (250)

August 22, 2011
-Traded Nuge my babylon08, jyuuken15, kitten04, repeat08, wind-up14, and zombie05 for engaged07, fireball18, mediator06/17, and wired11/19 (249)

August 17, 2011
-Traded John my halberd04/16 for moon07/10 (243)

August 9, 2011
-Traded Nuge my iceland08 and switzerland16 for mediator10 and objection18 (241)

August 7, 2011
-Traded Diasparkle my frog13 for mediator04 (239)

August 5, 2011
-Traded Kristi my faintattack04 for across20 (238)

August 4, 2011
-Traded Moon my smart-mouth16 for tiny19 (237)
-Traded Nuge my bluemoon06 for mediator11 (236)

August 3, 2011
-Traded Curry my esper01 for sultry18 (235)
-Traded Nerrin my cello19 for oceanwave19 (234)

August 2, 2011
-Traded Vic my cyborg18 for moon11 (233)

August 1, 2011
-Traded Kerry my rafale15 for tsundere07 (232)
-Traded Wolfie my points04 for venus18 (231)

July 31, 2011
-Traded Disutansu my abuse17 and healer03 for bride05 and chui20 (230)
-Traded Kristi my body14 for kagutsuchi05 (228)
-Traded Wolfie my magic02 for succubus15 (227)
-Traded Polly my repeat02 for obnoxious05 (226)
-Traded Umi my legal14 for sos05 (225)
-Traded Kat my alone02 for sen05 (224)
-Traded Aniki my crybaby20, mechanic08, and tease15 for meganekko04/06/07 (223)

July 23, 2011
-Traded Aletha my gadgets03 for sultry14 (220)

July 22, 2011
-Traded Ouji my gakuran15 for hope14 (219)

July 21, 2011
-Traded Moon my flameking13 for gamble07 (218)
-Traded Kerry my heybo08, schwarzer02/18, and vines09 for delinquent10, lion18, mediator02, and meganekko15 (217)

July 20, 2011
-Traded Nuge my cello11/19, hydrangea12, and priest18 for mws03, pudding11, sen11, and summoner09 (213)

July 16, 2011
-Traded Susan my violent04 for kagutsuchi01 (209)

July 13, 2011
-Traded Ka-chan my pointer17 for gamble05 (208)
-Traded Zags my skeleton17 for whirlwind12 (207)

July 11, 2011
-Traded Moon my sig_arianne for sig_moon (206)

July 9, 2011
-Traded Lucathia my sig_arianne for sig_lucathia (205)
-Traded Anna my china10, fighter20, and nyan07 for venus20 and hacker11/12 (204)
-Traded Tokiya my wisdom15 for sultry01 (201)

July 8, 2011
-Traded Aletha my math11 and nonary14 for mediator13/18 (200)

July 7, 2011
-Traded Kristi my sig_arianne for sig_kristi (198)
-Traded Aru my sig_arianne for sig_aru (197)

July 6, 2011
-Traded Zags my barrier19 for obnoxious16 (196)
-Traded Sylwia my ciaossu06/10 for tiny06 and serpent01 (195)
-Traded Vic my deny05 for venus02 (193)
-Traded Aru my cybernetic17, dynames06/11, and swallow06 for fireball02, mws13, and sultry02/10 (192)
-Traded Cassie my yellow18 for anchor07 (188)
-Traded Kat my sig_arianne for sig_kat (187)

July 4, 2011
-Traded Lily my gemini18 for whirlwind08 (186)

July 2, 2011
-Traded Kristi my henshin03 and slacker03 for catsndogs17 and enjoy14 (185)
-Traded Lita my ordinary13 for lazy04 (183)

July 1, 2011
-Traded Moon my determined06 and onigiri15 for fireball16 and kagutsuchi12 (182)

June 30, 2011
-Traded Yun my vector06 for lazy07 (180)

June 28, 2011
-Traded Zags my billiards11/15, caution09, nishi10, and obstinate17 for free01, kagutsuchi08/17, sos20, and venus07 (179)

June 17, 2011
-Traded Twiggy my androphobic07/09 for locket05 and obnoxious11 (174)

June 16, 2011
-Traded Destiny my austria13 for engaged15 (172)

June 11, 2011
-Traded Moon my lithuania11 for tiny13 (171)

June 9, 2011
-Traded Rachel my empress12 and ecure16 for gamble15 and mediator08 (170)

June 8, 2011
-Traded Saku my hairclips10 for mentor01 (168)

June 7, 2011
-Traded Aletha my blueflare02 for gamble16 (167)
-Traded Eri my henshin20 for free19 (166)

June 6, 2011
-Traded Arai my xiii04 for yo-yo02 (165)
-Traded Ceresia my gemini20, endless20, and whiterabbit15 for gamble06, lazy15, and summoner04 (164)
-Traded Destiny my canada06 for meganekko11 (161)

June 5, 2011
-Traded Sam my drei16 for wired03 (160)
-Traded Meghan my future04 and guide06 for gamble14/17 (159)
-Traded Mimi my truth08 for fireball08 (157)
-Traded Yingyu my darkboots16 for kagutsuchi19 (156)
-Traded Vic my hell20 for gamble02 (155)
-Traded Lex my p-chan05 and shaolin07/09 for chimera14, hope15, and tiny12 (154)
-Traded Nem my science13 and appearance09/15 for hope16/18 and whirlwind06 (151)

June 4, 2011
-Traded Aletha my takatomon18 for hope09 (148)
-Traded Ka-chan my graywolf03 for ecure06 (147)
-Traded Heoni my lie18 and cleaning06 for sultry06 and tuxedo07 (146)
-Traded Rhap-chan my selece02, rayearth08, and sun18 for gamble04, hacker18, and kagutsuchi03 (144)
-Traded John my blunt11 and takatomon07 for locket04 and mws04 (141)
-Traded Silver my poland02 for free14 (139)
-Traded Belle my dense04 for mws01 (138)
-Traded Kearin my lion01 for meganekko12 (137)

June 3, 2011
-Gifted Kerry my stern13 (136)

June 1, 2011
-Traded Disutansu my warrior11 for mentor19 (135)

May 31, 2011
-Traded Allmia my fullmoon18 for anchor01 (134)
-Traded Kerry my twilight10 for enjoy20 (133)
-Traded Zags my algorithm03 for mediator19 (132)
-Traded Harumi my cuarta05 and nonary10 for hacker17 and kagutsuchi02 (131)
-Traded Curry my raison05 for whirlwind15 (129)
-Traded Gil my innocent18 for ecure09 (128)
-Traded Lucathia my traps02 and silhouettes05 for free08 and hope04 (127)

May 28, 2011
-Traded Tari my ronin15 for free20 (125)

May 26, 2011
-Traded Remus my line14 and yakuza09 for hope07/13 (124)
-Traded Tress my trace16 and isolated05 for hacker02 and tuxedo20 (122)
-Traded Kearin my assassin06, madamered15, netidol18, and salamander10 for mediator15, meganekko03, sos08, and summoner20 (120)

May 24, 2011
-Traded Zags my lieutenant12 for hope12 (116)

May 21, 2011
-Traded Lily my big20, blessed06, bomb03, cabbage16, caution06, christmas04, coffee04, drugs17, fate05, loyal20, marriage15, nyan18, obstinate01, optimist05, outdated18, record19, strategy18, unison15, youcopy11, and zanarkand17 for ecure20, engaged13/17, gamble01/10/13, gynoid12, lazy06, mediator01/05, meganekko01, objection01, sos07, succubus04, tiny02, tsundere19, tuxedo03, and wired01/14/18 (115)

May 20, 2011
-Traded Jane my rival03 for albhed08 (95)

May 18, 2011
-Traded Rachel my capture18 for venus15 (94)

May 16, 2011
-Traded Kearin my whispered10 for summoner15 (93)
-Traded Curry my classical13 for whispered10 (92)

May 13, 2011
-Traded Chikky my blacklynx08 for free03 (91)

May 12, 2011
-Traded Lily my british06 for anchor10 (90)

May 10, 2011
-Traded Eri my dressup20 for yo-yo20 (89)

May 8, 2011
-Traded Eurphaessa my lemonade05 for locket19 (88)
-Traded Kearin my dattebayo19 and warrior16 for free04 and iris06 (87)
-Traded Ceresia my heiress09 for pluto20 (85)
-Traded Makoto my marimo08 for venus04 (84)
-Traded Tress my gaebolg13 for succubus14 (83)
-Traded Harumi my origami01 for hope19 (82)
-Traded Gil my fairy01 for succubus03 (81)

May 7, 2011
-Traded Moon my spain16 for hope02 (80)
-Traded Kuri my beli16 for hope17 (79)
-Traded Mimi my flameking09 for hacker08 (78)

May 3, 2011
-Traded Ka-chan my cheri13 for yo-yo14 (77)

May 1, 2011
-Traded Tress my whip02 for mws19 (76)
-Traded Pam my 2-319 for enjoy02 (75)

April 30, 2011
-Traded Pam my greece20, honest16, and southitaly09 for fireball15, iris13, and obnoxious19 (74)
-Traded Roax my quincy19 for tiny08 (71)
-Traded Jane my abuse15 and ratsbane02 for hope08 and iris17 (70)
-Traded Kristi my gakuran09 for hope03 (68)
-Traded Remus my blueeyes13 for yo-yo16 (67)

April 25, 2011
-Traded Aisu my 6609 for yo-yo01 (66)
-Traded Ouji my knives08 for ecure12 (65)

April 24, 2011
-Traded Rachel my buusagi16 for serpent02 (64)
-Traded Disutansu my marimo09 and timberowl17 for waitress05 and maou05 (63)
-Traded Skie my cybele01 for yo-yo12 (61)
-Traded Lily my jellyfish02 for perfect17 (60)

April 21, 2011
-Traded Jane my mask12 for hope06 (59)

April 19, 2011
-Traded Jane my viola08 for kagutsuchi06 (58)

April 18, 2011
-Traded Chey my crossdress11, butterfly19, and twilight08 for iris01, whirlwind01, and yo-yo04 (57)
-Traded Wolfie my darkangel04, detective19, loveme16, and smell16 for perfect09, whirlwind14, yo-yo03, and hacker16 (54)
-Traded Hitomi my drums11 for venus19 (50)

April 11, 2011
-Traded Roax my cetra06 for serpent10 (49)

April 10, 2011
-Traded Meru my demon16 for venus12 (48)
-Traded Ouji my ero-cook06 for venus13 (47)

April 9, 2011
-Traded Senren my bride14 for lazy09 (46)
-Traded Moon my lolishota08 for fireball04 (45)
-Traded Kristi my butler04 for mediator20 (44)
-Traded Lex my hero07 for perfect04 (43)
-Traded Senren my musket07 for free12 (42)
-Traded Kearin my cake19 for anchor08 (41)

April 8, 2011
-Traded Saku my trance18 for jellyfish01 (40)
-Traded Pam my crybaby08 and sweden09 for iris08 and succubus06 (39)

April 5, 2011
-Traded Cassidy my strawberry06 for venus05 (37)

April 3, 2011
-Traded Kikai my memories14 for venus14 (36)

March 30, 2011
-Traded Yingyu my itadakimasu01/10 for kagutsuchi04 and sun18 (35)
-Traded Kuri my desserts20 for perfect19 (33)
-Traded Kearin my maou09 for ecure08 (32)

March 29, 2011
-Traded Aru my shujin18 for fireball17 (31)

March 19, 2011
-Traded Aisu my virgo01 for whirlwind18 (30)
-Traded Tress my gentleman01 for yoyo17 (29)

March 14, 2011
-Traded Jane my adeptrogue03, attack05, and crusnik05 for ecure05 and free07/15 (28)

March 13, 2011
-Traded Ka-chan my mid-childa19 for perfect10 (25)
-Traded Wolfie my detective01 for ecure19 (24)
-Traded SasuraUchiha my gretel07 for fireball12 (23)

March 11, 2011
-Traded Allmia my mws18/19 for succubus13 and free06 (22)

March 3, 2011
-Traded Eri my dullahan04 and cheerful19 for ecure10/13 (20)

March 1, 2011
-Traded Rachel my skypirate19 and valentines08 for perfect13 and succubus02 (18)

February 28, 2011
-Traded Tress my allsunday17 and durandal13 for yoyo15/19 (16)

February 27, 2011
-Traded Aisu my imperial04 for mws17 (14)
-Traded Pam my finland12 and prediction01 for mws19 and whirlwind17 (13)
-Traded Tress my flash15 and lieutenant08 for perfect03/11 (11)
-Traded Ka-chan my nyan02 for mws18 (9)

February 26, 2011
-Traded Skie my misandry12 and sig_arianne for venus01 and sig_skie (8)

February 22, 2011
-Traded Mnemosyne my sig_arianne for sig_mnemosyne (6)
-Traded Ouji my refreshing08 for ecure07 (5)

February 18, 2011
-Traded Sealand my jian16 for ecure16 (4)

February 13, 2011
-Traded Naoto my cherry19 for perfect18 (3)
-Traded Moon my eighth08 for venus09 (2)
-Traded Belle my television04 for perfect15 (1)

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