Designed By Chris L. May 2007
trade log
moonlight legend

November 24, 2007
-Won codename01, guardians19, and 1 uranus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won shitennou05, cosmos10, and 1 mercury coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won halation06 from Snoop
-Won clubs05, cats15, and future20 from Remember This?
-Won silentwall01, fire04, double02, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won circle02 from Blurred Photo
-Won One Choice Regular, season405, starmaker13, artbook306, and 1 saturn coin from Passing Notes
-Won purr04 from Lucky Match
-Won hearts01 from Memory

November 21, 2007
-Staff pay: neherenia14, leadcrow02, mooncrystal01, nine14, and ojiisan11

November 17, 2007
-Donated starfighter02/08/14 to Group Collect; received shabonspray17, smopeningb14, and hypnosis17

November 16, 2007
-Received ojiisan06, safir04, and bouquet04 for mastering Double Moon
-Received sp_maker1, songbox05, channel08/14, hypnosis05, stargreen18, ojiisan09, karaberas1, and umino1 for mastering sp_mars
-Traded Moonstar my musicbox08 and gift11 for takeuchi14 and darkwater10

November 15, 2007
-Won season306, guardians02, and 1 mars coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won bouquet01, tattoo16, and 1 venus coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won wink14 from Snoop
-Won clubs04, bunny15, and genius04 from Remember This?
-Won channel06, rabbit04, future13, and 1 jupiter coin from Nab the Villain
-Won halation14 from Blurred Photo
-Won powerkiss01, knight14, formal18, and 1 chibimoon coin from Warped
-Won One Choice Regular, musicbox08, fate10, allies17, and 1 mercury coin from Passing Notes
-Won diana15 and 1 chibimoon coin from Lucky Match
-Won diamonds01 from Memory
-Won unazuki04, nephrite18, and firebuster15 from Slots
-Won bunny19, stargreen15, and ojiisan05 from Crystal Lotto; payed with guitar11
-Won smropeninga19 from Wishing Well - thanks Mochibuni!
-Took darkwater07 and team18 from forum freebies

November 14, 2007
-Staff pay: smopeninga20, moonrevenge218, marsstar20, wings13, and ojiisan04

November 12, 2007
-Traded DiteHart my neptune15, violinist02, cerecere03/07/11, and member20 for act04_08, bicycle16, cosmos09, guardians05, nine07, and member95

November 8, 2007
-Traded Jfromthemoon my strangle04/15 for artbook108 and guide06
-Traded Moonstar my powerkiss13, toughlove04, and gift01/08 for ojiisan14, smopeningb07, guardians07, and innerseternal01

November 7, 2007
-Staff pay: mimete13, miko11, vesves05, carols05, and ojiisan01

November 6, 2007
-Traded Princessshaman my tigerseye13, fruit02, and moonrevenge209 for darkfire15 and smopeninga06/12
-Traded Lexie my saturn01/04, uranus12, newpower14, grail12/17, mirror05, and sp_neptune4 for guardians03/06, itemsmoon01, smopeningb02, smropeninga09, and sp_mars4

November 5, 2007
-Traded Rainbokat my space11 for cosmos14

October 31, 2007
-Staff pay: guitar09, powerkiss16, helios14, meow15, and doublemoon20

October 24, 2007
-Staff pay: neherenia07, protect17, related16, space20, and doublemoon18

October 17, 2007
-Staff pay: hawkseye17, teasing12, super06, chrysanthemum03, and doublemoon17

October 15, 2007
-Received one Two Choice Regular, One Choice Character, One Choice Puzzle, One Choice Scene, One Choice Special, and 1 moon, jupiter, venus, saturn, and chibimoon for being on Team Two in Sailor Wars
-Received sailorv13, mysterious13, discography309, doublemoon02/04/05, tree09, shitennou05, dreaming04, cats11, and original10 for mastering SMOpening A, Sailor V, and Daily1B
-Received doublemoon11/12, vocalist19, covergirls08, and dvdbox20 for leveling up from Legend 2200 to Legend 2400
-Traded Jfromthemoon my strangle01 for inners19

October 14, 2007
-Took saturn09, galaxia14, leadcrow02, powerkiss13, sunflower08, stageon19, and infinity08 from hiatus randomizer

October 13, 2007
-Won original07, warriors19, and 1 moon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won infinity17, crescent12, and 1 moon coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won gentleuterus15 from Snoop
-Won diamonds02, innerseternal18, and moonprism19 from Remember This?
-Won clubs12 and crisis15 from So Trivial
-Won hearts05, dvdbox15, racer01, and double02 from Nab the Villain
-Won strength20 from Blurred Photo
-Won dimando04, moonrevenge209, strawberry12, and 1 jupiter coin from Warped
-Won crybaby11 and 1 mars coin from Lucky Match
-Won diamonds01 from Memory
-Won newpower08, crisis14, and grail05 from Slots
-Won season304, mirror05, episode20014, trio13, and 1 moon coin from Passing Notes
-Won daughter04 and innerseternal06 from Remedial Classes
-Won sensitiveinferno04, aquamirage16, and sailorv20 from Crystal Lotto; payed with kenji05
-Took secret06 from Wishing Well - thanks Lexie!
-Won fire11 and friends15 from Pick-a-Senshi

October 10, 2007
-Staff pay: pallapalla19, strangle15, viluy14, pillar17, and sailorv14

October 9, 2007
-Bought daily1b06, millennium01, friends11, pluto10, starmaker04, crisismakeup01, jupiterstar06, newpower14, smopeningb12, queen08, and father10 from Cosmos Mall for 29 moon 4 chibimoon
-Redeemed one One Choice Special and three One Choice Scene for daily1b11, smopeninga14/20, and powerkiss08

October 3, 2007
-Staff pay: smropeninga14, tree16, heartattack07, royalty12, and sailorv18

October 1, 2007
-Traded Katiya Kramer my lilies16 and crystaltokyo19 for original08

September 30, 2007
-Received sp_neptune4, season503, codename04, layout103, sailorv09, burningmandala03, pillar14, jupiter3, and smalllady1 for mastering sp_mamoru
-Traded Jfromthemoon my cats08, dust11, water09, episode20001/17, trio13, starblue09/20, staraqua07, and starred03 for lost18, silentwall03/05, smopeninga10, neptune06, moonprism18, and starsopening20
-Traded Jessica my dance19 and kunzite1 for act03_05 and mistress1
-Received sailorv06/08, teasing06, stageon14, and songbox14 for leveling up from Legend 2000 to Legend 2200
-Took act04_20 and sailorteam16 from forum freebies
-Received sailorv12 and takeuchi17 from mastering Layout 1

September 29, 2007
-Bought sp_mamoru2 for 1 moon, chibimoon, mercury, mars, jupiter, venus, uranus, neptune, pluto, and saturn

September 26, 2007
-Traded Kimi my unazuki18, lost13, peek01/02, and family20 for smopeningb16, original09, guardians14/15, and chibimoon13
-Traded Katiya Kramer my lilies06/07 for itemsmoon02
-Staff pay: eternal15, kakyuu20, moonrevenge05, allies01, and smopeninga12

September 25, 2007
-Doubles trade: my knight11, time15, dizzy19, lovemechainsp20, plutoplanet07, super19, cosmos05, honeymoon06, starred03, whiterose06, whiterose08, wings15, channel02, codename02, deathbusters06, deathbusters08, discography105, discography306, musicbox10, original14, season110, season402, singles05, songbox02, and takeuchi10 for eudial15, shingo09, premonition18, grail12, pegasus15, safir16, naptime02, darkness09, barefoot07, outerseternal09, festival02, nine03, daily1b12, infinity14, santa05, innercover06, daily1b10, daily1a10, characterv517, channel20, swimsuit09, disguise05, takeuchi15, and itemsmoon10
-Traded Shannon my twinkleyell20, innercover09, original15, and santa09 for ojiisan12, jupiter19, siren20, makaiju15, awakening05, queen19, and mission14

September 24, 2007
-Won dvdbox01, umbrella18, and 1 mercury coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won musicbox10, wink16, and 1 uranus coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won diamonds08 and sensitive12 from Snoop
-Won hearts04, crybaby17, and nine17 from Remember This?
-Won clubs02 and pinksugar07 from So Trivial
-Won diamonds10, season110, protect13, and whiterose06 from Nab the Villain
-Won fiore04 from Blurred Photo
-Won super19, junjun09, guardians13, and 1 uranus coin from Warped
-Won doublemoon19 from Lucky Match
-Won diamonds12 from Memory
-Won healerstar12, prince16, mimete03, songbox02, supersm2, and 1 jupiter coin from Slots
-Took nine09 and mysterious09 from forum freebies

September 22, 2007
-Traded Kate my sensitive07 and secret08/13 for artemis18 and chibimoon08/15

September 20, 2007
-Traded Chibinaoka my innocence17 for smopeningb20

September 19, 2007
-Staff pay: aquaillusion18, prince05, shingo19, honeymoon06, and smopeninga15
-Traded Hikaru my kakyuu16 and kinmoku05 for daily1b05

September 18, 2007
-Received smopeninga09 and discography306 for mastering Layout 3

September 17, 2007
-Traded Katiya Kramer my father09 for worldshaking09
-Traded Jessy my messiah05/06/16 for itemsmoon13 and smopeningb19

September 16, 2007
-Won bridal08, desert06, and 1 mercury coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won deathbusters06, honeymoon17, and 1 neptune coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won hearts06 and dust11 from Snoop
-Won clubs13, jupiterstar01, and junjun04 from Remember This?
-Won spades07 and princess02 from So Trivial
-Won spades05, discography105, smropeninga17, and strawberry05 from Nab the Villain
-Won sensitiveinferno08 from Blurred Photo
-Won fisheye01, dreamers10, cage14, and 1 saturn coin from Warped
-Won hearts11 from Memory
-Won neptuneplanet07, firesoul01, and super11 from Slots
-Won takeuchi10, jadeite07, luna03, queen02, and 1 moon coin from Passing Notes
-Won dust19 and wink04 from Remedial Classes
-Bought viluy1, pluto4, fighter1, chibichibi, and ail1 from Gashapon for 15 moon
-Won healerstar07, sensitive01, and trio13 from Crystal Lotto; payed with zirconia20
-Won wings20 and wedding16 from Pick-a-Senshi
-Took hidden01 and innocence17 from forum freebies
-Staff pay (deck-making): uranusplanet19, fate13, premonition09, cosmos05, and smopeninga08

September 15, 2007
-Traded Sam my cage15 and member20 for yuuichirou08 and member98

September 13, 2007
-Sold Rainbokat my pp01_004/05/07/14/16/18/20/23/28/30/33/36, stars03/05, cd9_324/25/28/29/31/32/34/36/37/39/42/43/45/46/47/50/53/54/55/57/59/60/62 for 9 moon 1 chibimoon
-Traded Lola my disguise01/05 and member20 for powerkiss18, inners08, infinity02, and member109

September 12, 2007
-Staff pay: tigerseye13, cats08, gourmet16, artbook517, and smopeninga07

September 11, 2007
-Traded Moonstar my crown04, starlightsintro03, and chibimoon1 for takeuchi07 and saturn3
-Traded Katiya Kramer my 100members10 for itemsmoon11

September 10, 2007
-Won channel03, staraqua07, and 1 mercury coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won original12, desert07, and 1 pluto coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won hearts08 and makaiju04 from Snoop
-Won clubs02, fire15, and neherenia12 from Remember This?
-Won hearts05 and ocean04 from So Trivial
-Won diamonds05, original05, luna15, and wings15 from Nab the Villain
-Won mooneternallv20, keyboard09, starred03, and 1 venus coin from Warped
-Won mooncrystal14 from Lucky Match
-Won spades12 from Memory
-Won plutoplanet07, lovemechainsp20, and super17 from Slots
-Won characterv507 and haruka1 from War
-Took act03_15 from forum freebies
-Traded Jfromthemoon my companion20 and mars11 for channel05

September 8, 2007
-Received sp_mars3, prince12, grail16, whiterose08, uranus1, and chibimoon1 from mastering Mamoru & Guys sprite set
-Bought layout301, sailorv05, moonprism20, galaxia20, zoisite15, episode20017, starlightsintro03, toughlove04, parfait15, cosmos05, and nude15 from Cosmos Mall for 29 m 4 c
-Redeemed three Two Random Regular and three One Random Special for peek02, jupiter02, safir11, momoko14, cerecere03, believe01, santa09, singles05, and codename02

September 7, 2007
-Took Two Random Regular, One Choice Regular, One Random Special, and 3 moon from Team Two lounge freebies

September 5, 2007
-Staff pay: fire17, ironmouse08, siren10, barefoot08, and smopeninga06

September 4, 2007
-Traded Burtol my aquaillusion07 and member20 for inners04 and member115
-Traded Lazuli my bridal07, cooan06, and deepsubmerge13 for daily1b10 and bouquet04
-Traded Jessy my bridal06 for gentleuterus11 and doublemoon01

September 3, 2007
-Won lost17, artbook318, and 1 jupiter coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won disguise01, crystaltokyo18. and 1 jupiter coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won hearts02 and princess14 from Snoop
-Won spades06, zoisite16, and aliens15 from Remember This?
-Won diamonds09 and innerseternal16 from So Trivial
-Won clubs02, original14, starlightsintro18, and inners16 from Nab the Villain
-Won spades03 and seriouslaser11 from Blurred Photo
-Won teasing11, kunzite05, pledge19, and 1 moon coin from Warped
-Won mirror01 and 1 mars coin from Lucky Match
-Won diamonds13 from Memory
-Won karaberas03, siren06, and zoisite06 from Slots
-Took layout801 from update freebie
-Traded Jessy my diana2 for mamoru1
-Won Two Random Regular, One Choice Regular, One Random Special, Two Choice Regular, One Choice Special, and 6 moon from participating in Team One of Sailor Wars and getting 10+ points

September 1, 2007
-Traded Seiya my neptune1 for minako1
-Won sp_mamoru3, innercover09, gourmet05, guide01, premonition20, sunflower17, uranus3, and 1 venus coin from Senshi Quest

August 31, 2007
-Redeemed 4 One Choice Puzzle, 9 One Choice Special, 2 Two Choice Regular, and 6 One Choice Regular for artbook213/15/17/19, 6000cards05/08/15, daily1a07/11/14, daily1c02/03/07, and act01_01/02/03/04/05/08/09/10/11/12
-Card Shop: furoku01/06/09/09/03/04/05/12/07/09 for 2 m 2 c
-Card Shop: furoku05/02/05/04/11 for 1 m 1 c
-Card Shop: furoku03/01/09/03/06 for 1 m 1 c
-Card Shop: furoku10/11/10/05/05 for 1 m 1 c
-Card Shop: furoku10/08/05/05/04 for 1 m 1 c
-Received act01_13/14/15/16/17/18/20, genius06, shitennou05, artbook502, mars18, daily1a15, kinmoku01, ojiisan07, daily1c08, wings11, tigerseye14, daily1b02, smopeninga02, royalty11, and channel02 for mastering Artbook2, 6000 Cards, Daily1 A, Daily1 B, and Act 01
-Took Two Random Regular, One Choice Regular, One Random Special, and 3 moon from Team Lounge freebies

August 29, 2007
-Staff pay: millennium17, peek01, worldshaking14, royalty02, and artbook209

August 28, 2007
-Doubles Swap: my earth03, idol06, idol10, kaolinite19, deadscream15, firebuster04, rabbit03, smopeningb12, tiaraaction06, tiaraaction13, tiaraaction13, dance12, formal11, lilies06, messiah11, outerseternal09, bouquet06, channel09, daily1a08, daily1a09, innercover02, layout402, original03, santa04, season106, and season508 for knight11, zirconia20, water09, doublemoon15, starfighter14, dizzy19, time15, companion20, tellu19, twinkleyell15, desperate01, crown04, secret18, cherry19, allies01, umbrella01, itemsmoon14, deathbusters08, original15, swimsuit08, silentwall06, lost13, infinity01, season402, dvdbox07, and disguise05

August 27, 2007
-Won layout402, pillar07, and father09 from Anime Puzzle
-Won infinity04, bicycle17, and fruit02 from Manga Puzzle
-Won clubs10 and related08 from Snoop
-Won diamonds03, gentleuterus04, and lilies16 from Remember This?
-Won clubs03 and meditation12 from So Trivial
-Won diamonds10, itemsmoon16, idol06, and formal11 from Nab the Villain
-Won hearts07 and heartache16 from Blurred Photo
-Won spades13, mooncrystal13, kakyuu16, starred11, and 1 mars coin from Warped
-Won safir17 from Lucky Match
-Won hearts10 from Memory
-Won earth03, kunzite14, and mooncrisis15 from Slots
-Won takeuchi18, strangle14, aquaillusion07, bunny15, and 1 jupiter coin from Passing Notes
-Won aliens10 and healerstar15 from Remedial Classes
-Won pallapalla12, cosmos15, and allies11 from Crystal Lotto; payed with double08
-Won 1 pluto coin, 1 chibimoon coin, and 1 jupiter coin from Pick-a-Senshi
-Bought endymion1, esmeraude1, pluto4, chibimoon1, and venus1 from Gashapon for 15 moon
-Took hypnosis18, peek08, and starlightsintro02 from forum freebies
-Traded Jessy my bouquet01 for smopeninga05/19
-Traded Moonstar my starlightsintro02 for artbook216
-Traded Rainbokat my takeuchi12, peek08, and ribbon17 for daily1b08 and daily1c06

August 24, 2007
-Traded M-chan my ann12/16, flamesniper08, and dreampocket03 for characterv517, layout303, and smropeninga01

August 23, 2007
-Traded Jessy my original05 for smropeninga02/07

August 22, 2007
-Staff pay: meditation18, rose04, believe19, dance12, and darkfire04
-Received darkfire06/08/09/17/20, trio11, original03, messiah11, artemis09, 100members09, gift11, haruna02, 6000cards04, artbook202, tiaraaction13, and bridal07 for mastering Rabbit, One Year, 100 Members, and Dark Fire
-Received artbook203/04, tiaraaction13, idol10, and daily1a09 for leveling up from Legend 1800 to Legend 2000

August 21, 2007
-Exchanged two One Choice Regular and three One Choice Special for rabbit17/19, oneyear14/15, and 100members04
-Traded Katiya Kramer my mistress909, tomoe11, twins13, viluy13, and member20 for smropeninga15, moonprism10, awakening07, ann18, and member107
-Traded Kristen my dust15 and miko15/17 for deathbusters09 and artbook103
-Traded Lexie my uranusplanet11, worldshaking12, and racer06 for darkfire19 and original16

August 20, 2007
-Group Collect: my powerkiss07 for tiaraaction06
-Traded Mainmise my daughter15/17 for daily1a04

August 19, 2007
-Won season508 (lol), lilies20, and angels08 from Anime Puzzle
-Won innercover02, wings15, and wings08 from Manga Puzzle
-Won clubs11 and blacklady03 from Snoop
-Won spades10, powerkiss07, and warriors11 from Remember This?
-Won hearts09 and fire19 from So Trivial
-Won clubs11, daily1c13, haruna11, and starred03 from Nab the Villain
-Won clubs01 and crisis04 from Blurred Photo
-Won hearts09, darkfire03, saturn05, naptime08, and 1 pluto coin from Warped
-Won believe10 from Lucky Match
-Won clubs08 from Memory
-Won firebuster04, smopeningb12, and luna05 from Slots
-Won starfighter08 and smropeninga14 from War
-Exchanged one Two Random Regular and one One Random Sprite for cooan15, mission11, and mars1
-Casino: one royal flush (hearts01/10/11/12/13) and two straight flushes (clubs05/06/07/08/09 and diamonds05/06/07/08/09) for 24 moon

August 18, 2007
-Traded Nikki my umbrella15, healer01, and wedding04 for channel12 and rabbit01

August 17, 2007
-Doubles Swap: my fairies12, companion12, lovemechain05, venusstar15, allies06, bicycle18, inners20, asteroid06, codename08, discography108, discography307, disguise10, season107, singles02, and singles09 for deadscream15, junjun14, meditation11, mars11, cosmos06, dance19, outerseternal09, bouquet06, daily1b09, daily1a08, itemsmoon04, season106, lost12, santa04, and characterv506
-Traded Cerri my starry01 and festival03/11 for channel02 and lilies06

August 16, 2007
-Traded Rikka my related06/20, twinkleyell07, umbrella03, and swimsuit03 for artbook205/07 and channel09/13

August 15, 2007
-Received One Choice Regular, Two Random Regular, One Choice Special, and One Random Sprite for turning in 5 stamp cards
-Galaxy Bank: Exchanged 4 mercury, 4 mars, 6 jupiter, 2 venus, 3 neptune, 3 pluto, and 1 saturn for 38 moon 27 chibimoon
-Traded Lexie my infinity04 and member20 for rabbit03/16 and member111
-Traded Mochibuni my millennium03 and dvdbox18 for darkfire18 and daily1b01
-Traded Rainbokat my outerseternal02 for rabbit03
-Staff pay: kaolinite19, kenji15, neherenia17, naptime10, and rabbit06

August 14, 2007
-Traded Eimii my momoko18 and cooan04 for channel07

August 13, 2007
-Traded Takako my infinity01 and lost09 for rabbit08, smopeningb12, and bouquet05
-Traded Yoru my moonprism01/05/09, tiaraaction04, and guide02 for rabbit14, daily1b07, and daily1c11
-Traded Zii my infinity08/09 for daily1c09 and 100members08
-Traded Kimi my lost05 and silentwall02 for smopeninga03, smopeningb03, and daily1c15
-Received rabbit13, mercury18, and infinity20 for mastering Kaolinite

August 12, 2007
-Bought deathbusters08, daughter15, racer11, neptuneplanet03, venusstar15, allies06, and messiah11 for 16 moon from Cosmos Mall
-Redeemed one Two Choice Regular coupon for kaolinite05/06
-Traded Jessy my bouquet05/07 for 6000cards02/03
-Traded Moonstar my dreampocket08 for artbook101/13
-Traded Jfromthemoon my healer19, miko12, trio06, staraqua04, and sp_neptune4 for daily1c01, bouquet01, and sp_uranus4
-Traded Kristen my mars14, pegasus10, member20, and clubs10 for daily1a03, member106, and hearts11

August 11, 2007
-Won dvdbox10, space09, and fruit11 from Anime Puzzle
-Won bridal06, chrysanthemum02, and bicycle18 from Manga Puzzle
-Won diamonds05 and dance01 from Snoop
-Won clubs07, kamen06, and innerseternal08 from Remember This?
-Won spades01 and bicycle11 from So Trivial
-Won hearts01, discography307, supremethunder12, and dance07 from Nab the Villain
-Won hearts13 and worldshaking02 from Blurred Photo
-Won clubs04, petz14, pegasus07, crown12, and 1 saturn coin from Warped
-Won mooncosmic07 from Lucky Match
-Won clubs06 from Memory
-Won racer06, millennium03, saturn01, singles02, cyprine1, and 1 pluto coin from Slots
-Won shitennou02, aliens07, strength04, and lilies07 from Passing Notes
-Won marsstar19 and blacklady12 from Remedial Classes
-Bought kunzite1, pluto3, chaos1, diana2, and v1 for 15 m from Gashapon
-Won healerstar16, gourmet13, and pledge06 from Crystal Lotto; payed with ribbon12
-Took season107 from Wishing Well; thanks Mochibuni!
-Traded Jannet my crybaby04, millennium06, princess10, destiny16, and fate19 for artbook114, channel11, and daily1c05

August 10, 2007
-Traded Cerri my ladyluna08 for act01_06

August 8, 2007
-Staff pay: ail08, mimete10, mars14, wink19, and kaolinite17

August 4, 2007
-Won dvdbox02, wedding04, and dance04 from Anime Puzzle
-Won dvdbox13, outers08, and inners09 from Manga Puzzle
-Won clubs11 and halation01 from Snoop
-Won spades07, crybaby13, and lilies17 from Remember This?
-Won clubs11, infinity08, and 1 pluto coin from Name That Tune
-Won hearts10 and twinkleyell07 from So Trivial
-Won spades11, lost09, guide07, and sunflower20 from Nab the Villain
-Won clubs01 and healer19 from Blurred Photo
-Won diamonds04, deepsubmerge13, strangle04, outerseternal02, and 1 mercury coin from Warped
-Won momoko18 from Lucky Match
-Won diamonds10 from Memory
-Won luna20, ikuko08, and unazuki18 from Slots

August 3, 2007
-Traded Li my mars17 and member20 for act01_19 and member99

August 2, 2007
-Took act01_07 from forum freebies
-Traded Cerri my stageon15 and sensitiveinferno10 for daily1b03
-Traded Sakukitsune my pegasus04/17 for daily1a01

August 1, 2007
-Doubles Swap: my dark11, petz05, yuuichirou16, deadscream20, dizzy13, dizzy16, plutoplanet14, angels09, crystaltokyo01, warriors10, whiterose17, channel01, channel09, daily1a06, disguise04, disguise12, season210, season404, season508, singles02, songbox02, and songbox11 for boyfriend15, pallapalla03, lovemechain05, grail17, fairies12, companion12, tiaraaction04, inners20, umbrella15, family20, secret13, discography108, disguise10, channel04, dreampocket08, itemsmoon09, lost05, characterv516, 100members10, asteroid06, codename08, and singles09
-Sailor Wars rewards! Two Choice Regular x 2, One Choice Character, One Choice Puzzle, One Choice Scene, One Choice Special x 2, 4 moon coins, 1 mercury coin, 1 venus coin, 1 pluto coin, and 1 neptune coin for being on team 2 and getting 10+ points
-Staff pay: ail14, mooneternallv07, cerecere11, ladyluna08, and kaolinite14

July 29, 2007
-Traded Lazuli my kingdom04/20, jupiterstar05, and leadcrow1 for darkfire13/15, rabbit18, and neoqueen1
-Traded Jannet my kunzite01 for rabbit15
-Traded Jessy my halation13, therapykiss08, and space16 for itemsmoon06 and artbook115
-Traded Rainbokat my 100members02 for channel09
-Took layout701 from update freebies
-Received sp_neptune4, cerecere07, daughter17, starblue20, yuuichirou1, and supercm2 for mastering Royal sprite set
-Casino: 27 moon for diamonds01/10/11/12/13, hearts01/10/11/12/13, and hearts05/06/07/08/09

July 28, 2007
-Traded Elly my layout602, daily1a13, ironmouse08, makaiju17, vesves17, and bridal05/08 for smopeninga16, smropeninga05, doublemoon03/16, rabbit05, neptune01/05/09, newpower11/18, and artbook114
-Won hearts08, dreampocket04, warriors10, and 1 mars coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won hearts12, daily1a10, crystaltokyo01, and 1 jupiter coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won hearts06 and millennium06 from Snoop
-Won hearts12, siren09, and neptune11 from Remember This?
-Won clubs08, season210, and 1 neptune coin from Name That Tune
-Won clubs13 and daughter10 from So Trivial
-Won clubs09, songbox02, and 1 jupiter coin from Nab the Villain
-Won clubs05 and mars17 from Blurred Photo
-Won diamonds07, petz05, neptuneplanet17, angels07, and 1 mars coin from Warped
-Won parfait18, cosmos17, and 1 jupiter coin from Lucky Match
-Won clubs10 from Memory
-Won viluy17, peruru20, and dizzy13 from Slots
-Won motoki17 and miko17 from War
-Won layout302, worldshaking12, jupiterstar06, and artbook306 from Passing Notes
-Won ssopening11 and oakevolution06 from Remedial Classes
-Won vocalist12 and jadeite10 from Crystal Lotto; payed with wreath19
-Won friends13 and oakevolution07 from Pick-a-Senshi
-Bought pluto4, lethe1, One Choice Regular, chibiusa1, and venus5 from Gashapon for 15 moons

July 25, 2007
-Staff pay: blacklady18, pegasus10, dizzy16, circle20, and kaolinite11

July 24, 2007
-Traded Emma my mars16, lost12, takeuchi18, and diamonds10 for smropeninga12, artbook208, 100members15, firesoul13, and clubs10

July 23, 2007
-Received kaolinite04, deadscream20, and daily1a13 for mastering Beam Shower
-Traded Rain my millennium03, dreamers07/11/13/15, mooneternalsv04/09/17, heartache11, future03/14, mooncrisis15, and member20 for 100members01/03, daily1c14, 6000cards07/11, original06, and member78
-Traded Jfromthemoon my season205 and sp_mars2 for 100members14 and sp_mamoru4
-Sold Jfromthemoon my pp01_019-26/28/30/32-37/39/42 for 4 moon 2 chibimoon
-Traded Aethereal my twinkleyell11/12, mooncrisismakeup09, and ssopening14 for firesoul10, artbook119, and swimsuit03
-Traded Yoru my mooncrystal04, mooncosmic12/15, moonrevenge04, purr12, and member20 for channel15, infinity04, inners06, and member102
-Bought daily1a06, dreamers04, guide02, stageon15, and cage15 from Cosmos Mall for 8 moon 8 chibimoon
-Spent three Two Random Regular, one One Random Special, and two One Random Sprite for opposites16, prism01, vesves13, premonition13, miko12, teasing01, dreampocket03, neptune1, and safir1

July 22, 2007
-Won diamonds11, season508, future03, and 1 chibimoon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won diamonds04, season404, messiah05, and 1 jupiter coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won spades01 and mercury04 from Snoop
-Won hearts03, yuuichirou16, marsstar04, whiterose17, and 1 jupiter coin from Warped
-Won hearts10, makaiju17, and dreamers07 from Remember This?
-Won spades06, daily1c04, and 1 mars coin from Name That Tune
-Won hearts06, characterv519, sensitiveinferno10, crybaby04, supercm2, and 1 venus coin from Nab the Villain
-Won diamonds03 and newpower16 from Blurred Photo
-Received two One Choice Regular, two Two Random Regular, two One Choice Special, and two One Random Sprite coupons for turning in 10 stamp cards
-Took one Two Random Regular, One Choice Regular, One Random Special, and 3 moon from lounge two freebies
-Received beamshower18/20, outerseternal19, racer11, and songbox11 for leveling up from Legend 1600 to Legend 1800

July 18, 2007
-Card Swap: my purr14 for yuuichirou02
-Traded Moonstar my dvdbox20 for original05
-Received smropeninga20, classmates10, artbook509, disguise12, and three One Choice Regular coupons for donating level badges
-Traded Jannet my zoisite12, darkness13, and member20 for characterv509 and member103
-Staff pay: chibimoon10, starfighter16, tellu06, kingdom20, and beamshower14

July 16, 2007
-Happy belated birthday Rahenna!!
-Took beamshower07, kaolinite20, and sailorv15 from update freebies
-Won diamonds13, layout102, royalty13, and 1 mercury coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won hearts01, daily1b14, staraqua04, and 1 mars coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won diamonds01 and related20 from Snoop
-Won clubs07, kaguya16, viluy13, allies06, and 1 mercury coin from Warped
-Won clubs10, premonition14, and fate19 from Remember This?
-Won diamonds06, dvdbox20, and 1 jupiter coin from Name That Tune
-Won spades09 and circle19 from Blurred Photo
-Took desperate07 from forum freebies
-Won aliens12, rabbit20, trio06, and beamshower08 from Crystal Lotto; payed with kaguya16
-Won 1 neptune coin from Pick-a-Senshi
-Won 17 moon from Casino trade in (spades01/10/11/12/13, clubs05/06/07/08/09)
-Bought makoto1, siren2, jupiter1, princess1, and zircon1 from Gashapon for 11 m 6 c
-Traded Jfromthemoon my season105, fate14, season204, fire05/07, stargreen16, and mercury1 for daily1a05, daily1b04/12, daily1c10, and rubeus2
-Sold Jfromthemoon my pp01_004/005, cd9_352, gr9_41/42, cd9_351/357, and pp01_007/008/011/012/013/014/016/018 for 6 moon
-Traded Nikki my dust01, kakyuu05, and cherry02 for bouquet08 and teasing19
-Traded Memory Revenge my circle11/19, member20, and clubs05 for daily1b15, member86, and clubs03

July 15, 2007
-Traded Yoru my crybaby20 and mooncrystal08/10 for season205 and sensitive07

July 14, 2007
-Galaxy Bank: 3 mars, 1 jupiter, 1 uranus, 2 pluto, and 2 saturn for 14 m 11 c
-Traded Kimi my barefoot11 and lilies05 for deathbusters01

July 12, 2007
-Traded Elyse my smsopening01/17, uranus07, violinist07, and moon3 for artbook201, rabbit12, takeuchi19, and setsuna1

July 11, 2007
-Traded GarnetPrincess my super12/14 for beamshower15 and protect05
-Received sp_maker3, nephrite10, uranus07, outerseternal09, moon3, and pluto2 for mastering Amazon Trio sprite set
-Cosmos Mall: bought fairies07/14/17/20, renewal11, and santa10 for two Two Choice Regular coupons and two One Choice Special coupons
-Staff pay: neherenia15, petz05, ironmouse08, inners03, and beryl05
-Received beryl07/08/09/13/16, oakevolution14, singles02, mooncrystal08, queen16, oneyear03/04, plutoplanet14, cosmos16, beamshower03, jupiter17, and layout601 for mastering Fairies, Renewal, Santa, and Beryl
-Received beamshower04 and channel01 for mastering Layout6
-Sold Jfromthemoon my stars18 and gr9_26 doubles for 2 chibimoon

July 10, 2007
-Traded Elly my zoisite20, petz07/12/15, junjun02/16, dreampocket11, lost20, rei1, and artemis2 for darkfire05, fairies19, artbook211/12/20, ojiisan14, smopeninga01, smopeningb09/13, smropeninga08, tigerseye1, and serenity1
-Card Swap: my wink20 for artbook214

July 9, 2007
-Traded Moonstar my gentleuterus01/18 for 100members02
-Traded Sakukitsune my fisheye15 and healerstar12 for deathbusters07
-Traded Nikki my layout503 for daily1a12
-Traded MarieAmethyst my stageon03/06 and daily1a08 for yuuichirou17, moonprism07, and characterv510
-Received sp_healer1, hawkseye04, vesves17, tattoo18, kunzite1, and chibimoon3 for mastering Super Villains sprite set

July 8, 2007
-Traded Jfromthemoon my saturn12, starry16, and motoki08 for mooncrisis15 and channel18
-Won diamonds08, bridal05, sunflower11, and 1 moon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won clubs02, takeuchi12, angel09, and 1 mars coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won hearts07 and dust01 from Snoop
-Won hearts08, beryl15, mooncrystal10, barefoot11, and 1 saturn coin from Warped
-Won clubs07, saturn15, and genius09 from Remember This?
-Won hearts09, itemsmoon12, and 1 uranus coin from Name That Tune
-Won spades05, channel02, protect02, mars16, jupiter2, and 1 pluto coin from Nab the Villain
-Won diamonds06 and smopeningb04 from Blurred Photo
-Took chrysanthemum12 from forum freebies

July 7, 2007
-Received fairies03, lilies05, and daily1a08 for mastering Companion
-Traded Emma my infinity18, lost10, and sp_mercury3 for daily1a02/13 and sp_mamoru1
-Traded Lazuli my itemsmoon02, moonrevenge01, worldshaking13, and artbook103 for 100members05, smopeninga13, darkfire11, and doublemoon10
-Doubles Swap: my earth10, earth15, moon07, petz12, prism11, guide18, formal17, asteroid02, channel01, discography112, discography201, discography212, innercover02, innercover08, innercover11, movie05, original15, renewal2, renewal202, season111, season303, season505, season508, and season509 for smopeninga04, dark11, nephrite20, firesoul05, jupiterstar05, haruna08, warriors13, deathbusters03, 100members02, infinity01, season105, daily1b13, daily1a08, lost12, dreampocket11, dvdbox18, layout602, lost20, takeuchi05, season204, channel17, disguise04, daily1c12, and characterv518
-Traded Jaenne my deepsubmerge17, fate06, and chibimoon2 for daily1a06 and galaxia1
-Traded Grace my original08 for santa01

July 6, 2007
-Traded MarieAmethyst my tellu1 for nehelenia1

July 5, 2007
-Won ail10, escalation14, and artbook406 from Crystal Lotto; payed with zirconia18
-Gashapon: jupiter4, dimando2, junjun1, One Choice Scene, and artemis2 for 11 m 6 c
-Card Shop: cd9_359/43/58/59/39 for 1 m 1 c
-Card Shop: cd9_350/46/25/25/23/39/51/57/52/53 for 2 m 2 c
-Received sp_mamoru5, healerstar12, pegasus17, stargreen16, smalllady1, and mercury1 for mastering the Amazoness Quartet sprite set
-Won hearts13, characterv513, kingdom04, and 1 jupiter coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won diamonds07, 100members16, starry16, and 1 pluto coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won spades12 and fairies10 from Snoop
-Won spades10, purr14, darkfire14, inners12, and 1 chibimoon coin from Warped
-Won hearts09, beamshower12, and mooncosmic12 from Remember This?
-Won widepressure05 from Lucky Match
-Won hearts03, characterv501, and 1 mars coin from Name That Tune
-Won hearts02, clubs11, daily1a09, uranusplanet04, formal20, makoto1, 1 mars coin, renewal08!, therapykiss08, strength13, leadcrow1 hahaha, and 1 saturn coin from Nab the Villain
-Won clubs01 and doublemoon09 from Blurred Photo
-Cosmos Mall: earth10/15, seriouslaser10, worldshaking13, cosmos01, darkness13, and companion20 for 6 m 12 c and One Choice Regular

July 4, 2007
-Took 100members06/07/10 from forum freebies
-Traded M-chan my grandpa1 for nelehenia1
-Card Shop: cd9_336/46/64/43/32/26/36/32/30/25 for 2 m 2 c
-Card Shop: cd9_331/38/39/60/42/32/55/42/35/36 for 2 m 2 c
-Card Shop: cd9_354/25/61/55/34/46/49/43/46/25 for 2 m 2 c
-Card Shop: cd9_332/45/27/63/25/37/28/39/49/53 for 2 m 2 c
-Card Shop: cd9_343/32/31/46/62/29/45/39/59/33 for 2 m 2 c
-Card Shop: cd9_350/37/34/46/59/62/26/57/26/24 for 2 m 2 c
-Card Shop: cd9_344/57/56/28/34/35/26/29/41/37 for 2 m 2 c
-Card Shop: cd9_326/40/26/62/35/60/45/46/30/47 for 2 m 2 c
-Card Shop: cd9_324/55/38/55/27/46/51/49/25/26 for 2 m 2 c
-Card Shop: cd9_350/62/59/53/54/47/32/52/54/48 for 2 m 2 c
-Received companion12, uranus15, and characterv503 for mastering Moon
-Staff pay: toughlove08, healer01, kenji05, festival03, and companion16
-Traded Fayto my marsstar04, cage15, fruit09/14, mimete08/15, burningmandala03/04/19, uranusplanet14, and sp_mars4 for 6000cards06/09, 100members11/12/13, and sp_mars5

June 28, 2007
-Received sp_mars2, dust15, petz12, strawberry04, moon2, and beryl1 for mastering Outers Civilian sprite set

June 27, 2007
-Traded Mochibuni my tomoe1 for haruka1
-Staff pay: strangle01, gourmet02, smalllady09, stageon03, and companion10
-Received moon12/13, smropeninga06, covergirls03, and innercover11 for leveling up from Legend 1400 to Legend 1600
-Traded Cerri my moon2 and usagi2 for pallapalla1 and endymion1
-Traded Yuzuki my chibimoon16 for companion04
-Galaxy Bank: my 1 mercury, 1 mars, 1 jupiter, 2 venus, 2 uranus, 2 neptune, 4 pluto, and 1 saturn for 22 moon and 22 chibimoon
-Traded SakuKitsune my helios19 and member20 for smopeningb01 and member97

June 26, 2007
-Traded Zii my powerkiss02, tattoo14/20, and member20 for companion19, original02, and member96
-Traded Nikki my royalty09 and member20 for starry01 and member89

June 25, 2007
-Traded M-chan my lost04/15 for 6000cards14/16
-Traded Jessy my lost03 for deathbusters06

June 24, 2007
-Won hearts10, characterv504, umbrella10, and 1 mars coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won clubs07, channel20, starred06, and 1 neptune coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won clubs05 and guardians08 from Snoop
-Won clubs01, heartache11, oakevolution13, fruit14, and 1 chibimoon coin from Warped
-Won hearts07, unazuki09, and fruit09 from Remember This?
-Won hearts09, bridal08, and 1 saturn coin from Name That Tune
-Won itemsmoon02, opposites09, artbook218, hearts02, moon2, and 1 pluto coin from Nab the Villain
-Won hearts11 and related03 from Blurred Photo
-Took powerkiss02 from forum freebies

June 23, 2007
-Received artbook519 from Wishing Well
-Won marsstar04, rabbit04, and moon06 from Crystal Lotto
-Bought ami2, tellu1, grandpa1, chibichibi, and zircon1 from Gashapon for 10 m 10 c
-Won deathbusters02 from Pick-a-Senshi
-Card Swap: my silentwall02 for santa04
-Got violinist07/15 from Card Claim

June 20, 2007
-Staff pay: prism11, dimando09, junjun02, space16, and moon18

June 17, 2007
-Traded Lunix my dreamers17, opposites05, sensitive11, and luna1/2 for kaolinite10, oneyear09, cerecere1, and mistress1
-Traded MarieAmethyst my starfighter12 for gentleuterus18

June 16, 2007
-Won clubs05, season505, angels09, and 1 chibimoon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won clubs04, lost03, cosmos13, and 1 jupiter coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won kamen10 and hearts03 from Snoop
-Won hearts05, junjun16, moon07, cage15, and 1 neptune coin from Warped
-Won spades06, mercury09, and kaolinite19 from Remember This?
-Won twinkleyell20 from Lucky Match
-Won spades07, lost15, and 1 chibimoon coin from Name That Tune
-Won diamonds10, fate06, and halation20 from Who Said It?
-Won hearts02 and smsopening01 from Blurred Photo
-Took gentleuterus01 from forum freebies

June 14, 2007
-Traded Usio my whiterose01 for chibimoon16
-Traded Carly my neptuneplanet17, deepsubmerge10, and crown03 for moon11 and oneyear12
-Cosmos Mall: Two Random Regular x 4, One Random Special x 1, and One Random Sprite x 2 for fiore03, dreamers15, kunzite01, violinist02, meditation10, motoki08, jupiterstar08, guide18, takeuchi20, mars3, and fisheye1
-Traded Iceymoon my hearts02 for clubs08

June 13, 2007
-Traded MarieAmethyst my bicycle01/02 for santa09
-Traded Emerald my prince19 and tattoo12 for layout602
-Traded Kimi my santa10 and peruru05 for 6000cards01 and yuuichirou16
-Traded Amber my awakening01/03 and member20 for beryl11, darkfire02, and member24
-Traded MarieAmethyst my dimando02 and motoki08 for oneyear05

June 12, 2007
-Traded Nekomata my mercurystar09/11 and artbook402 for companion17 and renewal06
-Won spades13, bouquet02, gift09, and 1 mercury coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won clubs13, renewal10, pledge09, and 1 moon coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won peruru09 and clubs07 from Snoop
-Won hearts12, mercurystar10, zirconia18, whiterose01, and 1 moon coin from Warped
-Won episode20001, chibimoon03, and clubs10 from Remember This?
-Won clubs11, takeuchi18, and 1 moon coin from Name That Tune (what is up with these clubs omg)
-Won clubs06, dreamers11, and saturn12 from Who Said It?
-Won diamonds01 and cooan08 from Blurred Photo
-Won neptuneplanet17, starmaker08, and meow16 from Crystal Lotto; payed with inners02
-Sailor Wars: Two Random Regular, One Choice Regular, One Random Special, and 3 moon coins
-Card Shop: 2 moon 2 chibimoon for stars16/18/07/18/14/09/05/18/07/11
-Card Shop: 2 moon 2 chibimoon for stars10/08/14/11/13/09/16/12/03/01
-Card Shop: 2 moon 2 chibimoon for stars17/07/05/17/14/17/07/02/16/10
-Card Shop: 2 moon 2 chibimoon for stars14/06/17/18/10/17/11/11/08/03
-Card Shop: 2 moon 2 chibimoon for stars09/15/11/13/11/04/12/17/10/15

June 11, 2007
-Traded Moonstar my artbook510 and mirror03 for renewal14

May 31, 2007
-Took 6000cards10/12/13 from forum freebies

May 29, 2007
-Doubles Swap: my beautyshock02, companion03, crescent06, warriors07, whiterose09, channel19, codename05, codename05, codename06, discography205, discography208, discography301, innercover01, movie01, original04, renewal09, santa05, season104, season105, season111, season204, season404, season409, season507, silentwall04, singles09, songbox03, and songbox04 for princess10, zoisite12, formal17, cosmos03, naptime03, innercover08, movie05, shitennou10, discography201, silentwall02, renewal202, season111, takeuchi04, original15, discography212, renewal13, takeuchi10, season509, discography112, season508, asteroid02, innercover02, channel01, infinity15, season303, lost04, renewal02, and oneyear13

May 28, 2007
-Traded Grace my crisis03, mercury05, vocalist10, fighterstar04, healerstar14, and marsstar08 for beryl17, kaolinite02/07, rabbit02, darkfire07, and smopeninga11
-Traded K-chan my tree18/20 for beamshower02 and companion07
-Received One Choice Regular x 2, Two Random Regular x 2, One Choice Special x 2, and One Random Sprite x 2
-Traded MarieAmethyst my artbook304 for beamshower16

May 27, 2007
-Card claim: fire05/07
-Received sp_uranus2, karaberas13, ssopening14, wreath10, neptune2, and supersm1 for mastering Dark Kingdom sprite set

May 26, 2007
-Won santa05, moonrevenge04, formal17, One Choice Regular, and 1 venus coin for completing Phase 2 of Anniversary Event
-Won spades06, renewal02, cherry13, and 1 uranus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won spades01, renewal09, formal11, and 1 venus coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won deepsubmerge17 and hearts02 from Snoop
-Won spades03, tinnyanko19, zoisite20, double08, and 1 pluto coin from Warped
-Won diamonds09, ocean17, and burningmandala03 from Remember This?
-Won diamonds10, discography301, and 1 pluto coin from Name That Tune
-Won spades09 and mooneternalsv04/17 from Who Said It?
-Won clubs09 and crisismakeup09 from Blurred Photo
-Received oshiokiyo07/08, lilies06, ann01, and songbox04 for leveling up from 1200 to 1400
-Received oshiokiyo01, kinmoku05, and lost10 for mastering Layout 2
-Card swap: my uranus02 for ojiisan13
-Traded M-chan my lost10, shingo1, and yuuichirou1 for original17, hotaru1, and tuxedo1
-Traded Nextrea my millennium07 and member20 for fairies09 and member85
-Received oshiokiyo09/10/17, innerseternal10, siren13, oneyear01, artbook315, original04, moon02/03, mercurycrystal10, silentwall02, teasing16, and channel19 for mastering Disguise, Fire Buster, Oshiokiyo, and 60 member cards

May 25, 2007
-Gashapon: 10 m 10 c for peruru1, zirconia1, wiseman1, naru1, and artemis2
-Crystal Lotto: won guide18, crisismakeup14, pledge04, firebuster19, and oshiokiyo19; payed with boyfriend09
-Wishing Well: got 1 uranus coin and 1 pluto coin, thanks Shawnna!
-Traded Jfromthemoon my venus03, member20, and venus1 for ojiisan19, member90, and nephrite1
-Traded MarieAmethyst my pillar18 for firebuster20

May 24, 2007
-Traded Kimi my umbrella13 for beamshower19
-Exchanged 9 mercury, 3 mars, 9 jupiter, 6 venus, 8 neptune, 1 pluto, and 11 saturn coins for 93 moon coins and 47 chibimoon coins

May 20, 2007
-Traded Alarm my makaiju01, circle20, covergirls08/11, and darkness01 for darkfire01/10, doublemoon13, and renewal05

May 19, 2007
-Won spades11, codename06, warriors07, and 1 chibimoon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won spades12, silentwall04, allies01, and 1 neptune coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won protect09 and clubs01 from Snoop
-Won diamonds12, related06, momoko20, crown19, and 1 moon coin from Warped
-Won spades05, fairies06, and saturn04 from Remember This?
-Won mercury05 from Lucky Match
-Won diamonds03, songbox03, and 1 venus coin from Name That Tune
-Won diamonds13, deepsubmerge10, and bicycle02 from Who Said It?
-Won halation13 and diamonds07 from Blurred Photo
-Took guardians10 and pillar18 from forum freebies

May 18, 2007
-Won infinity06, umbrella03, and 1 mercury coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won season507, crown03, and 1 pluto coin from Manga Puzzle
-Traded Nikki my nude08/09 for oneyear10
-Traded Lazuli my jupiter2 for king1
-Traded MarieAmethyst my lilies07 and fruit15 for santa03
-Traded Hotaru my ail04 for beryl14

May 15, 2007
-Traded GarnetPrincess my saturn16, saturnplanet16, and member20 for oneyear07 and member83

May 13, 2007
-Traded MemoryRevenge my swimsuit01/10 for layout603, smopeninga17, and smopeningb05

May 8, 2007
-Traded MarieAmethyst my smopeninga08 for companion14
-Traded Lazuli my layout602 for layout201
-Traded NebulaChain my wiseman1 for kunzite1
-Traded Kitsune my haruna14, unazuki04, shitennou03, and member20 for yuuichirou03, rabbit07, layout503, and member75

May 7, 2007
-Traded Cerri my sp_mars4 for sp_uranus5

May 4, 2007
-Took layout602 from update freebie
-Won oneyear08, crown17, and 1 venus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won bouquet05, inners02, and 1 jupiter coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won allies19 from Snoop
-Won darkfire16, smsopening17, stageon06, and 1 chibimoon coin from Warped
-Won moonprism01 and circle11 from Remember This?
-Won movie01, mimete08, fruit15, and 1 mercury coin from Name That Tune
-Won saturnplanet16 and beamshower13 from Who Said It?
-Won smopeninga18 from Blurred Photo
-Won prince19, artbook210, and firebuster17 from Crystal Lotto; payed with zirconia15
-Won season404, original01, yuuichirou1, michiru1, 1 mars coin, and 1 mercury coin from Wishing Well
-Won santa06 from Pick-a-Senshi
-Took smopeninga08, smopeningb08, unazuki04, shingo12, and oneyear02/06/16 from forum freebies
-Received sp_healer4, shitennou03, singles09, disguise07, moonrevenge01, firebuster06, darkness04, mamoru2, and usagi2 for mastering premium Pluto set
-Won lost10 for finding Sailor Mars (part of Anniversary Celebration)
-Won oneyear11, chibimoon2, and 1 jupiter coin for finding Sailor Mercury (Anniversary Celebration)
-Won destiny16, starmaker14, and bicycle18 for finding Sailor Jupiter (Anniversary Celebration)
-Won twinkleyell11, dreaming20, and luna1 for finding Sailor Venus (Anniversary Celebration)
-Won discography205, crybaby20, ocean01, millennium07, circle20, One Choice Regular, 1 venus coin, and 1 saturn coin for completing Phase 1 of Anniversary Celebration
-Won discography208, tellu1, and 1 uranus coin from the Red Rainbow Crystal (Anniversary Celebration)
-Won mirror03 and millennium03 from the Orange Rainbow Crystal (Anniversary Celebration)
-Won mooncosmic15 and artbook103 from the Yellow Rainbow Crystal (Anniversary Celebration)
-Won season104, peruru1, and 1 venus coin from the Green Rainbow Crystal (Anniversary Celebration)
-Won infinity09, venus1, and 1 mars coin from the Blue Rainbow Crystal (Anniversary Celebration)
-Won swimsuit10, helios1, and 1 saturn coin from the Dark Blue Rainbow Crystal (Anniversary Celebration)

May 2, 2007
-Received Two Random Regular, One Choice Character, One Choice Puzzle, One Choice Scene, and One Choice Special coupons from Rahenna's front page message

April 28, 2007
-Traded Emerald my sp_chibimoon1 for sp_pluto5

April 27, 2007
-Received sp_mars4, fighterstar15, starfighter12, starred02, wiseman1, and jupiter2

April 26, 2007
-Traded MarieAmethyst my luna2 and neptune1 for zoisite1 and uranus3

April 25, 2007
-Traded Sailor Astolat my believe07/26/36/39 and member20 for makaiju01, fairies05, ojiisan08, allies20, and member60
-Traded Moon Crisis my moonrevenge17 for fairies04

April 22, 2007
-Traded Tsuki-Hidenka my meow19 and wedding15 for cooan06 and yuuichirou20

April 21, 2007
-Traded Rainbokat my dust02 for firebuster13
-Traded Mousey my yuuichirou1 for jadeite1

April 20, 2007
-Traded Minalover my darkfire19 for moon10
-Traded Emerald my bouquet02 for moon07 and rabbit09
-Traded MarieAmethyst my artbook418 for fairies18
-Traded Kimi my discography212 and friends14 for disguise10 and ojiisan16

April 19, 2007
-Took fairies15, ann16, nephrite08, miko15, opposites05, crisis03, future14, crescent06, silentwall04, 1 mercury coin, 1 neptune coin, pluto1, and usagi2 from hiatus randomizer

April 15, 2007
-Received sp_mercury3, kakyuu05, saturn16, wedding15, tomoe1, and vesves1 for mastering Stars Friends sprite set

April 14, 2007
-Traded Elyse my chibimoon1 for fighter1
-Traded MarieAmethyst my saturn3 for chibichibi1

April 13, 2007
-Traded MarieAmethyst my sp_mercury5, rabbit08, and cosmos03/06 for sp_pluto1, beamshower01, and original07
-Traded Aluria my outers03/13 and neptune1 for santa02 and fireball1

April 12, 2007
-Took karaberas12, beautyshock02, mercurystar11, ikuko16, charmbuster13, rabbit11, tattoo12, barefoot16, discography212, 2 jupiter coins, shingo1, and dimando1 from hiatus randomizer

April 6, 2007
-Auction: offered aquarhapsody01, flamesniper01, oakevolution01, and beautyshock01 and got 2 m 2 c from winner

April 5, 2007
-Took dimando02, companion03, awakening03, dreamers13, venus03, ann17, outerseternal12, bicycle01, innercover01, 2 mercury coins, venus1, and maker1 from the hiatus randomizer
-Traded Emma my inners15 for rabbit10

April 1, 2007
-Traded Cinna my moonrevenge02 and strength04 for peruru05 and doublemoon06
-Traded Cerri my circle09 and opposites17 for original03
-Received Two Choice Regular x2, One Choice Character, One Choice Puzzle, One Choice Scene, One Choice Special x2, 3 moon coins, and 1 mars, venus, neptune, saturn, and chibimoon coin for being on Team One and getting 10+ points in Sailor Wars

March 31, 2007
-Bought gr9_25/42/37/34/38/42/35/31 for 2 m
-Bought gr9_41/22/29/40/42/29/36/31 for 2 m
-Bought gr9_29/32/32/39/32/31/39/25 for 2 m
-Bought gr9_31/30/42/38/33/26/34/25 for 2 m

March 30, 2007
-Traded Elly my jadeite01/16 for mirror02 and prism20
-Traded Iceymoon my smropeninga01, moonprismcm12, and uranusplanet02 for moon09 and disguise09
-Traded Amy my umbrella01 and member20 for companion11 and member57
-Traded Elyse my mirror02, racer04/12/15, uranus11/17, violinist01/14/16/19, starsopening03/04/07, and fiore17 for moonprism05/09, layout101, layout202/03, original04, and santa05/10
-Received firebuster03, circle09, and season409 for mastering Prism

March 29, 2007
-Redeemed three One Choice Special coupons for singles02/05 and songbox08
-Received sp_uranus5, serenity13, mooncrisis01, whiterose09, luna2, and chibimoon1 for mastering Animamates sprite set
-Traded Minalover my circle19/20, darkfire13/15, kaolinite07, moon2, and sp_uranus5 for beamshower05, firebuster15, prism01, disguise05, ail1, and sp_pluto2
-Traded Cerri my endymion1 for hawkeye1
-Traded Mochibuni my dust13 and luna1 for firebuster05 and chibiusa1
-Received whiterose12/19, strength04, tree18, disguise06, prism08/10, believe216, lilies04, disguise08, prism12, umbrella13, codename05, prism19, starsopening07, and season204 for mastering Singles, Songbox, Tiara Action, and White Rose
-Traded Elyse my awakening20, space09, and pallapalla1 for codename04 and neptune3
-Traded Cinna my codename04 for boyfriend09 and makaiju05

March 28, 2007
-Traded Emma my endymion1 for an1
-Traded Minalover my moon3 for saturn2
-Traded Lazuli my moon1 for galaxia1
-Redeemed Two Random Regular, Two Choice Regular, and One Choice Regular for teasing05, twinkleyell16, tiaraaction18/19, and beautyshock01
-Traded Rikka my silentwall02 for darkfire19 and firebuster18
-Took makaiju08, dreamers17, opposites17, sensitive11, and strength01 from forum freebies
-Traded Emerald my chibimoon11 for beamshower10

March 27, 2007
-Received sp_mercury5, uranusplanet14, neptuneplanet13, dance12, endymion1, and ptilol1 for mastering Black Moon 1 Sprite set
-Received whiterose09 and season111 for mastering Layout4
-Doubles: my venus12, plutoplanet13, uranusplanet02, discography304, renewal202, santa07, season405, and songbox13 for darkfire15, zirconia15, gourmet07, infinity18, bouquet02, channel09, codename05, and season105
-Random sprite coupons: mars3, saturn3, and mimete1

March 26, 2007
-Won disguise04, moonrevenge02, pinksugar09, and moon3 from Nab the Villain
-Traded Moon Crisis my mooncosmic01 for whiterose14
-Traded Elyse my warriors02/05/12 and tellu1 for fairies12, beamshower17, companion03, and rubeus1
-Card Swap: my warriors20 for beryl01

March 25, 2007
-Won singles01, artbook510, and 1 venus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won channel19, darkness01, and 1 saturn coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won friends14 from Snoop
-Won mistress909, purr12, warriors20, and 1 mercury coin from Warped
-Won racer04 and fate14 from Remember This?
-Won channel01, moonrevenge17, wink12, and 1 chibimoon coin from Name That Tune
-Won flamesniper08 and inners15 from Who Said It?
-Won ojiisan20 from Blurred Photo
-Won protect06, healerstar14, and artbook418 from Crystal Lotto; payed with carols14
-Won swimsuit01 from Pick-a-Senshi
-Bought pallapalla1, tellu1, luna1, chibimoon3, and mimete1 from Gashapon for 12 m 2 c
-Card claim: layout403

March 24, 2007
-Received tiaraaction10, nude09, and original08 for mastering Spirited
-Card Swap: my shitennou12 and infinity03 for singles07 and layout401
-Traded K-chan my channel18 for tiaraaction04 and oakevolution01

March 23, 2007
-Redeemed Two Choice Regular coupon for spirited09/13
-Traded Luna my crisismakeup03/15 for songbox01

March 21, 2007
-Traded Mousey my marsstar10 for moon01
-Traded Moonstar my therapykiss19 and sunflower17 for songbox04

March 20, 2007
-Won renewal12, wings10, and 1 neptune coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won bicycle08 from Snoop
-Won believe206, strangle12, ribbon12, and 1 pluto coin from Warped
-Won motoki08 and therapykiss17 from Remember This?
-Won santa07, fighterstar04, family17, and 1 jupiter coin from Name That Tune
-Won worldshaking10 and beruche14 from Who Said It?
-Won original08, ojiisan17, covergirls11, and neptune1 from Nab the Villain
-Won warriors12 from Blurred Photo
-Took healer1 and jupiter3 from Minalover's wish at the Wishing Well, thank you!
-Received spirited07/20, prism17, barefoot03, and bouquet07 for leveling up from legend to legend+200
-Traded Elyse my original08, worldshaking10, and newpower14 for kaolinite16, firebuster12, and disguise02

March 19, 2007
-Traded Iceymoon my smalllady1 for leadcrow1

March 18, 2007
-Won original14, ladyluna19, and 1 moon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Received Two Random Regular, One Choice Special, One Random Sprite, and One Choice Regular for turning in five stamp cards
-Received spirited01/02/03, silentwall02, escalation12, moonprismcm03, and petz12 for donating a set of level badges

March 16, 2007
-Redeemed One Random Special and Two Random Regular for motoki19, venus12, and channel18

March 15, 2007
-Took One Choice Regular, Two Random Regular, and One Random Special coupon from update

March 13, 2007
-Traded Elyse my original13 and takeuchi04 for beamshower09, darkfire13, fairies16, and oshiokiyo04
-Traded Mousey my ironmouse13 for fairies13
-Bought gr9_32/32/27/24/35/26/25/41 for 2 m
-Traded Nyla my fire10 and member20 for beamshower06 and member74

March 12, 2007
-Bought mercurystar09, moonprismcm12, and uranusplanet02 from Cosmos Mall
-Redeemed One Random Regular and Two Random Regular coupons for ojiisan02, plutoplanet13, and haruna14
-Traded Mousey my neoqueen10 and member20 for kaolinite09 and member73
-Doubles: my starorange02/10, warriors02, asteroid03, renewal01, renewal04, renewal209, season205, season403/07, and singles10 for messiah06, gift08, lilies10, renewal202, original15, layout402, takeuchi04, songbox13, discography304, season405, and infinity03

March 11, 2007
-Won singles10, cherry02, and 1 jupiter coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won season403, artbook402, and 1 jupiter coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won rabbit08 from Snoop
-Won protect12, kaguya11, starorange10, and 1 venus coin from Warped
-Won flamesniper01 and dreaming10 from Remember This?
-Won 1 moon coin from Pick-a-Senshi
-Won vocalist07, companion18, and spirited18 from Crystal Lotto; payed with kaguya11
-Bought edymion1, neptune1, luna2, diana1, and One Random Regular coupon from Gashapon for 10 m 10 c
-Took beamshower11 from forum freebies
-Traded Rainbokat my dust07, saturn10/14, luna14, outerseternal18, and member20 for doublemoon14, kaolinite18, renewal07, therapykiss19, and member65

March 10, 2007
-Won renewal04, warriors02, and 1 moon coin from Name That Tune
-Won lilies06 and dust13 from Who Said It?
-Won renewal209, fire10, artbook119, and pluto4 from Nab the Villain
-Won darkfire12 from Blurred Photo
-Traded Elyse my infinity19, grail20, artbook119, and artbook509 for songbox06, smropeninga01, moon08, and dust02
-Traded Yuzuki my mercurystar16, original04, and sp_venus4 for tiaraaction14, singles11, and sp_mars4
-Traded Mattermao my luna17, aquamirage14, and member20 for songbox03 and member70
-Traded MarieAmethyst my smropeninga08/14 for songbox10
-Traded Kimi my rabbit04, little13, and doublemoon09/20 for sailorv19, tiaraaction15, and original13

March 8, 2007
-Traded Nekomata my queen14 and naptime19 for smropeninga08 and grail20

March 7, 2007
-Took smropeninga14 from forum freebies
-Traded Cerri my moonrevenge216, saturn16, and member20 for tree20, outers13, and member68
-Traded Carly my wink05 and member20 for companion01 and member61

March 6, 2007
-Traded Moonstar my galaxia18 and therapykiss04 for singles06

March 6, 2007
-Bought gr9_28/32/35/37/42 for 5 c
-Bought gr9_38/28/33/26/36/23/28/41/33/42 for 2 m 2 c

March 5, 2007
-Traded Mochibuni my junjun05 and outerseternal15 for whiterose02/05
-Traded Minalover my beryl07/08/15/16 for songbox02, tiaraaction17, and oshiokiyo06

March 4, 2007
-Won singles10, carols14, and 1 saturn coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won renewal01, formal06, and 1 mercury coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won pinksugar12, ojiisan03, crystaltokyo01, and 1 chibimoon coin from Warped
-Won aquarhapsody01 and wreath19 from Remember This?

March 3, 2007
-Traded Miri-chan my channel05, original17, and member20 for tiaraaction11, whiterose08/10/18 and member41
-Traded Aluria my circle07/15 for songbox14
-Traded Luna my crisis11 for sailorv07
-Exchanged 4 uranus, 2 venus, and 4 pluto for 20 m 16 c

March 2, 2007
-Received Two Choice Regular (x2), One Choice Character, One Choice Puzzle, One Choice Scene, One Choice Special (x2), 1 mercury, venus, uranus, saturn, and chibimoon coin, and 3 moon coins for being on the winning Sailor Wars team and earning 10 points
-Took Two Random Regular, One Choice Scene, and One Choice Puzzle from team one lounge freebies
-Won takeuchi13, ironmouse13, vocalist10, umbrella01, yuuichirou1, and 1 moon coin from Talisman Hunt
-Traded Elyse my infinity10/13, original09, takeuchi18, grail09, and nude07 for singles03/09/12 and songbox12/13

March 1, 2007
-Traded Lunix my pp01_048/27 for pp01_002/18
-Traded Faith-san my friends17, kinmoku10, and strangle16 for beryl06, yuuichirou13, and firebuster01
-Traded Shawnna my cats15, beautifuldream14, and umbrella12/15 for beryl19, kaolinite07, prism06, and oshiokiyo11
-Traded Moon Crisis my moon02/13 for tiaraaction13 and companion06
-Traded Lunix my rose03 for inners17
-Traded MarieAmethyst my kamen08 for firebuster11
-Traded ThreeFatesAngel my chibimoon18, cage03, and moonrevenge205 for nude07 and songbox11
-Traded Luna my channel15 for original09

February 28, 2007
-Bought pp01_018/45/36/30 for 1 m
-Received spirited04, neoqueen10, and discography203 for mastering Tuxedo
-Traded Marfisa my artbook110 and artemis1 for sailorv01 and beruche1
-Won beautifuldream14 and 1 saturn coin from Lucky Match
-Won innercover03, artbook206, and 1 pluto coin from Name That Tune
-Won galaxia18 and crisis11 from Who Said It?
-Won infinity13, jadeite01/16, and diana1 from Nab the Villain
-Won prism07 from Blurred Photo
-Took rabbit04 from forum freebies
-Bought pp01_024/11/25/07/08/07/37/36 for 2 m
-Bought pp01_034/16/39/16/28/20/47/14/37/22 for 2 m 2 c
-Bought pp01_030/46/30/35/30/48/14/33 for 2 m
-Doubles trade ins: my venusstar10, crescent16, codename05, discography111, discography112, discography203, discography310, innercover02, innercover03, movie05, and musicbox09 for ikuko14, cosmos06, season407, singles04, season205, channel10, takeuchi18, original04, asteroid03, infinity10, and renewal01

February 27, 2007
-Took protect18 from forum freebies
-Bought pp01_015/07/09/39 for 1 m
-Redeemed a Two Random Regular, a Two Choice Regular, and a One Choice Regular coupon for uranusplanet02, grail09, and tuxedo03/06/08
-Traded Elyse my infinity01 and space07/08 for renewal04 and disguise11

February 26, 2007
-Won channel15, crystaltokyo19, and 1 pluto coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won codename05, crescent16, and 1 uranus coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won dreaming04 from Snoop!
-Won dust07, chibimoon18, starorange02, and 1 jupiter coin from Warped
-Won prism11 and vocalist09 from Remember This?

February 24, 2007
-Traded Elyse my innercover05/07/09 for spirited08, umbrella15, marsstar08/11, burningmandala04, and super12
-Traded Takako my takeuchi17 for whiterose07/20

February 23, 2007
-Took covergirls08 from forum freebies
-Received coupons: Two Random Regular, One Choice Special, One Random Sprite, One Choice Regular for turning in 5 stamp cards
-Traded Aluria my disguise10 for innercover05

February 21, 2007
-Won oakevolution17 from Crystal Lotto; payed with venus03
-Won 1 venus coin from Pick-a-Senshi
-Bought safir1, neptune4, ironmouse1, beryl1, and karaberas1 from Gashapon for 9 m 14 c
-Traded Lunix my fate17, mission13, beautifuldream03, millennium08, and ail1 for innercover07, circle15, fairies11, and petz1
-Traded Elyse my heaven14 for fairies02
-Won innercover02, queen14, and 1 jupiter coin from Name That Tune
-Won allies09 and friends17 from Who Said It?
-Won infinity01, starsopening04, lilies07, and ironmouse1 from Nab the Villain
-Won cats15 from Blurred Photo
-Bought pp01_012/04/13/35/07/05/08/22 for 2 m
-Bought pp01_023/19/12/07/17/35/35/34/33/14/23/08/14/40/20/48/14/21/14 for 4 m 4 c
-Bought pp01_026/29/19/06/23/42/14/33/12/03 for 2 m 2 c
-Bought pp01_025/24/28/04/19/36/43/18/33/42/44/14 for 3 m
-Bought pp01_019/04/33/34/27/05/30/42/24/14/31/01 for 3 m
-Traded Elly my cerecere02, jadeite13, karaberas01/20, safir07, siren19, saturnplanet09, and infinity06 for companion05/08/13, moon13/16, and prism02/03/13/16
-Traded Jessica my tree20 for tuxedo09
-Card Swap: my discography112 for season409
-Traded Fayto my pp01_033 for pp01_016
-Received tuxedo12/19, awakening18, meow19, and innercover09 for mastering Season 4
-Traded MarieAmethyst my carols04/13/16 and diana2 for firebuster02, beryl12/18, and cooan1
-Traded Shawnna my oakevolution17 for fairies01
-Card Claim: little13

February 19, 2007
-Traded Kitsune my gourmet16 and jupiter01 for season410
-Traded Nekomata my prince14/20, crown16, queen06, and member20 for season403, prism09, companion09, and member67
-Took fairies08 from forum freebies

February 18, 2007
-Won musicbox09, strawberry02, and 1 pluto coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won renewal09, wink05, and 1 pluto coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won artbook509 from Snoop!
-Won neptune15, believe219, secret08, and 1 neptune coin from Warped
-Won beryl02 and beautifuldream03 from Remember This?
-Traded Alarm my boyfriend05/19 for season405
-Traded Fireflies my aquaillusion19 and member20 for firebuster08 and member50
-Redeemed one Two Choice Regular coupon for dizzy17/20
-Bought tiaraaction08 for 2 m
-Received tuxedo05, venusstar10, and original17 for mastering Dizzy

February 14, 2007
-Took Two Choice Regular coupon from update

February 12, 2007
-Traded MarieAmethyst my eternal10 and guide07 for oshiokiyo02/20

February 11, 2007
-Won discography310, sunflower17, and 1 uranus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won shitennou12, allies18, and 1 neptune coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won umbrella12 from Snoop!
-Won venus03, millennium08, whiterose16, and 1 mercury coin from Warped
-Won safir07 and super01 from Remember This?
-Took saturnplanet09 from forum freebies
-Traded ThreeFatesAngel my beautifuldream19, umbrella13, and member20 for uranus11, doublemoon07, and member52
-Traded Emma my viluy07 for companion02
-Traded Jessica my pp01_027 for pp01_022
-Won channel05, mission13, crisismakeup15, artbook110, smalllady1, and 1 mars coin from Talisman Hunt
-Traded Elyse my innercover10 and takeuchi06 for tiaraaction12 and prism04/15/18

February 9, 2007
-Bought pp01_020, pp01_012, pp01_041, pp01_013, and pp01_027 x 2, pp01_041 x 2, pp01_028, and pp01_011 x 2 for 1 m 6 c from Card Shop
-Bought pp01_034, pp01_032, pp01_026, pp01_007, pp01_021, pp01_038, pp01_005, pp01_030, pp01_025, and pp01_033 for 2 m 2 c from Card Shop
-Traded Ryogi my mercurystar04/19, worldshaking14, and member20 for yuuichirou12, disguise12, and member45
-Traded M-chan my pp01_011 for pp01_023
-Traded Emma my pp01_041 for pp01_010
-Traded Hotaru my sp_mercury2 for sp_pluto4

February 8, 2007
-Won guide07 from Lucky Match
-Won takeuchi06, cherry04, and 1 uranus coin from Name That Tune
-Won dreaming05 and space07 from Study Session
-Won eternal10 and lilies13 from Who Said It?
-Won renewal03, fisheye15, gift01, and ail1 from Nab the Villain
-Won doublemoon09 from Blurred Photo
-Exchanged love09, tuxedo11, mercurystar19, starorange05, codename08, discography108, musicbox11, and season210 doubles for starfighter18, tomoe18, twinkleyell12, wink20, takeuchi17, discography111, santa08, and innercover10
-Took companion15 from forum freebies
-Traded MarieAmethyst my eternal01 and inners05 for season202
-Received dizzy04/07/14, helios19, movie05, boyfriend19, space08, and season406 from mastering Wiseman and Season 2
-Traded M-chan my sp_jupiter2 for sp_mars1

February 7, 2007
-Traded Elyse my fighter1 and viluy1 for ironmouse1 and siren1
-Received shabonspray10, violinist16, lilies18, season307, wiseman01/08/09, mercurystar19, discography108, pinksugar18, orchids13, and season203
-Received wiseman14/15, aquaillusion19, allies10, and disguise01 from leveling up from 14 to legend

February 6, 2007
-Turned in 3 mercury, 3 mars, 2 venus, 2 uranus, and 4 pluto coins for 23 m and 25 c coins
-Redeemed one One Random Special coupon for discography112 and one One Choice Special coupon for asteroid01
-Received sp_chibimoon1, guitar11, eternal01, starorange05, mamoru2, and diana1 for mastering Moon & Usagi sprite set

February 5, 2007
-Received sp_mercury2, esmeraude01, crisismakeup03, innerseternal09, diana2, and moon3 for mastering Black Moon 2 sprite set
-Bought pp01_035, pp01_008, pp01_033, pp01_028, and pp01_032 for 5 c from Card Shop

February 4, 2007
-Won musicbox11, cherry09, and 1 chibimoon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won takeuchi02, circle07, and 1 saturn coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won warriors05 from Snoop!
-Won fate17, jupiter01, cosmos03, and 1 mars coin from Warped
-Won strangle16 and uranusplanet20 from Remember This?
-Won a saturn, uranus, and jupiter set of coins from Pick-a-Senshi
-Won oshiokiyo13 and umbrella13 from Crystal Lotto; payed with fisheye08
-Bought viluy1, pluto3, fighter1, rei1, and artemis1 from Gashapon for 9 m 14 c
-Took allies08 from forum freebies
-Received sp_jupiter2, mooncrystal04, serenity17, outerseternal15, supersm2, and nyanko1 for mastering Inner Senshi sprite set
-Traded Elyse my takeuchi02 for whiterose01 and millennium02
-Traded MarieAmethyst my cherry09 for firebuster10
-Traded M-chan my millennium02 and uranusplanet20 for season305
-Traded MarieAmethyst my supersm2 sprite for dimando1

February 2, 2007
-Received 1 of each: Two Choice Regular, One Choice Chara, One Choice Puzzle, One Choice Scene, and One Choice Special coupons; 1 mercury, mars, venus, neptune, and pluto coin; one Two Choice Regular, one One Choice Special, and 3 moon coins for being on the winning Sailor Wars team and earning 10+ points
-Took one One Random Special, One Random Sprite, 3 moon coins from team one lounge freebies
-Traded B-chan my starred04 for whiterose13

February 1, 2007
-Won fisheye08 from Lucky Match
-Won songbox09, kinmoku10, and 1 mars coin from Name That Tune
-Won neptune10 and space11 from Who Said It?
-Won infinity06, artbook304, carols04, and moon1 from Nab the Villain
-Won burningmandala19 from Blurred Photo
-Took space09 from forum freebies
-Traded M-chan my sp_moon2 for sp_pluto3
-Traded Fayto my eudial1 for esmeraude1
-Redeemed one One Choice Regular coupon for shabonspray11

January 31, 2007
-Traded Elly my discography305 and member20 for wiseman18, tuxedo14, and member13
-Traded MarieAmethyst my mercury3 for jupiter1
-Received sp_moon2, viluy07, super19, cage03, eudial1, and moon2 for mastering Kitty sprite set

January 30, 2007
-Won codename08, outerseternal18, and 1 venus coin from Manga Puzzle
-Got kaolinite03 from Claim a Card

January 28, 2007
-Won discography305, crown16, and 1 uranus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won racer12 from Snoop!
-Won tuxedo11, mimete15, messiah16, and 1 chibimoon coin from Warped
-Won smalllady05 and moonrevenge216 from Remember This?
-Took kakeru15 from forum freebies
-Traded Yuzuki my festival19 for shabonspray09
-Traded Marfisa my ironmouse01 for diana2

January 27, 2007
-Traded Elyse my grail06/15 for wiseman04 and spirited14
-Traded Mochibuni my artemis2 for blacklady1
-Traded NebulaChain my shitennou03 and beryl1 for beryl04, heaven14, and moon1
-Traded Kimi my pinksugar06 for whiterose06

January 26, 2007
-Traded Fayto my makoto1 for luna1

January 25, 2007
-Received sp_uranus1, love09, burningmandala12, whiterose03, luna2, and mercury3 for mastering Witches 5 sprite set
-Traded Elyse my mission02, artbook108/17, and cage15 for moon15, oshiokiyo18, whiterose04, and dimando12
-Won santa07, saturn14, outers03, and 1 mercury coin from Name That Tune
-Won marsstar10 and karaberas20 from Study Session
-Won beryl03 and mooneternalsv09 from Who Said It?
-Won infinity19, mercurystar19, grail15, and ironmouse1 from Nab the Villain
-Won mercurystar04 from Blurred Photo
-Received shabonspray02, millennium18, and shitennou03 for mastering Knight
-Took ojiisan10 from forum freebies
-Traded Moon Crisis my smsopening19 for dizzy18
-Traded NebulaChain my shitennou01 for season210
-Traded MarieAmethyst my infinity09 for asteroid08
-Traded Alarm my purr06/09 and crybaby05/16 for season211, beryl16, and warriors02
-Traded Faith-san my dimando12 and umbrella20 for dizzy08 and spirited17
-Traded Aluria my millennium18 and member20 for beryl10 and member36
-Received shabonspray03/05, ann12, strawberry19, and season210 for level up from 13 to 14

January 24, 2007
-Traded Rikka my keyboard15, circle19, and member20 for season407 and member58
-Bought safir1, makoto1, wiseman1, beryl1, and uranus1 from Gashapon for 9 m 14 c
-Traded MarieAmethyst my uranus1 for viluy1
-Traded Jessica my genius20 and member20 for dizzy02 and member59
-Turned in crescentbeam04, lovemechainsp04, naptime19, codename01, and renewal202 doubles for saturn10, purr09, starblue09, discography112, and infinity09
-Bought purr06, newpower14, and smsopening19 for 4 m
-Redeemed one Two Choice Regular coupon for knight08/09
-Traded Alarm my toughlove08 and purr13 for season301

January 23, 2007
-Traded Fayto my innercover04 for season205
-Traded Lazuli my artbook209 and umino1 for oshiokiyo14 and venus1
-Traded MarieAmethyst my whiterose03/16 for wiseman12 and moon02

January 22, 2007
-Won renewal202, tattoo14, and 1 jupiter coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won season401, umbrella20, and 1 pluto coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won super14 from Snoop!
-Won uranusplanet11, mission02, tattoo20, and 1 mercury coin from Warped
-Won violinist01 and ail04 from Remember This?
-Won beautifuldream19, firesoul15, and artbook209 from Crystal Lotto; payed with kaguya18
-Won disguise03 from Pick-a-Senshi
-Took toughlove08 from forum freebies
-Traded Melissa my aquarhapsody06 for wiseman13
-Took oshiokiyo16 from Claim a Card

January 21, 2007
-Traded MarieAmethyst my infinity11 for season209
-Received knight03/04/07, festival19, codename01, grail06, starred04, and asteroid07 for mastering Warriors and Season 5

January 20, 2007
-Redeemed one Two Choice Regular coupon for earth18/19
-Traded Moon Crisis my meditation07 for whiterose15
-Traded Lazuli my disguise07 for innercover12
-Traded K-chan my jupiter10/11 for wiseman02 and beryl07
-Traded Luna my crisis19, heartattack01, and channel03/14 for season303, season408, and season505
-Traded M-chan my zoisite10 and starry07 for beryl20 and racer15
-Traded Elyse my original12 and ptilol1 for beryl15, moon05, and artemis1
-Traded Marfisa my neherenia14, safir03, and channel17 for season201 and season506
-Received warriors03/05/16, moonrevenge205, asteroid02, starfighter02, widepressure12, and season507 for mastering Earth and Inner Cover
-Traded Jessica my crybaby10, prism19, and moonprism01 for season302 and tuxedo15
-Redeemed one One Choice Puzzle coupon for warriors17

January 18, 2007
-Traded Korinee my gift16 for wiseman19
-Traded M-chan my shitennou04 for original12
-Traded Minalover my petz10, fate03, and tattoo13 for season502 and tiaraaction06
-Traded Takako my fire09, warriors09, wings07/10/12, and wreath09/13/15 for asteroid03, season508, season308, and season204

January 17, 2007
-Won rose03 from Lucky Match
-Won channel03, lovemechainsp04, and 1 chibimoon coin from Name That Tune
-Won moonprism01 and artbook108 from Study Session
-Won meditation07 and inners20 from Who Said It?
-Won season206, junjun05, cerecere02, and umino1 from Nab the Villain
-Won cage15 from Blurred Photo
-Took sailorv16 from update freebies <3
-Took lilies09 from forum freebies
-Traded Alarm my starred20 for knight14
-Traded M-chan my millennium14 and carols08 for season503
-Received earth17, crescentbeam04, and infinity11 for mastering 40 member cards

January 16, 2007
-Traded Elyse king1 for mercury1
-Traded Moon Crisis my eternal17 and meditation04 for season509
-Traded Elyse my heaven17 for warriors09

January 15, 2007
-Traded Sora my moonrevenge12/32 and member20 for spirited11, warriors09, and member56
-Traded Nickole my discography304, chibimoon07, daughter03, petz1, and member20 for season304/10, king1, and member48
-Traded MarieAmethyst my orchids14 for moon20

January 14, 2007
-Won season402, carols08, and 1 venus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won bouquet06, starred20, and 1 jupiter coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won therapykiss04 from Snoop!
-Won saturn16, petz15, ribbon17, and 1 neptune coin from Warped
-Won moon04 and artbook117 from Remember This?
-Took yuuichirou06 from forum freebies
-Traded Yuzuki my moonprism09/19, festival03/08, and member20 for innercover07/08 and member55

January 13, 2007
-Traded Iceymoon my circle17/18 and umbrella07 for wiseman16 and spirited16/19
-Traded Mochibuni my renewal08 and member20 for fiore17, beryl08, and member05
-Traded Kimi my miko13 for warriors14
-Traded ThreeFatesAngel my renewal201 and santa09 for heaven17, starsopening03, and season404
-Traded Marfisa my umino1 and helios1 for supersm3 and usagi3

January 12, 2007
-Received earth08, mission05, and disguise10 for mastering Eudial
-Traded Elyse my mission05, grail12, newpower20, starsopening18, warriors04, cage08, nude16, artbook507/15, and serenity02 for asteroid04/05, season207/08, and season501
-Traded M-chan my season403 for season504
-Traded Fayto my chibiusa1 for tellu1
-Traded Faith-san my dust07, water03, ssopening07, and stageon16 for innercover03/09
-Received earth06/14, aquaillusion05, fire09, and season306 for leveling up from 12 to 13

January 11, 2007
-Received sp_venus4, innercover04/05, channel14, believe07, jadeite13, artbook313, eudial05/17/19, supercm1, and mars1 for mastering Venus premium set
-Received sp_mars2, boyfriend05, beruche18, heartattack01, stageon16, queen06, supersm1, and artemis2 for mastering Other Villains sprite set
-Took umbrella07 from forum freebies

January 10, 2007
-Traded Meilin my dizzy11, artbook402, and member20 for shabonspray07/12 and member27
-Traded Lunix my ssopening10/19 for eudial10 and spirited10
-Won oshiokiyo12 from Lucky Match
-Won season403, kamen08, and 1 chibimoon coin from Name That Tune
-Won spirited06 and whiterose03 from Study Session
-Won mooncosmic01 and gift16 from Who Said It?
-Won asteroid06, safir03, moonprism19, and umino1 from Nab the Villain
-Won dust07 from Blurred Photo

January 9, 2007
-Bought sp_venus2 for 1 moon, chibimoon, mercury, mars, jupiter, venus, uranus, neptune, pluto, and saturn coin
-Traded Korinee my takeuchi11 for dizzy19 and warriors13
-Traded MarieAmethyst my double10 and petz1 for moon14 and moon2
-Traded Lazuli my jadeite09 and mimete20 for earth15 and spirited05
-Traded M-chan my layout301 and carols01 for innercover02 and earth09
-Traded Fayto my artemis1 sprite for fiore1
-Traded Elyse my fiore1 for pluto1
-Traded Takako my pluto1 for ail1

January 8, 2007
-Traded Emma my neptune1 sprite for moon4
-Redeemed two One Random Sprite coupons for artemis2 and eudial1
-Received sp_mercury4, widepressure03, siren19, genius20, orchids14, cage08, petz1, and fiore1 for mastering Action Poses sprite set
-Traded Iceymoon my sp_mercury4 for sp_uranus3
-Traded Elyse my serenity1 and saturn3 for tomoe1 and an1
-Traded MarieAmethyst my sp_uranus3 for sp_venus1
-Traded Galanomne my princess15 and member20 for firebuster07 and member30

January 7, 2007
-Won shitennou04, wings12, and 1 uranus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won innercover11, royalty09, and 1 neptune coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won kaolinite15 from Snoop!
-Won moonrevenge12, luna17, cosmos16, and 1 neptune coin from Warped
-Won mercurystar16 and artbook507 from Remember This?
-Won petz10, prince14, and aquarhapsody06 from Crystal Lotto; payed with kaguya08
-Won festival08 and warriors04 from Pick-a-Senshi
-Took 3 moon coins and chibimoon2 sprite from Minalover, Faith-san, and K-chan's whishes at Wishing Well - thanks!
-Won channel17, chibimoon07, eternal17, naptime19, mimete1, and 1 saturn coin from Talisman Hunt
-Bought ptilol1, petz1, kaolinite1, serenity1, and artemis1 from Gashapon for 12 m 2 c
-Took spirited15 from forum freebies
-Traded Elyse my original03, cosmos16, and artbook102 for tuxedo07/20, kaolinite13, and spirited12
-Traded Lazuli my daughter11 and angels02 for renewal207
-Traded Luna my crystaltokyo03, heartattack03, musicbox06, and member20 for innercover04/06 and member47
-Traded Marfisa my hawkseye15 for warriors06
-Traded Iceymoon my zoisite09, tattoo18, and member20 for kaolinite01, circle17, and member49
-Received eudial04/07, ssopening19, carols16, and innercover01 for mastering Renewal 2
-Bought cooan04, kaguya18, and neherenia14 from Cosmos Mall for 4 m
-Redeemed one One Random Regular, one Two Random Regular, and one One Random Special coupon for jadeite09, crisis19, jupiter11, and discography304

January 6, 2007
-Received one of each: Two Random Regular, Two Choice Regular, One Choice Special, One Random Special, and One Random Sprite coupons for turning in five stamp cards
-Traded Lunix my believe208, innerseternal14, and member20 for earth16, shabonspray04, and member38
-Traded Elyse my original15 for santa04
-Traded Hotaru my songbox02 and member20 for knight19, artbook102, and member31
-Traded Elyse my original16 for angels02 and daughter11
-Traded Emma my genius14 and member20 for dizzy11 and member02
-Traded Grace my double09 and member20 for earth07 and member44
-Traded Ellie my santa04 and member20 for shabonspray20, tuxedo02, and member12

January 5, 2007
-Traded MarieAmethyst my strawberry15 for her dizzy01
-Traded M-chan my aliens02 and member20 for dizzy16 and member40
-Traded NebulaChain my heartache17, pinksugar19, and member20 for renewal212 and member37
-Traded Rem my keyboard08/18 and member20 for wiseman20, earth05, and member22

January 4, 2007
-Traded Elyse my artbook115 for her firebuster16

January 3, 2007
-Received heartache17, serenity07, strawberry15, aliens02, and leadcrow12/13/14/18 for turning in two sets of five master badges
-Traded MarsReiko my healerstar05, serenity13, believe220, super04, cooan13, channel07, and member20 for her eudial15/20, leadcrow01, renewal203/11, and member23
-Won prism19 and 1 pluto coin from Lucky Match
-Won renewal201, pegasus04, innerseternal14, and 1 saturn coin from Name That Tune
-Won believe208 and fate03 from Study Session
-Won doublemoon20 and luna14 from Who Said It?
-Won layout301, hawkseye15, water03, and neptune1 from Nab the Villain
-Won shabonspray08 from Blurred Photo
-Took motoki16 from forum freebies
-Received eudial03, naptime19, and songbox05 from mastering Lead Crow

January 2, 2007
-Took layout502 from update freebie
-Took one One Choice Regular, One Random Regular, and One Random Sprite coupons from Team Two lounge freebies
-Traded Faith-san my cage05 and member20 for her dizzy10 and member09
-Traded Rahenna my mooneternalsv01 and member20 for her warriors01 and member01
-Traded Eimii my starry13, haruna15, tellu13, and member20 for her millennium14, wiseman07/17, and member10
-Traded Moon Crisis my future06/07/08/10/14 and member20 for his dizzy06, tiaraaction16, tuxedo10, original14, and member35
-Traded Alarm my moon01, bicycle11, and member20 for her wreath12/13 and member18
-Traded B-chan my burningmandala02 and member20 for her wiseman03 and member25
-Traded MarieAmethyst my crisis05 and member20 for her dizzy09 and member03
-Traded Takako my tinnyanko11/19, gift07/08, starblue06, starred13, and member20 for her renewal201/04/14 and member15
-Traded Fayto my mooncrisis20 and member20 for her knight17 and member06
-Traded K-chan my jupiter09 and member20 for her wiseman10 and member29
-Traded Lazuli my channel05 and member20 for her tuxedo04, tiaraaction01, and member21
-Traded Shawnna my artemis10, diana12, and member20 for her knight10, deadscream16, and member17
-Traded Marfisa my hawkseye03/09, safir18, and member20 for her warriors18, wiseman06, shabonspray19, and member11
-Traded Kimi my layout502 and member20 for her earth10, dizzy12, and member32
-Traded Elyse my original14 for her renewal202
-Traded MarieAmethyst my strawberry19 for her earth20
-Traded Seiya my tattoo19, wedding15, and member20 for her circle18/20 and member34
-Traded Chibinaoka my wreath12/16 and member20 for her tuxedo01, dizzy11, and member33
-Traded Kyokuno Aiko my neoqueen02/18 and member20 for her knight20, tuxedo13, and member19
-Traded Yuzuki my fruit10/16 for her dizzy13 and deadscream19
-Received leadcrow05/19, purr13, original16, nude16, and musicbox06 for mastering Dead Scream and a set of 20 member cards
-Traded Minalover my jupiter12 and member20 for her earth11 and member08
-Traded Moonstar my healerstar20 and member20 for her dizzy05 and member28

January 1, 2007
-Received moonrevenge32, tinnyanko11, deadscream01/04, and shitennou01 for leveling up from 11 to 12
-Traded Mochibuni my widepressure09 for her circle19
-Received one One Choice Character, One Choice Puzzle, One Choice Scene, One Choice Special, Two Choice Regular coupons along with 1 mars, jupiter, venus, pluto, and uranus coins and 3 moon coins for being on the winning team in Sailor Wars and earning over 10 points
-Traded Elyse my grail17 and member20 for her dizzy03 and member14
-Traded Phynix my artbook404 and member20 for her knight12 and member04
-Traded Melissa my wink15, marsstar04, and member20 for her renewal213 and member07

December 31, 2006
-Traded Nickole my cherry14, helios06, and ssopening03 for her whiterose11 and future08/10
-Took dizzy15 from forum freebies
-Traded Fayto my vesves19 for her wiseman11
-Won channel07, future14, and 1 uranus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won original03, cage05, and 1 saturn coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won tattoo18 from Snoop!
-Won shabonspray06, mimete20, double09, and 1 jupiter coin from Warped
-Won mooncrisis20 and jupiter10 from Remember This?

December 30, 2006
-Traded KyokunoAiko my sp_uranus4 for her sp_venus4
-Traded Elyse my mission09 for her wiseman05
-Traded Minalover my violinist11 for her knight13

December 29, 2006
-Traded Elyse my takeuchi20 for her renewal206
-Traded in my lovemechain02, crescent14, and season108 doubles for violinist11, heartattack03, and season309
-Traded Minalover my princess01/12 for her discography107
-Traded MarieAmethyst my sp_moon3 for her sp_uranus4
-Received deadscream10/12, cooan13, crystaltokyo03, and renewal210 for mastering Discography 1

December 28, 2006
-Won genius14 from Lucky Match
-Won renewal205, neoqueen02, royalty05, and 1 jupiter coin from Name That Tune
-Won kaolinite12 from Info Sheet
-Won haruna15 and artbook515 from Who Said It?
-Won renewal208, zoisite10, safir18, and helios1 from Nab the Villain
-Won grail12 from Blurred Photo
-Traded Elyse my season505 for her wreath15/16
-Took bicycle11 from forum freebies
-Traded Minalover my haruna02/10 for her season107
-Traded Rahenna my channel01, mercurystar11, and neptuneplanet07 for her season108, tuxedo17, and tiaraaction02
-Traded Takako my dance14, royalty05, junjun1, umino1, and neptune1 sprites for her season109, venus4, jupiter2, and tuxedo2 sprites
-Traded Hotaru my helios05 for her mission09
-Traded Phynix my stargreen10/11 for her discography102
-Received plutoplanet12/17, uranus17, royalty12, discography101, deadscream17, kaguya08, and singles08 for mastering Season 1 and Pluto Planet
-Traded Lazuli my stageon19 and nephrite1 sprite for her kaolinite08 and chibiusa1 sprite
-Traded Shannon my ssopening15 and wings02 for her season108

December 27, 2006
-Traded Hotaru my season310 for her discography306
-Traded Faith-san my saifr14 for her oshiokiyo03
-Traded Fayto my luna1 sprite for her ami1 sprite
-Traded Elyse my outerseternal08, ocean14, takeuchi14, mooncosmic12, nude04/17, and cage18 for her super04, fighterstar04, and season103/04/11
-Took santa09 and one Two Choice Regular coupon from Takako and Eimii's wishes at the Wishing Well
-Traded Faith-san my dust19, fighterstar04, season303, and season401 for her season101/02/05
-Received wreath09, carols01/13, gift08, ptilol1, neptune1, 1 jupiter coin, 1 saturn coin, two Two Choice Regular coupons, two Two Random Regular coupons, one One Choice Special coupon, one One Random Regular coupon, crescentbeam07/12, earth02/04, and dark11 from Christmas gifts and Secret Santa! Yay! :D
-Sent Rahenna naru11, moonrevenge210, fighterstar18, mooncosmic03, mooneternallv05, neptuneplanet07, crisismakeup20, and two One Choice Scene coupons as gifts
-Bought marsstar04, neptuneplanet07, mooneternalsv01, wink15, wings10, and stageon19 for 8 m
-Redeemed two Two Random Regular coupon, one One Random Regular coupon, and one One Choice Special coupon for mercurystar11, lovemechain02, serenity02, keyboard15, and discography307
-Traded Elyse my cosmos04 for her leadcrow06
-Received dark03, diana12, season505, dark07/09, healerstar05, hawkseye03, discography108, plutoplanet08, festival03, and takeuchi20 for mastering Crescent Beam, Discography 3, and Dark
-Received sp_moon3, healerstar20, ssopening15, vesves19, bunny03, stargreen10, nephrite1, and uranus2 for mastering Inners Uniform sprite set
-Traded Marfisa my tuxedo04 and tomoe12 for her season106
-Traded Fayto my sp_mars5 for her sp_venus3

December 26, 2006
-Won season303, cherry14, and 1 uranus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won season112, nude08 and 1 chibimoon coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won plutoplanet11 from Snoop!
-Won tinnyanko19, cosmos04, and 1 moon coin from Warped
-Won helios06 and outerseternal08 from Remember This?
-Won artemis10, tattoo19, and gift07 from Crystal Lotto; payed with kaguya04
-Won miko13 from Pick-A-Senshi
-Won saturn3, junjun1, luna1, diana1, and usagi2 for 12 m 2 c from Gashapon
-Took safir14 from Forum Freebies

December 25, 2006
-Merry Christmas!
-Traded Lazuli my staraqua05 for her tuxedo16

December 24, 2006
-Traded Elyse my season507, secret09, and neptuneplanet16 for her serenity06, staraqua08, and bunny11/19
-Traded Elyse my princess1 sprite for her tomoe1 sprite
-Redeemed two One Choice Character coupons, three One Choice Regular coupons, and four Two Choice Regular coupons for serenity04/07/11/15 and beruche02/04/06/08/09/12/16/17/20

December 22, 2006
-Gave wedding18 to Group Collect and got fruit16 in return
-Traded NebulaChain my cyprine1 sprite for her usagi1 sprite

December 21, 2006
-Traded Faith-san my starfighter14 for her warriors08
-Traded Amber my artbook408 for her warriors19
-Received double10, ssopening03, crescentbeam05/10, and disguise07 for leveling up from 10 to 11
-Traded Melissa my marsstar02 and flamesniper15 for her dark13 and warriors20

December 20, 2006
-Redeemed one One Choice Regular coupon for tattoo18
-Traded Marfisa my tuxedo07, usagi3, and dimando1 for her leadcrow16, makoto1, and rei1
-Turned in tattoo18 to Group Collect and got princess15 in return
-Traded M-chan my meow13 for her knight02
-Won marsstar02, honeymoon06, and 1 mercury coin from Name That Tune
-Won mooneternallv05 from Info Sheet
-Won tuxedo04 and wedding18 from Who Said It?
-Won takeuchi14, helios05, future06, and princess1 from Nab the Villain
-Won knight06 from Blurred Photo
-Received a One Choice Regular coupon for donating 1 card for Group Collect
-Took doublemoon08 from forum freebies

December 19, 2006
-Traded Iceymoon my codename01, mooncrisis11, uranusplanet20, and saturn1 sprite for her moon01/19, tuxedo11/18, and usagi2 sprite

December 18, 2006
-Won season110, inners05, and 1 chibimoon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won innercover10, tattoo13, and 1 pluto coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won jupiter12 from Snoop!
-Won violinist14, strawberry19, and 1 venus coin from Warped
-Won mooncrisis11 and tellu13 from Remember This?
-Traded Elly my beryl1 sprite for her uranus1 sprite
-Traded KyokunoAiko my saturn2 sprite for her chibimoon1 sprite
-Traded MarieAmethyst my diana07 and purr08 for her tiaraaction07/09
-Received sp_chibimoon1, widepressure09, karaberas01, worldshaking14, cage18, starblue06, saturn1, and beruche1 for mastering Outer Senshi sprite set

December 17, 2006
-Received crescentbeam16, dance14, and renewal209 for mastering Love Me Chain
-Traded Elyse my worldshaking14 for her plutoplanet18
-Redeemed a One Random Sprite coupon for neptune1
-Traded Crystalis my eudial1 sprite for her saturn1 sprite
-Took purr08 from forum freebies

December 16, 2006
-Received Two Random Regular, Two Choice Regular, One Choice Special, One Random Special, and One Random Sprite coupons for turning in five stamp cards
-Traded KyokunoAiko my season301 for her knight11 and leadcrow10
-Redeemed Two Random Regular and One Random Special coupons for mooncosmic03, hawkseye09, and channel05. Also redeemed a One Choice Regular coupon for lovemechain18

December 15, 2006
-Received lovemechain08, jupiter09, starry13, and discography311 from mastering Movie...
-Traded MarsReiko my crybaby17 and flamesniper17 for her earth12/13
-Traded Moonstar my ironmouse15 and artbook513 for her sailorv03 and plutoplanet09
-Traded Adam my disguise07 for his discography303
-Traded Tanuki my heartattack02/15 for her season303. Also traded her my luna1 sprite for her mars4 sprite
-Redeemed one Two Choice Regular coupon for outers06/10
-Traded Elyse my season303 and outers06/10 for her gurio19 and tiaraaction03/05/20
-Traded Elyse my usagi2 sprite for her venus3 sprite
-Received sp_mars5, moon17, kaguya04, diana07, starred13, crescent14, umino1, and neptune4 for mastering Inner Senshi attacks sprite set
-Traded Shawnna my artemis08 for her leadcrow02

December 14, 2006
-Traded in doubles - movie04, discography211, and musicbox07 - for disguise07, channel01, and codename01
-Traded Mochibuni my widepressure05 for her knight05

December 13, 2006
-Traded Phynix my fruit05 for her deadscream11. Also traded her my CereCere sprite for her Inner Senshi attacks Mercury sprite
-Traded Iceymoon my sp_saturn1 for her sp_venus5
-Received time02/04, neptuneplanet16, wedding15, and musicbox07 for level up - 9 to 10
-Received lovemechain07, crisis05, and takeuchi11 for mastering Time
-Traded the Card Swap my fisheye12 for its earth01
-Traded Faith-san my neptuneplanet08/15 for her movie04
-Won starsopening18, whiterose16, and 1 venus coin from Name That Tune
-Won crybaby10 from Info Sheet
-Won aquamirage14 and secret09 from Who Said It?
-Won movie04, warriors10, crisismakeup20, and makoto2 from Nab the Villain
-Won flamesniper17 from Blurred Photo
-Traded Grace my fighterstar17, mooncrisis16, mooncrisis20, mooneternal05, mooneternalsv03, channel01, and original14 for her warriors11, movie02/03, dark05/17, crescentbeam06, and shabonspray01
-Took gurio12 from forum freebies
-Redeemed a One Choice Special coupon for movie05

December 12, 2006
-Received time11, wings07, and season507 for mastering Star Orange
-Bought shabonspray16, dark04, pinksugar06/19, and heartattack02 from Cosmos Mall for 8 m
-Received sp_saturn1, love19, shabonspray14, mooncrisis20, future07, artbook404, dimando1, and beryl1 for mastering Friends and Family sprite set
-Traded Rahenna my action poses Jupiter sprite for her inner senshi attacks Venus sprite
-Traded in doubles - leadcrow09, love19, future07, and original14 - for uranusplanet20, gourmet16, meow13, and discography211

December 11, 2006
-Traded Iceymoon my Ami sprite for her Yuuichirou sprite
-Redeemed two One Choice Puzzle coupons for starorange10/15. Also redeemed a Two Choice Regular coupon for prince20 and ssopening10 and a One Random Special coupon for channel01
-Traded Takako my orchids04/19 and royalty18 for her shabonspray18, eudial18, and knight18
-Traded Amber my channel09, fire20, tigerseye08, moonprismcm01, believe11, and destiny13 for her eudial08, lovemechain04/11, and discography106/09
-Traded Marfisa my JunJun sprite for her Shingo sprite

December 10, 2006
-Traded Elyse my worldshaking12 for her earth03
-Traded KyokunoAiko my action poses set Tuxedo Mask sprite for her winking Venus sprite
-Won original14, orchids04, and 1 chibimoon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won season401, staraqua10, and 1 pluto coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won neptune17 from Snoop!
-Won leadcrow09, stargreen11, and 1 mercury coin from Warped
-Won knight15 and fighterstar17 from Remember This?
-Won daughter03, knight01, and princess12 from Crystal Lotto; payed with cosmos08
-Won neptuneplanet07 and mooncrisis16 from Pick-a-Senshi
-Took petz07 from forum freebies
-Got saturn2, jupiter2, grandpa1, cerecere1, and usagi3 for 10 m 10 c from Gashapon
-Got saturn1, junjun1, umino1, eudial1, and uranus4 for 12 m 2 c from Gashapon
-Traded Minalover my saturn1 sprite for her ami1 sprite

December 9, 2006
-Traded Fayto my vesves06 for her crescentbeam13

December 8, 2006
-Traded Iceymoon my songbox14 for her discography312
-Traded Elyse my mission10 and secret08 for her leadcrow08/17
-Received a Two Random Regular, a One Random Special, and a One Choice Regular coupon for doing Picross

December 7, 2006
-Traded Yuzuki my mooncrystal03/11/13 and inners12 for her discography111/12
-Won mission10 and 1 mercury coin from Lucky Match
-Won ssopening07, staraqua01, and 1 neptune coin from Name That Tune
-Won princess01 from Info Sheet
-Won zoisite09 and chibimoon11 from Who Said It?
-Won original14, warriors07, haruna02, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won secret08 from Blurred Photo

December 6, 2006
-Traded Rikka my season410 and angels09 for her discography110 and warriors12. Also traded her my Chibiusa sprite for her Sailor Pluto sprite
-Took haruna10 from forum freebies

December 5, 2006
-Traded Shar my wedding19 for her eudial12
-Traded the Card Swap my renewal201 for its discography301

December 4, 2006
-Took knight16 from forum freebies
-Took time20 from Claim-a-Card
-Traded Nickole my renewal03 and guitar05 for her leadcrow15, time14, and plutoplanet15. Also traded her my Kunzite sprite for her Minako sprite
-Won santa08, future07, and 1 saturn coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won movie01, staraqua05, and 1 pluto coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won time16 from Snoop!
-Won heartattack15, royalty18, and 1 pluto coin from Warped
-Won artbook408 and aquamirage05 from Remember This?
-Traded Lazuli my mimete10/16 and angels16 for her lovemechain16 and discography309
-Traded Elyse my season304 and secret15 for her crescentbeam17, deadscream18, and mooncrystal03
-Traded MarieAmethyst my artbook208 for her time18
-Traded Crystalis my santa08 for her discography103
-Traded B-chan my aquamirage05 and flamesniper06 for her discography105
-Received three One Choice Regular coupons for getting second place in Be the Owner

December 2, 2006
-Received One Choice Character, One Choice Puzzle, One Choice Scene, and One Choice Special coupons for being in Team One and winning Sailor Wars! Also received 1 of each moon, mars, venus, uranus, and saturn coin. Also received a Two Choice Regular coupon and three moon coins for scoring 10+ points
-Took dark20, fire20, and tree20 from Team Two lounge freebies
-Traded Elly my innercover11 for her time05 and deadscream05

December 1, 2006
-Traded Iceymoon my fire06 and tree06 for her discography304
-Traded Grace my starhealer08 for her beautyshock20
-Traded K-chan my circle09 for her crescentbeam19
-Traded Phynix my crystaltokyo15, galaxia13, and pegasus10 for her time03, deadscream07, and lovemechain17
-Received twins13, neptuneplanet15, tomoe11, fruit05, and renewal03 in exchange for my beautyshock20, crescent08, lovemechain05, ironmouse15, and discography208 doubles
-Traded Alarm my moonrevenge203 for her lovemechain10

November 30, 2006
-Traded Hotaru my season101 for her plutoplanet03 and starorange16
-Bought mooncrystal11, neptuneplanet08, fighterstar18, and warriors15 from Cosmos Mall for 6 m
-Redeemed a Two Random Regular coupon for dust19 and mimete16 and three One Choice Special coupons for discography211, codename02, and codename07
-Received beautyshock20, firebuster14, artbook402, and discography308 for mastering Codename
-Received starorange01, destiny13, and movie06 for mastering Beauty Shock
-Received starorange06/08, mooneternalsv03, ironmouse15, and discography305 for mastering Discography2
-Traded Minalover my water18 for her plutoplanet07
-Received starorange04/12, fire06, moonprismcm01, and renewal08 for leveling up

November 29, 2006
-Took vesves06 from forum freebies
-Won meditation04 from Lucky Match
-Won violinist19, festival11, and 1 moon coin from Name That Tune
-Won nude04 from Info Sheet
-Won mirror01 and warriors02 from Who Said It?
-Won season304, shabonspray15, ironmouse15, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won water18 from Blurred Photo
-Traded Elyse my mirror01 for her firebuster04
-Traded B-chan my genius06 for her dark08
-Traded Crystalis my meditation15 for her deadscream03
-Traded Takako my messiah11 for her crescentbeam18
-Exchanged 2 venus coins for 4 m 4 c

November 27, 2006
-Traded Iceymoon my fire18 and uranusplanet18 for her leadcrow09 and deadscream15
-Traded MarieAmethyst my original07 for her crescentbeam15 and deadscream08

November 26, 2006
-Won renewal201, angels16, and 1 venus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won season310, artbook509, and 1 mars coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won artbook503 from Snoop!
-Won guitar05, wings02, and 1 pluto coin from Warped
-Won newpower20 and neoqueen18 from Remember This?
-Won channel09 from Pick-a-Senshi
-Turned in mercury17 as Crystal Lotto payment card
-Won fire18, genius06, moonprismcm10, and beautyshock19 from Crystal Lotto (3 random, 1 choice)
-Took artbook115, artbook208, artbook410, artbook513, nude17, and warriors04 from forum freebies
-Traded Iceymoon my original05 and songbox09 for her dark06/14/18 and beautyshock01
-Won endymion1, neptune4, luna1, usagi2, and one Two Random Regular coupon from Gashapon for 10 m 10 c
-Traded Crystalis my artbook410 and artbook503/09 for her discography310 and leadcrow04

November 25, 2006
-Traded Elyse my desert16 for her plutoplanet19
-Traded Lazuli my stageon08/14 for her discography210
-Sent Hotaru mooncrisis01, ssopening18, tigereye1, and helios1 for winning auction; received 6 m 2 c from her
-Traded Shannon my daughter15, smalllady15, wings19, renewal203, and season402 for her uranusplanet18, time06, deadscream02, worldshaking12, lovemechain05, oshiokiyo15, and moonprism09

November 24, 2006
-Traded Elyse my outerseternal15 and mirror16 for her codename06
-Redeemed a Two Random Regular coupon for tree06 and mooncosmic12, a One Random Special coupon for season410, and two One Choice Regular coupons for idol09/14
-Received beautyshock04/11, mercury17, inners12, and discography208 for leveling up
-Received beautyshock03, pegasus10, and innercover11 for mastering Idol

November 23, 2006
-Traded Kel my widepressure04/08 for her lovemechain09 and outerseternal15
-Traded Marfisa my healerstar04 for her beautyshock17
-Won keyboard08, fruit10, and 1 mars coin from Name That Tune
-Won shabonspray13 from Info Sheet
-Won ocean14 and uranus02 from Who Said It?
-Won discography104, eudial13, mirror16, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won flamesniper06 from Blurred Photo
-Took grail17 from forum freebies

November 21, 2006
-Traded Ayla my chibimoon10 for her starorange09

November 20, 2006
-Received idol19, believe220, and discography111 for mastering Pluto
-Traded Jessica my princess13 for her idol01
-Traded Shawnna my discography111 and discography306 for her idol02, beautyshock08, crescentbeam08, and lovemechain03

November 19, 2006
-Redeemed two Two Choice Regular coupons for pluto06/19 and jupiterstar09/12
-Contributed jupiterstar09/12 to Group Collect and received fisheye12, princess13, and two One Choice Regular coupons in return
-Took firebuster09 from forum freebies
-Turned in One Random Sprite coupon for neptune1
-Traded Elyse my neptune1 sprite for her setsuna1 sprite
-Took meditation15 and flamesniper15 from Team One lounge freebies
-Won songbox09, crescent08, and 1 saturn coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won songbox14, cosmos08, and 1 chibimoon coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won secret15 from Snoop!
-Won tigerseye08, stageon14, and 1 moon coin from Warped
-Won galaxia13 and starfighter14 from Remember This?

November 18, 2006
-Traded Alarm my shitennou01 for her leadcrow07 and worldshaking14
-Received Two Random Regular, Two Choice Regular, One Choice Special, One Random Special, and One Random Sprite coupons for turning in five stamp cards
-Traded Melissa my tellu17 and super18 for her pluto17 and crescentbeam09

November 17, 2006
-Traded Elyse my artbook315 and desert17 for her leadcrow03/20

November 16, 2006
-Traded MarieAmethyst my tattoo09 for her dark16
-Received a Two Choice Regular coupon as November birthday present
-Traded Elly my naptime01 for her idol11
-Traded NebulaChain my singles03 for her artbook315 and starorange18
-Turned in idol11, ssopening09, and starry04 for a seller's permit
-Traded Korinee my moon03 for her pluto18

November 15, 2006
-Received shitennou01 and circle09 in exchange for my musicbox01 and starorange03 doubles
-Bought crybaby16, serenity13, uranus12, and time13 from Cosmos Mall for 6 moons
-Redeemed 1 Two Random Regular coupon for vocalist08 and ssopening09
-Traded Lazuli my barefoot09 and oshiokiyo13 for her codename03
-Traded Takako my cerecere13 for her eudial11
-Took leadcrow11 from forum freebies
-Won moonrevenge203 from Lucky Match
-Won shabonspray17, crystaltokyo15, and 1 mars coin from Name That Tune
-Won moonprism04 from Info Sheet
-Won moon03 and tattoo09 from Who Said It?
-Won original05, tomoe12, oshiokiyo05, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won starry04 from Blurred Photo
-Traded Elyse my cosmos14 for her deadscream06

November 12, 2006
-Took sailorv11 as birthday month choice card
-Won musicbox01, barefoot09, and 1 venus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won singles03, starorange03, and 1 saturn coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won chibimoon10 from Snoop!
-Won crybaby05, naptime01, and 1 saturn coin from Warped
-Won idol13 and ssopening18 from Remember This?
-Won 1 mercury coin from Pick-a-Senshi
-Turned in charmbuster03 as Crystal Lotto payment card
-Won believe11, moonrevenge210, and esmeraude03 from Crystal Lotto (3 random cards)
-Bought five gashapon capsules for 10 m 10 c and received helios1, jupiter3, tuxedo2, a 2 random regular coupon, and tigereye1
-Took naru11 from forum freebies
-Traded Elyse my outerseternal11 for her beautyshock18

November 11, 2006
-Received pluto01, healerstar04, and season101 for mastering Venus
-Traded Joey-chan my oshiokiyo18 for her crescentbeam20
-Traded Crystalis my renewal06 and renewal09 for her codename01, lovemechain05, and desert17

November 10, 2006
-Traded Ellie my vocalist04, kunzite16, and cherry07 for her idol10/20 and venus08
-Received venus02/06, oshiokiyo13, outerseternal11, and songbox02 for leveling up
-Received venus13, charmbuster03, and renewal06 for mastering Venus Star
-Traded Elly my season409 for her discography208
-Traded Shawnna my discography105 for her venus17 and pluto04

November 9, 2006
-Traded Navall my starry07, water15, and rose17 for her codename05 and plutoplanet16
-Traded Ryogi my ail17 and inners18 for her discography203
-Redeemed my One Choice Scene coupon for venusstar08

November 8, 2006
-Traded Lizzie my cherry01 for her time08
-Traded Elly my tomoe03 for her lovemechain12
-Traded K-chan my gourmet15 for her venus10
-Traded Stephanie my marsstar07 for her venus01
-Took artemis08 from forum freebies
-Won neptune18 and 1 mercury coin from Lucky Match
-Won kunzite16, wings19, and 1 jupiter coin from Name That Tune
-Won idol18 from Info Sheet
-Won eudial06 and daughter15 from Who Said It?
-Won innercover07, cherry07, tellu17, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won smalllady15 from Blurred Photo
-Traded Korinee my innercover07 for her venus14 and lovemechain14
-Traded Elyse my disguise07 for her pluto16 and plutoplanet14
-Received venusstar15, venusstar16, plutoplanet06, and mooncrystal13 from Claim-a-Card

November 7, 2006
-Traded KyokunoAiko my season201 for her idol17 and beautyshock07

November 6, 2006
-Traded Amber my mirror15, believe25, and tinnyanko08 for her beautyshock09 and discography201
-Traded Lazuli my discography102/07/10 for her time12/15, plutoplanet04/13, and starorange03/19
-Traded Megan my asteroid08 for her venusstar14 and venus19
-Took layout401 from update freebies
-Redeemed my 2 random regular coupon for widepressure05 and burningmandala02
-Traded Korinee my layout401 for her discography202

November 5, 2006
-Received keyboard18, mimete10, mooneternal05, rose17, sailorv02, sailorv04, sailorv10, and sailorv17 for turning in two sets of five master badges
-Received venusstar02, venusstar09, tuxedo07, inners18, and asteroid08 for leveling up
-Bought marsstar07, mooncrisis01, and uranusplanet08 from Cosmos Mall for 4 moons
-Redeemed my 1 random special and 1 random regular for original15 and widepressure05
-Won songbox07, cherry01, and 1 uranus coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won disguise07, starry07, and 1 uranus coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won eudial01 from Snoop!
-Won heaven10, angels09, and 1 saturn coin from Warped
-Won dark15 and widepressure04 from Remember This?
-Took tomoe03 from forum freebies
-Traded Elyse my heaven10 and uranusplanet08 for her pluto09 and lovemechain13
-Received crybaby17, desert16, cosmos14, season301, and a 2 choice regular coupon from the Be the Owner link

November 4, 2006
-Traded Korinee my innercover12 for her discography205

November 3, 2006
-Traded Meilin my cosmos06, dance19, inners07, and newpower11 for her idol06, pluto07, venusstar03, and venusstar12

November 2, 2006
-Traded Minalover my cooan12 and venus04 for her codename04

November 1, 2006
-Received 1 choice character, 1 choice puzzle, 1 choice scene, and 1 choice special coupons for being an Inner Senshi participant in Sailor Wars. Also received 1 moon, mercury, mars, jupiter, and venus coin.
-Took prism05 and venus05 from Team One Lounge freebies
-Won prism14, dance19, and 1 moon coin from Name That Tune
-Won inners07 from Info Sheet
-Won plutoplanet10 and neptuneplanet07 from Who Said It?
-Won renewal09, water15, gourmet15, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won cooan12 from Blurred Photo
-Took tinnyanko08 from forum freebies
-Traded Elyse my racer03, mission20, neptuneplanet07, and artbook312 for her codename08, venus20, and pluto02
-Received cyprine1 for 2 moon 2 chibi from Gashapon
-Traded Marfisa my crescent17 for her crescent10
-Received venusstar04, cosmos06, and original07 from mastering Crescent

October 31, 2006
-Happy Halloween!
-Traded Phynix my starblue03 for her crescent11
-Traded Elly my season405 for her discography107

October 30, 2006
-Traded my burningmandala08 for the Card Swap's crescent15
-Traded my destiny11 for the Card Swap's venusstar05
-Traded Joey-chan my inners15 for her beautyshock16
-Traded Ayla my family12 for her crescentbeam01
-Traded Takako my dance09 for her beautyshock05
-Traded Rahenna my crystaltokyo05 and heartattack02 for her crescentbeam01 and mission20
-Traded Miri-chan my esmeraude12 for her pluto03
-Turned in worldshaking01 as payment card for Crystal Lotto
-Won artbook312, believe25, and lovemechainsp05 from Crystal Lotto (2 random, 1 choice)
-Received venusstar11, stageon08, and innercover12 for mastering Love Me Chain SP

October 29, 2006
-Traded Melissa my cosmos13, innerseternal09, staraqua05, marsstar15, super20, and tellu08 for her crescentbeam04, lovemechain01, plutoplanet05, pluto11, venus09, and venus18
-Won season402, wedding19, and 1 neptune coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won season405, crescent17, and 1 mercury coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won family12 from Snoop!
-Won venus04, starblue03, and 1 uranus coin from Warped
-Won artbook309 and widepressure08 from Remember This?
-Traded Elyse my artbook301 and artbook309 for her discography105
-Redeemed 1 random sprite coupon for chibiusa1
-Traded Fayto my inners02 for her beautyshock06
-Traded Elyse my awakening18 and mission13 for her discography306

October 28, 2006
-Traded Elly my charmbuster06, pegasus08, messiah19, messiah20, stageon17, and starred10 for her idol12, venus15, dark12, dark19, lovemechain06, and mission13

October 27, 2006
-Received a 2 choice regular, 2 random regular, 1 choice special, 1 random special, and 1 random sprite coupons for turning in 5 stamp cards
-Received lovemechainsp19, crescent16, destiny11, ail17, and discography207 for mastering Music Box
-Traded NebulaChain my tiaraaction14 for her time01
-Received crescent17, venusstar01, pegasus08, starred10, and season201 for leveling up

October 26, 2006
-Traded Seiya my tattoo02, fisheye11, starhealer06, meditation18, and starblue03 for her time09, racer03, musicbox02, and crescent01
-Traded Moonstar my discography306 for her musicbox06
-Traded Moonstar my mooneternal02 and starsopening16 for her dark10 and crescentbeam14
-Traded my season202 for the Card Swap's discography302
-Traded Eimii my miko05 and mistress920 for her pluto10 and artbook301

October 25, 2006
-Won miko05 and 1 saturn coin from Lucky Match
-Won vocalist04, artbook318, and 1 mercury coin from Name That Tune
-Won millennium11 from Info Sheet
-Won messiah20 and tellu08 from Who Said It?
-Won season409, pluto08, crystaltokyo05, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won heartattack02 from Blurred Photo
-Took starsopening16 from forum freebies
-Traded Elyse my outers17 for her plutoplanet02
-Traded Ayla my millennium11, wings16, and artbook318 for her lovemechain20 and musicbox11

October 23, 20006
-Traded Elly my cooan11 for her crescent19
-Traded Rahenna my fruit05, fruit13, and shitennou06 for her discography212, venus16, and starorange13
-Traded Iceymoon my mirror01 and destiny03 for her pluto12 and starorange02

October 22, 2006
-Traded Marfisa my dimando07, peruru19, rubeus06, layout103, and season505 for her crescentbeam02, lovemechain02, starorange20, discography209, and musicbox12
-Took awakening18 from forum freebies
-Won renewal203, messiah19, and 1 chibimoon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won shitennou06, cosmos13, and 1 chibimoon coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won starorange07 from Snoop!
-Won esmeraude12, wings16, and 1 saturn coin from Warped
-Won mission17 and cerecere13 from Remember This?
-Traded Minalover my moon08 and moonrevenge218 for her musicbox09
-Traded Elyse my mission17 for her idol05
-Traded Jaime my daughter17 and tuxedo02 for her crescent08 and crescent12

October 21, 2006
-Got kunzite1, supersm2, and v1 from a green, grey, and yellow capsule in Gashapon (7 moon, 2 chibi)
-Received idol08 and plutoplanet01 from Claim-a-Card

October 20, 2006
-Got naru1 sprite from a pink capsule in Gashapon (2 moon, 2 chibi)

October 19, 2006
-Traded Elyse my renewal12 and outers13 for her discography102 and dark01

October 18, 2006
-Traded B-chan my festival05, festival09, renewal212, and season102 for her crescent05, time10, musicbox05, and musicbox08
-Won lovemechainsp16, mercurycrystal01, outers17, discography306, and a 2 choice regular coupon from the Be the Owner link
-Turned in tuxedo03 as Crystal Lotto payment card
-Won moon08, moonrevenge218, outers13, and lovemechainsp07 (3 random, 1 choice) from picking 5 correct numbers in Crystal Lotto! Yay!
-Received lovemechainsp11, lovemechainsp13, dimando07, fruit05, and layout103 for leveling up
-Won cooan11, starry07, and 1 uranus coin from Name That Tune
-Won starorange17 from Info Sheet
-Won meditation18 and tiaraaction14 from Who Said It?
-Won discography110, daughter17, tattoo02, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won venusstar06 from Blurred Photo
-Took peruru19 from forum freebies
-Traded Jessica my mercurycrystal01 for her crescent09

October 17, 2006
-Received stageon17 in place of my starblue03 double
-Bought marsstar15, mirror01, charmbuster06, worldshaking01, deadscream09, beautyshock14, pluto20, and crescent14 for a total of 12 moons 4 chibis

October 16, 2006
-Traded MarieAmethyst my honeymoon07 for her venusstar07

October 15, 2006
-Received pluto05, inners15, orchids19, and heartattack03 from referral rewards
-Won season505, staraqua05, and 1 chibimoon coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won renewal12, starblue03, and 1 venus coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won fruit13 from Snoop!
-Won crescentbeam11, desert02, and 1 mercury coin from Warped
-Won mooneternal02 and rubeus06 from Remember This?
-Won 1 uranus coin from Pick-a-Senshi
-Took super18 from forum freebies
-Traded Elyse my desert02, desert07, and secret16 for her time17, pluto15, and super20
-Traded Rahenna my heartache12, heartattack01, and heartattack03 for her musicbox01 and eudial14

October 14, 2006
-Traded Abigail my millennium09 for her oshiokiyo18
-Traded Amber my singles10 and meow08 for her idol16, beautyshock12, and venusstar13

October 12, 2006
-Traded Elyse my mission16, neptuneplanet17, outerseternal17, and circle17 for her pluto14, eudial16, and discography206
-Won charmbuster20 from Lucky Match
-Won tuxedo03, starblue03, and 1 jupiter coin from Name That Tune
-Won time07 from Info Sheet
-Won mars09 and neptune17 from Who Said It?
-Won singles10, burningmandala10, believe204, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won escalation02 from Blurred Photo
-Traded NebulaChain my believe204, burningmandala10, charmbuster20, escalation02, and moonprism20 for her idol04, venus03, venus07, venus11, and crescent20
-Traded Fayto my disguise03 for her crescent04 and crescent13
-Traded Eimii my mars09 and neptune17 for her idol15 and lovemechain19

October 11, 2006
-Took discography204 from forum freebies
-Traded Desbrina my kaolinite06 for her lovemechainsp20

October 10, 2006
-Bought love11, burningmandala08, and starorange14 (6 moons 4 chibis) from Cosmos Mall and redeemed choice character coupon for love12
-Received lovemechainsp08, millennium09, and musicbox04 for mastering Love
-Received lovemechainsp03, lovemechainsp04, mistress920, desert07, and disguise03 from levelling up

October 9, 2006
-Traded Ayla my asteroid07, barefoot10, bunny20, and eternal12 for her lovemechainsp18, starorange11, pluto13, deadscream20, and plutoplanet20
-Traded Moonstar my starblue12 for her eudial02

October 8, 2006
-Won asteroid07, bunny20, and 1 mars coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won season202, meow08, and 1 moon coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won crecent03 from Snoop!
-Won heartattack01, circle04, and 1 jupiter coin from Warped
-Won starorange05 and outerseternal17 from Remember This?
-Took royalty12 from forum freebies
-Traded Elyse my outerseternal07 and circle04 for her idol07 and deadscream14
-Traded MarieAmethyst my royalty12 for her lovemechainsp10
-Traded Marfisa my hawkseye10 and rubeus03 for her love01 and love07

October 6, 2006
-Traded Phynix my queen07 for her love09
-Traded Elly my season211 for her love06 and love19
-Traded MarieAmethyst my prism13 for her venus04
-Traded Shawnna my singles03 for her lovemechainsp01 and venusstar19

October 5, 2006
-Won queen07 from Blurred Photo
-Traded Iceymoon my moon06 for her venusstar18
-Took venusstar20 and moonprism20 from Inner Senshi Lounge freebies
-Won dark02 from Info Sheet
-Won moon06, festival09, and 1 neptune coin from Name That Tune
-Won eudial09 and kaolinite06 from Who Said It?
-Won renewal212, rubeus03, prism13, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Took mirror15 from forum freebies

October 2, 2006
-Traded MarieAmethyst my starry16 for her crescent06
-Traded Lazuli my mercury17, firesoul03, and singles07 for her idol11, venusstar10, crecent07, and lovemechainsp12
-Traded Miri-chan my bouquet07 and charmbuster03 for her beautyshock10, lovemechainsp14, and lovemechainsp17

October 1, 2006
-Received 1 moon, mercury, mars, jupiter, and venus coin along with one choice character, choice puzzle, choice scene, and choice special coupon for being an Inner Senshi participant in Sailor Wars! Yay! :D
-Won musicbox03, inners02, and 1 pluto coin from Anime Puzzle
-Won season211, starblue12, and 1 jupiter coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won crescent18 from Snoop!
-Won starhealer08, barefoot10, and 1 venus coin from Warped
-Won messiah11 and outerseternal07 from Remember This?
-Took innerseternal09 from forum freebies
-Traded Joey-chan my gourmet05, jupiterstar20, and tree13 for her beautyshock02, lovemechainsp15, and venusstar17
-Traded Takako my fire08 and pallapalla14 for her love13 and lovemechainsp06

September 30, 2006
-Received love15, love16, deadscream13, mercury17, and singles03 as level up reward
-Took charmbuster03 from forum freebies

September 28, 2006
-Took idol03 as freebie from Inner Senshi Lounge
-Traded Elyse my cosmos08 for her whiterose17
-Received gourmet05, starhealer06, destiny03, bouquet07, love02, love05, and love14 as my level badge donation reward
-Traded Meilin my millennium10 for her love10

September 27, 2006
-Traded MarieAmethyst my heartache19 and heartache20 for her love17 and beautyshock13
-Won fisheye11, festival05, and 1 neptune coin from Name That Tune
-Won neptuneplanet17 from Info Sheet
-Won hawkseye10 and time19 from Who Said It?
-Won musicbox10, heartache19, pallapalla14, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain
-Won crescent02 from Shadow Shape

September 26, 2006
-Traded Kita my uranusplanet07 and renewal202 for her love04, lovemechainsp02, and lovemechainsp09

September 24, 2006
-Traded Elyse my circle14 for her venus12

September 18, 2006
-Won lovemechain15 from Snoop!
-Won uranusplanet07, circle17, and 1 mars coin from Warped
-Won fire08 and heartache20 from Remember This?
-Won tuxedo02, dance09, and 1 neptune coin from Name That Tune
-Won love20 from Info Sheet
-Won eternal12 and honeymoon07 from Who Said It?
-Won renewal202, tree13, mission16, and 1 moon coin from Nab the Villain!
-Won beautyshock15 from Shadow Shape
-Won musicbox07, secret16, and 1 uranus coin from Manga Puzzle
-Won season102, cosmos08, and 1 mercury coin from Anime Puzzle

September 17, 2006
-Joined! Received firesoul03, heartache12, jupiterstar20, millennium10, circle14, starry16, singles07, love03, love08, and love18 in my starter pack.

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