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April 7, 2013
-Traded Auriianna my ropeningoneb11 and sailorcosmos02 for proofofpurity01 and love07 (226)
-Traded Crazi my heartattack09, twinkleyell09, crisismakeup09/10/13, deepsubmerge05/07/10, fighterstarone02, jupitercrystal10, mercurycrystal05, deadscream11, mooncosmic14, and member card for ansrage11, battleone03, coolstranger01, eudial01, goldfishstall03, grandopening12, guardianoftime04, kissinthepark03, sailorpluto14, smopeningtwob15, thepromise14, venuspower10, venusstar11, and member card (223)

April 6, 2013
-Traded Nammy my sailormercury02 for crescentbeam05 (209)

April 4, 2013
-Traded Kristi my jupiterpower01/02/13, kinomakoto08, and thunderdragon02/08 for crescentbeam13, goldfishstall12, lovemechain13, copycat04, guardianoftime14, and kissinthepark02 (208)

April 1, 2013
-Traded Vena my kinomakoto03, sailorsaturn06, saturnplanet12, and tsukinousagi02 for designer02/05 (202)

March 31, 2013
-Traded Auriianna my amazinglunch06/07 and member card for thepromise13, goldfishstall15, and member card (198)
-Traded Lethe my hinorei05/08/11, venuspower06, and tenprincesses15 for mysteriousboy02, sailorvenus08/10, santasavior12, thepromise01, and zombieattack11 (195)

March 17, 2013
-Traded Hotaru my blackroses07 and fallenprincess02 for copycat08 and goldfishstall05 (189)
-Traded Vena my sailorchibimoon12, sailorjupiter10, sailormars03/08, tsukinousagi12, and weddingparty10/14 for 100decks02, thepromise07, venusstar09, designer11, idol15, and time03 (187)

March 13, 2013
-Traded Lethe my miko14, mooncrystal02, plutoplanet15, and rebirth13 for ansrage04/10/12, smopeningonea08, and venuspower05 (178)

March 12, 2013
-Traded Kimi my goldfishstall08, standup09, tsukinochibiusa04/05, and member card for wallofrats11, wearesneaky01/05/09, and member card (173)

March 6, 2013
-Traded Suza my aquamirage13, burningmandala01/06, firesoulbird13, lovemechain04, smopeningoneb07, smopeningtwoa09, starsoshiokiyo13, supremethunder07, venusstar10, widepressure01, and member card for 100decks01/07/08, ansrage02/08/14, coolstranger05, daimonrain15, grandopening08/10, moonprism15, and member card (168)

March 3, 2013
-Traded Usio my tomoehotaru03 and member card for coolstranger06 and member card (156)

February 27, 2013
-Traded Vena my kaioumichiru04, sailorneptune07, violinist06, and member card for copycat01, plutoplanet15, destiny06, and member card (154)

February 12, 2013
-Traded Ninive my fiercecrow10, innerstrength06, narusgrief09, darkkingdom07, elegance02, love11, and member card for moonprism02, plutoplanet11/15, smopeningoneb09, smopeningtwoa13, wearesneaky07/14, time08, and member card (149)

February 9, 2013
-Traded Lethe my darkqueen01/08 and pinksugar15 for ansrage14, grandopening03, and kissinthepark05 (139)

February 5, 2013
-Traded Syn my firesoulbird03/15, powerofflame06/11, fire05, and member card for beautyshock05, copycat14, daimonrain07/11, proofofpurity10, venusstar12, and member card (136)

January 31, 2013
-Traded Kotono my marscrystal14, marsstar09, powerofflame02, prejoin06, sailormoon12, and firefly14 for beautyshock13, coolstranger09, copycat05/07, wallofrats04, and fatalists12 (129)

January 27, 2013
-Traded Nammy my maskedimpostor09 and member card for 100decks04 and member card (122)

January 24, 2013
-Traded Lethe my deathbusters09 for destiny04 (120)

January 20, 2013
-Traded Hotaru my crowfalls02, finalblow09, hyperpowerjet13, sailorneptune11, and member card for 100decks06/10/11/13 and member card (118)
-Traded Rikka my sailorsaturn15, thepurestheart05, rabbits04, and member card for copycat05, wearesneaky11, original09, and member card (113)

January 13, 2013
-Traded Lethe my kaioumichiru02/05 for lovemechain04 and proofofpurity02 (108)
-Traded Bommiie my twinkleyell03/13 and member card for earth09 and member card (106)

January 5, 2013
-Traded Smam my aquarhapsody10, sabaospray05/11/15, wood08, innocentheart08, and member card for deadscream13, plutoplanet09/10, designer10, time01, and member card (103)

January 3, 2013
-Traded Kearin my halation04/14, mooncrystal06, sailormoon04, and member card for copycat15, deadscream06, goldfishstall10/14, and member card (95)
-Traded VBunny my therapykissone13, winged13, meditation15, mooncrisis10, prejoin11/15, and member card for beautyshock08, deadscream02, goldfishstall06, plutoplanet04/06/12, venuspower13, and member card (90)

January 1, 2013
-Traded Cerri my prejoin02, burningmandala02, crisismakeup01, powerkiss09/12, and member card for lovemechain06, earth10/13, and member card (82)
-Traded YinYang my legendarysenshi13, ocean09, tomoehotaru13, and member card for amazinglunch07, copycat13, goldfishstall09, proofofpurity12, and member card (76)
-Traded Kristi my toughgirl12 and member card for copycat02 and member card (71)
-Traded Ayay my healerstarone04/11 and member card for copycat03, proofofpurity14, and member card (69)

December 31, 2012
-Traded Ajisaitea my aquaillusion02, marspower05, and member card for beautyshock04, deadscream08, and member card (66)
-Traded Jojo my christmas201211, galaxiastrikes10, maskedimpostor08, rodappears02/04/09, faith02, and member card for coolstranger07/12/14, crescentbeam06/10, lovemechain04, venuscrystal12, venuspower01, and member card (63)
-Traded Rahenna my jupiterstar15, firesoulbird08, smopeningtwob11, spaceswordone07, thunderdragon08, uranusplanet09/15, worldshaking03/15, darkkingdom12, and member card for beautyshock07, copycat12, crescentbeam07/12, deadscream03, lovemechain02/09, plutoplanet14, venuspower02, time05, and member card (54)
-Traded Shawnna my heartattack08, mooncrisis02, mooneternalone07, faith08, and member card for crescentbeam08, goldfishstall04/08, venuscrystal08/09, and member card (42)
-Traded Samichan my jupiterstar04, mooncosmic02, and member card for crescentbeam01, venuspower11, and member card (36)
-Traded Colleen my wateryattack08 and totherescue08 for venusstar01/10 (33)
-Traded Chii my smopeningtwoa02, saturnplanet04, deepsubmerge03, supersailormoon09, and firesoul05/06/07 for beautyshock06/11, copycat10, lovemechain14, venuscrystal10, venuspower14, and venusstar05 (31)
-Traded Minalover my revival06/08 and member card for amazinglunch06, coolstranger03, and member card (24)

December 24, 2012
-Traded Ninive my jealousy09/14 for beautyshock03 and venuspower06 (21)

December 22, 2012
-Traded Lethe my fighterstartwo08 for copycat11 (19)

December 16, 2012
-Traded Jessica my heaven05 and member card for earth03 and member card (18)

December 15, 2012
-Traded Lethe my fighterstarone13 and marscrystal03 for crescentbeam14 and deadscream11 (15)

December 14, 2012
-Traded Kotono my jupiterstar08, mercurystar03, and member card for plutoplanet13, venusstar08, and member card (13)

December 11, 2012
-Traded Lethe my fighterstarone08 and member card for venuscrystal02 and member card (10)

December 10, 2012
-Traded Sheva my heaven01 and member card for earth04 and member card (8)

December 8, 2012
-Traded Chii my neptuneplanet14/15 and member card for lovemechain08/11 and member card (5)

December 7, 2012
-Traded Colleen my toughgirl06 and member card for deadscream07 and member card (2)

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