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trade log

February 12, 2008
-Won jyoji12 and act0511 from Sing a Song
-Won princesspower13 from Word Scramble 1
-Won miyuu19 from Word Scramble 2
-Won chieco08 from Word Scramble 3
-Won ami13 from Word Scramble 4
-Won nephrite18 from Word Scramble 5
-Won myuu11, mercurypower16, and fire02 from Word Scramble 6
-Won minako10, rei08, and ice18 from Whose Is This?
-Won princessm14, healing17, and poseone11 from A Visit to the Crime Lab
-Won serenity16 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won loyal12 from Hangman
-Won act0801, rina03, kirari01, and 1 venus talisman from Puzzle
-Won act0809 and princessv04 from Beat Ami 1
-Won mio14 and act0301 from Beat Ami 2
-Won chieco14, heart10, and thunder09 from Beat Ami 3
-Won myuu18 from Hidden Link 1
-Won usagi17 from Hidden Link 2
-Won tuxedo15 from Hidden Link 3
-Won venus03, motoki11, and love13 from Hidden Link Grand Prize
-Won chieco03 and 1 venus talisman from How Did This Happen
-Took rei02 and genuine03 from weekly goodies

January 26, 2008
-Won lunapower19, adore16, and kirari15 from RISK
-Traded Jayme my jyoji15 for loveme07

January 23, 2008
-Won naru09 and makoto01 from Sing a Song
-Won princessv18 from Word Scramble 1
-Won act1201 from Word Scramble 2
-Won flash09 from Word Scramble 3
-Won pretty20 from Word Scramble 4
-Won pretty09 from Word Scramble 5
-Won chieco06, lovely19, and wedding10 from Word Scramble 6
-Won mamoru18, artemis04, and thunder18 from Whose Is This?
-Won moeco12, mandala10, and thunder04 from A Visit to the Crime Lab
-Won miyuu11 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won princessv04 from Hangman
-Won ami02, romantic04, and revolution10 from RISK
-Traded Moonstar my loyal07/11/18 and crownk02/08 for destiny12, act1218, and posetwo15/18

January 15, 2008
-Received sailorv01/03, mandala15, and heart20 for mastering Minako

January 14, 2008
-Won loyal16, moeco10, and thunder16 from RISK

January 13, 2008
-Won op13 and hina17 from Sing a Song
-Won luna18 from Word Scramble 1
-Won op18 from Word Scramble 2
-Won ikuko09 from Word Scramble 3
-Won boomerang14 from Word Scramble 4
-Won opposition09 from Word Scramble 5
-Won humanneph17, moonpower04, and naoko15 from Word Scramble 6
-Won pretty02, loyal11, and darkice10 from Whose Is This?
-Won amiable13, heart03, and calendar16 from A Visit to the Crime Lab
-Won kurokimio14 from Hangman
-Won amiable06, artemis18, and kitty14 from Puzzle
-Won candybaby16 and rina10 from Beat Ami 1
-Won princessv10 and mandala16 from Beat Ami 2
-Won humanneph12, loyal18, and posefour11 from Beat Ami 3
-Won queenberyl18 from Hidden Link 1
-Won act1720 from Hidden Link 2
-Won pretty07 from Hidden Link 3
-Won keiko15, alisa09, and thunder11 from Hidden Link Grand Prize
-Took moonphase05 and mercury11 from weekly freebies
-Took venus talisman from update freebie
-Turned in darkprince12 for bingo card
-Traded Cerri my act0508, act0704, flower07, and jupiterpower16 for love10 and opening12

December 28, 2007
-Traded Moonstar my act0418 and actzero07/14/18 for heart08, sailorv13, and love15

December 15, 2007
-Won loveme14 from Hidden Link 3
-Won venus01, lovely16, and wedding03 from Hidden Link Grand Prize
-Won pretty08, present01e, and pgsmkunzite1 from Riddle 1
-Won kurokimio17, present01c, and pgsmberyl1 from Riddle 2
-Won pretty04, present01b, and pgsmzoicite1 from Riddle 3
-Won friend05, present01d, and pgsmjadeite1 from Riddle 4
-Won moon01, kurokimio, and pgsmendymeta from Riddle 5
-Won miyuu06, pgsmnephrite1, and pgsmmercury from Riddle 6
-Won unique15, pgsmjupiter, and pgsmvenus from Riddle 7
-Won usagi04, act0704, light07, and light01a from Warped
-Won act0507, jupiter10, and bs01c from Trivia 1
-Won marspower06, hina11, and cb01a from Trivia 2
-Won ami09, candy12, cb01a, and clock02a from Trivia 3
-Won candy05, adore15, and cb02a from Trivia 4
-Won sakura19, venuspower07, and fireplace02a from Wit
-Won sugao07, humanneph06, boots01, g_poincetia, hiiragi01, lease01r, and pgsmmars from Translate
-Won makoto09, heart09, act1303, moonpower17, kitty08, posethree10, merryxmaspixelim7, pgsmendymion, pgsmprincess, and 4 giftboxes for completing Advent Event
-Won naru11 and senshiluna03 from RISK

December 13, 2007
-Won queenberyl08 and chieco03 from Sing a Song
-Won naru18, act1210, and revolution18 from Whose Is This?
-Won zoisite02 from Benkyoushiniade
-Won pretty18 from Hangman
-Won princessm18, jupiter12, and posethree10 from Puzzle
-Won serenity18 and endymion13 from Beat Ami 1
-Won rei11 and adore07 from Beat Ami 2
-Won flower01, serenity17, and kirari12 from Beat Ami 2
-Won dark17 from Hidden Link 1
-Won queenberyl13 from Hidden Link 2
-Won senshiluna15, zoisite09, and love04 from How Did This Happen?
-Took layout02 from update freebie

December 11, 2007
-Took act1316 and mist03 from weekly goodies

December 4, 2007
-Took kurokimio09/20 from weekly goodies

November 30, 2007
-Traded NebulaChain my darkpower04, healing01/05, jadeite12, princesspower09, and mercurypower09/14 for tuxedo12/13, pretty15, and destiny13/20

November 27, 2007
-Took rina09 and genuine17 from weekly goodies

November 25, 2007
-Won jupiterpower12, serenity14, and naoko06 from RISK

November 24, 2007
-Traded Cerri my act0504/09, act0805, flash17, and harp10 for kitty08 and act1203/06/09

November 20, 2007
-Received minako19/20, marspower05, and act1512 for leveling up from 5 to 6
-Received minako04/18, chieco19, and mercury11 for mastering Ayaka
-Traded Moonstar my tambourine12 and zoisite10 for ice15
-Took flower07 and senshiluna06 from weekly goodies

November 16, 2007
-Won candybaby05 and mercury20 from Sing a Song
-Won princessv03 from Word Scramble 1
-Won princessv10 from Word Scramble 2
-Won chisaki17 from Word Scramble 3
-Won rina17 from Word Scramble 4
-Won moonpower11 from Word Scramble 5
-Won moon01, marspower17, and posefour08 from Word Scramble 6
-Won mars04, heart12, and posefour20 from Whose Is This?
-Won loveme04 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won act1207 from Hangman
-Won act1216, mandala10, and opening02 from Puzzle
-Won act0213 and silver13 from Beat Ami 1
-Won friend14 and ikuko16 from Beat Ami 2
-Won jupiter20, rivalry06, and calendar05 from Beat Ami 3
-Won humanneph05 from Hidden Link 1
-Won harp10 from Hidden Link 2
-Won chisaki05 from Hidden Link 3
-Won usagi13, nephrite11, and kirari01 from Hidden Link Grand Prize
-Won jadeite12, nephrite05, and kitty17 from How Did This Happen?
-Won mars12, light16, One Choice Regular, One Choice Special, One Random Regular, and One Random Special from Secret Room

November 13, 2007
-Took op08 and harp14 from weekly goodies
-Won friend19, nephrite11, and act0313 from RISK
-Traded Cerri my flash20, youma16, and mercury14 for queenberyl01 and posefour02
-Received ayaka18/20, act1202, and mio03 for leveling up from level four to level five

November 12, 2007
(Games played before update)
-Won artemis05 and mercury08 from Sing a Song
-Won act1202 from Word Scramble 1
-Won jupiterpower16 from Word Scramble 2
-Won harp20 from Word Scramble 3
-Won artemis10 from Word Scramble 4
-Won lunapower04 from Word Scramble 5
-Won flash17, usagi18, and fire06 from Word Scramble 6
-Won princesspower01 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won act1220 from Hangman
-Won princesspower12, luna09, and revolution11 from Puzzle
-Won sailorv02 from Hidden Link 1
-Won loveme19 from Hidden Link 2
-Won act1213 from Hidden Link 3
-Won hina14, act0304, and love11 from How Did This Happen?

November 7, 2007
-Took november card as birthday gift

November 6, 2007
-Took chisaki19 and tambourine12 from weekly goodies
-Traded Vikitty my venuspower11 and rivalry01 for ice08
-Won keiko01, candybaby09, and rei05 from RISK

November 5, 2007
-Took 500 star coupon from update freebie

October 30, 2007
-Took youma12 and endymion02 from weekly goodies
-Traded Smam my genuine16, jupiter02/07/08/14, and jupiterpower13 for loveme16, minako02, princessv02, sailorv12, and love04
-Traded Naoko my lunapower17 and senshiluna01/05 for princessv13, sailorv20, and queenberyl10

October 29, 2007
-Paid weapon10 for my bingo card
-Won ayaka14, flash08, and act0912 from RISK
-Traded Cerri my attractive06/11 and candy05/10 for posefour17 and love19

October 24, 2007
-Traded Latara my usagi02, princessm05, and romantic05 for heart02 and opening11

October 23, 2007
-Took lunapower12 and jupiter13 from weekly goodies

October 22, 2007
-Won healing01 and adore11 from Sing a Song
-Won genuine16 from Word Scramble 1
-Won chieco18 from Word Scramble 2
-Won sakura05 from Word Scramble 3
-Won obscure18 from Word Scramble 4
-Won pretty05 from Word Scramble 5
-Won dark19, darkprince12, and love09 from Word Scramble 6
-Won actzero07, candy10, and naoko04 from Whose Is This?
-Won rivalry13, obscure01, and opening16 from A Visit to the Crime Lab
-Won moonpower18 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won heart06 from Hangman
-Won ami05, darkpower04, and act0317 from RISK
-Won flash20, calendar13, one One Choice Regular, one One Choice Special, one One Random Regular, and one One Random Special from Secret Room

October 18, 2007
-Took 500 star coupon, One Choice Regular, and One Choice Special from update freebie
-Traded Cerri my princessm14 for tuxedo14

October 16, 2007
-Won keiko02 from Word Scramble 1
-Won minako01 from Word Scramble 2
-Won darkpower04 from Word Scramble 3
-Won keiko14 from Word Scramble 4
-Won queenberyl15 from Word Scramble 5
-Won friend16, moon10, and kirari13 from Word Scramble 6
-Won sakura17, romantic06, and destiny06 from Whose Is This?
-Won youma09, sailorv17, and ice06 from A Visit to the Crime Lab
-Won lovely12 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won princessm14 from Hangman
-Won youma16, princesspower09, and opening13 from Puzzle
-Won darkpower02 and healing05 from Beat Ami 1
-Won marspower18 and jupiter07 from Beat Ami 2
-Won attractive11, act0112, and poseone07 from Beat Ami 3
-Won sailorv19 from Hidden Link 1
-Won alisa15 from Hidden Link 2
-Won dark06 (Darkury looks like Audrey Hepburn) from Hidden Link 3
-Won tuxedo10, rivalry01, and love18 from Hidden Link grand prize
-Won mercury14, act0508, and posethree01 from How Did This Happen?
-Took senshiluna08 and rei07 from weekly goodies
-Redeemed three One Random Special and two One Choice Regular for crownk02, kitty19, posethree19, healing10, and ayaka12
-Traded Lunix my poseone13 and revolution08 for alisa11, minako07, princessv05, and venus08

October 15, 2007
-Won adore02, act0418, and endymion06 from RISK

October 14, 2007
-Traded NebulaChain my jadeite03 for minako17
-Won usagi12, weapon10, and actzero14 from RISK

October 13, 2007
-Traded Cerri my mandala03/11/18, healing10, and youma20 for pretty13, poseone12, and posefour11

October 12, 2007
-Turned in darkprince17 for bingo card
-Took op12, humanneph16, and kitty09 from forum freebies

October 9, 2007
-Took candy05 and motoki09 from weekly goodies

October 8, 2007
-Traded Vena my thunder04/07/09 for loveme09 and rivalry01/07/09/15/18

October 6, 2007
-Received ayaka08/11, shingo18, and adore09 for mastering Venus Power
-Traded Cerri my healing10 for minako03

October 5, 2007
-Received venuspower12/15, jyoji02, and harp02 for leveling up from 3 to 4

October 4, 2007
-Won tuxedo02 and jadeite03 from Sing a Song
-Won alisa03 from Word Scramble 1
-Won pretty02 from Word Scramble 2
-Won princessv17 from Word Scramble 3
-Won alisa09 from Word Scramble 4
-Won mercurypower10 from Word Scramble 5
-Won adore13, loyal07, and posethree08 from Word Scramble 6
-Won adore05, weapon08, and light14 from Whose Is This?
-Won endymion17, ami02, and crownk08 from A Visit to the Crime Lab
-Won mercurypower14 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won sailorv09 from Hangman
-Received three One Choice Regular and three One Random Special for turning in 3 stamp cards
-Traded Miriamele my moonpower07 for ayaka03
-Redeemed two One Random Regular, two One Random Special, and two One Choice Regular for jupiter14, moonpower09, posetwo19, posethree03, and venuspower17/20

October 3, 2007
-Traded Mochibuni my nephrite09/14, jupiter05, romantic06/14, and lovely18 for opening19, posethree10, and poseone19
-Traded Sam my naoko18 for minako09 and queenberyl16

October 2, 2007
-Took tambourine07 and marspower04 from weekly goodies
-Received rina13, chieco04, darkpower19, opening07, and a 300 star coupon for donating collecting badges

October 1, 2007
-Took two One Choice Regular and one One Choice Special from update freebie

September 27, 2007
-Traded Kasumi my poseone08/13 for ayaka16, minako06/16, and sailorv04

September 26, 2007
-Traded Cerri my fire15, unique17, and member card for loveme10, love06, and member card

September 25, 2007
-Won venus04 and moonpower07 from Sing a Song
-Won princessv06 from Word Scramble 1
-Won mars10 from Word Scramble 2
-Won tuxedo11 from Word Scramble 3
-Won jupiter08 from Word Scramble 4
-Won sailorv18 from Word Scramble 5
-Won flower03, sugao06, and dvd11 from Word Scramble 6
-Won keiko01, shingo04, and poseone06 from Whose Is This?
-Won romantic05, senshiluna05, and love09 from A Visit to the Crime Lab (love this game <3)
-Won minako10 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won ayaka07 from Hangman
-Won jyoji06, act0509, and revolution08 from Puzzle
-Won attractive06 and zoisite10 from Beat Ami 1
-Won moeco19 and keiko06 from Beat Ami 2
-Won makoto08, zoisite06, and love03 from Beat Ami 3
-Won mandala18 from Hidden Link 1
-Won venus14 from Hidden Link 2
-Won myuu10 from Hidden Link 3
-Won act1113, luna19, and poseone13 from Hidden Link Grand Prize
-Won actzero18, makoto07, and calendar10 from How Did This Happen?
-Took zoisite07 and teletias02 from weekly goodies
-Took moonphase20 from update freebie
-Took act1215, love13, and a 100 star coupon from forum freebie
-Traded Vena my calendar10 and member card for venuspower16, ayaka04, and member card

September 24, 2007
-Won mandala03, marspower03, and thunder07 from RISK

September 22, 2007
-Traded Vena my miyuu17, chisaki16, and princesspower07 for tuxedo16 and posefour09
-Took 100 star coupon from update freebie

September 20, 2007
-Traded Jayme my tuxedo08/17 for venus16 and venuspower18

September 19, 2007
-Won mandala11 and tuxedo08 from Sing a Song
-Won naru07 from Word Scramble 1
-Won serenity06 from Word Scramble 2
-Won act0816 from Word Scramble 3
-Won princesspower07 from Word Scramble 4
-Won unique17 from Word Scramble 5
-Won jyoji15, youma20, and dvd15 from Word Scramble 6
-Won usagi02, act0504, and poseone13 from Whose Is This?
-Won sailorv08, darkprince17, and thunder04 from A Visit to the Crime Lab
-Won rei18 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won rina05 from Hangman
-Received venuspower07/09, act0805, and jupiter02 from leveling up to level 3
-Traded MarsReiko my serenity15, moon12, tambourine18, and revolution18 for minako14, princessv11, sailorv07, venus12, and venuspower11

September 18, 2007
-Took loveme01 and destiny18 from forum freebies
-Took miyuu17 and ami12 from weekly goodies

September 17, 2007
-Traded Cerri my mars11 for minako08
-Paid for bingo card with moonphase07
-Received mercurypower09 for submitting member card

September 16, 2007
-Took opening05 from update freebie
-Traded Sam my dark07 for minako12
-Traded Kate my wedding03, friend05, and keiko16 for prejoin09/10

September 14, 2007
-Traded Rahenna my dark18 and darkpower12 for minako13 and venuspower11
-Traded Aluria my actzero17 and queenberyl10 for ayaka01 and venus20

September 13, 2007
-Took friend05 and thunder09 from forum freebies

September 11, 2007
-Traded Sam my genuine13 and shingo13 for ice01
-Traded Molly my humanluna19/20 for venus11/15
-Took rei19 and keiko12 from weekly goodies

September 10, 2007
-Won ayaka06 and rei16 from Sing a Song
-Won romantic06 from Word Scramble 1
-Won mercurypower03 from Word Scramble 2
-Won jupiterpower13 from Word Scramble 3
-Won rivalry03 from Word Scramble 4
-Won venuspower19 from Word Scramble 5
-Won alisa01, healing10, and posethree14 from Word Scramble 6
-Won dark18, moonphase19, and light14 from Whose Is This?
-Won princessv07, act0202, and fire15 from A Visit to the Crime Lab
-Won keiko08 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won artemis04 from Hangman
-Won luna14, teletias14, and naoko18 from Puzzle
-Won darkpower12 and kurokimio02 from Beat Ami 1
-Won nephrite09 and chieco20 from Beat Ami 2
-Won dark07, jupiter05, and posetwo11 from Beat Ami 3
-Won tuxedo17 from Hidden Link 1
-Won sailorv15 from Hidden Link 2
-Won rivalry05 from Hidden Link 3
-Won princessm05, ayaka13, and opening03 from Hidden Link Grand Prize
-Won kunzite18, loyal11, and posefour20 from How Did This Happen?

September 9, 2007
-Traded Kasumi my usagi06 for venus17

September 5, 2007
-Traded Lunix my pretty06/13 for ayaka09 and sailorv14
-Traded Vena my unique16 for venuspower04

September 4, 2007
-Won kunzite13 from Hangman
-Won minako15 from Hidden Link 1
-Won venuspower06 from Hidden Link 2
-Won genuine13 from Hidden Link 3
-Won moonphase07, lovely18, and wedding03 from Hidden Link grand prize
-Won mamoru14, actzero17, and light04 from How Did This Happen?
-Won One Choice Regular, One Choice Special, One Random Regular, One Random Special, moonphase14, and ice19 from Secret Room
-Traded Cerri my posetwo14 for rivalry19 and pretty01
-Took alisa02 and opening15 from forum freebies
-Took humanluna19 and romantic14 from weekly goodies
-Traded Jessy my princessm07 for venuspower14
-Traded Mochibuni my nephrite17 for ayaka17
-Traded Rahenna my dark20 and loyal14 for ayaka05 and venus12

September 2, 2007
-Won pretty06 and moon12 from Sing a Song
-Won dark20 from Word Scramble 1
-Won queenberyl03 from Word Scramble 2
-Won rivalry06 from Word Scramble 3
-Won venuspower10 from Word Scramble 4
-Won queenberyl10 from Word Scramble 5
-Won tambourine18, nephrite17, and revolution18 from Word Scramble 6
-Won unique19, myuu17, and poseone13 from Whose Is This?
-Won usagi06, sailorv05, and posetwo14 from A Visit to the Crime Lab
-Won sailorv16 from Benkyoushinaide
-Traded Mochibuni my nephrite03 and ikuko14 for ayaka02/15
-Received venuspower01/02, unique16, and nephrite14 for leveling up from level one to two
-Traded Cerri my unique19 for venuspower13

August 31, 2007
-Traded Kate my adore20 and keiko20 for venus13 and ayaka10

August 30, 2007
-Won serenity15, ayaka19, and posefour15 from Puzzle
-Won keiko16, kurokimio07, and poseone08 from Word Scramble 6
-Traded Rahenna my calendar16 for posefour03
-Traded Cerri my postwo11 for princessv14 and minako05

August 28, 2007
-Took prejoin18 and layout01 from forum freebies

August 27, 2007
-Joined! Received venuspower03/05/08, senshiluna01, teletias11, adore20, and venus19 in my starter pack
-Won minako11 and keiko20 from Sing a Song
-Won pretty13 from Word Scramble 1
-Won ayaka14 from Word Scramble 2
-Won humanluna20 from Word Scramble 3
-Won venus01 from Word Scramble 4
-Won princessv12 from Word Scramble 5
-Won shingo13, chisaki16, and posetwo20 from Whose Is This?
-Won mars11 from Benkyoushinaide
-Won lunapower17, princessm07, calendar16, posethree02, one One Choice Regular, one One Random Regular, one One Random Special, and one One Choice Specail from Kill Nako Nako
-Won luna05/20 and posetwo11 from A Visit to the Crime Lab
-Won venus06 and ikuko14 from Beat Ami 1
-Won loyal14 and hina14 from Beat Ami 2
-Won wand06, nephrite03, and posefour07 from Beat Ami 3

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