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April 14, 2007
-Took duty09, princess06, contract03, games02, waiting01, kowaiyo04, younglove05, kiss10, tightembrace09, and holdme09 from randomizer

April 7, 2007
-Took leaves10, understand12, keitai02, friends05, rumble08, hotchocolate10, tightembrace07, bed10, innocent12, and lovehate03 from hiatus randomizer
-Traded Misaki my member24 for member13

March 31, 2007
-Took legendary03, lyrics14, mischief13, shikon06, younglove04, chibi13, red&black10, bed04/12, hug06, and valentines14 from hiatus randomizer

March 28, 2007
-Took innocent10, sweet04, understand03, and event09 from update freebies
-Won summon03 and Two Choice coupon from Easy Puzzle
-Won prince10, unrequited06, angel01, and Two Random coupon from Gesture
-Won cursed04 and One Choice Special from Spying
-Won song04, hug02, holdon02, and One Choice Special from Blah Blah Blah
-Won bodyguard10 and alternate15 from Live in the Moment
-Won summon08, seven10, and holdon13 from Cake Stealer
-Won camera07, duty12, present14, puzzle05, and 2 Choice Coupon from Hard Puzzle
-Took jijyou08 from Faith-san's prayer, thank you!
-Won waiting15 from Pick a Character

March 24, 2007
-Traded Eiji my need04, retrievers05/15, and member24 for nobody05, holdon11, fashion04, and member23

March 20, 2007
-Took valentines12 and event08 from update
-Won holdon04 and highjump13 from Remember This?
-Won keitai11, cursed12, younglove12, and 1 choice special from Blah Blah Blah
-Won tsuki07, doumei12, and camera04 from Cake Stealer
-Traded Alarm my red&black05/08, shikon13, song04, and member24 for blush10, legendary04, nobody07, rose10, and member07

March 18, 2007
-Redeemed three One Random coupons and one Two Random coupons for keitai04, need04, reunited04, rumble02, and tomodachi12

March 16, 2007
-Took tsuki15, sweet01, toudai05, curse06, nobody06, alter-ego08, and event06/07 from update freebies
-Won summon06 and 1 random coupon from Easy Puzzle
-Won princess09 and holdon05 from Guess Card
-Won lyrics15 and dysfunctional05 from Pervert

March 10, 2007
-Took friedshrimp14 and hug07 from weekly freebies
-Took present01/06, envious01, tsuki14, and red&black08 from update freebies
-Won alternate12 and contract14 from Live in the Moment
-Won hitsuzen11, highjump07, and unrequited04 from Cake Stealer
-Won comforting14, lyrics11, fashion01, puzzle04, and One Choice coupon
-Won camera11, cursed01, and present08 from Terms of Fandom
-Got jijyou04 and valentines13 from Prayers, thanks!

March 8, 2007
-Traded Eiji my colors12 for present07

March 7, 2007
-Won household01 and One Random coupon from Easy Puzzle
-Won seven05 and clow11 from Guess the Card
-Won tensai08 and mecha09 from Pervert
-Won name15, cursed09, angel04, and Two Choice coupon from Gestures

March 4, 2007
-Traded Elin my curse07 for bodyguard08

March 3, 2007
-Won hitsuzen06 and nobody12 from Hatsukoi's first link
-Won envious04 and holdon12 from Hatsukoi's second link
-Won camera02, magic07, and blush09 from Hatsukoi's third link
-Won nobody08, mischief12, and rawr04 from Hatsukoi's fourth link
-Won wings06, persocom10, unrequited03, and angel08 from Hatsukoi's fifth link
-Won curse10, envious10, wings03, and present02 from Hatsukoi's sixth link
-Won rose09/11 and jijyou01 from Hatsukoi's seventh link
-Won nobody04, present04, and jijyou05 from Hatsukoi's eighth link
-Received jijyou13, red&black05, and bestfriends07 for mastering Reunited

March 1, 2007
-Received reunited07/14, holdon06, and kiss12 for leveling up from 4 to 5
-Traded M-chan my alternate09 for blush04

February 28, 2007
-Traded Kyouki my hug05/11/13 for bodyguard03, doubletrouble12, and unrequited11
-Received reunited02, fashion06, and envious12 for mastering Revolution
-Took prince05, holdon15, legendary13, bestfriends15, colors11, angel09, bodyguard09, and one of each coupon - 1 Random, 2 Random, 1 Choice, 2 Choice, and 1 Choice Special - from update freebies
-Won bodyguard14 from Easy Puzzle
-Won holdon03 and present12 from Guess Card
-Won household08 and clow10 from Song Lyric Scramble
-Won wings07, clones06, and knight14 from Gestures
-Won holdon10 and summon09 from Pervert
-Won neko05 and tensai02 from Love Triangle

February 27, 2007
-Received revolution06, cursed08, and doubletrouble09 for mastering Makenai
-Received revolution13/15, seven01, and household11 for leveling up from 3 to 4

February 25, 2007
-Traded Kitsune my hug03 for prince13
-Traded M-chan my waiting13, curse01, and hitsuzen15 for jijyou11/15 and prince06

February 24, 2007
-Won angel03 and niisan12 from Remember This?
-Won fashion12, wings11, and cursed05 from Blah Blah Blah
-Won cursed06 and red&black02 from Live in the Moment
-Won contract05, duty10, and alternate09 from Cake Stealer
-Traded Grace my alter-ego04 for revolution11

February 21, 2007
-Traded Hinata my lyrics09 for reunited03
-Took clow01, doubletrouble02, worship12, comforting05, retrievers15, bubblegum15, and shikon13 from freebies
-Won summon01 from Easy Puzzle
-Won revolution10 and jijyou06 from Guess the Card
-Won mithril05 and sweet14 from Pervert
-Won leaves02 and magic15 from Love Triangle
-Won prince08, curse01, reunited13, and puzzle03 from Hard Puzzle
-Won wings04, magic06, and hug13 from Blind Date
-Won doumei11, revolution03, and kiss06 from The Terms of Fandom
-Traded Chanda my commoner09, hime12, and mithril05/12 for jijyou03/09/12 and wings01
-Traded Dark my leaves02 for revolution05
-Traded Allie my kiss13 for revolution09
-Traded Alarm my commoner11 and toudai14 for revolution07 and reunited01
-Traded Kirie my contract09 for rose07
-Won retrievers05 and hime04 from Pick a Character
-Traded Elin my sweet14 for bodyguard06

February 19, 2007
-Received makenai09/10, neko08, and cursed03 for leveling up from 2 to 3

February 18, 2007
-Won commoner09 and present11 from Quote
-Won present03 from Spying
-Won unrequited15, hitsuzen15, and rose13 from Blah Blah Blah
-Won household05, reunited12, and kiss13 from Cake Stealer
-Traded Rikka my cursed15 for bodyguard13

February 15, 2007
-Took summon02, camera05, event01/02/03/04/05, valentines04, blush15, summon13, fashion13, contract09, doumei14, dysfunctional08, clones05, kowaiyo11, toudai14, and memories14 from update freebies
-Won revolution12 from Easy Puzzle
-Won comforting15 and curse07 from Guess the Card
-Won song04 and kiss08 from Character's Diary
-Won commoner11 and tensai07 from Pervert
-Won camera10 and wings15 from Love Triangle

February 10, 2007
-Won angel15 from Spying
-Won duty04, duty07, and hug11 from Cake Stealer
-Traded Elin my neko01 for revolution01

February 7, 2007
-Took unrequited08 and alternate02 from weekly freebies
-Won commoner12 from Easy Puzzle
-Won rose03 and princess01 from Guess the Card
-Won cursed13 and alter-ego04 from Pervert!
-Won summon05 and bubblegum14 from Guess the Song
-Won blush13 and leaves14 from Live in the Moment
-Won colors12, wings13, and bestfriends09 from Cake Stealer
-Won lyrics09, revolution08, legendary08, and puzzle02 from Hard Puzzle
-Won summon07 and reunited04/06 from Blind Date

February 5, 2007
-Traded Alarm my commoner05 for wings08

February 4, 2007
-Received makenai13/14, household06, neko01, and bodyguard01 for donating Bodyguard deck images

February 2, 2007
-Traded Hinata my lyrics13 for makenai11
-Traded Chibinaoka my camera05 for makenai07

January 31, 2007
-Traded Kyouki my name08/12 and cursed02 for jijyou07 and revolution02/14
-Received makenai03/06, destiny11, and promise07 for leveling up from 1 to 2
-Traded Rikka my camera15 for makenai08

January 30, 2007
-Took promise08 and sewingkit04 from weekly freebies
-Won rose15 and twins08 from Easy Puzzle
-Won name12 and prince02 from Guess the Card
-Won jijyou02 and camera15 from Character's Diary

January 29, 2007
-Traded M-chan my song13 for makenai01

January 28, 2007
-Won prince03 and song14 from Easy Puzzle
-Won camera05, cursed08, and princess07 from Gestures
-Won commoner05 and duty11 from Guess Card
-Won neko01 and twins06 from Remember This?
-Won rose12 and reunited11 from Guess the Song
-Won destiny02 and song13 from Blah Blah Blah
-Won games14 and soldier03/09 from Blind Date
-Won soldier06, wander05, and unrequited13 from Cake Stealer
-Won cursed15, doubletrouble11, prince09, and puzzle01 from Hard Puzzle
-Won hitsuzen14 and jijyou14 from Hatsukoi's first clue
-Won reunited08 and doubletrouble03 from Hatsukoi's second clue
-Won doubletrouble14, waiting13, and rose05 from Hatsukoi's third clue
-Won revolution04, seven14, and lyrics13 from Hatsukoi's fourth clue
-Won princess10, mithril12, destiny01, and hug03 from Hatsukoi's fifth clue
-Won princess12, doubletrouble08, reunited15, and hug05 from Hatsukoi's sixth clue
-Won name08, reunited10, and makenai05 from Hatsukoi's seventh clue
-Won reunited05, neko03, and makenai15 from Hatsukoi's eighth clue

January 27, 2007
-Joined! Received makenai02/04/12, reunited09, cursed02, household06, name02, hime12, and lovehate06 in my starter pack
-Got waiting05 for getting my cards up

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