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card log
so magical

August 8, 2010
-Won slittlehercules14 from Weekly West Wing
-Won colivia05 and cray09 from Alice's Analogy
-Won cthomas02 and fframed09 from Ariel's Aria
-Won sforgetaboutlove01, sonejumpaheadre13, and sonesong14 from Belle's Book
-Won fsleep05, sasecretrevealed13, and sfathomsbelow04 from Cinderella's Cleanser
-Won cathena09, frobot05, and saftertoday05 from Lady's Location
-Won carista03 and slove04 from Mulan's Memory
-Won fstrength17, ssimbaalive01, and swhistlewhile02 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won scircleoflife05 and ssavages213 from Vixey's Video
-Took skronksmission13, fohana26, svirginiacompany08, and suponadream15 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won cjessie06, fband24, sadventuresoutthere07, f200007, cray06, f200011, and fpuppet09 from Andalasia
-Won fapple30, fbedknob01, fcauldron26, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won cunclemax01 and fboundin06 from Patch of Heaven
-Won cjimhawkins02, sgothedistance02, ssimbaalive05, and swaitingforyou12 from Pride Rock
-Won sbeacat08, siwontsay10, and spaintingrosesred08 from Tulgey Woods
-Won fbirds11 and fpresto13 from Colors of the Wind Event (Yellow #5)

August 5, 2010
-Won cflounder08 and cslinky08 from Colors of the Wind Event (Green #4)
-Won esummer1015, sweareone09, and sweddingannounce15 from Colors of the Wind Event (Purple #5)
-Won cemperor02 and fband26 from Colors of the Wind Event (Purple #4)

August 2, 2010
-Won esummer1014, sthehydra15, and stothefair08 from Colors of the Wind Event (Green #5)
-Won cmax02 and cmrpotatohead08 from Colors of the Wind Event (Orange #5)
-Won esummer1013, spartyinagrabah14, and sriteofspring07 from Colors of the Wind Event (Red #5)

July 31, 2010
-Gave up fhome12 for Muse jackpot (August)

July 24, 2010
-Won skingofpriderock06 from Weekly West Wing
-Won esummer1012, smexico01, and sonadarknight03 from Colors of the Wind Event (Blue #4)
-Won fdetective11 and fohana29 from Colors of the Wind Event (Purple #3)
-Won fglitch22 and frobot26 from Colors of the Wind Event (Yellow #1)

July 22, 2010
-Received sdefinedancing07, sfriendlikeme10, slistenwithheart208, soogieboogiessong13, sriteofspring06, swalrusandcarpenter11, savemaria10/11, sbahia02/12, sbaldmountain03/04, smabelleevangeline04/11, snutcrackersuite02/12, cjasmine04, cmrpotatohead06, cshenzi06, ctarzan03, cthequeen06, cthomas07, cthomasomalley08, cthumper09, ctiana05, ctinkerbell01, ctoby02, ctod02, ctoulouse03, ctramp04, cunclemax06, cursula07, cvitani08, cwalle09, cwilbur01, cwilburr02, cwoody03, cyao05, cyensid05, flamp29, flifted30, flost01, fmelodytime02, fmermaid03, fmonster04, fmusic05, fneverland06, fnew07, fnightmare08, fohana09, forphan10, foutback11, foutcast12, fpeach13, fpedigree14, fperfect15, fpresto16, fpride17, fpuppet18, freal19, frescue20, s12yearslater02, sadventuresoutthere04, saeiou03, saftertoday04, saguylikeyou05, salldogalert06, sallineed07, salmostthere08, salogpuller09, salohaoe10, sanimalcalling11, sanotherday12, saperfectsituation13, sapirateslife14, sarabiannights01, sarielsinlove02, saroundtheriverbend03, sasecretrevealed04, sastarisborn05, sathenassong06, satlantissinking07, sattackatthewall08, sattherestaurant09, savemaria10, sbaby13, sbabymine14, sbarkingatthemoon03, sbattleonthetower04, sbeacat06, sbeanstalksprouts08, sbefuddlingthing15, sbeinmyheart01, sbellsofnotredame03, sbelongtomyheart04, sbeprepared05, sbestoffriends06, sbibbidibobbidiboo07, sbirthofbell08, sblackraincloud09, scarnivalofanimals13, scaseyjunior14, scaucusrace15, scaveofwonders01, and scircleoflife02 for mastering Abu, Jasmine, McLeach, Oogie Boogie, Tramp, Ave Maria, Bahia, Bald Mountain, Court of Miracles, Define Dancing, Friend Like Me, Heffalumps & Woozles, Listen with Heart 2, Ma Belle Evangeline, Mexico, Nutcracker Suite, Oogie Boogie's Song, Other Side, Rite of Spring, Strange Things, Walrus & Carpenter, and Zero to Hero

July 19, 2010
-Received sotherside01, cma07, fhalf26, and sbattleonthetower13 for mastering Winter 10
-Received sotherside06, clady09, soodelally13, and ssavages101 for mastering Spring 10
-Received sotherside08, cmo07, sontheopenroad09, and swizardsduel05 for mastering Member 4
-Won esummer1011, sfairiesdrawnearre01, and sfathomsbelow11 from Colors of the Wind Event (Yellow #4)
-Won esummer1010, saeiou04, and sbellsofnotredame13 from Colors of the Wind Event (Orange #4)

July 14, 2010
-Won fjabberwocky21 and ftoy29 from Colors of the Wind Event (Blue #2)
-Won smarriedlife01 from Colors of the Wind Event (Orange #3)

July 12, 2010
-Won cviolet01 from Weekly West Wing
-Won snotwhattheyappear13, snowayout14, cnemo05, and fthieves04 from Beast's Bluff
-Won cdinah07 and cmittens09 from John Smith's Joyride
-Won cscuttle10 and sfinalere07 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Won sloveisasong02 and slovetonight03 from Lewis' Lab
-Won carthur07 and ckevin03 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won cjackskellington04 and sendsoftheearth14 from Quasimodo's Quotes
-Won fcloudy16 and smulansdecision14 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won cbianca201 and sentertheheroes08 from Simba's Scene

July 9, 2010
-Won cpeterpan09 and ctimon08 from Colors of the Wind Event (Blue #3)
-Won ccarl04/07 from Colors of the Wind Event (Green #1)

July 8, 2010
-Won cmike01, fpresto15, skingofpriderock09, and 1 flora from Neverland

July 6, 2010
-Won sjig14 from Weekly West Wing
-Took fducktales20, saftertoday11, sskumps07, and chamm06 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won siwontsay13, slookingoutforme07, ssavedchina01, sthomasomalleycat09, and strueloveskiss07 from Agrabah
-Won ccarl01, ctinkerbelltb02, snemoegg06, fbedknob29, fforest08, and frose10 from Andalasia
-Won fapple25, fohana17, fsleep16, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won sjacksobsession14, sjafarshour15, and sjanemeetstarzan01 from Mount Olympus
-Won ceve02, fhome20, and shawaiiancoaster09 from Patch of Heaven
-Won ctarzan02, ffly11, scrystalchamber01, and si2i15 from Pride Rock
-Won sfanfare08, stigerfight08, and stothefair13 from Tulgey Woods
-Won esummer1002, sfarewell04, and sfriendinmeweezy03 from Colors of the Wind Event (Blue #1)
-Won esummer1009, swelcome10, and syourworldre13 from Colors of the Wind Event (Green #3)

July 4, 2010
-Won sgonnatakeyouthere15 from Weekly West Wing
-Won cwilbur09 and fattack18 from Alice's Analogy
-Won cthequeen01 and fslipper17 from Ariel's Aria
-Won sdigalittledeeper05, sgospeltruth205, and sphonykingofengland14 from Belle's Book
-Won fgroove24, scarnivalofanimals02, and sshark13 from Cinderella's Cleanser
-Won cflower07, fapple22, and ffind27 from Lady's Location
-Won slookingforromance09 and sthemorningreport02 from Mulan's Memory
-Won fflower05, sthekiss14, and suponadreamre15 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won sbeinmyheart06 and ssavedchina10 from Vixey's Video
-Won esummer1007, ssideofpotatoes08, and sstrangethings15 from Colors of the Wind Event (Red #3)
-Won esummer1008, stobefree13, and stothefair05 from Colors of the Wind Event (Yellow #3)

June 30, 2010
-Gave up sgofromherere15 for Muse jackpot (July)

June 27, 2010
-Won fhonor07 from Weekly West Wing

June 22, 2010
-Won esummer1003, sgoodbadugly07, and sivegotnostrings03 from Colors of the Wind Event (Purple #1)

June 20, 2010
-Won sgeniemontage04 from Weekly West Wing
-Won ccarl09 and cphoebus09 from John Smith's Joyride
-Won cmushu02 and ffrog14 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Won ckala10 and sskumps09 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won cshanyu02 and sperturbedpixie07 from Quasimodo's Quotes
-Won cbimbettes09 and smylullaby06 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won slovewillfindaway06 and sthehunsattack03 from Simba's Scene
-Won swhenwerehuman10 from Colors of the Wind Event (Yellow #2)
-Won sweddingannounce10 and swelcome11 from Lewis' Lab

June 18, 2010
-Won sthethreecaballeros06, stheworksong08, frescue18, and ccrikee05 from Beast's Bluff

June 17, 2010
-Won clottie06 from Colors of the Wind Event (Orange #1)
-Won cjock05 from Colors of the Wind Event (Red #2)
-Won esummer1006, spoorbear09, and srescuingpenny04 from Colors of the Wind Event (Purple #2)
-Won esummer1004, slittleaprilshower06, and slovetonight14 from Colors of the Wind Event (Orange #2)

June 14, 2010
-Won cbelle04, fhunny21, sonejumpaheadre12, and 1 flora from Neverland

June 13, 2010
-Won cgrumpy02 from Weekly West Wing
-Won cnaveen02 and ctiana10 from Alice's Analogy
-Won sprinceali06 and sprincessjasmine04 from Ariel's Aria
-Won sadventuresoutthere06, sbelle07, and strueloveskiss02 from Belle's Book
-Won fbedknob23, stothefair10, and sunderthesea14 from Cinderella's Cleanser
-Won fbedknob14, fforest01, and fframed05 from Lady's Location
-Won cscuttle05 and froar02 from Mulan's Memory
-Won fattack01, smeetthesoundtrack14, and sonesong10 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won sanimalcalling05 and ssideofpotatoes09 from Vixey's Video
-Took fneverland03, sentertheheroes06, fmermaid10, and fohana08 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won sdestructionofgrotto02, shawaiiancoaster06, slegendofthelamp07, sonelasthope12, and svanessassong09 from Agrabah
-Won cchernabog09, sentertheheroes14, sscreamextractor09, cdjalhi06, cshang09, and cshanyu05 from Andalasia
-Won fchipmunk08, fhalf29, froar01, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won fmonster29 and sperfectisnteasy03 from Patch of Heaven
-Won fbug01, fchipmunk16, spaintingrosesred07, and sweareone03 from Pride Rock
-Won saeiou01, spastoralsymphony03, and sverygoodadvice04 from Tulgey Woods
-Won fslipper02, sarielsinlove08, skidnapsandyclaws06, and slove03 from Plant a Garden Event (finish)
-Won esummer1005, smadmadammim12, and soldfatherwilliam13 from Colors of the Wind Event (Green #2)
-Won esummer1001, sbeacat11, and scontrolyourtemper10 from Colors of the Wind Event (Red #1)

May 20, 2010
-Won sunfortunatesouls08, supendi14, cmelody05, and fcaballeros20 from Beast's Bluff
-Received strueloveconquersall14 and strueloveskiss15 from Lewis' Lab

May 19, 2010
-Won seatme04 from Weekly West Wing
-Won smabelleevangeline06 and sotherside13 from John Smith's Joyride
-Won sintothewell15 and sscreamextractor05 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Won fchristmas28 and sbellere13 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won cnemo10 and sshark11 from Quasimodo's Quotes
-Won sgonnatakeyouthere15 and sshark10 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won cjaq10 and srescueaidsociety14 from Simba's Scene

May 15, 2010
-Received sontheopenroad08, sotherside14, sourtown02, and xj08 from Very Good Advice

May 11, 2010
-Won sgonnatakeyouthere10, ffly05, cfauna07, and 1 flora from Neverland
-Took fstrength03 - May 10 Q&A

May 10, 2010
-Won sdefinedancing09 from Weekly Game - Card Puzzle
-Won cjake10 and cmorgana09 from Alice's Analogy
-Won fgroove22 and ssimbaalive15 from Ariel's Aria
-Won sgonnatakeyouthere08, spaintingrosesred15, and sthehydra15 from Belle's Book
-Won fwild09, sonejumpaheadre09, and sunderthestars03 from Cinderella's Cleanser
-Won cthumper01, fohana26, and sfalling07 from Lady's Location
-Won fperfect28 and sbeautyandthebeast04 from Mulan's Memory
-Won cmaidmarian09, sbeinmyheart02, and slittlespringsong05 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won cednamode08 and supendi05 from Vixey's Video
-Took slittleaprilshower10, farcher10, sdefinedancing02, and syourworld10 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won fwonderland11, sbeastsavesbelle13, sgreatspirits14, and 1 flora from Agrabah
-Won ccarpet04, smabelleevangeline03, sontheopenroad13, scircleoflife01, sdestructionofgrotto13, and strueloveconquersall11 from Andalasia
-Won farcher26, sjustonemistake03, ssanctuary08, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won fcloudy18, fpresto14, 1 flora, and 1 fauna from Patch of Heaven
-Won ffantasia14, flifted03, ftinker19, and sbattleonthetower01 from Pride Rock
-Won cdrfacilier03, fcook17, and stwoworlds08 from Tulgey Woods
-Won espring1012, fflower03, and fsword30 from Plant a Garden Event (Seed Packets)
-Won espring1013, cpongo08, and ctod03 from Plant a Garden Event (Scattered Seeds #1)
-Won espring1014, sawakening01, and scantwaittobeking05 from Plant a Garden Event (Scattered Seeds #2)
-Won cclopin06 and swhenwerehuman12 from Plant a Garden Event (Scattered Seeds #3)
-Won espring1015, sguiltyaladdin15, and sthemap09 from Plant a Garden Event (Scattered Seeds #4)
-Won cchernabog07, cnaveen07, srideofthedoors03, 1 flora, and 1 fauna from Pink or Blue (March-April)

May 5, 2010
-Received scaucusrace03, scaveofwonders04, and scircleoflife05 from Pink or Blue chamber group collect
-Received 1 flora for missing 0 butterflies - Pink or Blue chamber game

April 29, 2010
-Gave up cfairygodmother09 for Muse jackpot (May)
-Turned in 2 flora for ewinter1001

April 27, 2010
-Won scruelladevil11 from Weekly Who Am I?
-Won espring1009, saftertoday09, sdowninneworleans13, and sstorybook07 from Plant a Garden Event (Painting Roses Red)
-Won espring1010/11, sfairiesdrawnear03, and ssavedchina02 from Plant a Garden Event (Birth)
-Received sprincealire09 and sprincewillcomere12 for voting in April contests

April 24, 2010
-Took traderaliceinwonderlandtb, traderblackcauldron, traderbrotherbear, traderchickenlittle, traderchristmascaroltb, traderdinosaur, traderfunandfancyfree, tradermakeminemusic, and tradermeettherobinsons (trades 1275-1500)

April 21, 2010
-Won cphillip04, ftoy230, snowayout05, and snutcrackersuite06 from Beast's Bluff

April 20, 2010
-Won fcauldron24 from Weekly Who Am I?
-Won ffrog09 and sstandout15 from John Smith's Joyrides
-Won sdestructionofgrotto05 and sriteofspring04 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Won fframed25 and fjunkyard18 from Lewis' Lab
-Won sjanesdecision14 and spompandcircumstance14 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won fgroove04 and ssavedchina04 from Quasimodo's Quotes
-Won csulley09 and sfarewell08 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won sshark05 and sstreetsofgold10 from Simba's Scene

April 18, 2010
-Won sblossoms14 from Weekly Who Am I?

April 10, 2010
-Won espring1006/07, fburne16, and fpedigree18 from Plant a Garden Event (Culprit)
-Won espring1008, clady03, and cthemuses09 from Plant a Garden Event (Mosaic)

April 7, 2010
-Received sbeastsavesbelle04 and sbeautyandsong07 from Treasure Planet

April 5, 2010
-Won cbernard206 from Weekly Who Am I?
-Won sgonnatakeyouthere14 and swhenwerehuman08 from Alice's Analogy
-Won frose01 and scodysflight06 from Ariel's Aria
-Won salmostthere02, sblusteryday14, and stiggers03 from Belle's Book
-Won fchristmas07, fpresto15, and sbeautyandthebeast10 from Cinderella's Cleanser
-Won cjackskellington07, shonortousall09, and slikeothergirls13 from Lady's Location
-Won coogieboogie02 and smeetthesoundtrack13 from Mulan's Memory
-Won cscar06, ffrog18, and sbibbidibobbidiboo04 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won cstitch07 and ssothisislove03 from Vixey's Video
-Took cgaston07, sunderthestars07, and sskumps03 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won sbellemeetsbeast09, sflotsamandjetsam06, syourworldre15, and 1 flora from Agrabah
-Won coogieboogie03, csulley03, fducktales24, froar25, and sonejumpahead06 from Andalasia
-Won cperdita03, fnew07, smaintitles09, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won cfairygodmother09, fforest19, saeiou13, and sgothedistancere01 from Patch of Heaven
-Won cgrandmotherfa10, sbarenecessities04, sgoodbadugly02, and stoccataandfugue10 from Pride Rock
-Won csarabi04, ftreasure16, and sbattlewithevil04 from Tulgey Woods
-Won espring1003, fpresto02, and fpresto25 from Plant a Garden Event (Flower)
-Won espring1004/05, scrystalchamber09, and swestwing12 from Plant a Garden Event (Source of Water)
-Won fforest09, flamp20, and ftinker29 from Easter event
-Won cbowlerhatguy10, fjourney19, spoorjack06, and sprinceali07 from Beast's Bluff

April 4, 2010
-Won salmostthere04 and strueloveskissre08 from John Smith's Joyride
-Won cthomas09 and fsword20 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Won fpresto01 and freturn10 from Lewis' Lab
-Won ctramp01 and fsleep29 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won czero09 and smeetthesoundtrack10 from Quasimodo's Quotes
-Won fballoons21 and ssavages203 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won slovewillfindaway04 and swaitingforyou13 from Simba's Scene
-Won cfauna10 and cperdita07 from Plant a Garden Event (Soil)
-Won espring1002 and cbimbettes08 from Plant a Garden Event (Water)
-Won fohana25 and fwonderland27 from Plant a Garden Event (Seeds)

March 31, 2010
-Received cdrfacilier07, cnaveen08, ctiana06, cursula04, cvitani05, cwalle06, fcaballeros18, fcars20, fcauldron22, sjustonemistake14, skingofpriderock02, skronksmission05, 1 flora, and 1 merryweather for donating Tiana, Naveen, and Dr. Facilier caps

March 21, 2010
-Won sonadarknight09 and srumblytumbly01 from Alice's Analogy
-Won fpeach08 and ftoy215 from Ariel's Aria
-Won shigitusfigitus07, sprincessjasmine05, and stinkersnook01 from Belle's Book
-Won sfirstdate07, smulanrevealed15, and srumblytumbly07 from Cinderella's Cleanser
-Won carthur08, spocahontas12, and sstreeturchins04 from Lady's Location
-Won fperfect29 and strueloveskissre04 from Mulan's Memory
-Won cbolt08, cchienpo05, and sgothedistance06 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won cchip03 and szerotohero09 from Vixey's Video

March 7, 2010
-Won spoorbear04, spoorjack05, fcloudy23, and ccarpet01 from Beast's Bluff
-Won croxanne06 and sotherside10 from John Smith's Joyride
-Won fsea08 and shumanagain03 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Won ctimon02 and czira04 from Lewis' Lab
-Won fchristmas16 and sarabiannights09 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won ccrikee04 and syourworld08 from Quasimodo's Quote
-Won ccrush06 and fcauldron07 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won fbug11 and fchristmas25 from Simba's Scene
-Took scircleoflife02, sonesong09, fdragon11, and syourworld11 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won cnani01, fflower18, sstreetsofgold13, and 1 flora from Agrabah
-Won slove02, sstreeturchins11, fdragon30, sfriendinmeweezy04, and sgoodcompany10 from Andalasia
-Won sthebattle09, sthekiss15, sweareone07, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won sprincessjasmine08, fpresto03, cchip05, and 1 flora from Neverland
-Won fsword06, snotinnottingham09, and sunderthestars09 from Patch of Heaven
-Won cmrspotts04, ffantasia16, sprincealire03, and ssideofpotatoes12 from Pride Rock
-Received srealgone14 and sredmanred01 from Treasure Planet
-Won ckaa04, sdanceofthehours12, and sfightingforredux05 from Tulgey Woods
-Snowball Fight: Started a round (-1 snowflake)
-Snowball Fight: Assist - fchristmas17, spartyinagrabah02, and stobefree11 (-1 snowflake)
-Snowball Fight: Dodge (-1 snowflake)
-Snowball Fight: Started a round (-1 snowflake)
-Snowball Fight: Attack (-2 snowflakes)
-Snowball Fight: Started a round (-1 snowflake)
-Snowball Fight: Attack - sathenassong07 and sdigalittledeeper04 (-2 snowflakes)
-Snowball Fight: Assist (-1 snowflake)
-Won espring1001, s12yearslater01, and si2i03 from Plant a Garden Event (Shovel)
-Received spocahontas02 and spompandcircumstance03 for voting - February contests

February 15, 2010
-Won ewinter1014, sgofromherere15, sgoldenafternoon01, and 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 11)

February 14, 2010
-Won ccrush01 and srescuingpenny03 from Alice's Analogy
-Won chades10 and coogieboogie08 from Ariel's Aria
-Won spinkelephants03, ssideofpotatoes11, and sthehunsattack07 from Belle's Book
-Won cmadammim04, cmo08, and simlate13 from Cinderella's Cleanser
-Won ccaptainhook03, sasecretrevealed07, and sjanemeetstarzan14 from Lady's Location
-Won s12yearslater15 and sawholenewworld09 from Mulan's Memory
-Won cgus07, ftreasure03, and stwoworldsre10 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won chercules10 and sfriendinmeweezy02 from Vixey's Video
-Won ewinter1011/12, stothefair15, and 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 9)
-Won ewinter1013, soogieboogiessong09, strueloveskissre15, and 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 10)
-Won ewinter1015, cmaxgoof01, czero08, and 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 12)

February 8, 2010
-Took fstrength28 - February 8 Q&A
-Received sbattlewithevil07, sfirstaid09, suponadreamre15, 1 flora, and 1 merryweather for placing 2nd in January writing contest

February 6, 2010
-Took cjafar06, salldogalert09, and cqueennarissa09 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won cednamode05, faristocrat29, saperfectsituation01, and 1 flora from Agrabah
-Won smadmadammim04, ssomethingthere10, ftoy225, cfaline07, cmayor01, and sbirthofbell14 from Andalasia
-Won czero04, scontrolyourtemper10, sgreatestgift01, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won flost22, sarielsinlove01, selegantcaptainhook08, and sthomasomalleycat14 from Patch of Heaven
-Won fjungle16, fstrength26, shailtotheprincess02, and ssorcerersapprentice08 from Pride Rock
-Won cjafar02, siremember11, and smindovermatter06 from Tulgey Woods
-Won 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 7)
-Won ewinter1009/10, fgroove16, and 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 8)
-Received srescuingpenny06 and ssteadydrumre12 from Treasure Planet
-Won sstuckonyou02, fjungle12, cesmeralda09, and 1 flora from Neverland

February 1, 2010
-Won simwishing07, ftintoy12, cterk08, 1 flora, and 1 fauna from Pink or Blue

January 30, 2010
-Took tradersaludosamigos (trades 1250-1275)
-Received fhunny14, ftreasure21, scodysflight01, skissthegirl10, snotinnottingham03, sunderthesea09, swaitingforyou02, 1 flora, and 1 merryweather for platinum mastering Hunchback of Notre Dame

January 28, 2010
-Won csallycarrera09, ffancyfree24, sthestorm02, and 1 flora from Chinese New Year event

January 27, 2010
-Won sitsmorning11, sivegotnostrings12, fchipmunk13, and ccaptainamelia03 from Beast's Bluff
-Received cbasil10, cratigan02, cwalle08, cwoody05/07, ckuzco04/09/10, fbig16/23, sifineverknewyou04, sjackslament04, sfriendinme06/07, smakingchristmas01/06, spoorjack07/14, sscalesandarpeggios06/12, ssundayclothes07/15, scourtofmiracles07/08, cjock07, cjohnsmith08, ckaa09, ckala10, ckiara01, ckida02, ckingtriton03, ckronk05, clady07, cladytremaine08, clewis09, clilo10, cling01, clinguini02, clittlejohn03, clumiere05, cma06, cmadamemedusa07, cmadammim10, cmaleficent09, cmarie10, freturn04, froadtrip05, froar06, frobot07, frose08, fsea09, fsky10, fsleep11, fslipper12, fsouth12, fspirit14, fspots15, fstrength16, fsword17, fthieves18, ftinker19, ftoy20, ftoy221, ftreasure22, ftune23, ftwist24, fwild25, fwonderland26, f200004, sperfectworld04, sperturbedpixie06, sphoebusarrives07, sphonykingofengland08, spianoconcerto09, spickingcorn10, spinkelephants12, spinkorblue13, spoorbear01, spoorjack02, sprinceali03, sprincewillcome06, sprologue08, sraincamedown10, srealgone11, sreflection14, srescueaidsociety15, sreunion01, sroundingupthistles08, sscalesandarpeggios10, sseemforever13, sshakehands14, sshark15, ssiamesecatsong03, ssnipetrap06, ssonofman05, ssorcerersapprentice06, sstrangethings13, sstreetsofgold14, sstuckonyou01, ssundayclothes02, ssweetnightingale03, sswordinthestone04, sthehydra11, xadversary05, xaves06, xcanine07, xequine09, xfather10, xfeline11, xhero12, xlove204, xmagician05, xmother06, xprince04, xrodent10, xsetting11, xtrio13, xvillain14, xb07, xc08, xd09, xe10, xf11, and xg12 for mastering Basil, Esmeralda, Eve, Kuzco, Quasimodo, Ratigan, WALL-E, Woody, Big, Roadtrip, Spirit, Friend in Me, Gospel Truth 3, If I Never Knew You, Into the Sunlight, Jack's Lament, Making Christmas, Poor Jack, Rhapsody in Blue, Scales and Arpeggios, and Sunday Clothes

January 25, 2010
-Won cthemuses04 and smeetingvidia06 from John Smith's Joyride
-Won cflower02 and shailtotheprincess11 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Won cgreatprince06 and coliver04 from Lewis' Lab
-Won cflounder04 and sanimalcalling07 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won csebastian08 and shelivesinyou11 from Quasimodo's Quotes
-Won spaintingrosesred14 and sthefairiesplan03 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won cmaleficent06 and sheffalumpswoozles13 from Simba's Scene
-Won ewinter1008, stinkersnook06, strueloveskissre15, and 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 6)

January 21, 2010
-Took slistenwithheart202 - January 18 Q&A

January 20, 2010
-Won cshang01, csimba03, fhonor07, fhunny08, scourtofmiracles05, and scremedelacreme06 from Muse card (1 win)
-Received froadtrip25, fboundin08, sjacksobsession04, and sunbirthdaysong02 for mastering Member Card set 3
-Took traderaliceinwonderland, traderaristocats, tradercars, traderenchanted, tradermarypoppins, traderrescuers, and traderrobinhood (trades 1075-1250)

January 19, 2010
-Won cattina06, sbirthofbell12, and scrystalchamber09 from Alice's Analogies
-Won sawholenewworld05 and spussycat03 from Ariel's Aria
-Won sbeastsavesbelle12, sbeourguest11, and szerotohero13 from Belle's Book
-Won snotoneofus02, sprincewillcome01, and sprincewillcome10 from Cinderella's Cleanser
-Won sbeasttransformation15, skingofpriderock04, and swhatsthis08 from Lady's Location
-Won cflower05, cpongo02, and froar28 from Mulan's Memory
-Won fflower27, frose12, and swizardsduel06 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won cchip08 and fapple20 from Vixey's Video
-Won ewinter1002, clumiere07, cmeeko06, and 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 2)
-Won ewinter1003/04, fslipper27, and 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 3)
-Won ewinter1005, ceric02, cthomas06, and 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 4)
-Won ewinter1006/07, cbolt10, and 1 snowflake from Snowball Fight Event (Stage 5)

January 4, 2010
-Won ffind02, sfanfare01, and sworldgoround02 from John Smith's Joyrides
-Won ccruella10, swhenshelovedme09, and sworldofmyown13 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Received cmike04 and csulley08 from Lewis' Lab
-Won sroundingupthistles13 and stouchtheground14 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won sbestoffriends08, skissthegirl02, and smaleficentappears14 from Quasimodo's Quotes
-Won sallineed08, slittlehercules13, and sstreeturchins01 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won slessonone13, sunderthesea03, and sweddingannounce12 from Simba's Scene
-Took sfinalere04, slittleaprilshower02, sivegotnostrings03, and sthisishalloween12 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won cesmeralda02, fmusic11, slespoissons15, and 1 flora from Agrabah
-Won cbolt05, cjiminycricket01, czira10, fapple23, froar04, and stiggers02 from Andalasia
-Won clady01, fwild29, sgreatestgift09, stheleviathan05, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won sawholenewworld10, sburnedoutvillage15, shumanagain08, and ssecretlab07 from Patch of Heaven
-Won cmadammim03, scircleoflife15, shathismarchre05, sintothewell11, and strueloveconquersall15 from Pride Rock
-Won fhonor07, slittlespringsong08, smaintitles01, and sprincewillcomere15 from Tulgey Woods
-Won crafiki01, fcaballeros06, sdreamisawish04, and sdwarfsyodelsong06 from Beast's Bluff
-Won cremy04, fchristmas06, selephantfly09, and 1 flora from Neverland
-Won sfortythieves14 and sfriendinme15 from Treasure Planet

December 25, 2009
-Received 1 flora, fauna, and merryweather + frobot01 from Christmas mini event <3
-Received xduo02 and xfather15 from Secret Santa <3

December 24, 2009
-Received cremy03, fflower20, ffly21, shathismarch13, and shawaiiancoaster15 for participating in Secret Santa

December 22, 2009
-SS: 7 flora for csimba04, cnemo04/06, cbuzz04/08, and cpenny06/10 + 15 flora

December 21, 2009
-Received fspirit26/30, ckala07, ckiara08, flamp08, flifted16, sbeacatre10, sbeastletsbellego11, and xadversary09 for leveling up to Geomancer

December 14, 2009
-Won crajah02, fgame17, and fgame22 from Alice's Analogy
-Won ctoulouse09 and sshakehands02 from Ariel's Aria
-Won sbeastletsbellego14, sbeourguest02, and simlate12 from Belle's Book
-Won ckingtriton10, sgoodtoyou02, and supendi06 from Cinderella's Cleanser
-Won faristocrat18, shigitusfigitus08, and sprologue06 from Lady's Location
-Won sbeasttransformation10, sburnedoutvillage08, and spercysbath06 from Mulan's Memory
-Won sfanfare03, sfirebirdsuite05, and sfirebirdsuite09 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won cscar05 and ssavedchina15 from Vixey's Video

December 9, 2009
-Received cyzma01, shellfire05, sinfinityandbeyond09, slistenwithheart109, fmonster12/27, cfrollo08/09, sbellsofnotredame08/15, sgodhelptheoutcasts10/13, sintothesunlight07, ceric06, cesmeralda07, ceve08, cfairygodmother09, cfaline10, cfauna01, cfrollo05, cgaston06, cgenie07, cgiselle08, cgoob09, fballoons11, fbedknob26, fbelieve24, fbig28, fbirds13, fbolt29, fbond30, fboundin06, fbrother01, fbug02, fburne17, fcaballeros01, fcars03, shakunamatata08, shappybirthdaytoyou09, shappyendinagrabah10, shappyending11, shathismarch12, shawaiiancoaster14, shawaiianwarchant15, sheavenslight01, sheffalumpswoozles02, sheighho03, shelivesinyou04, shesatramp07, sheseesyou08, shididdledeedee09, shigitusfigitus10, shonortousall11, shousecleaning12, shumanagain13, sifineverknewyou15, simlate01, xadversary07, xduo10, xfeline13, xitem01, xking04, xmagician07, xprincess10, xc07, xe09, xg10, and xh11 for mastering Frollo, Yzma, Monster, Nightmare, A Guy Like You, Bells of Notre Dame, God Help the Outcasts, Hellfire, Infinity and Beyond, Listen With Heart 1, and Topsy Turvy

December 8, 2009
-Won cbolt09, froar26, sfairiesdrawnear04, and 1 flora from Neverland
-Received sendsoftheearth09 and serictotherescue10 from Treasure Planet
-Took traderbambi, traderbedknobbroomsticks, traderbolt, traderbugslife, traderfantasia2000, traderladyandthetramp, traderliloandstitch, traderlionking, tradernightmare, traderpeach, traderratatouille, traderswordinthestone, tradertarzan, tradertoystory3, and tradertreasureplanet (trades 700-1075)
-Received sintothesunlight13, cjock01, fbedknob12, slittleaprilshower13, and swaitingforyou14 for mastering Spring09
-Received srhapsodyinblue05, cgenie07, sgofromhere04, sreunion14, and swelcome03 for mastering Summer09
-Received srhapsodyinblue08, salogpuller13, spompandcircumstance05, stobefree10, and swhenshelovedme01 for mastering Autumn09
-Received fspirit20, cnala08, fpuppet05, and slittlespringsong01 for mastering Member Card set 1
-Received fspirit23, smenwillfly15, ssanctuary14, and stobefree04 for mastering Member Card set 2

December 7, 2009
-Took cjackskellington09, sarielsinlove06, fnightmare04, and ceric09 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won ceric04, sevilspell10, ssomethingthere04, and 1 flora from Agrabah
-Won ssnipetrap09, ctinkerbell09, cmermaids01, fsleep18, sreflection03, and ssavages201 from Andalasia
-Won ctantor05, seatme02, shonortousall07, soodelally03, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won cmelody01, soodelally13, and stigerfight07 from Patch of Heaven
-Won ccogsworth05, cyzma04, sdefinedancing05, snutcrackersuite04, and sthehunsattack02 from Pride Rock
-Won cratigan03, fhunny22, sfalling04, shawaiianwarchant08, and sheighho08 from Tulgey Woods

December 6, 2009
-Won sbeautyandsong14, sbefuddlingthing03, fmusic10, and czira07 from Beast's Bluff
-Won fsleep02, sawholenewworld06, and soogieboogiessong06 from John Smith's Joyrides
-Won ftoy220, scircleoflife06, and sriteofspring09 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Won cathena01 and cbernard08 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won cmeeko03, froadtrip30, and sverygoodadvice01 from Quasimodo's Quotes
-Won savemaria06, sbeastsavesbelle14, and sthehydra06 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won ckuzco07, sgaston01, and sthehydra08 from Simba's Scene
-Received sbeacatre09 and sbeastletsbellego10 for voting on November contests

November 30, 2009
-Won cbanzai01, cbasil05, ftreasure10, ftune11, shathismarchre12, and sheavenslight15 from Muse (1 win)
-Received eautumn0911/12/13/14/15, cbeast06, cberlioz08, cbernard09, ftwist12, fwild13, fwonderland14, sheffalumpswoozles01, sheighho02, shelivesinyou03, shellfire04, shemelenolilo05, and 1 fauna for finding 8 golden words (Autumn Fairies)

November 29, 2009
-Won fmusic09, shigitusfigitus15, and swhosbeenpainting04 from Alice's Analogy
-Won ccody10 and cma02 from Ariel's Aria
-Won cbernard10, cesmeralda10, fgame05, and froar05 from Belle's Book
-Won sgaston15, simlate15, and sshakehands04 from Cinderella's Cleanser
-Won cmother05, fnightmare27, and sunderthestars11 from Lady's Location
-Won fslipper01, sbeautyandsong09, and sdwarfsyodelsong06 from Mulan's Memory
-Won cbeast03, sgoldenafternoon08, and sraincamedown06 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won cbelle02 and sthemorningreport02 from Vixey's Video
-Won cattina02, fgame27, sanimalcalling14, sfirstaid15, 1 flora, and 1 merryweather from Thanksgiving Event
-Won esummer0913, ccruella02, cmushu08, and ssundayclothes06 from Lilo's Luau Event (Send Out Invitations)
-Won esummer0914, shappyendinagrabah03, sshakehands15, and stothefair09 from Lilo's Luau Event (Welcoming Guests)
-Won esummer0915, cstitch06, scaucusrace07, and shididdledeedee08 from Lilo's Luau Event (Time to Party)

November 15, 2009
-Won cprinceedward02, fjunkyard29, sgospeltruth113, and sgreatestgift03 from Beast's Bluff
-Won caurora09, sathenassong08, and spinesofrome03 from John Smith's Joyride
-Won cjane03, ckronk03, and ssecretlab14 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Won sbeastletsbellego05 and ssomethingthere06 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won cbernard202, cphillip09, and sforgetaboutlove10 from Quasimodo's Quotes
-Won scodysflight03, sdanceofthehours10, and smindovermatter12 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won fchristmas11, sthehunsattack06, and sunderthestars15 from Simba's Scene
-Won sdamselindistress11, sonejumpaheadre10, sreflection10, and cyzma02 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won sallineed07, shawaiiancoaster10, slookoutformrstork01, and 1 flora from Agrabah
-Won csally05, ffind09, sarabiannights11, snutcrackersuite01, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won sgreatspirits04, flamb28, cpumbaa03, and 1 flora from Neverland
-Won fchipmunk19, fohana24, sscalesandarpeggios01, 1 flora, and 1 merryweather from Patch of Heaven
-Won calice08, cling03, sarielsinlove03, spoorjack01, and sworldofmyown08 from Pride Rock
-Received sgospeltruth214 and sguiltyaladdin03 for Treasure Planet voting
-Won ced02, ctoulouse09, fpeach27, ftwist26, and sfirstaid06 from Tulgey Woods
-Won esummer0906, scircleoflife10, and soldfatherwilliam03 from Lilo's Luau Event (Making Lomi Salmon)
-Won esummer0907/08, slovetonight10, and ssorcerersapprentice14 from Lilo's Luau Event (Making Poi)
-Won esummer0909/10, fmusic24, and fpeach18 from Lilo's Luau Event (Hiring Fire Dancers)
-Won esummer0911/12, cmcleach08, cpeterpan02, and fpeach30 from Lilo's Luau Event (Hiring the Main Attraction)
-Received eautumn0905/06/07/08/09/10, cquasimodo04, cqueennarissa05, crafiki06, flamp01, flost02, fmelodytime03, shailtotheprincess05, shakunamatata06, shappybirthdaytoyou07, and xheroine02 for finding 7 golden words (Autumn Fairies)
-Received cratcliffe07, fmermaid03, shappyendinagrabah08, xvillain02, and 1 flora from Rebirth Year Two event <3

November 2, 2009
-Received eautumn0901/02/03/04, 1 flora, cling03, f200017, and simwishing15 for finding 4 golden words (Autumn Fairies)
-Received clilo02 and simstillhere14 for October contest voting

October 31, 2009
-November birthday present~ 2 flora, 1 fauna, and 1 merryweather

October 25, 2009
-Turned in summer hiatus tokens (2 random regular x4, 3 random regular x7, 1 random special x1, and 1 choice regular x2) for fnightmare01, stopsyturvy13, xb02, cbernard207, ceric06, cjane01, cmadammim07, cnani03, cpeterpan02, ctinkerbell05, fbelieve05, fbolt19, fcauldron10, fdetective09, fdinosaur02, fdreams12, ffancyfree07, fhalf25, fincredible10, forphan25, fperfect04, snotwhattheyappear14, soldfatherwilliam05, sphoebusarrives14, spoorbear12, ssecretlab12, ssimbaalive01, stobefree15, sunbirthdaysong05, svisitors01, swhosbeenpainting13, and syourmotherandmine02

October 24, 2009
-Won cbianca02, fperfect01, and smindovermatter08 from Alice's Analogy
-Won scircleoflife15, sgothedistancere15, and sreunion10 from Ariel's Aria
-Won cmorgana02, csally04, fhunny07, and fspirit18 from Belle's Book
-Won cbanzai04, sfirstdate15, and stoccataandfugue14 from Lady's Location
-Won scodysflight10, sitsmorning14, and smadmadammim11 from Mulan's Memory
-Won ctramp02, ftoy209, ssundayclothes08, and syourmotherandmine14 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won frose20, srhapsodyinblue11, and sskumps04 from Vixey's Video
-Won fchipmunk11, fspots13, sawakening12, ssavedchina06, and stouchtheground02 from Tulgey Woods
-Won esummer0901, sperfectworld09, and strueloveconquersall15 from Lilo's Luau Event (Learn to Hula 1)
-Won esummer0902, esummer0903, and frose08 from Lilo's Luau Event (Learn to Hula 2)
-Won esummer0904, esummer0905, cfauna10, and swhenshelovedme05 from Lilo's Luau Event (Learn to Hula 3)

October 7, 2009
-Won ccaptainamelia03, fflower07, sbellere04, and sbelongtomyheart06 from Beast's Bluff
-Won sbeastssurprise08, fdinosaur30, cbernard206, and 1 flora from Neverland

October 6, 2009
-Won cqueennarissa05, sonejumpaheadre07, and sprincewillcomere01 from John Smith's Joyrides
-Won cyzma07, frobot19, and skronksmission10 from Kuzco's Clothes
-Won fframed18, sgospeltruth209, and sstreetsofgold15 from Peter Pan's Puzzle
-Won cmarie09, cmilo09, fjungle01, and frose22 from Quasimodo's Quotes
-Won sbellemeetsbeast12, shakunamatata07, sprincessjasmine14, and stownmeeting04 from Robin Hood's Relationships
-Won cphillip02, flamp12, and siremember04 from Simba's Scene

October 3, 2009
-Won sbeastsavesbelle09, smulanrevealed05, and spercysbath10 from Alice's Analogy
-Won skronksmission12, ssundayclothes09, and syourworld04 from Ariel's Aria
-Won cmother07, cmushu02, fpeach26, and freal06 from Belle's Book
-Won cbelle03, smindovermatter13, and sthekiss04 from Lady's Location
-Won cwalle07, sbeastsavesbelle10, and sgoodtoyou09 from Mulan's Memory
-Won fneverland19, sbelongtomyheart07, shemalanolilo01, and ssecretlab12 from Nala's Nomenclature
-Won saperfectsituation02, sdestructionofgrotto07, and sgreatspirits07 from Vixey's Video
-Took shellfire03, sappreciatethelady13, sdanceofthehours04, selephantgraveyard05, and ssecretlab15 from 100 Acre Wood
-Won ctinkerbell08, sevilspell09, sonesong15, and 1 flora from Agrabah
-Won chades06, frose19, sdayinlondon01, sthestorm13, and 1 flora from Baker Street
-Won carista06, cbuzz03, cmayor05, sathenassong09, and shappyendinagrabah07 from Pride Rock

September 20, 2009
-Took down trader005-trader700
-Replaced above with trader101dalmatians, traderaladdin, traderatlantis, traderbeautyandthebeast, tradercinderella, traderemperorsnewgroove, traderfantasia, traderfindingnemo, tradergreatmousedetective, traderhercules, traderhunchback, traderichabod, traderincredibles, traderlittlemermaid, tradermonstersinc, tradermulan, traderpinocchio, traderpocahontas, traderprincessandthefrog, traderrescuersdownunder, tradersleepingbeauty, tradersnowwhite, traderthreecaballeros, tradertoystory, tradertoystory2, traderup, traderwalle, and traderwinniethepooh
-Replaced melodytime28 and outback30 with fmelodytime27 and foutback28 (Charmed - moon)
-Replaced adversary05 with 1 Fauna
-Replaced 18 choice fillers with 18 Flora

September 7, 2009
-Received new trading cards in returning pack: f200003, famigos01, fapple28, farcher15, faristocrat01, fbedknob13, fbelieve27, fbig21, fbolt14, fbond15, fbrother14, fbug26, fcaballeros10, fcars20, fcauldron16, fchipmunk22, fchristmas26, fcook02, fdetective19, fdinosaur11, fdragon10, fdreams01/22/30, fducktales15, ffancyfree06, ffantasia27, ffind13, fflower27, ffly27, fforest13, fframed19, ffuture10, fglitch23, fgrand04, fgroove19/26, fhalf14, fheadless16/29, fhome12/14, fhonor25, fhunny01/12, fincredible07, fjourney17/30, fjungle08, fjunkyard13, flamb16, flamp28, flost22, fmelodytime10/17, fmermaid13/27, fmonster05/20, fmusic11/29, fneverland06/21, fnightmare16, fohana26, forphan04/12/15/29, foutback07/21, foutcast07/08, fpeach16/19, fpedigree28, fperfect14/22, fpride08/16, fpuppet02/24, freal20/23, frescue01/25, freturn04/08, froadtrip11, froar19, frobot08, frose08, fsea15/21, fsky18, fsleep21, fsouth07, fspirit16, fspots03, fthieves02, ftoy17, ftreasure28, ftwist20, fwild27, fwonderland25, calice04, cangelique02, carthur09, caurora05, cbambi02, cbanzai10, cbasil08, cbianca08, cboo08, cbowlerhatguy04, ccaptainamelia06, ccaptainhook08, cchip05, cclayton03, ccody06, ccogsworth04, ccrikee08, ccruella08, cdodger01, cdory10, ced06, ceve08, cfairygodmother09, cfaline10, cflora09, cflounder02, cgenie06, cgiselle07, cgreatprince05, chades07, chelga05, chercules02/10, ciago06, cjafar01, cjake07, cjane07, cjaq03, cjimhawkins04, cjohnsmith09, ckiara07, ckronk08, cladytremaine04, clinguini09, clittlejohn02, clucifer06, cmarie10, cmater10, cmcleach03, cmeeko07, cmichael01, cmike08, cmo10, cmother08, cmowgli05, cnuka08, cpegasus08, cpenny04, cpeterpan09, cpinocchio10, cpocahontas05, cremy02, crobinhood04, csallycarrera03, cshang05, cshenzi03, csnowwhite03, cstitch05, cterk02, cthequeen03, cyao08, czazu08, saeiou12, sappreciatethelady11, sattackatthewall01, sattherestaurant15, sawakening04, sawholenewworld15, sbattlewithevil04, sbeacat10, sbeastsavesbelle06, sbeinmyheart03, sbellanotte14, sbellemeetsbeast10, sbeprepared05, sblossoms11, sburnedoutvillage12, scaveofwonders05, scircleoflife06, sclownsong11, scontrolyourtemper12, scourtofmiracles09, scriminalmind12, scruelladevil11, sdamselindistress14, sdanceofthehours15, sdefinedancing14, sdestructionofgrotto14, seatme13, selegantcaptainhook15, selephantgraveyard13, sendsoftheearth14, sforamoment08, sfortythieves09, sfriendinmeweezy06, sfriendlikeme06, sfriendsarefor10, sfrustration13, sfunonice15, sgofromherere03, sgoodtoyou11, shakunamatata11, shathismarchre08, sheavenslight12, sheffalumpswoozles09, shigitusfigitus10, shonortousall06, shousecleaning03, simstillhere07, simwishing08, sinfinityandbeyond01, sinorout12, siremember01, sivegotnostrings08, siwonder08, siwontsay14, sjanemeetstarzan12, sjanesdecision03, sjasminerunsaway07, sjustonemistake12, skidnapsandyclaws14, slandandsea15, slegendofthelamp15, slistenwithheart111, slittlespringsong02, slookingforromance15, slookingoutforme04, slookoutformrstork12, slovetonight15, smadmadammim05, smexico15, smylullaby02, snotinnottingham01, snowayout05, soldfatherwilliam12, soodelally02, soogieboogiessong08, sourtown07, soutofthinair12, soutthere11, spaintingrosesred14, sperfectworldre05, spinkorblue09, spompandcircumstance09, sprinceali06, sprincewillcomere04, srealgone07, sreunion04, sriteofspring12, ssavedchina06, sshakehands14, sshark06, ssheneverfeltalone01, sskumps15, ssteadydrum06, ssundayclothes14, stakesamoment07, sthestorm04, sthisishalloween05, sthomasomalleycat05, stimeofyourlife14, stodiefor01, stransformation12, supendi06, suponadreamre04, svanessassong03, svirginiacompany10, svisitors01, swaitingforyou12, swestwing06, swhatisababy14, swhosbeenpainting08, swishuponastar11, sworldgoround10, sworldofmyown03, syoucanfly02, syouliedtome05, syourmotherandmine10, syourworld08, syourworldre03, and szerotohero06

August 3, 2009
-Won hiatustoken3 from Drink Me!
-Won hiatustoken3 and hiatustokenchoice from White Rabbit's Home Report
-Won hiatustoken3 from Caterpillar's Poetry
-Won hiatustoken3 from Tulgey Woods
-Won hiatustoken2 from Mad Hatter's Tea Party
-Won hiatustoken2 from Queen of Hearts' Decree

June 12, 3009
-Won hiatustokenspecial from Drink Me!
-Won hiatustoken3 and hiatustokenchoice from White Rabbit's Home
-Won hiatustoken3 from Caterpillar's Qoetry
-Won hiatustoken3 from Tulgey Woods
-Won hiatustoken2 from Mad Hatter's Tea Party
-Won hiatustoken2 from Queen of Hearts' Decree

May 18, 2009
-Won peach25, perfect07, and charmegara04 from B.E.N.'s Behind
-Won songsymphony507 from Lilo's Lots
-Won songhawaiianwarchant12, songlongago13, and songunderthesea08 from Milo's Decoder
-Won chargaston07 and charscar04 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won bedknob01, charmushu07, and charphil01 from Peter Pan's Shadow
-Won songhakunamatata06 and charesmeralda11 from Pegasus' Puzzle
-Won charkida06, charlilo08, and charmarlin10 from Vixey's Voices
-Won big14 and songprologue06 from WALL-E's Wonders

May 9, 2009
-Won cauldron06, charcogsworth10, charsnowwhite09, and 1 petal from Mother's Day Event
-Won songonadarknight12 and songsomethingthere11 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 1); gave up 1 petal
-Won chargenie02 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 2); gave up 1 petal
-Won songbellereprise07 and songoogieboogie09 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 3); gave up 1 petal
-Won charsebastian07 and chartramp14 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 4); gave up 1 petal
-Won charabu04 and charjackskellington13 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 5); gave up 1 petal
-Won songlistenwithheart205 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 6); gave up 1 petal
-Won christmas17 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 7); gave up 1 petal
-Won songyourworldreprise12 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 8); gave up 1 petal
-Won songfirstdate08, songhunsattack01, and incredible19 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 9); gave up 1 petal
-Won chararchimedes15 and charwoody01 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 10); gave up 1 petal
-Won chargus11, charmadammim08, and songlove05 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 9); gave up 1 petal
-Won songjackslament06 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 5); gave up 1 petal
-Won charmulan05 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 4); gave up 1 petal
-Won archer12 and glitch03 from Golden Afternoon Event (Golden Afternoon Note 2); gave up 1 petal

May 2, 2009
-Won songdrumreprise10, songtherescue02, and songtrueloveconquersall05 from Ariel's Songs
-Won cauldron08, musicbox17, and toy22 from Belle's Books
-Won chararthur11, charfairygodmother10, and charjackskellington10 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won fantasia10, songjackslament08, and chartinkerbell09 from Lady's Locations
-Won songpompcircumstance05, songprincewillcome15, and songyourworldreprise04 from Merlin's Match
-Won charsally13 and charthomasomalley09 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won monster25, perfect19, and puppet27 from Pongo Spots
-Won cauldron11, charbianca215, and chardory14 from Queen of Hearts' Quotes
-Won outcast04, songonelasthope01, songredmanred16, charbasil02, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won archer20, enchanted27, mermaid27, songdistancereprise11, and songtodiefor09 from Cheshire Cat's Crossword
-Won songriteofspring01 from Patch of Heaven
-Won songbeacat07, charcogsworth08, charflora14, and charquasimodo07 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won wild29, songiwontsay07, and chartarzan04 from Timon's Television
-Won spring0908/09, songalogpuller14, songelegantcaptainhook08, songfairiesplan04, and 1 petal from Golden Afternoon Event (Snapdragons)
-Won spring0910/11, dinosaur19, orphan20, and 1 petal from Golden Afternoon Event (Tulips)
-Won spring0912/13, songsorcerersapprentice12, songworksong12, and 1 petal from Golden Afternoon Event (Violets)
-Won spring0914/15, charmilo02, charthumper12, chartramp03, and 1 petal from Golden Afternoon Event (Red Rose)
-Won songcourtofmiracles04, charathena13, charmrspotts11, charsally08, mouse08, and 1 choice filler from Pink or Blue
-Received songgospeltruth204, charratigan05, and fly16 for donating 2 cards to Blue Team's group collect
-Won chariago07, songhesatramp02, and journey25 from Pinocchio's Lies

April 30, 2009
-Received songbattleonthetower02, south21, and father12 for donating 1 card to Cinderella's Collecuion
-Received songkissthegirl06/08, songdreamisawish09/10/14, songgypsymusic11, songonelasthope01/04/10, songoutthere01/09/10/12, songtopsyturvy14, songaguylikeyou01, hollow09/12/26/29, outcast04/07/16/18/20/23/27, attack06, band19, bear20, bedknob13, bee07, believe19, big24, birds21, bolt13, bond22, boundin24, burne11, caballeros27, cars14, cauldron29, chipmunk28, christmas30, cook18, dinosaur13, dragon16, dreams18, ducktales18, enchanted17, fancyfree16, fantasia17, flower01, songlongago12, songlovewillfindaway13, songmaintitles13, songmakingchristmas02, songmaleficentappears15, songmalleycat05, songmanoutofyou04, songmarketplace05, songmineminemine14, songmobsong05, songmorningreport07, songmulansdecision05, songmylullaby04, songmyown11, songmyownhome12, songnewyorkcity13, songnightingale14, songnotinnottingham02, songnotmydog03, songnutcrackersuite14, songonadarknight15, songonceuponadream04, songonejumpahead04, songonelasthope05, songoneofus01, songonesong04, songoodelally05, songoogieboogie05, songoutthere12, songpaintingroses11, songpartofyourworld11, songpastoralsymphony13, songperfectisnteasy15, songphoebusarrives01, songphonykingofengland11, songpianoconcertono205, songpinesofrome04, songpinkorblue14, songpompcircumstance05, songpoorbear04, songpoorjack04, songprinceali02, songprincewillcome13, songprologue11, songredmanree14, songscalesarpeggios02, charrobinhood02, charscar15, charsebastian02, charshang14, charsimba01, charsnowwhite04, charstitch12, chartarzan15, charthequeen01, charthomasomalley13, charthumper02, chartimon15, chartinkerbell02, chartod01, chartoulouse14, chartramp07, charursula15, charvitani02, charwalle01, charwendy02, charwoody02, chasyzma12, charzazu09, adversary05, aves06, canine07, duo04, equine11, father10, feline15, hero08, heroine09, item06, khearts05, khearts204, love13, magician07, mother10, mouse06, princess04, setting15, sibling12, trio09, spb04, spc11, and spd03 for mastering Outback, A Star is Born, Blossoms, Cave of Wonders, Cruella DeVil, Gospel Truth 1, Kanine Krunchies, Legend of the Lamp, Les Poissons, Mine Mine Mine, Once Upon a Dream, Phoebus Arrives, Pink or Blue, Sally's Song, Sanctuary, Steady Beating Drum, Strangers Like Me, Kiss the Girl, Hollow, Dream is a Wish, One Last Hope, Outcast, and Out There

April 29, 2009
-Received spots07 and songredmanred02 for voting in April contests

April 25, 2009
-Received outback08/15, songblossoms09, songsanctuary04, dragon13, rat16, songgospeltruth311, songhailtotheprincess14, charkida15, charlilo02, khearts203, and spf01 for leveling up from Divinist to Enchanter

April 24, 2009
-Turned in lamp23 to Cinderella's Collection
-Donated songmaleficentappears15 and charaurora06 to Blue Team's Group Collect

April 23, 2009
-Won friends10, charmilo02, and charprincedward11 from B.E.N.'s Behind
-Won find11 from Lilo's Lots
-Won songbedtime05, songfriendsarefor15, and songhappyending13 from Milo's Decoder
-Won songdrumreprise03 and songfriendlikeme08 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won charabu07, charbambi13, and charwalle14 from Peter Pan's Shadow
-Won spirit17 and songmanoutofyou04 from Pegasus' Puzzle
-Won charaurora06, charnemo05, and charthomasomalley07 from Vixey's Voices
-Won songavemaria04, songdanceofthehours07, and charbeast08 from WALL-E's Wonders
-Won songgoldenafternoon05, south18, and charjaq01 from Simba's Scavenger Hunt

April 12, 2009
-Won incredible10, toy28, charariel309, charmaleficent08, and charmushu05 from Cheshire Cat's Crossword
-Won spring0906, songstrangerslikeme15, songweddingannouncement09, and 1 petal from Golden Afternoon Event (Lilies)
-Won spring0907, charmelody09, charvitani05, and 1 petal from Golden Afternoon Event (Marigolds)

April 11, 2009
-Received lamb10, songmulansdecision06, and princess15 for donating 1 card to Cinderella's Collection

April 5, 2009
-Won songintothesunlight02, songkingofpriderock11, and songpinesofrome08 from Ariel's Songs
-Won bolt18, slipper03, and walle30 from Belle's Books
-Won chardory11, charquasimodo12, and charyzma06 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won songbeacat12, songbellanotte04, and songwhatisababy03 from Lady's Locations
-Won charkronk01 from Lilo's Lots
-Won enchanted28, nightmare21, and songbellereprise06 from Merlin's Match
-Won songarabiannights12 and songprologue14 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songbattleonthetower15, songdefinedancing04, and songjacksobsession15 from Pongo Spots
-Won groove18, charremy05, and charzazu09 from Queen of Hearts' Quotes
-Won believe05, grand25, charkiara03, charvitani02, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won chareve15 from Patch of Heaven
-Won framed28, lifted21, charlittlejohn08, and charursula07 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won hunny12, songrhapsodyinblue01, and charflounder05 from Timon's Television
-Won dragon05, songworksong07, and charmcqueen11 from Pinocchio's Lies
-Received sptrader025/050/075/100/200/300/400/500/600/700 for trading 700+ times

April 4, 2009
-Received spe12 for having Indigo's member card (Circle of Life)

March 30, 2009
-Received charjimhawkins11 for voting for the March writing contest

March 29, 2009
-Won burne23, dinosaur28, and chargaston05 from B.E.N.'s Behind
-Won songdefinedancing10 and charmilo09 from Lilo's Lots
-Won songdestructionofgrotto15, songdistancereprise10, and songhousecleaning12 from Milo's Decoder
-Won songsonofman04 and songtransformation14 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won grand15 and nightmare09/13 from Peter Pan's Shadow
-Won songonelasthope03 and charwoody11 from Pegasus' Puzzle
-Won bolt18, songriteofspring12, and charfairygodmother10 from Simba's Scavenger Hunt
-Won charbasil08, charpocahontas15, and charquasimodo11 from Vixey's Voices
-Won songriteofspring08 from WALL-E's Wonders
-Won spring0905, big25, flower16, and 1 petal from Golden Afternoon Event (Dandy Lions)
-Received bee03, monster17, and songjackslament07 for voting for March contests

March 22, 2009
-Took charfrollo02 for testing rollovers for Icera

March 16, 2009
-Turned in songeverchasechickens03 to Cinderella's Collection

March 15, 2009
-Won spring0904, half13, treasure15, and 1 petal from Golden Afternoon Event (Daffodils)
-Won monster02, charrobinhood05, and 2 petals from Golden Afternoon Event (Daisy)
-Took one petal from update freebie

March 8, 2009
-Won flower25, songmorningreport01, and charfauna08 from Pinocchio's Lies

March 7, 2009
-Won songiwonder08, songsundayclothes12, and songthestorm09 from Ariel's Songs
-Won aristocrat08, christmas03, and wonderland21 from Belle's Books
-Won charbambi11, charnala08, and charrobinhood04 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won game26, songdefinedancing01, and charcrikee03 from Lady's Locations
-Won toy204, songperfectisnteasy02, and songweddingannouncement11 from Merlin's Match
-Won songfollowingtheleader12 and charwoody03 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won toy24, songhappyending07, and songsorcerersapprentice06 from Pongo Spots
-Won fantasia09, roadtrip03, and charariel313 from Queen of Hearts' Quotes
-Won mermaid28, peach03, songhailtotheprincess04, songunbirthday15, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won amigos22, songjafarshour08, songkaninekrunchies11, songlistenwithheart105, and charduchess09 from Cheshire Cat's Crossword
-Won thieves02, songpaintingroses11, songsiamesecat12, and charmufasa13 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won dreams06 and songhonortousall04/12 from Patch of Heaven
-Won songaguylikeyou12, songladytobed14, charberlioz13, and charthequeen04 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won songunbirthday10, charjane07, and charmarie07 from Timon's Television
-Took hollow06, songcruelladevil08, and songgospeltruth115 from Circle of Life

March 6, 2009
-Won charzira15, charmaleficent07, and believe08 from B.E.N.'s Behind
-Won boundin09, songcircleoflifereprise11, and songyoucanfly05 from Lilo's Lots
-Won songgaston08, songifineverknewyou05, and songsomethingthere10 from Milo's Decoder
-Won songtakesamoment15 and charlady04 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won outback30, charbelle14, and charquasimodo13 from Peter Pan's Shadows
-Won songprincealireprise13 and charphillip03 from Pegasus' Puzzle
-Won charcogsworth12, charscar10, and charshang02 from Vixey's Voices
-Won charmaleficent09 from WALL-E's Wonders
-Won chipmunk22, songlovetonight08, and charmerryweather11 from Scavenger Hunt
-Won spring0901, charfauna01, charkovu02, and 1 petal from Golden Afternoon Event (Blue Bells)
-Won spring0902/03, songfinale07, songriteofspring10, and 1 petal from Golden Afternoon Event (Bread-and-butterflies)

February 14, 2009
-Won songawakening07, songmanoutofyou11, songyoucanflyreprise15, aod charlady06 from Valentine Mini-Event

February 7, 2009
-Won songdefinedancing01, songkidnapsandyclaws09, and songpastoralsymphony11 from Ariel's Songs
-Won tinker03/10 and toy201 from Belle's Books
-Won charjane15, charpongo07, and charshang08 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won forest23, songnewyorkcity03, and songprincealireprise10 from Lady's Locations
-Won songfirebirdsuite12 from Lilo's Lots
-Won hunny08, songpastoralsymphony08, and songweareone12 from Merlin's Match
-Won songmaleficentappears15 and charpeterpan03 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won roadtrip19, songdreamisawish04, and songjacksobsession10 from Pongo Spots
-Won rose29 and charjasmine02/13 from Queen of Hearts' Quotes
-Won songfinale14, songintothesunlight04, songmobsong15, songwhatisababy01, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won flower26, roar20, songmaintitles13, songmulansdecision15, and songsonofman14 from Cheshire Cat's Crossword
-Won christmas26, songcarnivalofanimals10, songfinale08, and songprinceali09 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won enchanted15, monster29, songbefuddlingthing01, and charpocahontas13 from Patch of Heaven
-Won home16, tintoy02, songmulansdecision06, and charmarie13 from Pink or Blue January prizes
-Won bear09, tintoy12, songfathomsbelow06, and songtransgormation01 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won fantasia13, songfairiesplan12, and songstrangerslikeme12 from Timon's Television
-Won charchip13, songlistenwithheart211, and songlogago05 from Pinocchio's Lies

January 25, 2009
-Won treasure20, wonderland15, and charpocahontas07 from B.E.N.'s Behine
-Won chargaston07 from Lilo's Lots
-Won songgothedistance14, songmylullaby02, and songstrangethings01 from Milo's Decoder
-Won songsavages12 and songsomethingthere06 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won big29, enchanted20, and charbelle08 from Peter Pan's Shadow
-Won songavemaria14 and songtopsyturvy03 from Pegasus' Puzzle
-Won charphillip06/08/14 from Vixey's Voices
-Won ohana10 and charjasmine07 from Wall-E's Wonders
-Won rescue12, charjafar08, and 1 choice filler from Scavenger Hunt

January 10, 2009
-Won songfriendsarefor12, songladytobed15, and songyourworldreprise12 from Ariel's Songs
-Won birds16, boundin16, and friends23 from Belle's Books
-Won charhercules01 and charjane08/10 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won bug26, songfathomsbelow03, and songmaleficentappears03 from Lady's Locations
-Won songkaninekrunchies11 and songrhapsodyinblue09 from Lilo's Lots
-Won songprinceali04, songscalesarpeggios02, and songtransformation15 from Merlin's Match
-Won songonceuponadream07 and songpoorjack08 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songcruelladevil01, songfireworks07, and songstrangerslikeme12 from Pongo Spots
-Won hunny16, musicbox22, and roar27 from Queen of Hearts' Quotes

January 5, 2009
-Won chipmunk13, lamp23, strength12, songgaston13, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won bee06, songgospeltruth108, songonesong12, songupendi14, and songwalruscarpenter14 from Cheshire Cat's Crossword
-Won toy14, walle15, songbaldmountain01/12, and songweareone15 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won songmakingchristmas09 and songswordinthestone15 from Patch of Heaven
-Won neverland14, roadtrip29, songbarenecessities09, songnotinnottingham08, and songoutthere03 from Timon's Television
-Won songgiftbeautysong10, songgospeltruth302, and charfrollo07 from Pinocchio's Lie
-Received caballeros01/06/11/17, honor01, hunny06, songhailtotheprincess05, songhappyendinagrabah07, chargaston09, charaladdin08, adversary02, and aves03 for leveling up from Sorcerer to Divinist
-Received songaroundtheriverbeod01, songwithasmile06, songdalmatianplantation02/13, songheavenslight01/14, spots01/03/10/15/22/28, songcolorsofthewind03/06/12, songkissthegirl03, pride29, quppet06, rat02, rescue07, return03, roadtrip09, roar30, rose16, sea25, sky11, sleep05, slipper06, spirit14, strength02, sword09, thieves03, songjacksobsession03, songjasminerunsaway05, songjig06, songkaninekrunchies06, songkingofpriderock10, songladytobed12, songlistenwithheart115, songlongago02, songlovewillfindaway04, songmadmadammim05, songmalleycat09, songmanoutofyou10, songmyown02, songnewyorkcity04, songnotinnottingham06, songnutcrackersuite08, songonesong12, songoodelally13, songoogieboogie14, songoutthere02, songpaintingroses03, songpartofyourworld04, songpastoralsymphony05, songperfectisnteasy06, songpinkorblue11, songpoorbear13, charaladdin10, charalice11, charariel12, charbelle02, charberlioz13, chareric01, charesmerelda14, charflounder06, charfrollo04, chargaston06, chargenie11, chargus12, charhercules13, sibling05, trio06, villain07, speciala08, adversary03, aves04, canine05, duo06, equine07, and father08 for mastering Mystery, Summer 08, Autumn 08, Winter 09, Sweet Nightingale, So This Is Love, Caballeros, Around the Riverbend, With a Smile, Dalmatian Plantation, Heaven's Light, Spots, and Colors of the Wind

December 29, 2008
-Received songvisitors06 for voting for the December writing contest

December 28, 2008
-Won songaguylikeyou08, songbellsofnotredame09, and songprologue02 from Ariel's Songs
-Won 200002, mermaid19, and walle15 from Belle's Books
-Won forest27, songbaldmountain02, and songtownmeeting08 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won friends08, songgodhelptheoutcasts07, and songtwoworlds07 from Lady's Locations
-Won newcar25 and songcolorsofthewind13 from Lilo's Lots
-Won walle23, songfinale02, and songpartofyourworld05 from Merlin's Match
-Won pedigree20, sleep15, and songaladdinsword13 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songgirlworthfightingfor07, songjumpaheadreprise02, and songwholenewworld12 from Pongo Spots
-Won spots02, songbelle02, and songsundayclothes11 from Rafiki Says
-Received songcolorsofthewind09, songfriendsarefor02, and songinfinityandbeyond13 for voting for December contests
-Received ohana01, honor29, songawakening05, songbarenecessities09, songhailtotheprincess, and 2 choice fillers from Christmas Gift Mini-Event

December 23, 2008
-Won winter0912/13, birds01, lifted14, songnutcrackersuite10, and songyourworldreprise13 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 11th Day
-Won winter0914/15, junkyard04, ohana27, peach17, toy23, and songthestorm02 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 12th Day

December 14, 2008
-Won dreams10, songwithasmile15, and songyourworldreprise05 from Pinocchio's Lie

December 13, 2008
-Won songgospeltruth114, songmineminemine13, and songweareone04 from Ariel's Songs
-Won nightmare07, sword20, and toy06 from Belle's Books
-Won incredible08, songladytobed07, and songprologue13 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won future07, songfrustration12, and songsheneverfeltalone10 from Lady's Locations
-Won rescue03, songattackatthewall11, and songmanoutofyou02 from Merlin's Match
-Won friends14, songcircleoflife01, and songnewyorkcity15 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songfrustration09, songlovetonight14, and songtrustinme15 from Pongo Spots
-Won puppet14, songjig15, and songrhapsodyinblue12 from Rafiki Says
-Won rose28, tintoy20, songbattlewithevil11, songbeourguest10, songonesong04, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won apple21, cook07, songgirlworthfightingfor01, songiwontsay12, and songsothisislove10 from Cheshire Cat's Crossword
-Won friends18, roar24, songfirstdate07, songoneofus11, and songtrustinme06 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won honor04, songonadarknight05, songreflection01, songupendi06, and songweareone10 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won fly06, treasure10, songburnedoutvillage10, songcaucusrace14, and songsorcerersapprentice15 from Timon's Television
-Won half13, songbeourguest07, songgaston12, songmulansdecision04, and songvirginiacompany09 from Vixey's Voices
-Won winter0901, amigos23, songlongago13, and songoutthere08 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 1st Day
-Won winter0902, pedigree11, songbeacat05, and songlove12 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 2nd Day
-Won winter0903, 200012, songjig08, and songtherescue13 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 3rd Day
-Won winter0904, mystery18, songpianoconcertono202, and songverygoodadvice07 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 4uh Day
-Won winter0905, songcolonelhathismarch12, songinfinityandbeyond10, and songverygoodadvice04 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 5th Day
-Won winter0906, amigos14, find11, and sleep13 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 6th Day
-Won winter0907/08, flower12, fly12, songbeprepared04, and songmobsong13 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 7th Day
-Won winter0909, honor14, songhesatramp06, and songweddingannouncement13 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 8th Day
-Won winter0910, future30, hollow30, and songhawaiianwarchant06 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 9th Day
-Won winter0911, songhumiliation10, songpaintingroses05, and songpoorjack01 from Twelve Days of Christmas: 10th Day

December 12, 2008
-Won songdalmatianplantation04, songgypsymusic14, and songjackslament10 from Ariel's Songs
-Won rat20, tintoy12, and twist04 from Belle's Books
-Won christmas01, mermaid17, and songtodiefor02 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won boundin17, songhawaiianwarchant01, and songyourworldreprise04 from Lady's Locations
-Won peach24, slipper15, toy14, and songwhatisababy05 from Lilo's Lots
-Won treasure15, songlegendofthelamp11, and songyourworldreprise14 from Merlin's Match
-Won find21, ohana25, and songastarisborn01 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songjasminerunsaway15, songprologue03, and songsymphony502 from Pongo Spots
-Won outback06, songarabiannights06, and songcaveofwonders05 from Rafiki Says
-Won autumn0813, spirit08, and songcaveofwonders04/13 from Hero Training: Cyclops' Chemistry
-Won autumn0814/15, roar14, and songonesong08 from Hero Training: Hero Final

November 19, 2008
-Won songaguylikeyou12, songdaughtersoftriton11, and songunfortunatesouls02 from Ariel's Songs
-Won half30, newcar20, and roadtrip21 from Belle's Books
-Won musicbox27, songmalleycat07, and songphoebusarrives06 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won roadtrip16, songhunsattack02, and songunbirthday15 from Lady's Locations
-Won outcast05, songmarketplace03, and songpartofyourworld11 from Lilo's Lots
-Won wonderland03, songpompcircumstance10, and songtigerfight01 from Merlin's Match
-Won groove21, songcircleoflife10, and songverygoodadvice12 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songbedtime13, songhousecleaning09, and songsymphony511 from Pongo Spots
-Won incredible13, songmaleficentappears10, and songonelasthope02 from Rafiki Says
-Won autumn0812, game27, and roar23 from Hero Training: Zeus' Zoology

November 11, 2008
-Won autumn0811, songbellanotte03, and songcaveofwonders07 from Hero Training: Artemis' Astronomy
-Won autumn0810, birds15, roar23, and twist20 from Hero Training: Megara's Modern Arts
-Turned in spring0801/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10 for journey19, jungle13, junkyard25, lamp06, lifted20, songonesong11, songoodelally13, songoogieboogie12, songpaintingroses05, and songpartofyourworld07

November 5, 2008
-Won outcast03, songfathomsbelow05, and hero05 from Re-Birth Year One (Question 10) <3

November 4, 2008
-Won songalogpuller05, songpoorjack10, and songwithasmile13 from Ariel's Songs
-Won archer13, chipmunk23, and roar05 from Belle's Books
-Won ducktales05, peach18, and songstrangerslikeme05 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won wild10, songcourtofmiracles02, and songpoorjack01 from Lady's Locations
-Won mermaid16, songavemaria12, and songprincewillcome11 from Lilo's Lots
-Won sleep19, songdaughtersoftriton02, and songgospeltruth306 from Merlin's Match
-Won rose16, songdanceofthehours13, and songmulansdecision12 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songhappyendagrabah03, songwalruscarpenter08, and songwithasmile03 from Pongo Spots
-Won enchanted08, songpinkorblue11, and songwithasmile14 from Rafiki Says
-Won outcast25, rose22, songflotsamjetsam04, songhelivesinyou02, songsymphony513, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won attack14, lifted18, songbeautybeast15, songheighho09, and songwithasmile07 from Cheshire Cat's Crossword
-Won believe14, glitch14, songaguylikeyou07, songbeacat13, and songstrangerslikeme01 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won mermaid12, songhelivesinyou14, songmakingchristmas04, songonceuponadream13, and songsomethingthere05 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won amgios23, fantasia03, songfairiesplan01, songtrashinthecamp08, and songwestwing10 from Timon's Television
-Won spirit29, songbuscando14, songendsoftheearth13, songonelasthope05, and songsymphony506 from Vixey's Voices
-Won mermaid02 and songjasminerunsaway05 from Re-Birth Year One (Question 1)
-Won songnotmydog01 from Re-Birth Year One (Question 2)
-Won songthebattle09 and songtwoworldsreprise06 from Re-Birth Year One (Question 3)
-Won sea03 from Re-Birth Year One (Question 4)
-Won songjumpaheadreprise08 from Re-Birth Year One (Question 5)
-Won forest04 and songphoebusarrives13 from Re-Birth Year One (Question 6)
-Won songtwoworldsreprise02 from Re-Birth Year One (Question 7)
-Won band20 from Re-Birth Year One (Question 8)
-Won fly08 and roar07 from Re-Birth Year One (Question 9)
-Won newcar16, songerictotherescue04, and songriteofspring12 from Pinocchio's Lie

October 20, 2008
-Won songhappyending14, songheavenslight13, and songhelivesinyou12 from Ariel's Songs
-Won game02, melodytime22, and roar06 from Belle's Books
-Won nightmare14, treasure26, and songtownmeeting15 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won 200021, glitch16, and songeverchasechickens03 from Lady's Locations
-Won groove20, songhellfire01, and songjig14 from Merlin's Match
-Won game19, songblossoms03, and songprologue08 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songdreamisawish05, songgodhelptheoutcasts14, and songunderthestars11 from Pongo Spots
-Won cars06, dreams02, and songhakunamatata05 from Rafiki Says
-Won bear21, honor21, songgiftbeautysong11, songthestorm01, songunfortunatesouls05, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won dreams25, newcar21, songmaintitles09, songthekiss10, and songtopsyturvy15 from Cheshire Cat's Crossword
-Won strength10, wild13, songgospeltruth112, songoodelally03, and songunbirthday10 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won fancyfree19 and sontothefair06 from Patch of Heaven
-Won believe03, songlespoissons06, songstrangethings06, songtransformation12, and songwithasmile08 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won find05, hollow10, songladytobed01, songmarketplace03, and songtourofthekingdom05 from Timon's Television
-Won slipper25, songkissthegirl13, songmarketplace10, songoneofus15, and songwhistlewhile06 from Vixey's Voices
-Won autumn0808/09, cars07, songcolorsofthewind14, and songimlate12 from Hero Training: Hermes' History
-Won neverland28, songpompcircumstance08, and songthisishalloween06 from Pinocchio's Lie

September 22, 2008
-Turned in home16 for summer0805
-Received mystery09/10, fancyfree20, songstrangerslikeme05, songthekiss02, and khearts13 for leveling up from Magician to Sorcerer

September 21, 2008
-Won songgirlworthfightingfor07, songmorningreport05, and songtothefair12 from Ariel's Songs
-Won flower22, mermaid23, and peidgree20 from Belle's Books
-Won birds24, songsonofman07, and songwhyshouldiworry14 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won perfect27, songendsoftheearth10, and songiwonder12 from Lady's Locations
-Won songaguylikeyou14, songbeprepared08, and songonceuponadream02 from Lilo's Lots
-Won cook04, songsanctuary13, and songweareone11 from Merlin's Match
-Won toy15, songnightingale05, and songonceuponadream12 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songfathomsbelow11, songfinale08, and songiwonder07 from Pongo Spots
-Won caballeros09, lamp06, and songoogieboogie04 from Rafiki Says
-Won caballeros12, spots24, songbibbidi10, songcolorsofthewind10, and songdalmatianplantation15 from Cheshire Cat's Crossword
-Won cars01, cook25, songerictotherescue04, songhonortousall10, and songnewyorkcity04 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won autumn0803, songbellereprise09, songendtitle12, and songfairiesplan04 from Hero Training: Fates' Foreign Language
-Won autumn0804, neverland29, songmanoutofyou14, and songwhatsthis15 from Hero Training: Hades' Humanities #1 (Writing)
-Won autumn0805, songcolonelhathismarch09, songgoodcompany11, and songmanoutofyou06 from Hero Training: Hera's Humanities #2 (Performing Arts)
-Won autumn0807, songstreetsofgold04, songtourofthekingdom11, and songtwoworldsreprise02 from Hero Training: Muses' Mythology
-Won autumn0806, bear13, songhawaiianwarchant03, and songtrashinthecamp02 from Hero Training: Pegasus' Philosophy

September 7, 2008
-Won songjasminerunsaway10, songmineminemine01, and songfriendlikeme01 from Ariel's Songs
-Won forest03, rat24, and friends19 from Belle's Books
-Won find19, jungle22, and songscalesarpeggios09 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won strength16, hunny07, and songbeourguest07 from Lady's Locations
-Won outcast02, songjumpaheadreprise13, and songhonortousall12 from Merlin's Match
-Won songhakumamatata13, songwhistlewhile10, and songsanctuary12 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songbeacat08, songpartofyourworld06, and songyouvegotafriend03 from Pongo Spots
-Won hollow23, groove01, and songblossoms12 from Rafiki Says
-Won sky18, apple15, songscalesarpeggios15, songgypsymusic13, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won fly26, songaguylikeyou04, and songmyownhome03 from Patch of Heaven
-Won spirit18 and songtrueloveconquersall09 from Part of Your World
-Won 200005, cars18, newcar07, songlistenwithheart201, and songmulansdecision01 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won fantasia08, believe28, songjacksobsession03, songgodhelptheoutcasts15, and songthestorm09 from Timon's Television
-Won roadtrip23, songimlate08, songbedtimestory15, songbibbidi10, and songjackslament11 from Vixey's Voices
-Won autumn0801/02, sleep27, songcolonelhathismarch09, and songmyown15 from Hero Training: Apollo's Arithmetic
-Received melodytime24 and songnightingale07 for voting for August contest entries
-Won home16, songscalesarpeggios10, and songthebattle15 from Pinocchio's Lies

August 25, 2008
-Won songcolorsofthewind01, songhumiliation08, and songbellereprise08 from Ariel's Songs
-Won outback07, hollow08, and hunny01 from Belle's Books
-Won newcar14, songhumanagain15, and songgaston07 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won songmobsong14, songlegendofthelamp04, and songjig10 from Lady's Locations
-Won pride19, songworksong07, and songbellereprise15 from Merlin's Match
-Won game05, songbaby08, and songhunsattack09 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won songkaninekrunchies06, songcaveofwonders02, and songprincewillcome07 from Pongo Spots
-Won sword24, songtodiefor05, and songbellsofnotredame10 from Rafiki Says
-Won sword04, spirit08, songvirginiacompany15, songlove06, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won hunny14, wild18, songmorningreport04, songblossoms14, and songawakening08 from Cheshire Cat's Crossword
-Won peach17, songbeautybeast10, songkidnapsandyclaws01, songzerotohero15, and songfathomsbelow15 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won fantasia04, wonderland28, melodytime28, songweddingannouncement15, and songcircleoflifereprise05 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won cauldron19, songstreetsofgold05, songheavenslight06, songmaleficentappears06, and songunbirthday03 from Vixey's Voices
-Won attack07, songintothesunlight14, and summer0807 from Bubble 17
-Won songcolonelhathismarch03 and summer0801 from Bubble 18
-Won apple13, songaroundtheriverbend10, and songastarisborn05 from Bubble 19
-Won summer0806 from Bubble 20
-Won friends20 and summer0808 from Bubble 21
-Won neverland07, songjumpaheadreprise14, and summer0809 from Bubble 22
-Won newcar22, songstreeturchins01, and summer0810 from Bubble 23
-Won summer0802 from Bubble 24
-Won songthestorm01 and summer0811/12 from Bubble 26
-Won songmakingchristmas04 and summer0813 from Bubble 27
-Won songtrustinme13, songkissthegirl04, and summer0814 from Bubble 28
-Won fly13, songreflection11, and 1 choice filler from Bubble 29
-Won songbelle07, songbibbidi12, and summer0815 from Bubble 30
-Won summer0803/04 from Bubble 31
-Won forest22, songarabiannights09, and songaroundtheriverbend08 from Pinocchio's Lies

April 6, 2008
-Received trader005/010 for having traded at least 10 times

April 5, 2008
-Won spots09, songaroundtheriverbend12, and songifineverknewyou03 from Ariel's Songs
-Won slipper07, toy30, and songgirlworthfightingfor14 from Belle's Books
-Won mystery20, songpartofyourworld06, and songonadarknight06 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won nightmare10, songhellfire02, and songcolorsofthewind05 from Lady's Locations
-Won aristocrat27 and songtopsyturvy10 from Lilo's Lottery
-Won outback13, caballeros03, and songnightingale07 from Merlin's Match
-Won spirit12, songgypsymusic01, and songwholenewworld02 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won roadtrip22, songvirginiacompany04, and songsanctuary01 from Pongo Spots
-Won orphan24, neverland07, and songkissthegirl14 from Rafiki Says
-Won cook27, cars05, and songbeautybeast05 from Timon's Television
-Won caballeros29, songtopsyturvy12, songgodhelptheoutcasts09, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won pride21, mystery16, songlespoissons03, and songsanctuary11 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won journey18, wonderland25, songonceuponadream06, and songaguylikeyou02 from Mirror Mirror
-Won nightmare11, strength24, songphoebusarrives12, and songcaveofwonders04 from Peter Pan's Shadow
-Won cook03, forest12, songcantwaittobeking15, and songlegendofthelamp15 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won slipper09, apple25, songdreamisawish06, and songthekiss01 from Vixy's Voices
-Won spring0809/10, tune17, songiwonder10, songperfectisnteasy10, and songtourofthekingdom15 from Event 003 Spring Fling (Guest Stars)
-Won dreams01, songhellfire12, and songpaintingroses07 from Pinocchio Lies

March 31, 2008
-Received pedigree12, nightmare08, songphonykingofengland11, songiwonder09, and 1 choice card coupon in Easter basket <3

March 22, 2008
-Won flower28 and songgospeltruth201 from Ariel's Songs
-Won mermaid05 and songstreeturchins06 from Belle's Books
-Won fantasia16 and songvirginiacompany12 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won sleep13 and songbeourguest12 from Lady's Locations
-Won spots13 and songwholenewworld10 from Merlin's Match
-Won nightmare15 and songheigho11 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won rescue28 and songiwonder05 from Pongo Spots
-Won caballeros24 and songperfectisnteasy09 from Rafiki Says
-Won lost21 and songkissthegirl10 from Timon's Television
-Won songnotinnottingham07 from Lilo's Lottery
-Received mystery03/04/07/08, forest09, melodytime25, toy221, songnotinnottingham06, songpinkorblue04, songtobefree09, equine12, and princess02 for leveling up from magelet to magician
-Won spring0801/02, aristocrat25/29, songunbirthday04, and songcantwaittobeking01 from Event 003 Spring Fling part 1 (Pair Up Partners)
-Won spring0803/04, sword16, songaladdinsword06, songkissthegirl01, and songmulansdecision10 from Event 003 Spring Fling part 2 (Send Out Invitations)
-Won spring0805/06, lamp26, songerictotherescue10, songperfectisnteasy15, and songonejumpahead14 from Event 003 Spring Fling part 3 (Arrange Flower Centerpieces)
-Won spring0807/08, tune20, songlespoissons13, songlongago06, and songtodiefor09 from Event 003 Spring Flig part 4 (Choose the Music)

March 2, 2008
-Won groove17 and songlongago08 from Ariel's Songs
-Won fantasia12 and songmyown11 from Belle's Books
-Won caballeros08 and songlegendofthelamp14 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won incredible17 and songbeprepared09 from Merlin's Match
-Won spirit19 and songhakumamatata02 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won nightmare25 and songendsoftheearth12 from Pongo Spots
-Won slipper13 and songhonortousall07 from Rafiki Says
-Won outcast09 and songdalmatianplantation05 from Timon's Television
-Won strength21, songcolorsofthewind10, and 1 choice filler from Basil's Report
-Won wonderland21, ohana13, and songbellereprise15 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won spirit13, songmanoutofyou09, and songunderthesea07 from Mirror Mirror
-Won spots14, ohana28, and songreflection01 from Peter Pan's Shadow
-Won nightmare16, songgospeltruth105, and songmulansdecision07 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Received songthebattle01 for voting for contest entries
-Won mermaid26 and songdistancereprise09 from Pinocchio Lies
-Won songhonortousall01 from Lilo's Lottery
-Received mystery01/02, caballeros13, songiwontsay09, songonejumpahead08, and love13 for leveling up from novice to magelet

February 23, 2008
-Received return14 and songfriendlikeme07 for referring Forks

February 2, 2008
-Won roar26, songbeautybeast02, and songbeprepared14 from Basil's Report
-Won wonderland05, archer03, and songlovetonight04 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won 200015, songthisland03, and songhumanagain07 from Mirror Mirror
-Won ohana03, spirit03, and songaeiou14 from Peter Pan's Shadow
-Won mystery14, songbellereprise12, and songbibbidi13 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won puppet23 and songmobsong01 from Pinocchio Lies

January 29, 2008
-Won fly20 and songbedtime09 from Ariel's Songs
-Won rescue19 and songbeautybeast11 from Belle's Books
-Won monster08 and songsothisislove04 from Emperor's New Clothes
-Won nightmare07 and songunderthesea10 from Mad Hatter's Party
-Won spots24 and songunbirthday05 from Merlin's Match
-Won roar03 and songsomethingthere15 from Mulan's Memory Match
-Won groove02 and songlespoissons08 from Pongo Spots
-Won monster05 and songkissthegirl12 from Rafiki Says
-Won bear14, outback25, and songkingofpriderock15 from Basil's Report
-Won rose17, puppet28, and songbeautybeast15 from Copper and Tod's Word Search
-Won peach03 and songflotsamjetsam07 from Mirror Mirror
-Won forest26 and songunderthesea13 from Peter Pan's Shadow
-Won bug18, toy16, and songfanfare14 from Tarzan's Trivia
-Won fly27 and songthestorm02 from Pinocchio's Lies

January 28, 2008
-Joined! Received canine13, future04, groove09, lost30, mystery06/11/23, songfireworks10, and songthisland12 in my starter pack
-Received my member card and songtourofthekingdom09 for getting cards up

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