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trade log
so magical

August 3, 2010
-Traded Jenshinnn my fhalf26, fjabberwocky21, skingofpriderock06, and ftoy29 for sdamselindistress15, skronksmission02, and sscreamextractor02/14 (1785)

August 2, 2010
-Traded Kim my snemoegg06 and cjock08 for fducktales03 and fforest06 (1781)
-Traded Lex my cvitani08, foutcast12, saguylikeyou05, and sbellsofnotredame13 for cray02, csally01, sgoodtoyou08, and skidnapsandyclaws13 (1779)

July 26, 2010
-Traded Arianna my cmike04 and fchipmunk08 for ckronk09 and sdowninneworleans15 (1775)
-Traded Malheur my cunclemax06 and sbeprepared05 for cpocahontas09 and clouis09 (1773)
-Traded Birgitte my cpocahontas09 and freal19 for clottie08 and sjacksobsession01 (1771)
-Traded Wistaire my s12yearslater02 and member card for cdrfacilier05 and member card (1769)
-Traded Emily my fpresto15 for ckronk10 (1768)

July 25, 2010
-Traded Aimee my sbefuddlingthing15 and member card for ctiana08 and member card (1767)
-Traded Merbella my chelga05 for cjake06 (1766)

July 22, 2010
-Traded Enni my scruelladevil11 for swhenwerehuman01 (1765)
-Traded Fina my syourworldre13 and member card for ffrog04 and member card (1764)

July 21, 2010
-Traded Sarah my xfather10/15 for ftoy21, sfirstdate10, sjacksobsession07, and swhenwerehuman06 (1763)
-Traded Bloo my frose10 and sbeautyandthebeast04 for ccarl02 and ssnipetrap01 (1759)

July 20, 2010
-Traded Chibki my calice08 and member card for cpocahontas09 and member card (1757)

July 19, 2010
-Traded Kits my cshang09 and member card for cnaveen06 and member card (1756)
-Traded Jennifer my sprologue08, clady07, and swaitingforyou02/13 for ctiana01, sgaston03, smindovermatter01, and swhenwerehuman11 (1755)

July 18, 2010
-Traded Netbug my ceve02 and member card for cjake04 and member card (1751)

July 16, 2010
-Traded Nyx my shumanagain13, sdestructionofgrotto02, sfanfare08, sjig14, and sshark05/10/11/13 for cjake09, cmother03, crafiki08/09, skidnapsandyclaws15, ssnipetrap10, stoccataandfugue02, and swhatsthis01 (1750)

July 15, 2010
-Traded Kearin my shathismarchre05 and slovewillfindaway06 for cboo09 and sskumps08 (1742)

July 14, 2010
-Traded Merbella my cfauna07, sawakening01, and siwonder08 for ffrog05/28 and ftoy07 (1740)
-Traded Bibi Neko my flamp08 for cnaveen01 (1737)
-Traded Melissa my fdragon10, sourtown02, clewis09, cjimhawkins04, sstorybook07, sthemap09, cednamode05/08, ccrikee05, cling01, and fattack01/18 for cabu01, cmadammim01, crafiki03, cscar01, fhunny09, sbeprepared10, sgonnatakeyouthere01, sgospeltruth206/08/11, skidnapsandyclaws04, and swhenwerehuman03 (1736)
-Traded Jenshinnn my ffly11, skingofpriderock09, and ssimbaalive15 for cbuzz09, clouis02, and sthisishalloween11 (1724)

July 13, 2010
-Traded Dysanne my cpegasus08, siwontsay13, fflower05, cchip03, fhonor07, and member card for cjasmine06/08, snutcrackersuite13, sprincewillcomere14, sthisishalloween01, and member card (1721)
-Traded Kebin my sfightingforredux05, sdestructionofgrotto05, and member card for fgroove20, sthehydra10, and member card (1716)

July 12, 2010
-Traded Malheur my sthemorningreport02 for clouis08 (1714)
-Traded Kelly my sdanceofthehours10, spastoralsymphony03, fsea09, xlove13, xfather12, ctinkerbelltb02, fapple25, ffrog09, and fslipper02/17 for salmostthere05, sdigalittledeeper01, sdowninneworleans11, smabelleevangeline09/15, swhenwerehuman02/05, sdamselindistress10, sfriendinmeweezy10/11, ssecretlab10, and ssideofpotatoes04 (1713)

July 11, 2010
-Traded Rhap-chan my ctarzan02, spompandcircumstance14, stobefree13, and xb04/07 for coogieboogie10, snutcrackersuite05/07, smabelleevangeline10, sheffalumpswoozles10, sgonnatakeyouthere05, and salmostthere03 (1701)
-Traded Kou my fapple22 and member card for sgospeltruth212 and member card (1694)
-Traded Kristine my shawaiiancoaster09 and smylullaby06 for clottie02 and ffrog07 (1693)
-Traded Pil-P my fhunny21, froar01, sbeacat11, strueloveconquersall11/14, suponadreamre15, and ctimon08 for fcloudy20, sbeprepared13, sdowninneworleans10, sgonnatakeyouthere11, shigitusfigitus12, ssnipetrap08, and ccarl03 (1691)
-Traded Birgitte my fcars20, strueloveskiss07, sintothewell15, sthomasomalleycat09, and syourworld10/11 for cthemuses08, smindovermatter04/14, sstrangethings09, and stoccataandfugue01/05 (1684)

July 9, 2010
-Traded Merbella my sthekiss14 for ssecretlab04 (1678)
-Traded Abigail my fcook17 and member card for fgrand19 and member card (1677)

June 27, 2010
-Traded Shert my ffantasia14, fcaballeros06/20, sbestoffriends08, and member card for cslinky10, fcloudy25, sgospeltruth209, sscreamextractor03, and member card (1676)

June 26, 2010
-Traded Loulou my sadventuresoutthere06 and member card for sdowninneworleans07 and member card (1672)

June 23, 2010
-Traded Colette my xe10, xg10, and sivegotnostrings12 for cdrfacilier04, sdowninneworleans02/05, sotherside02, and sstrangethings04 (1671)
-Traded Jersina my cbelle04, cbimbettes09, ctimon02, sbattleonthetower01, sbeastsavesbelle13, skingofpriderock02, sonelasthope12, sthehunsattack02/03, stwoworlds08, sunderthesea14, sunderthestars03, and svanessassong09 for cchernabog03, cfaline08, cgreatprince01/10, cthemuses02/03, frobot17, sfirstaid04/12, sforgetaboutlove05, slittlespringsong06, sthehydra12, and swhenshelovedme04 (1666)

June 22, 2010
-Traded Starrarte my fflower03, sbelle07, swestwing12, sstuckonyou01/02, cshanyu02, sthehunsattack07, sotherside14, and sperfectisnteasy03 for cbernard01, coogieboogie07, ctiana02, fducktales26, fhunny20, sjacksobsession09, smindovermatter03, sriteofspring15, and ssnipetrap11 (1653)
-Traded Kearin my swaitingforyou12/14 for smabelleevangeline08 and sprincewillcomere11 (1644)
-Traded Jenshinnn my froar02, ffly05, and member card for swhenwerehuman13/15 and member card (1642)
-Traded Mary my cmaidmarian09, farcher26, fframed25, frescue18, sbibbidibobbidiboo04, scaucusrace03, seatme04, and sfalling07 for cmcleach01, czero05, fcloudy22, sentertheheroes03, sfriendinmeweezy09, slookingforromance01, snutcrackersuite03, and stoccataandfugue07 (1640)

June 21, 2010
-Traded Corbin my sonesong10 for smexico01 (1632)
-Traded Catiebug my slegendofthelamp07, scaveofwonders04, srescuingpenny04, cnemo10, sfortythieves09/14, clilo10, shawaiiancoaster06, cscuttle05, sarielsinlove01/08, sflotsamandjetsam06, and freturn04 for fsword01/15, cchernabog02, csnowwhite10, sbelongtomyheart08, sfarewell07, sgonnatakeyouthere07, slittleaprilshower03, smindovermatter07, sprincewillcomere07, ssorcerersapprentice04, ssteadydrumre04, and sthomasomalleycat13 (1631)
-Traded Andrea my ccaptainhook03, cclayton03, ckala10, cmulan02, f200004, sbeinmyheart02, sguiltyaladdin15, sjanesdecision03/14, sprinceali06/07, stheleviathan05, and stobefree11 for cdrfacilier08, crafiki02, csally10, sanimalcalling12, sentertheheroes01, smadmadammim15, srumblytumbly11, sscreamextractor07, swhenwerehuman07, xcanine04, and xduo05 (1618)
-Traded Elin my clumiere05, ffrog14, saftertoday09, sbellemeetsbeast09, sontheopenroad08, and sstandout15 for cabu08, smabelleevangeline05/07, smexico14, sotherside09, and szerotohero03 (1605)
-Traded Crash my fmermaid10, fwild09, slovetonight14, and ssothisislove03 for sgonnatakeyouthere04/12, smabelleevangeline02, and swalrusandcarpenter01 (1599)
-Traded Meg my cjaq10, farcher10, fohana08/26, fmonster29, slove03, and cflounder04 for cboo02, cgenie04, coogieboogie06, ctiana07, fhunny04/26, and sgonnatakeyouthere02 (1595)

June 20, 2010
-Traded Merbella my sthekiss15 and member card for cpocahontas03 and member card (1588)
-Traded Becca my sheavenslight01, slessonone13, strueloveskiss15, and strueloveskissre15 for cgreatprince09, coogieboogie01, sfriendlikeme01, and slistenwithheart203 (1587)
-Traded Lex my cmadamemedusa07, fwonderland11, sphoebusarrives07, and ssanctuary08 for cnaveen05, ctiana03, salmostthere11, and sdowninneworleans06 (1583)
-Traded SasuraUchiha my cling03, cshanyu05, slittleaprilshower06, and member card for cdrfacilier02/06, sblusteryday10, and member card (1579)
-Traded Malheur my cma02/06, sweareone03, fhalf29, and s12yearslater01 for sjacksobsession06, ccarpet06, saperfectsituation07, sfriendlikeme08, and shigitusfigitus05 (1576)
-Traded Emily my swizardsduel02/06 and member card for soogieboogiessong02, sprincewillcomere13, and member card (1571)

May 20, 2010
-Traded Malheur my csarabi04, scircleoflife01/05, scantwaittobeking05, sweareone07, and member card for saperfectsituation15, scriminalmind13, sotherside04, csebastian05, fcloudy01, and member card (1569)

May 1, 2010
-Traded Bloo my fspirit14, cwalle06, froar25, frose01, sbeastletsbellego11, sbeasttransformation15, sbeautyandthebeast10, sgothedistance06, sreflection14, and member card for ccruella09, cfaline04, csally03, ftoy27, salmostthere07, savemaria07, sfriendinmeweezy05, sriteofspring07, stouchtheground04, and member card (1564)

April 29, 2010
-Traded Chii my sbellere04, sblossoms14, and siwontsay05/14 for ffrog17/20 and salmostthere06/12 (1555)

April 28, 2010
-Traded Starrarte my fflower18/27, cchienpo05, cling03, sprincealire03, cbimbettes08, skronksmission05, cbasil05, cnani01, cstitch07, shemelenolilo01/05, sattackatthewall01, cbernard206, and member card for cboo07, cbuzz05, cdjalhi01, cmeeko02, cpocahontas02, csnowwhite05, fcloudy05/07, fgrand10, sbahia11, sdigalittledeeper07, sheffalumpswoozles12, sotherside14, swizardsduel13, and member card (1551)

April 25, 2010
-Traded Bree my fpeach16/26 for cbernard203 and sheffalumpswoozles07 (1537)
-Traded Jamie my sasecretrevealed07, cgrandmotherfa10, sgofromhere04, sheseesyou08, and slikeothergirls13 for cmadammim02, sawholenewworld07, sdigalittledeeper12, sotherside05, and swalrusandcarpenter12 (1535)
-Traded Lex my fcauldron07/24 and xheroine09 for skronksmission06/11, smabelleevangeline13, and ssecretlab01 (1530)

April 22, 2010
-Traded Chii my cvitani05, smulanrevealed15, and member card for sawholenewworld12, sdigalittledeeper03, and member card (1526)

April 19, 2010
-Traded Colette my sscalesandarpeggios10, xd03/09, coliver04, sgoodcompany10, xf11, sclownsong11, spinkelephants03, fperfect14, ckaa04/09, sbarenecessities04, sfriendsarefor10, shathismarch13, spoorbear04, soodelally02, sappreciatethelady11/13, sseemforever13, fbrother01, snowayout05, and srealgone11/14 for cgenie08, cmike01, fcloudy17, ffrog10/14/16, saperfectsituation05, savemaria08, sbaldmountain05/11/15, sdigalittledeeper11, shumiliation03, si2i04/06, sjacksobsession02, skidnapsandyclaws10, slistenwithheart206, smabelleevangeline12, soogieboogiessong07/10/11, sriteofspring11, ssymphony503, sthethreecaballeros09, and szerotohero11 (1524)
-Traded Mina my cgoob09, chades07/10, chercules10, cqueennarissa09, cshang01, fgame22, stwoworldsre10, sunderthesea03, and syourworldre15 for cjasmine09, ctramp09, fgrand11/30, sdefinedancing15, sfirstdate04, soogieboogiessong03, sriteofspring03, sthomasomalleycat03, and swhatsthis05 (1498)
-Traded JessRaquel my fforest19 and sfinalere02/04 for smabelleevangeline14, sstrangethings11, and swalrusandcarpenter15 (1488)

April 18, 2010
-Traded Via my frobot07, fslipper27, and member card for cmcleach09, ffrog09, and member card (1485)
-Traded Kelly my cmarie10, famigos01, faristocrat29, fcaballeros01/10/18, fhunny08, fperfect29, fpuppet05, sbeourguest11, sdwarfsyodelsong06, shawaiiancoaster10, stinkersnook01/06, stothefair15, strueloveskissre04, xaves06, and xfather10 for cclopin08, cpongo09, fgroove06, salldogalert02/13, scriminalmind06, sfriendinmeweezy15, sgospeltruth213, smadmadammim10, ssideofpotatoes10, ssnipetrap04, stoccataandfugue04/13, stownmeeting08, swhenshelovedme02, sworldgoround09, and xduo01/14 (1483)

April 17, 2010
-Traded Becca my ctantor05 and sburnedoutvillage08/15 for cthemuses07, fballoons25, and ssteadydrumre02 (1463)

April 15, 2010
-Traded Lex my cgaston06/07 and member card for csnowwhite01, salmostthere13, and member card (1460)
-Traded Meg my fbug11, fohana25, fcauldron22, fwonderland27, sfairiesdrawnear04, and slove02 for chercules06, fgrand18, fstrength29, sfunonice02, sthethreecaballeros07, and sthisishalloween11 (1458)

April 14, 2010
-Traded Katie Marie my siwontsay02 and member card for sdowninneworleans01 and member card (1452)
-Traded Caity my sfanfare03 and siremember11 for sstrangethings02 and fhunny18 (1451)
-Traded Sherry my cmaleficent06, ftune11/23, sgoldenafternoon01, simlate13, spaintingrosesred14, sshakehands02, and sunbirthdaysong02 for fgrand02, salmostthere10, sattherestaurant02, savemaria03, sbaldmountain08, scodysflight11/15, and sstrangethings12 (1449)

April 13, 2010
-Traded AJ my fgame17, ssundayclothes02, and selegantcaptainhook08 for cbernard204, sfriendlikeme07, and sotherside03 (1441)
-Traded Annie my s12yearslater15 and fwonderland26 for ffrog21 and slistenwithheart213 (1438)
-Traded Whitters my xc11 and member card for sotherside07, swhatsthis07, and member card (1436)
-Traded Birgitte my xprincess10/15, clittlejohn03, and sthomasomalleycat14 for clady05, ctramp08, scriminalmind15, sfirstdate02, smabelleevangeline01, and smexico12 (1434)
-Traded Jersina my sbeastsavesbelle04/12, scircleoflife02, shonortousall09/11, and strueloveskissre08 for cabu06, cpongo04, sbaldmountain09, sdigalittledeeper06, smindovermatter09, and swalrusandcarpenter05 (1428)
-Traded Sarah my cchip05/08, ccogsworth04/05, and flifted16 for ffrog11/25, scourtofmiracles14, and sotherside12/15 (1422)
-Traded Pil-P my xduo02, fhunny14, fslipper12, sbeacat10, sbeacatre10, sfirstdate07, stobefree15, ccrush01, cgus07, cjaq03, and fbig28 for sanimalcalling10, sblusteryday15, sdowninneworleans03, sfirstaid13, sperfectworld07, sprincewillcomere02/03/08, sraincamedown05, cbeast02, crafiki05, and cscar03 (1417)
-Traded Beebee my fapple20, ccrush06, ckiara01, clinguini02, sdwarfsyodelsong06, sheighho08, simwishing07/08, sonesong09, spartyinagrabah02, sprincewillcome01/06/10, fburne16, and member card for cflower08, cmayor08, cperdita10, scodysflight02, sdigalittledeeper02/15, si2i09, sotherside11, spickingcorn14, sstrangethings14, swalrusandcarpenter06, fcloudy19, flamp25, fsword23, and member card (1405)
-Traded Kearin my sshark15, xmother06, ffantasia16, fjungle12/16, sathenassong07, skissthegirl02, smaintitles09, snotinnottingham09, snotoneofus02, and syourworld08 for cbeast10, chercules03, coogieboogie04/05/09, csally01, sfriendlikeme05/13, cmother04, salmostthere15, sthethreecaballeros08, and sthomasomalleycat11 (1391)

April 12, 2010
-Traded Mary my ffancyfree24, saeiou13, shigitusfigitus10, and spinkorblue13 for cmulan04, ffrog24/26, and sjacksobsession14 (1379)
-Traded Nyx my fhonor07, shumanagain08, sunderthesea09, ckingtriton03/10, and cursula04 for ccruella03, fhunny05/15/25, sattherestaurant10, and sgoodtoyou12 (1375)
-Traded Melissa my fperfect04, xadversary05/07/09, cbowlerhatguy10, spercysbath06, srescuingpenny03/06, and ftreasure16 for xequine10, cmother01, cphil09, sgaston05/09, smexico07, swalrusandcarpenter07, and xaves07/12 (1369)

April 11, 2010
-Traded Kaylee my ftinker19/29 and member card for swhenwerehuman04, szerotohero02, and member card (1357)
-Traded Kristi my spompandcircumstance03, sbirthofbell14, ckala07/10, ckida02, froadtrip05, fstrength16, fwild25, spianoconcerto09, sgothedistancere01, sunderthestars07/09, shelivesinyou11, slovewillfindaway04, sjacksobsession04, soogieboogiessong09, and spoorjack05/06 for carthur01/02, cbianca06/07, cmadammim06, cmcleach06, cmother02, ctramp10, fhunny03, saperfectsituation11, scodysflight14, siwontsay05, slittleaprilshower15, smadmadammim06/13, swalrusandcarpenter13, swizardsduel02, and slookingforromance06 (1355)
-Traded Bibi Neko my freturn08/10 and fthieves18 for csnowwhite02, slistenwithheart212, and ssecretlab09 (1337)
-Traded Rhap-chan my xa08 for sbahia01/15 (1334)
-Traded Andrea my ftreasure22, ccaptainamelia03, cesmeralda09, cterk02/08, flost02/22, and scrystalchamber09 for ssteadydrumre15, cgoofy05, cjock08, cmadammim09, fcloudy29, saftertoday13, sskumps10, and ssnipetrap03 (1332)
-Traded Shizumi my czira04/10 and member card for cthemuses01, flamp09, and member card (1324)
-Traded Enni my spinkelephants12, cfauna10, fpedigree18, fspots15, sbattlewithevil04/07, sbeautyandsong07, sbellanotte14, shailtotheprincess11, sitsmorning11, sthefairiesplan03, and strueloveconquersall15 for cabu03/05, cbernard04, cscar02/09, ffrog27, sgonnatakeyouthere03, smexico11, ssymphony508/10/15, and szerotohero05 (1322)

April 4, 2010
-Traded Kim my sphonykingofengland08 and snotinnottingham03 for sgaston14 and sheffalumpswoozles08 (1310)

April 3, 2010
-Traded Jamie my suponadreamre15 and member card for cgreatprince07 and member card (1308)

April 2, 2010
-Traded Andrea my ftreasure03/21 and member card for sprincewillcomere10, sworldgoround03, and member card (1307)

March 30, 2010
-Traded Caity my sworldofmyown08/13 and member card for flamp11/21 and member card (1305)

March 20, 2010
-Traded Eira my fapple23, sswordinthestone04, fsky10, and member card for cjasmine10, sblusteryday07, soogieboogiessong01, and member card (1303)

February 24, 2010
-Traded Marieke my frose08/12, skissthegirl10, sreunion01/14, and ssomethingthere10 for caurora10, cbolt03, frobot11, sfirstdate12, and xequine05 (1300)

February 10, 2010
-Traded Macca my ssiamesecatsong03 for smexico08 (1294)

January 31, 2010
-Traded Colette my scremedelacreme06 for sdefinedancing09 (1293)

January 30, 2010
-Traded Jersina my froar06/28, sguiltyaladdin03, sjasminerunsaway07, skingofpriderock04, sprinceali03, stobefree04/10, strueloveskissre15, ceric02/04/09, and csimba03 for cbeast05, cbernard205, cflower04, cgreatprince04, cmcleach02, cmother09, sanimalcalling11, sblusteryday03, sfirstdate13, snutcrackersuite09/15, and xd07 (1292)

January 27, 2010
-Traded Arianna my fboundin06, fgroove19/27, and member card for sdamselindistress04, cbernard209, fgrand16, and member card (1279)

January 22, 2010
-Traded Becca my sintothewell11 and member card for sgospeltruth303 and member card (1276)

January 21, 2010
-Traded Marie my fmusic11, cesmeralda02, and scourtofmiracles05 for fbig05, cmcleach04, and smexico10 (1275)

January 20, 2010
-Traded Lindsay my ftoy17, cjasmine06, and cjohnsmith07 for fbig11/12/15 (1272)

January 17, 2010
-Traded Colette my fchristmas06 for fgrand27 (1269)
-Traded Corbin my strueloveconquersall15 and smaleficentappears14 for fgrand05 and fstrength13 (1268)
-Traded Birgitte my cqueennarissa05, cratcliffe07, and ctoulouse09 for fducktales17 and fgrand24/28 (1266)

January 13, 2010
-Traded Lindsay my simlate12 for sifineverknewyou02 (1263)

January 10, 2010
-Traded Cannus my ctinkerbell05/09, clilo02, cpeterpan02, fflower20, fhonor07, shawaiiancoaster14/15, sthehunsattack06, syoucanfly02, syourmotherandmine02/10/14, and member card for cbianca09, ccody03, ceve10, cquasimodo06, ctramp06, sbaldmountain13, sfriendinme11, sfunonice01, sheffalumpswoozles05, sthethreecaballeros06, sthisishalloween03, slittleaprilshower14, sattherestaurant11, and member card (1262)

January 9, 2010
-Traded Crash my shappyending11, slespoissons15, and member card for ceve09, cquasimodo03, and member card (1249)
-Traded Sam my sallineed07/08, salogpuller13, sbeastletsbellego14, sbeasttransformation10, sbeourguest02, scircleoflife15, sfanfare01, shakunamatata08, shawaiianwarchant15, smaintitles01, supendi06, sweddingannounce12, cbanzai04, ckiara07/08, and member card for cbernard07, ftoy04/26, sattherestaurant01/13, sawholenewworld01, sbaldmountain10, sfriendlikeme03/11, sgoodtoyou15, sheffalumpswoozles04, smexico04, soogieboogiessong15, spoorjack05, sscalesandarpeggios04, ssymphony505, and member card (1247)

January 8, 2010
-Traded Enni my ffly21, cfaline10, and selephantfly09 for ckuzco05, cwalle09, and shumiliation09 (1231)
-Traded Kristi my sroundingupthistles13, cremy03/04, fwild29, and spoorjack01 for cbianca209, cscar07, cthomasomalley02, fgrand01, and sraincamedown02 (1228)
-Traded Marieke my sdreamisawish04, froar04/05/26, and member card for sbahia09, siwontsay02, ssundayclothes01, swalrusandcarpenter10, and member card (1223)

January 6, 2010
-Traded Shen my shawaiianwarchant08 and member card for fbig17 and member card (1219)

January 5, 2010
-Traded Macca my svisitors01, shesatramp07, and member card for fhunny17, cesmeralda02, and member card (1218)

December 28, 2009
-Traded Nalin my crajah02 and ceve08 for cesmeralda03 and froadtrip20 (1216)

December 20, 2009
-Traded Kitty my ssavedchina06, serictotherescue10, and xfeline15 for fstrength14, fbig09, froadtrip05, and cquasimodo08 (1214)

December 19, 2009
-Traded Lindsay my sfalling04 and swhosbeenpainting04/13 for cbasil09, froadtrip24, and sifineverknewyou01 (1210)

December 17, 2009
-Traded Deak my cyzma04 and member card for cbuzz06 and member card (1207)

December 16, 2009
-Traded JessRaquel my cmermaids01, fjunkyard13/29, and stigerfight07 for ceve05, chercules07, and cmulan01/07 (1206)

December 15, 2009
-Traded AJ my cgenie07, cmater10, fbug02, fburne17, chades06, fgame05, ftoy209/20, shathismarch12, srealgone07, and member card for ssymphony509, sstrangethings03, smexico06, sfriendlikeme04, sfirstdate11, sdefinedancing11, ckuzco08, cwalle10, sbeprepared11, scodysflight04, and member card (1202)
-Traded Bree my fnightmare04/16/27 and member card for cbernard208, sbaldmountain06, sjacksobsession05, and member card (1192)

December 14, 2009
-Traded Kishuu my fbelieve05/24, ftwist12/26, seatme02, sevilspell10, simlate01, and member card for sfriendlikeme02, sheffalumpswoozles06/15, slittleaprilshower05, sthethreecaballeros14, swalrusandcarpenter09, cbianca210, and member card (1189)
-Traded Diamond my fbond15/30, fcars03, fdinosaur02, shelivesinyou04, sreflection03/10, and member card for cbernard06, cbianca01, cboo01, sfunonice03, sgaston04, skidnapsandyclaws08, spoorjack12, and member card (1182)
-Traded Elin my sgreatestgift03 and shonortousall11 for cratigan01 and sjackslament14 (1175)
-Traded Enni my sheighho03, shappybirthdaytoyou09, and shididdledeedee09 for ftoy02/10 and sscalesandarpeggios05 (1173)
-Traded Isabella my carchimedes08 for ssymphony512 (1170)
-Traded Kristine my f200003, fbirds13, cnani03, snutcrackersuite04, and member card for sbelongtomyheart10, cmeeko10, smexico13, smindovermatter02, and member card (1169)
-Traded Bunny my chercules05 and cgiselle08 for ceve01 and sfriendinme08 (1165)
-Traded Pil-P my fhunny12 for swhatsthis12 (1163)
-Traded Corbin my fsleep18, cfauna01/10, and shousecleaning12 for ceve02, ftoy01, sdefinedancing06, and sgoodtoyou13 (1162)
-Traded Meg my fbug26, cbanzai01, cpeterpan02, fslipper01, soodelally03/13, and member card for cgenie02, cratigan04, cwoody06, fbig26, scriminalmind01, sriteofspring13, and member card (1158)
-Traded Nalin my xmagician07 and member card for fstrength01/11 and member card (1152)

December 13, 2009
-Traded Kristi my cfrollo05, sgreatspirits04/07, shellfire04, simstillhere14, soutthere11, spompandcircumstance05, and swelcome03 for sbahia13, sfunonice07, sheffalumpswoozles11, slittleaprilshower06/08, slittlespringsong12, sskumps14, and stouchtheground08 (1150)
-Traded Bibi Neko my ced02/06, freturn04, fthieves02, sbeacatre09, sendsoftheearth09, and soutofthinair12 for cbuzz02, cjohnsmith07, sattherestaurant07, sdefinedancing08, shigitusfigitus03, sstrangethings07, and svirginiacompany05 (1142)
-Traded Tara my fwild13 and member card for sthomasomalleycat10 and member card (1135)
-Traded Kim my sarielsinlove06, ceric06, smenwillfly15, and member card for scriminalmind10, scourtofmiracles11, smakingchristmas13, and member card (1134)
-Traded Hannah my fsky18 and member card for ssundayclothes05 and member card (1131)
-Traded Rhian my cesmeralda07, cmelody01, fdreams01/22, sonesong15, ssanctuary14, and member card for szerotohero04, cbernard02, sblusteryday09, sjackslament12, ssnipetrap02, stoccataandfugue06, and member card (1130)

December 12, 2009
-Traded Naota my cbowlerhatguy04, csallycarrera03, cthequeen03, fmonster05, ffuture10, and member card for crafiki07, sgospeltruth308, sifineverknewyou06, fducktales16, cesmeralda01, and member card (1124)

December 10, 2009
-Traded QC my scruelladevil11 and member card for sfriendinme12 and member card (1119)

December 9, 2009
-Traded Birgitte my cberlioz08 for fgrand14 (1118)
-Traded Isabella my cbelle02, cnala08, cremy02, sbeastsavesbelle14, smylullaby02, ssomethingthere04/06, and stransformation12 for slookingforromance03, xd05, ccruella05, sskumps06, ssnipetrap12, sstrangethings08, and swalrusandcarpenter02 (1117)
-Traded Mary my fmermaid03, sbahia06, simlate15, sverygoodadvice01, scaucusrace07, selegantcaptainhook15, shailtotheprincess05, and sshakehands04/15 for clady10, cmulan06, cpinocchio02/04, csebastian06, scodysflight12, fgrand03, sdefinedancing13, and sfriendinme09 (1109)

December 8, 2009
-Traded Scott my sreunion10 and member card for cjohnsmith02 and member card (1100)
-Traded Jenphi my caurora05, cstitch06, fmusic09/10/24, fohana24, sbeautyandsong09, and shappyendinagrabah03/08 for ccody02, clady09, sattherestaurant09, savemaria13, sgaston02, sheffalumpswoozles03, slistenwithheart204, sthehydra05, and sthethreecaballeros13 (1099)
-Traded Bunny my cangelique02, fchipmunk19, fchristmas11, frose08/19/22, sgospeltruth113, stothefair09, and member card for ckronk04, cratigan08, cyzma04, fbig28, fgrand17, fspirit15/21, sthethreecaballeros05, and member card (1090)

December 7, 2009
-Traded Isabella my fspots13 and member card for slookingforromance12 and member card (1082)
-Traded Marie my ceric06 and member card for cyzma08 and member card (1081)
-Traded Vaelun my f200017, soldfatherwilliam03/05, and member card for cesmeralda09, cmulan02, cpegasus01, and member card (1080)
-Traded Jersina my cprinceedward02, cpumbaa03, slovetonight10, ssimbaalive01, sunderthestars15, and sarabiannights11 for fducktales21, cbianca04, cjake08, cquasimodo09, savemaria02, and sforgetaboutlove15 (1077)
-Traded Mousey my fchristmas26, sbeastletsbellego05/10, fsleep02, fspirit18, and sbeautyandsong14 for savemaria05/15, scourtofmiracles06/10, srhapsodyinblue04, and cyzma09 (1071)
-Traded Enni my sheighho02, simwishing15, shappybirthdaytoyou07, shididdledeedee08, and slookoutformrstork01 for cesmeralda07, cquasimodo10, sinfinityandbeyond02, and srhapsodyinblue02/10 (1065)
-Traded Jay my fcauldron10/16, ffancyfree07, and member card for ctramp04, fbig22, smexico02, and member card (1060)
-Traded Annie my ftreasure10, shakunamatata06, sthemorningreport02, sunderthestars11, fwonderland14, sgoldenafternoon08, sunbirthdaysong05, and member card for sbellsofnotredame01, shellfire09, sifineverknewyou14, spoorjack15, sscalesandarpeggios03, cbasil03, cesmeralda05, and member card (1057)
-Traded Kearin my xsibling05/12, cattina02, czira07, sarielsinlove03, sathenassong08, sbefuddlingthing03, shelivesinyou03, sshark06, clittlejohn02, ctoulouse09, fdetective09, forphan25, scircleoflife06/10, shathismarchre12, sheavenslight15, sphoebusarrives14, sscalesandarpeggios01, supendi06, and svisitors01 for ccruella04, ckuzco01, cphil08, fgrand22, fhunny21, froadtrip18, frobot07/20, ftoy03, sawholenewworld03, sdamselindistress05, sforgetaboutlove09/12, sfriendlikeme12, sheffalumpswoozles14, sifineverknewyou12, skronksmission05, smexico03, smindovermatter10, sriteofspring14, ssecretlab08, ssundayclothes02, and swhatsthis02 (1050)

November 26, 2009
-Traded Colette my ccaptainhook08 and cmichael01 for fgrand08/23 (1027)
-Traded Rhap-chan my fhalf25 and scircleoflife15 for fgrand06/09 (1025)

November 15, 2009
-Traded Pil-P my ffind11/13, sawakening12, sitsmorning14, and cflora09 for sgaston11, sifineverknewyou11, slistenwithheart103, snutcrackersuite04, and cratigan03 (1023)

November 3, 2009
-Traded Michelle my frose08/20 and member card for ceve06, cwoody08, and member card (1018)

October 27, 2009
-Traded Courtney my ctinkerbell08, fperfect01/22, and member card for froadtrip07, scriminalmind11, sjacksobsession11, and member card (1016)

October 26, 2009
-Traded Mina my sgospeltruth205/09 and member card for fbig30, fducktales08, and member card (1013)
-Traded Melissa my cyao08, fchipmunk11, fflower07, sgothedistancere15, sperfectworldre05, and member card for srhapsodyinblue06, cesmeralda08, cjake01, cpongo05, sbahia05, and member card (1011)

October 25, 2009
-Traded Enni my xrodent06 for fspirit25 and sgoodtoyou10 (1006)

October 20, 2009
-Traded Loramir my cbelle03, sburnedoutvillage12, shakunamatata11, and member card for cratigan07, fspirit06, sgoodtoyou14, and member card (1004)
-Traded Beatrix my fglitch23 and member card for sintothesunlight10 and member card (1001)
-Traded Sherry my saeiou12, sworldofmyown03, and member card for fmonster26, froadtrip06, and member card (1000)
-Traded Mary my clucifer06, fneverland19, spinkorblue09, ffancyfree06, fframed18/19, foutback07/21, sshakehands14, and member card for cabu09/10, chercules04, ckuzco02, fbig01, fgrand07, sforgetaboutlove03, sfriendlikeme15, sfunonice08, and member card (998)

October 17, 2009
-Traded Kitty my ffantasia27, sbattlewithevil04, sdanceofthehours15, sdestructionofgrotto14, syouliedtome05, sriteofspring12, slegendofthelamp15, sbeprepared05, and member card for sfunonice09/11/12, sbellsofnotredame03/14, scriminalmind04, sfirstdate06, sfriendinme02, and member card (989)

October 12, 2009
-Traded Jennifer my fohana26, fspots03, and member card for shumiliation14, slistenwithheart114, and member card (981)
-Traded Anne my cmarie09/10, fbrother14, and member card for srhapsodyinblue07, szerotohero08, cwalle02, and member card (979)
-Traded Mousey my fspirit16, sfrustration13, shousecleaning03, ssteadydrum06, and member card for sbahia04, sbellsofnotredame04, sjacksobsession04, sgoodtoyou03, and member card (976)

October 9, 2009
-Traded Birgitte my snotinnottingham01 and member card for fnightmare20 and member card (972)

October 8, 2009
-Traded Darlaslilgirl my frescue01/25 and member card for scodysflight05, sfriendlikeme09, and member card (971)
-Traded Kelly my cpeterpan09, cstitch05, sbeinmyheart03, and member card for cesmeralda06, cgenie09, cmcleach05, and member card (969)

October 7, 2009
-Traded Bibi Neko my flamp12, fjourney17/30, scaveofwonders05, cflounder02, and member card for cwoody10, sattherestaurant06, sifineverknewyou13, slistenwithheart209, fbedknob02, and member card (966)
-Traded Nejana my sforamoment08, siremember01/04, sthestorm04/13, syourworld04/08, and member card for fmonster10, fspirit11, sbahia03/07, scriminalmind09, shellfire10, smakingchristmas05, and member card (961)
-Traded JessRaquel my fheadless16/29, fpride08, and member card for cfrollo01, sbahia10, sfirstdate05, and member card (954)
-Traded Savannah my fbelieve27, fcars20, ftwist20, sblossoms11, sourtown07, and member card for fbig19, fducktales06, sattherestaurant12, sblusteryday02, sdamselindistress03, and member card (951)
-Traded Reno my sthekiss04 and member card for cbasil04 and member card (946)
-Traded Nyx my cqueennarissa05, smulanrevealed05, syourworldre03, fapple28, fchipmunk22, fhonor25, flost22, and member card for cratigan09/10, cwalle04, fducktales25, shumiliation06, slistenwithheart207, sscalesandarpeggios13, and member card (945)
-Traded Catiebug my fsea15/21, sendsoftheearth14, shappyendinagrabah07, sprinceali06, and member card for ccrikee05, cesmeralda04, ckuzco03, cphil07, sthisishalloween14, and member card (938)
-Traded Drusilla my fforest13, shakunamatata07, spaintingrosesred14, and member card for skronksmission15, cthomasomalley08, clady07, and member card (933)
-Traded Pil-P my fcook02, fducktales15, fhalf14, ssheneverfeltalone01, sthomasomalleycat05, and member card for savemaria09, sbaldmountain14, scriminalmind07, sforgetaboutlove06, sfriendlikeme14, and member card (930)
-Traded Crazi my czazu08, fflower27, scircleoflife06, selephantgraveyard05/13, and member card for cgenie10, cjake03, sbahia14, scourtofmiracles01, sthethreecaballeros01, and member card (925)
-Traded Jenphi my fmusic11/29, freal06/20/23, sathenassong09, sawakening04, sevilspell09, suponadreamre04, and member card for ccody07, cjasmine01, cquasimodo05, sbahia06, sdefinedancing03, sgodhelptheoutcasts11, sgoodtoyou01, sjackslament02, swhatsthis14, and member card (920)
-Traded Elin my cshang05, sbeastssurprise08, sbellemeetsbeast12, shonortousall06, cjane07, and member card for fnightmare27, sbahia06, sthethreecaballeros10/11/15, and member card (911)
-Traded Lindsay my sdayinlondon01, sgofromherere03, and member card for sbahia08, fmonster01, and member card (906)
-Traded Kristi my ccaptainamelia06, clinguini09, cmo10, crobinhood04, fdinosaur30, fmonster20, ftreasure28, sdanceofthehours04, sheavenslight12, simstillhere07, spompandcircumstance09, and member card for cmcleach07/10, ctramp05, fbig02/18/27, fducktales19, fmonster09, scodysflight13, smexico05, sscalesandarpeggios07, and member card (904)
-Traded Enni my cbanzai10, spercysbath10, and member card for cratigan06, scriminalmind08, and member card (893)
-Traded Kearin my cbasil08, fpride16, svanessassong03, swhatisababy14, cnuka08, cpenny04, farcher15, fdetective19, fjungle01/08, forphan15/29, fpedigree28, sdestructionofgrotto07, shathismarchre08, slovetonight15, stodiefor01, and member card for cboo10, ceve07, cfrollo06, ckronk06, cphil10, cwalle06, cyzma10, fbig20, fnightmare03, fstrength30, sfriendinme05/14, sfunonice06, smakingchristmas08, sriteofspring02, ssundayclothes04, swhatsthis06, and member card (891)

October 6, 2009
-Traded Sarah my sbeastsavesbelle09/10 for fbig08/10 (874)
-Traded Layna my cgiselle07 and member card for fducktales04 and member card (872)

October 3, 2009
-Traded Muffin my forphan04/12 and member card for cquasimodo02, sthomasomalleycat01, and member card (871)

September 29, 2009
-Traded Jersina my cdory10 and member card for fmonster03 and member card (869)

September 28, 2009
-Traded Corbin my fsleep21 and member card for frobot28 and member card (868)

September 24, 2009
-Traded Sarah my fsouth07, sbeastsavesbelle06, sbellemeetsbeast10, scontrolyourtemper12, swestwing06, sjanemeetstarzan12, and member card for cbasil06, cquasimodo01, fbig13, froadtrip02, shumiliation04, srhapsodyinblue15, and member card (867)
-Traded Colette my calice04, seatme13, soldfatherwilliam12, swhosbeenpainting08, and member card for sjackslament03, sjacksobsession12, smakingchristmas11, sthisishalloween04, and member card (861)

September 21, 2009
-Traded Crash my fdinosaur11 for fbig07 (857)

September 20, 2009
-Traded Rhap-chan my froar19 and member card for fbig03 and member card (856)

September 18, 2009
-Traded Drusilla my flamp28, fmermaid13/27, faristocrat01, foutcast07/08, and fwonderland25 for ffind11, fgroove27, cbeast09, cjake05, ckuzco06, cphil06, and csally06 (855)
-Traded Kim my fneverland06/21, ciago06, cmowgli05, and carthur09 for fbig06, fnightmare04, cabu02, ceve04, and cgenie01 (848)
-Traded Enni my ffly27, fpuppet02/24, fwild27, cshenzi03, slookoutformrstork12, sreunion04, swishuponastar11, and sivegotnostrings08 for cbasil01, cbianca10, cboo06, ccody05, cyzma03, frobot13, skidnapsandyclaws05, smexico09, and sthisishalloween02 (843)

May 26, 2009
-Traded Platinum my rose29 and khearts203/04 for nightmare18, aves09, and equine02 (834)

May 19, 2009
-Traded Enni my mermaid27, songpartofyourworld11, and charkida15 for chararchimedes08, charyzma05, and songkidnapsandyclaws03 (829)

May 14, 2009
-Traded Suza my songgospeltruth311 for songlistenwithheart101 (826)
-Traded LuckyClover my khearts05, charariel309, charrobinhood02, chartoulouse14, and songhailtotheprincess14 for monster16, songbellsofnotredame07, songintothesunlight11, songpoorjack02, and songhellfire06/14 (825)

May 10, 2009
-Traded Hayley my songperfectisnteasy15 for songlistenwithheart108 (819)
-Traded Sherry my songjackslament07 and charmaleficent08 for songaguylikeyou06 and monster07 (818)

May 8, 2009
-Traded Sam my charbambi13, chartod01, half13, and songhappyending13 for songgodhelptheoutcasts12 and strength04/06/17 (816)

May 6, 2009
-Traded Elin my christmas30, enchanted27, charshang14, and songprologue11 for charfrollo05, nightmare26, songaguylikeyou05, and songgospeltruth313 (812)
-Traded Mousey my songbattleonthetower02 and songpinkorblue14 for roadtrip17 and songhumiliation13 (808)
-Traded Jess my rat24, songyourworldreprise04, and peach03 for roadtrip04, songinfinityandbeyond07, and songmakingchristmas03 (806)
-Traded Kearin my musicbox17, songwhatisababy03, and songmyownhome12 for strength18, toy13, and songlistenwithheart215 (803)
-Traded Colette my wonderland21, toy22, and songredmanred14 for songbellsofnotredame12 and songhellfire08/15 (800)
-Traded Bella my charthumper12, orphan20, and member card for songintothesunlight03, songjacksobsession08, and member card (797)
-Traded Enni my flower01, wild29, songpompcircumstance05, charmilo02/09, charsimba01, chartarzan04/15, charthumper02, charzazu09, and songworksong07 for chareve03, charjackskellington15, charkronk02, charwalle03/05, charwoody04, songbeprepared12, songdefinedancing12, songfirstdate01, songinfinityandbeyond11, and songmakingchristmas12 (794)
-Traded BJ my chartimon15 and charzazu09 for nightmare23 and songgospeltruth312 (783)
-Traded Cannus my charstitch12 for songgodhelptheoutcasts05 (781)

April 29, 2009
-Traded Jersina my charnemo05 for charbasil05 (780)
-Traded Cannus my puppet06/14 and member card for songbellsofnotredame05, songoutthere05, and member card (779)
-Traded Jessica my lifted21, burne23, and songdefinedancing01 for outcast14, songbeprepared06, and songonelasthope06 (776)
-Traded Loramir my find11, songkingofpriderock11, songtransformation14, and songfriendlikeme08 for outcast22, roadtrip15, songgospeltruth315, and songonelasthope09 (773)

April 24, 2009
-Traded Caleigh my songmanoutofyou04, songgoldenafternoon05, songprincealireprise13, and member card for charfrollo10, songgospeltruth104, songgospeltruth311, and member card (769)

April 23, 2009
-Traded Crash my dinosaur28, songweddingannouncement09, and member card for songsanctuary02, songstrangerslikeme11, and member card (765)
-Traded Julie my enchanted28 and member card for songsteadybeatingdrum08 and member card (762)
-Traded Colette my songfollowingtheleader12 for roadtrip10 (760)

April 17, 2009
-Traded Karen my flower16, songsothisislove05, and member card for charpocahontas06, songstrangethings10, and member card (759)

April 14, 2009
-Traded Stephanie my charkovu02, charmushu05, and songsonofman04 for songonelasthope07, songpinkorblue08, and songsanctuary08 (756)

April 12, 2009
-Traded Meg my chargus12 and member card for songonelasthope12 and member card (753)
-Traded Catiebug my bolt18, thieves02, twist20, and member card for songgospeltruth310, songphoebusarrives03, songpoorjack13, and member card (751)
-Traded Nejana my charmelody09 and songdestructionofgrotto15 for songgospeltruth314 and songhellfire13 (747)

April 10, 2009
-Traded Elin my songbattleonthetower15 and songbellereprise06 for songcruelladevil03 and songonceuponadream15 (745)

April 9, 2009
-Traded Hayley my songperfectisnteasy02, chardory11, charursula07, songarabiannights12, and charflounder05 for hollow19, outback21, songblossoms15, and songpinkorblue01/02 (743)

April 8, 2009
-Traded Aibell my songprologue14 for songkaninekrunchies07 (738)

April 7, 2009
-Traded Sarah my charberlioz13 and member card for songcruelladevil09 and member card (737)
-Traded Wendy my framed28, charlittlejohn08, and songnotinnottingham06 for monster28 and charjasmine03/11 (735)
-Traded Bunny my songdistancereprise10 for songoutthere13 (732)
-Traded Kelly my attack14, tinker03, songbellanotte04, and member card for songjackslament01/09, songoutthere06, and member card (731)
-Traded BJ my charkiara03 and charvitani02 for songsanctuary07 and songintothesunlight09 (727)
-Traded Katie my chipmunk13/23, charremy05, songbarenecessities09, songcolonelhathismarch03/09/12, songimlate08, future07, songprinceali09, and songstreeturchins06 for outcast21, strength09/22/27, songzerotohero10, songaguylikeyou13, songblossoms10, songcourtofmiracles12, songhellfire07, songmalleycat15, and songtopsyturvy04 (725)
-Traded Melissa my charfairygodmother10, songcaveofwonders04, and member card for big04, charbasil07, and member card (714)

April 5, 2009
-Traded Michell my songladytobed04/07/15 and member card for charwoody09, songonelasthope13, songgodhelptheoutcasts08, and member card (711)
-Traded Daphne my slipper03, honor29, and member card for songgodhelptheoutcasts01, songrhapsodyinblue13, and member card (707)
-Traded Jersina my nightmare09/21 and member card for songsanctuary14, toy29, and member card (704)

April 3, 2009
-Traded Polar my charbelle08/14 for songlegendofthelamp02/08 (701)

March 18, 2009
-Traded Mimi my love13 and princess02 for songgodhelptheoutcasts02/04/06 and songintothesunlight01 (699)
-Traded Sherry my fantasia13 and charmaleficent07 for songgospeltruth113 and songstrangerslikeme08 (695)
-Traded BJ my songmylullaby02 and songjig08 for songcruelladevil07 and songkaninekrunchies04 (693)
-Traded Reno my songonejumpahead08 and songjasminerunsaway05/10 for songdreamisawish13, songinfinityandbeyond15, and songoutthere11 (691)
-Traded Enni my charbambi11, outback24, songunbirthday15, and flower26 for songhumiliation07, songstrangethings15, incredible27, and peach10 (688)

March 17, 2009
-Traded Pil-P my amigos22, aristocrat08, charduchess09, charrobinhood05, and rescue03/07/12 for toy05/09/22, songbaldmountain07, songjacksobsession13, songphoebusarrives15, and songpoorjack03 (684)

March 16, 2009
-Traded Le3ech my songjacksobsession03, songpoorbear13, songbarenecessities09, songverygoodadvice04, and sky11 for songmineminemine02, songaguylikeyou10, songpinkorblue06, nightmare21, and songsanctuary10 (677)
-Traded Loramir my flower25 and songmanoutofyou11 for songpinkorblue05 and songsally07 (672)

March 15, 2009
-Traded Taneko my songpinkorblue11, songsiamesecat12, and member card for songsteadybeatingdrum05, songgospeltruth307, and member card (670)
-Traded Mousey my songiwonder08 for songgypsymusic09 (667)
-Traded Kristi my tinker10, monster02, and treasure15 for songgospeltruth210, songgospeltruth309, and songstrangerslikeme15 (666)
-Traded Sam my songlovetonight08, songthestorm09, songweareone12, and songwhatisababy01 for songintothesunlight08, nightmare30, outcast15, and roadtrip14 (663)

March 13, 2009
-Traded Beatrix my christmas03 and member card for monster21 and member card (659)
-Traded Mina my fantasia09, mermaid28, songmulansdecision06/15, songhonortousall04/12, songmanoutofyou10/14, songsonofman14, and member card for hollow20, songastarisborn12, songblossoms08, songgospeltruth111, songgypsymusic15, songkaninekrunchies10, songlespoissons07/15, songsally02, and member card (657)

March 12, 2009
-Traded Care my cars01, songhappyending07, songstrangerslikeme05/12, and member card for songcourtofmiracles03, songgypsymusic03, songzerotohero07, charhercules08, and member card (647)

March 10, 2009
-Traded Colette my songtransformation01, dreams06, twist04, and rat02 for songcruelladevil13, songinfinityandbeyond04/08, and songsteadybeatingdrum06 (642)
-Traded Judy my charfauna01, charmerryweather11, sleep05, and member card for charjasmine06, charpongo10, songsteadybeatingdrum14, and member card (638)
-Traded Kate my charariel12, songyoucanflyreprise15, charrobinhood04, songswordinthestone15, and adversary03 for outback10/28/29, hollow02/24, and songastarisborn02 (634)
-Traded Michelle my roar20/27 and member card for songbellsofnotredame11, songonelasthope11, and member card (628)
-Traded LuckyClover my charchip13, charmarie07, songawakening07, songfinale07/08/14, songgiftbeautysong10, and songhailtotheprincess04 for hollow14, monster23, songsally09, songphoebusarrives08, songgospeltruth106, songtopsyturvy02, and songsanctuary03/06 (625)
-Traded Jessica my charmufasa13, lifted14/20, roar05, and member card for charpocahontas08, incredible10/21, songtownmeeting14, and member card (617)
-Traded Catherine my bug26, songkaninekrunchies11, and member card for nightmare17/28 and member card (612)

March 8, 2009
-Traded Kitty my charcrikee03, charshang02/08, songcarnivalofanimals10, songfirebirdsuite12, songerictotherescue04, songfathomsbelow06, songweddingannouncement11, and believe08 for outcast11, roadtrip27, spirit10, charfrollo13/15, songtopsyturvy01/09, songlistenwithheart113, and songphoebusarrives11 (609)
-Traded Layna my charaladdin10, songmorningreport01, songsothisislove06, charcogsworth12, charfauna08, charjafar08, charmaleficent09, charmarie13, charthequeen04, and charzira15 for outcast13/17/29, songgospeltruth107, songaguylikeyou11, songdreamisawish02/12, songsteadybeatingdrum02/10, and songtopsyturvy08 (600)
-Traded Loey my songyoucanfly05 and member card for songcruelladevil12 and member card (590)
-Traded Kearin my charariel313, charnala08, sea25, songcircleoflifereprise11, and member card for charfrollo11, spirit07/27, songinfinityandbeyond03, and member card (588)

March 1, 2009
-Traded Frances my songfathomsbelow03 and songmaintitles13 for hollow25 and songonelasthope14 (583)

February 24, 2009
-Traded AJ my songendsoftheearth10, forest23/27, songnotinnottingham06/08, birds16, toy14, and member card for aves10, charfrollo12, songmalleycat06, songscalesarpeggios14, songtopsyturvy05, strength25, and member card (581)

February 14, 2009
-Traded Wendy my cauldron19, charpeterpan03, and member card for charhercules05, songscalesarpeggios01, and member card (573)
-Traded Nejana my songerictotherescue04, songflotsamjetsam04, and member card for songlistenwithheart107/12 and member card (570)
-Traded Coco my journey19, songlongago05, and member card for walle02, charjasmine05, and member card (567)
-Traded Seiya my adversary02 and member card for game17, charrafiki12, and member card (564)
-Traded Platinum my songbeacat13 and member card for songstrangerslikeme03 and member card (561)

February 8, 2009
-Traded Manda my wonderland15, songpaintingroses03, songimlate12, songmyown11, and member card for charfrollo03/14, songdreamisawish08, songifineverknewyou09, and member card (559)
-Traded Sophie my treasure10/15/20, ohana01/10, and member card for toy224, chargaston14, charpongo01, songbellsofnotredame13, songladytobed04, and member card (554)
-Traded Stephanie my enchanted15/20 and member card for songhumiliation02, songlegendofthelamp13, and member card (548)
-Traded Bunny my songdistancereprise09, songsomethingthere06, songmobsong15, christmas26, and member card for hollow17, songaguylikeyou09, songdreamisawish11, songinfinityandbeyond06, and member card (545)
-Traded Frances my songfairiesplan12, songjumpaheadreprise01/02, songpartofyourworld04, sword04, and member card for songgypsymusic05, songifineverknewyou10, songlistenwithheart110, roadtrip08, songgospeltruth110, and member card (540)
-Traded Breanne my peach17 and member card for songgospeltruth101 and member card (534)
-Traded Anne my bear09, songpastoralsymphony08/11, charalice11, and member card for roadtrip13, toy08, songgospeltruth305, songzerotohero12, and member card (532)

February 2, 2009
-Traded Kim2 my songbaby08, songfriendsarefor12, and songtrustinme15 for monster14 and ducktales01/22 (527)

January 31, 2009
-Traded Heather my honor01, junkyard04, musicbox22, roar30, rose16, slipper06, thieves03, walle15, songaladdinsword13, songendsoftheearth12/13, songfireworks07, songfriendlikeme01, songgospeltruth108, songhappyendagrabah07, songjig06, songlongago13, songlovewillfindaway04, songmarketplace03, songprinceali04, songstreeturchins01, songtransformation15, songtrashinthecamp02/08, songweareone15, and charjane08 for ducktales15, hollow07/15, hunny14/27, outback16, roadtrip28, strength08/23, songbaldmountain02, songbellsofnotredame02/06, songcourtofmiracles15, songcruelladevil05/14, songintothesunlight06, songmalleycat14, songnutcrackersuite11, songonelasthope08, songphoebusarrives05/07, songpoorjack09, songrhapsodyinblue14, songthisishalloween07, and songyouvegotafriend01/04 (524)

January 25, 2009
-Traded Enni my 200002/12/15, songtwoworlds07, and songpompcircumstance for songzerotohero14, songtopsyturvy06, songoutthere07/14, and songonelasthope15 (498)

January 21, 2009
-Traded Aibell my bear13/14/21 for songkaninekrunchies02/12/15 (493)
-Traded BJ my half30, musicbox27, and songupendi14 for hollow16/27 and outcast19 (490)

January 18, 2009
-Traded Elin my charbelle02, songprologue02, and songtwoworldsreprise02 for outback24/30 and songlespoissons10 (487)

January 15, 2009
-Traded Hayley my find19, songnewyorkcity04, songnightingale07, and songperfectisnteasy06 for outback14, songcaveofwonders03/09, and songmineminemine12 (484)

January 14, 2009
-Traded Amanderoath my chareric01, charflounder06, and member card for songtopsyturvy11, ducktales10, and member card (480)
-Traded Suza my find11/21 and songhailtotheprincess01/05 for songastarisborn07, songsally01, and songstrangerslikeme02/06 (477)
-Traded LuckyClover my charberlioz13, songoodelally13, and songmaleficentappears03/06 for outback09/24 and hollow11/13 (473)

January 12, 2009
-Traded Polar my songfinale02 for songcaveofwonders15 (469)
-Traded Aimee my pride29, songbedtimestory15, songbuscando14, songkingofpriderock10, songmyown02, songnewyorkcity04, songonesong04/11/12, songunbirthday10, and member card for songastarisborn04, songblossoms11, songlegendofthelamp07, songphoebusarrives10, songsteadybeatingdrum03, songmakingchristmas15, songscalesarpeggios08, songgodhelptheoutcasts03, songhellfire11, songoutthere04, and member card (468)
-Traded Kitty my songprincewillcome11, songwhistlewhile06/10, songwithasmile15, spots24, songkaninekrunchies06, fantasia03, songpastoralsymphony05, and father08 for monster30, nightmare19, spirit09, songmineminemine07, songonceuponadream03/09, songlegendofthelamp01, songstrangerslikeme09, songaguylikeyou03, and songsteadybeatingdrum11 (457)

January 11, 2009
-Traded El my boundin16, friends23, melodytime22/24/25, neverland14, spirit14, sword09, songattackatthewall11, songgirlworthfightingfor07, songgypsymusic13, songlongago02, songmakingchristmas04, and songyourworldreprise12 for strength05, songcruelladevil04, songinfinityandbeyond12, songintothesunlight12, songfirstdate14, songstrangethings05, songkaninekrunchies05, songlegendofthelamp12, songmalleycat02, songsundayclothes03/13, songsymphony501, songyouvegotafriend13, and songwhatsthis10 (447)

January 8, 2009
-Traded Layna my sleep15 for hollow01 (433)

January 5, 2009
-Traded Colette my songladytobed01 for songwithasmile04 (432)

January 4, 2009
-Traded Kate my songbaldmountain02, songtownmeeting08, songarabiannights06/09, songfrustration09/12, songhawaiianwarchant01/06, songoodelally03/13, songpoorjack01, and songyourworldreprise04/05/13 for spots05, songdalmatianplantation03, songheavenslight15, songaroundtheriverbend03/04/15, songwithasmile04/10, songblossoms04/05, and songkissthegirl07/09/11/15 (431)

January 3, 2009
-Traded Mimi my songbibbidi10, songcircleoflife10, and fly06/08/12/20 for songsothisislove05, caballeros14, songdalmatianplantation06, songlespoissons02, and songwithasmile11/12 (417)

January 1, 2009
-Traded Ariel my songbattlewithevil11, birds01/15, christmas01, honor04/14/21, lost21, songbeourguest10, songburnedoutvillage10, songgirlworthfightingfor01, songhonortousall12, and songmanoutofyou02/06 for songnightingale02, caballeros10, songheavenslight05, songaroundtheriverbend02, songlespoissons11, spots23, nightmare29, spirit05/16, songastarisborn03/08/11, and songcolorsofthewind02/04 (411)
-Traded Colette my songwhatisababy05 for hollow18 (397)

December 31, 2008
-Traded Mousey my songprologue13 and member card for outback05 and member card (396)

December 30, 2008
-Traded Birgitte my hunny01/14 and member card for spots19, songpinkorblue09, and member card (394)
-Traded Pil-P my amigos23, fly26, spots02, songawakening05, songheighho09, songmaleficentappears10, songphonykingofengland11, songsheneverfeltalone10, songtrueloveconquersall09, and member card for outback03, songhellfire04, songhumiliation12, songinfinityandbeyond05, songjackslament05, songlespoissons09, songgospeltruth304, songwalruscarpenter03, songwhatsthis09, and member card (391)

December 29, 2008
-Traded Trickster my future04/30, songtwoworldsreprise02/06, slipper25, and member card for songmineminemine05/08, songhumiliation01, songphoebusarrives14, songintothesunlight05, and member card (381)
-Traded Mandy my songwholenewworld12, songpartofyourworld05, songyourworldreprise14, dreams02/10, and songweddingannouncement13/15 for monster24, songcaveofwonders10, songinfinityandbeyond14, songkaninekrunchies13, songpinkorblue15, songsteadybeatingdrum15, and songsundayclothes10 (375)
-Traded Sam my mermaid19, forest03/04/22, friends08, pedigree20, songbedtime13, songbelle02, songcircleoflife01, songdaughtersoftriton02/11, songerictotherescue10, songhelivesinyou02/12/14, songvisitors06, songweareone04/10, and member card for songheavenslight10, songsally05, songmineminemine11, songgypsymusic12, songlegendofthelamp05, songaguylikeyou15, songkaninekrunchies01, songsteadybeatindrum09, songdreamisawish01/15, songjackslament13, songphoebusarrives01/02/09, songthegospeltruth109, songcruelladevil02/10, songcourtofmiracles05, and member card (368)
-Traded Nickole my puppet23/28 and member card for roadtrip01, songjumpaheadreprise01, and member card (349)

December 26, 2008
-Traded LuckyClover my slipper07/15, songlove12, songnotinnottingham07, songbellanotte03, and member card for caballeros28, songdalmatianplantation12, spots17/20, songcolorsofthewind08, and member card (346)
-Traded Gem my spirit03/08, songreflection01, and member card for songastarisborn06, songjackslament07, outback18, and member card (340)
-Traded Sherry my apple13/15/21/25 and member card for mystery13, outcast08, songstrangerslikeme07/10, and member card (336)

December 25, 2008
-Traded Polar my songprologue03 for songsothisislove09 (331)

December 24, 2008
-Traded El my cook25, friends18, sleep13/27, sword20/24, songlongago06/08, songbeourguest07, and songhunsattack02/09 for spots02, songcaveofwonders06/08, songlegendofthelamp06, outcast30, songpinkorblue12, hollow05, and monster04/13/15/20 (330)
-Traded Colette my songcaucusrace14, songmyown15, songpaintingroses05, songverygoodadvice07/12, songalogpuller05, songbeourguest07, songhesatramp06, songhousecleaning09, songnotmydog01, songtothefair12, and dreams25 for nightmare22, songcaveofwonders11/14, songmineminemine04/06, songgypsymusic02, songlegendofthelamp03, outcast24/28, and songsally08/10/14 (319)
-Traded Christina my songbeacat05/08 and member card for songonceuponadream11, songaroundtheriverbend07, and member card (307)
-Traded Jaime my ohana27, cook04, songendtitle12, songperfectisnteasy10, songtourofthekingdom11, and member card for outback04, songgypsymusic06, songsally12/13, songsteadybeatingdrum13, and member card (304)
-Traded Kim2 my songthestorm01/02/09 and member card for spots07/08, songonceuponadream01, and member card (298)
-Traded Layna my songgoodcompany11 and member card for songwithasmile02 and member card (294)
-Traded Le3ech my sky18, songwhyshouldiworry14, and member card for songkaninekrunchies08, songpinkorblue10, and member card (292)

December 23, 2008
-Traded Rue my songunbirthday15 for hollow28 (289)

December 16, 2008
-Traded Loramir my sleep13/19, lamp06, roar23, songlovetonight14, and member card for songsothisislove01/06, songmineminemine03, songwithasmile01, songgospeltruth103, and member card (288)
-Traded Anna my songpaintingroses05 for songlespoissons01 (282)

December 14, 2008
-Traded Kristi my songmobsong13, cars05/07, roar14/23/24, songdanceofthehours13, songiwontsay12, songmulansdecision04, songoneofus11/15, songpianoconcertono202, songtodiefor02, songupendi06, and member card for hollow21, songastarisborn09, songdreamisawish07, songlistenwithheart102, songlistenwithheart214, songonceuponadream04, songpinkorblue07/13, songrhapsodyinblue03, songsothisislove02, songstrangerslikeme13, songwalruscarpenter04, songwithasmile09/15, and member card (281)
-Traded Anne-Marie my hunny07/10, archer13, jungle13/22, and member card for mystery27, songaroundtheriverbend11, songkissthegirl02, spirit03, songcaveofwonders01, and member card (266)
-Traded Courtney my nightmare07, ohana25, songfairiesplan01/04, wonderland03, and member card for monster22, songgypsymusic04, songlegendofthelamp09, songmakingchristmas14, songsteadybeatingdrum07, and member card (260)
-Traded Apocrypha my pedigree11/20, songawakening08, songunfortunatesouls02/05, and member card for peach22, spirit04, songriteofspring05, songthisishalloween10, songtoccatafugue03, and member card (254)
-Traded Hannah my flower12, rose28, and songpartofyourworld07/11 for songsothisislove08, songcolorsofthewind07, and outcast12/26 (248)

December 13, 2008
-Traded Crash my songjig15 for outback19 (244)
-Traded Hatoko my roar07, songjasminerunsaway15, cook07, find05, believe03/28, friends14, mermaid17, neverland28/29, and member card for monster02, songbeprepared05, songgospeltruth108, songgypsymusic08, songifineverknewyou08, songmakingchristmas10, songphoebusarrives04, songsanctuary09, songsteadybeatingdrum01/04, and member card (243)

November 28, 2008
-Traded Rue my junkyard25 for songlistenwithheart104 (232)

November 22, 2008
-Traded Suza my songmulansdecision01 and member card for hollow04 and member card (231)

November 18, 2008
-Traded Anna my perfect27 and member card for songlespoissons05 and member card (229)
-Traded Mandy my journey18, mermaid02/16, spirit18, songbellereprise09, songbibbidi10, songcolorsofthewind10, songgiftbeautysong11, songiwonder07/10, and member card for roadtrip12, songgospeltruth102, songgospeltruth301, songgypsymusic10, songkaninekrunchies14, songmineminemine10/14/15, songstrangerslikeme04/14, and member card (227)

November 16, 2008
-Traded Reno my return14, songjumpaheadreprise08/13/14, songthekiss01/02/10, and member card for songcolorsofthewind11, songdalmatianplantation08, songdreamisawish03, nightmare02, spirit28, spots26/27, and member card (216)
-Traded Lady Anubis my treasure26, songhappyending14, songjig14, songmaintitles09, songtopsyturvy15, and member card for caballeros22, songcolorsofthewind15, songblossoms01/02, mystery25, and member card (208)

November 15, 2008
-Traded Aibell my songifineverknewyou07 and member card for mystery12 and member card (204)

November 12, 2008
-Traded Nikki my songfathomsbelow05/11, songtourofthekingdom05, and member card for songsothisislove05/06, spots25, and member card (200)
-Traded Kelsie my flower22, songhonortousall01/07/10, songreflection11, and member card for caballeros07, songdalmatianplantation07, songheavenslight03, songkissthegirl05, songnightingale01, and member card (196)
-Traded Enni my roar06, friends19/20, songhakunamatata05/13, songhawaiianwarchant03, songmorningreport05, songunderthestars11, songweareone11, and member card for outback11, songastarisborn14, songavemaria01, songcourtofmiracles13, songheavenslight11, songkidnapsandyclaws02, songmineminemine09, songpoorjack11, songscalesarpeggios11, and member card (190)
-Traded Steffi my lamp06, wild10/13/18, songaladdinsword06, songhappyendagrabah03, songmarketplace03/10, songtobefree09, and member card for nightmare05, roadtrip26, spots29, songblossoms06, songsally03/04/06, songwhatsthis13, songyouvegotafriend10, and member card (180)

November 9, 2008
-Traded Polar my songtothefair06, songtransformation12, songwestwing10, songprologue08, and member card for mystery22, caballeros20/30, songnightingale10, and member card (170)
-Traded Hannah my sea03, mermaid12/23, glitch14/16, ohana13/28, rose22, and member card for spots11, songnightingale08, songaroundtheriverbend05, songheavenslight08, songsanctuary15, songonceuponadream10, nightmare24, songgospeltruth205, and member card (165)
-Traded Kate my rose16, songfinale08, songiwonder09/12, and member card for mystery24/29, caballeros05/15, and member card (156)

November 8, 2008
-Traded Shen my birds24, lifted18, songpompcircumstance08, and member card for outback17, outcast06/10, and member card (151)
-Traded Elin my songgirlworthfightingfor07, songmulansdecision12, songsonofman07, and member card for mystery30, songnightingale03/09, and member card (147)
-Traded El my flower28, songiwontsay09, 200005/21, songbeautybeast15, songsomethingthere05, and member card for songdalmatianplantation10, spots06/18, outback01/22/27, and member card (143)
-Traded Rue my believe14 for songsally11 (136)

November 7, 2008
-Traded Lindsay my khearts13, fantasia08, and member card for songnightingale13, caballeros18, songsothisislove14, and member card (135)
-Traded Jess my cars06/18, attack07, enchanted08, songpartofyourworld06, and member card for caballeros19, songonceuponadream05, songwithasmile05, songdalmatianplantation14, songheavenslight09, and member card (131)

November 1, 2008
-Traded Hayley my sword16, songbeourguest12, and member card for hollow03, outback12, and member card (125)

October 20, 2008
-Traded Rue my songperfectisnteasy09/15 for caballeros23 and monster06 (122)
-Traded Rhap-chan my aristocrat25 for mystery26 (120)

September 21, 2008
-Traded Rue my lost30 and member card for caballeros04 and member card (119)
-Traded BJ my mermaid05/26, songkingofpriderock15, songmorningreport04, songtodiefor05, songbedtime09, songflotsamjetsam07, songfanfare14, songfathomsbelow15, songpartofyourworld06, songtourofthekingdom09/15, and member card for caballeros27, songblossoms13, songheavenslight02/07, songifineverknewyou07, songjackslament15, songlegendofthelamp10, songlistenwithheart106, songpoorjack06, songsteadybeatingdrum12, songwhatsthis04, songblossoms07, and member card (118)
-Traded Rhap-chan my aristocrat27/29 and member card for caballeros02, mystery17, and member card (106)

September 7, 2008
-Traded Kitty my songmulansdecision07/10 and member card for caballeros21, hunny10, and member card (103)

August 30, 2008
-Traded Indigo my songjig10, songthestorm01/02, and member card for mystery21, spots12, songnightingale14, and member card (100)

August 29, 2008
-Traded Colette my dreams01, neverland07, songbeautybeast05/10, songbelle07, songbellereprise08/15, songbibbidi12/13, songhumanagain07/15, songunbirthday03/04/05, songworksong07, songmobsong14, and member card for canine03, spots21, outback20, songastarisborn10/13/15, songdalmationplantation11, songheavenslight12, songifineverknewyou07, songkaninekrunchies03/09, songmakingchristmas07, songtopsyturvy07, songzerotohero01, spirit18, and member card (96)

August 28, 2008
-Traded Petra my fantasia04/12/16, wonderland05/21/25/28, and member card for outback23, songaroundtheriverbend06, songdalmatianplantation01, monster11/19, songtopsyturvy15, songheavenslight04, and member card (79)

August 26, 2008
-Traded Arisa my fly13/27, songmanoutofyou09, orphan24, songgirlworthfightingfor14, songlove06, and member card for songnightingale15, spirit24, songaroundtheriverbend14, songlespoissons12, songonceuponadream14, songsanctuary05, and member card (71)
-Traded AJ my pride19, pedigree12, neverland07, songlovetonight04, songtrustinme13, songcantwaittobeking15, songcircleoflifereprise05, songunderthesea10/13, and member card for mystery28, hollow22, monster18, outcast01, songintothesunlight15, songlistenwithheart210, songsally15, songfinalereprise02, songcaveofwonders12, and member card (64)

April 8, 2008
-Traded Minalover my pride21 and memberarianne for songsothisislove03 and memberminalover (54)
-Traded Crayon my forest09/12/26, slipper09/13, songbeautybeast02/15, songbellereprise12/15, and memberarianne for nightmare06/12, spirit01, mystery19, spots16, songaroundtheriverbend13, songgypsymusic13, songoutthere15, songpinkorblue14, and membercrayon (52)
-Traded Ariel my songiwonder05 and memberarianne for outback26 and memberariel (42)
-Traded Mimi my bug18, songcantwaittobeking01, songhakunamatata02, songheighho11, incredible17, songreflection01, and memberarianne for songdalmatianplantation09, mystery15, songnightingale04/11/12, songonceuponadream08, and membermimi (40)
-Traded Heather my roar03, songthisland03/12, songtodiefor09, and memberarianne for outback02, songlespoissons04/14, songcruelladevil06, and memberheather (33)

April 6, 2008
-Traded Katie my songaeiou14, cook03/27, songpaintingrosesred07, and memberarianne for caballeros26, spirit02, songcruelladevil11/15, and memberkatie (28)
-Traded Rahenna my songunderthesea07, lamp26, songfriendlikeme07, songmobsong01, songonejumpahead14, and songwholenewworld02/10 for caballeros16/25, spirit14/22, spots30, songnightingale06, and songsothisislove11 (23)

April 5, 2008
-Traded Maren my rescue19/28 and memberarianne for songpinkorblue03, songsothisislove12, and membermaren (16)

April 4, 2008
-Traded Toto my ohana03 and memberarianne for spots04 and membertoto (13)

February 21, 2008
-Traded Forks my memberarianne for memberforks (11)

February 19, 2008
-Traded Smam my archer03 and memberarianne for songaroundtheriverbend09 and membersmam (10)

February 3, 2008
-Traded Kajouka my roar26 and memberarianne for songsothisislove15 and memberkajouka (8)

February 1, 2008
-Traded Rahenna my songsomethingthere15, songbeautybeast11, rose17, and memberarianne for nightmare09, songsothisislove07/13, and memberrahenna (6)

January 29, 2008
-Traded Missarah my songfireworks10 and memberarianne for mystery05 and membermissarah (2)

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