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trade log
so magical

December 25, 2012
-Traded Kim my iwannabelikeyou01 and swordinthestone08 for raylaidlow03 and aftertoday06 (741)

December 12, 2012
-Traded Kelly my tothefair11, beatingdrumre03, underthesea15, s-pinocchio04/12, romance09, whistlewhile08, and youcanfly10 for alldogalert12/15, astarisborn12, baldmountain11, cruelladevil14, gonnabegood03, outthere09, and zerotohero04 (739)

December 8, 2012
-Traded Kearin my waltzofflowers15, s-mulan04, s-robinhood14, downtothesea06, happyending06, lovelydinnerguest06, maintitles13, newpairoflegs01/04, scuttle01, and theshipwreck11 for alldogalert02, baia07, baldmountain15, cowboy12, froghunters12, outthere11, ray11, raylaidlow11, scalesarpeggios14, whenshelovedme15, and zerotohero10 (731)

December 4, 2012
-Traded Cloud my lifebegin04, lifebeginre09, almostthere14, otherside12, raylaidlow14, takeyouthere03/11, and s-beautyandthebeast08 for avemaria12, hiphippoohray01/03, jacksobsession10, notredame13, notredamere03, topsyturvy05, and s-mawinniethepooh08 (720)

November 29, 2012
-Traded Kaylee my soundtrack12, baia09, beatingdrumre08/15, funonice10, jackslament02, jellyfishforest08, listen203, love11, onesong10, pinesofrome312, topsyturvy09, and s-cinderella11 for astarisborn14, baldmountain02, carlgoesup13, gospeltruth313, gotafriendinmes07, infinitybeyond10, notredamere08, onelasthope04, raylaidlow06/13, walruscarpenter03/15, and s-ichabodandmrtoad08 (712)
-Traded Nina my trueloveskissre11/14 for attherestaurant09 and thisishalloween07 (699)

November 28, 2012
-Traded Whitney my barking07, beautybeast02, lifeisahighway01/11/12, and realgone01 for attherestaurant06, cruelladevil01, fairytale04, makingchristmas03, onelasthope15, and raylaidlow02 (697)
-Traded Bree my trueloveskiss01/04/13, anotherday02, rescueaidsociety07, trashinthecamp13, and wannahockaloogie10 for goodbyesosoon10, goodtoyou05, gotafriendinmes13, kaninekrunchies01, tiggers01/07, and topsyturvy15 (691)

November 27, 2012
-Traded Chii my beastswounds03, destructiongrotto11, erictotherescue02, firebirdsuite203/06, friendlikeme02, havewemet03/11, imlate08/09, magicmirror08, otherside08, tourofthekingdom06, and trueloveskiss09 for cruelladevil12, helptheoutcasts07, higitusfigitus04, kidnapsandyclaws02/14, kissthegirl13, makingchristmas15, openingtnbc10, ray02/09, sundayclothes14, thisishalloween09/15, and topsyturvy06 (684)

November 26, 2012
-Traded Haylee my flynnwanted14, kingdomdance01, aladdinjasmine14, and princessjasmine06 for fairytale11, gospeltruth213, poorjack06, and whatsthis06 (670)
-Traded Aija my astarisborn10, beautybeastre08, beautysong10, bibbidi10, brazil10, burninglove14, gaston12, hailtotheprincess03, jellyfishforest03, leropes07/15, notinnottingham07, rearview13, siamesecat10, thomasomalley08, ticotico08, and s-dumbo08 for avemaria05, belongtogether11, cruelladevil05/13, gonnabegood13, goodbyesosoon12, kidnapsandyclaws06, mamaodie13, notredame05, scarefloor07, tiggers03/04, topsyturvy13, townmeeting06, walruscarpenter12, zerotohero05, and s-hunchback13 (666)
-Traded Jennifer my prologue02/14/15 for attherestaurant02/04 and colorsofthewind12 (649)
-Traded Lex my crystalchamber06, familyofsupers14, mineminemine12, russian09, s-aliceinwonderland10, and weareone08/14 for baldmountain10, cowboy09, gospeltruth312, infinitybeyond06, riverbend01, whatsthis13, and zerotohero13 (646)

November 25, 2012
-Traded Syn my goldenafternoon15, onejumpahead14, smoketheblighter04, unbirthday09, verygoodadvice06, whatsthis14, and worldofmyown01 for carlgoesup12, froghunters13, mamaodie02, raylaidlow10, s-mawinniethepooh14, topsyturvy14, and uponadream06 (639)
-Traded Nejana my hailtotheprincess13, openingtnbc14, vanessassong15, and s-forthebirds10 for baia10, raylaidlow07, scalesarpeggios07, and s-princessandthefrog02 (632)
-Traded Kaitie my percysbath01/02/10 and scalesarpeggios13 for baldmountain09, mamaodie01, tiggers14, and walruscarpenter11 (628)
-Traded Hotaru my blueplatespecial04, weareone12, friendsnotfood04, longago14, mrstork09, s-burne04, s-fantasia200009/13, and squishy11 for cowboy07/08, gonnabegood14, strangethings05/10, whatsthis11, s-hunchback01, and s-rescuersdownunder11/12 (624)
-Traded Dite my zerotohero03, downtothesea15, strangerslikeme02, 100miledash11/14, and blusteryday03 for notredamere10, thisishalloween12, townmeeting04/15, and whenshelovedme07/11 (615)
-Traded Britti my fightingfor08, firstdate03, remember05, and youremufasasboy09 for infinitybeyond12/14, strangethings06, and whenshelovedme08 (609)
-Traded Andrea my outthere15, awakening08, beautybeastre02/03, evilspell12, frustration05, gothedistancere11, lovetonight13, swordinthestone11/13, s-atlantis07, and s-forthebirds14 for alldogalert08, jacksobsession15, kaninekrunchies13, strangethings02/13, sundayclothes03, thisishalloween01/08/13, tiggers06, s-gerisgame04, and s-rescuersdownunder13 (605)
-Traded Malheur my aladarneera09, appreciatethelady06, brazil12, burninglove11, busasimba09, firebirdsuite208, heavenslight12, lovetonight06, pedro04/13, thisland06, thomasomalley01, todiefor10, and youremufasasboy05 for astarisborn08, fairytale06/08/12, firstdate05, gospeltruth102, gospeltruth202, higitusfigitus01/07, infinitybeyond05, makingchristmas06, outthere03, poorjack08, and standout08 (593)
-Traded Suza my mulansdecision10 for sundayclothes09 (579)
-Traded Jiyeoni my lovewillfindaway05 for attherestaurant05 (578)
-Traded Pshaman my firstdate09, gospeltruth106, s-junglebook07/11, s-pocahontas14, and underthesea12 for carlgoesup02, hiphippoohray13, tiggers12, whenshelovedme13, s-hunchback15, and s-threecaballeros02 (577)
-Traded Archer my arabian10/13, baldmountain06, danceofthehours04/05/12, flutes10, gotadream09, hunsattack02/05/08, kingdomdance09, and knowsbestre03 for kaninekrunchies07, hidadsoup11, s-mousedetective11, gospeltruth309, onelasthope07, kissthegirl05, s-mawinniethepooh12, poorjack09, s-rescuersdownunder09, cowboy06, solong04/12, and gotafriendinmes01 (571)

November 16, 2012
-Traded Suza my attackatthewall15 for colorsofthewind05 (558)

November 10, 2012
-Traded Risa my princeali11 for whatsthis09 (557)
-Traded Kim my madmadammim11 for gospeltruth205 (556)

November 9, 2012
-Traded Hotaru my iwontsay14 and mylullaby03 for higitusfigitus13 and froghunters15 (555)

November 4, 2012
-Traded Britti my tobefree03, morningreport12, ladytobed01, and todiefor09 for froghunters02/11, jacksobsession07, and kidnapsandyclaws09 (553)

September 29, 2012
-Traded Archer my burnedoutvillage05 for hellfire09 (549)

September 28, 2012
-Traded Sakura my underthesea11, scuttle11, ladytobed14, bluefairy04, and aladdinjasmine12 for walruscarpenter07, rideofthedoors11, hellfire10, firstdate15, and s-101dalmatians13 (548)

September 17, 2012
-Traded Dite my beacat06/09 and neverfeltalone05 for goodtoyou02, guylikeyou12, and infinitybeyond03 (543)

September 16, 2012
-Traded Britti my endsoftheearth13, remember06, and s-ladyandthetramp13 for higitusfigitus08, mamaodie03, and raylaidlow15 (540)

September 8, 2012
-Traded Hotaru my suitefrommulan04, blueplatespecial12, and lovewillfindaway14 for barenecessities13, iwannabelikeyou13, and gospeltruth206 (537)

September 3, 2012
-Traded Chii my pickingcorn10 and princealire13 for notredamere13 and carlgoesup15 (534)
-Traded Sakura my iremember02 and unfortunatesouls11 for courtofmiracles13 and attherestaurant14 (532)

September 1, 2012
-Traded Sherry my caucusrace11, goldenafternoon05/12, paintingtheroses14, twasbrillig01/12, unbirthday02/03, worldofmyown15, and s-partlycloudy08/09 for baldmountain13, cowboy11, criminalmind08, cruelladevil07/15, goodtoyou04, gospeltruth105, gospeltruth201/03/09, and gospeltruth303 (530)

August 25, 2012
-Traded Hotaru my suitefrommulan07/08 for avemaria11 and baia11 (519)

August 24, 2012
-Traded Sakura my battleontower04, fireworksjig06, and iwontsay15 for notredame06, s-ichabodandmrtoad03, and s-mousedetective10 (517)

August 17, 2012
-Traded Sakura my daughters05, letsbellego10, westwing05, and wholenewworldre05 for higitusfigitus10, zerotohero14, and topsyturvy10/11 (514)

July 25, 2012
-Traded Kaitie my onejumpahead11, newyorkcity01, and streetsofgold01 for mindovermatter10, raincamedown08, and s-mawinniethepooh02 (510)

July 23, 2012
-Traded Enni my lovetonight08 and mobsong06 for whenshelovedme04 and s-mawinniethepooh05 (507)
-Traded Valerie my beautysong02 and s-beautyandthebeast11 for heffalumps10 and s-ichabodandmrtoad15 (505)

July 19, 2012
-Traded Kearin my s-junglebook02, arielsinlove12/13, maintitles11, waltzofflowers04, and s-robinhood09 for makingchristmas11, poorjack15, riverbend07, standout15, and s-threecaballeros14/15 (503)

July 17, 2012
-Traded Hotaru my hydrabattle09 for thomasomalley08 (497)

July 16, 2012
-Traded Andrea my pianoconcerto209, carnivalofanimals11, circleoflife11, endsoftheearth13, frustration07/10, gothedistancere07, hunsattack11/12, iseethelight13, onejumpahead14, pompcircumstance05, reflection08, streetsofgold02/15, s-mulan05, s-peterpan07, and s-tarzan01 for astarisborn02, attherestaurant01/13, criminalmind09, fairytale02, firstdate10, gonnabegood08/09, gospeltruth302, makingchristmas05, plantation06/10, poorjack14, raylaidlow14, standout05, and s-mousedetective08/12/15 (496)
-Traded Dite my iwontsay09 for attherestaurant12 (478)

July 13, 2012
-Traded Sakura my daughters04/08/10, iwontsay04, pocahontas13, riversedge15, and wholenewworldre14 for gotafriendinme10, astarisborn01, coldblooded13, codysflight09, tiggers13, whenshelovedme12, and someoneswaiting05 (477)

June 27, 2012
-Traded Hotaru my suitefrommulan13 for fairytale14 (470)

June 15, 2012
-Traded Sakura my dreamisawish07/13, maintitles01, transformation06, and vanessassong06 for solong06/08, ontheopenroad04, tiggers08, and guylikeyou01 (469)

June 4, 2012
-Traded Sakura my princessjasmine11 for firstdate12 (464)
-Traded Enni my beautybeast15, clownsong09, daughters14, lovetonight01, morningreport09, unfortunatesouls01, yodel03, youremufasasboy06, yourworldre06, s-beautyandthebeast10, and s-foxandthehound13 for attherestaurant10, codysflight12, cruelladevil03, finalereprise02, gotafriendinme01, infinitybeyond04, sundayclothes05, whenshelovedme05/10, s-gerisgame07, and s-rescuersdownunder10 (463)

June 1, 2012
-Traded Hotaru my taste05 and trashinthecamp11 for attherestaurant11 and baldmountain06 (452)

May 23, 2012
-Traded Hotaru my pompcircumstance15 and reflection14 for heffalumps12 and alldogalert13 (450)

May 5, 2012
-Traded Samantha my s-emperorsnewgroove04/13 for s-ichabodandmrtoad10 and s-threecaballeros04 (448)

May 4, 2012
-Traded Kearin my notredame08, springsong10, and yourworldre02 for outthere10, riverbend04, and iknowthisstory15 (446)
-Traded Catiebug my knowsbestre07 for attherestaurant03 (443)

May 3, 2012
-Traded Arianna my cruelladevil11 for blusteryday14 (442)

May 2, 2012
-Traded Sakura my s-hunchback03 and s-ladyandthetramp14 for firstdate13 and s-mousedetective01 (441)

April 29, 2012
-Traded Yue my barenecessities05/08 for codysflight11 and gospeltruth314 (439)

April 22, 2012
-Traded Remy my flutes02 for blusteryday09 (437)
-Traded Sakura my bibbidi03 and notredame03 for gospeltruth112 and ontheopenroad05 (436)

April 16, 2012
-Traded Michelle my hailtotheprincess07/11 and whatisababy05/07 for gospeltruth311, plantation11, and riverbend03/10 (434)

April 15, 2012
-Traded Archer my pastoral102, pastoral202, and pastoral310 for scalesarpeggios02, standout02, and mindovermatter11 (430)

April 14, 2012
-Traded Kelly my babymine11, myownhome09, yourworldre08, and s-saludosamigos12 for jackslament02, colorsofthewind01/08, and s-princessandthefrog01 (427)

April 13, 2012
-Traded Mina my s-jackjackattack11 for s-threecaballeros05 (423)
-Traded Azurei my courtofmiracles01 and somethingthere02/07/09 for courtofmiracles04, plantation07, raincamedown15, and scalesarpeggios09 (422)

April 12, 2012
-Traded Samantha my aeiou12, beourguest05/09/11, heighho09, imwishing03/07, listen101/15, morningreport13, onesong03/10/14, and savages204 for aftertoday01, alldogalert04, astarisborn04, blusteryday01, cowboy10, gospeltruth214, gotafriendinmes03, heffalumps05/07, iknowthisstory03, jackslament02/15, makingchristmas01, and strangethings07 (418)
-Traded Alceriniel my belle03/12, humanagain12, and somethingthere05 for blusteryday08/10, colorsofthewind15, and outthere01 (404)
-Traded Wistaire my funonice02 for codysflight13 (400)
-Traded Naoka my heavenslight01 for s-princessandthefrog09 (399)
-Traded Sarah my nowayout04 for standout06 (398)

April 11, 2012
-Traded Andrea my iseethelight10/14, mobsong08/15, and s-skeletondance02 for blusteryday15, heffalumps08/11, mindovermatter07, and scalesarpeggios10 (397)
-Traded Bree my otherside11 and anotherday11/15 for blusteryday07, poorjack03, and strangerslikeme02 (392)

April 10, 2012
-Traded Pil-P my babymine07/09, wannahockaloogie11, s-aristocats04, and s-robinhood11 for aftertoday15, cowboy03, onelasthope13, s-mousedetective06, and s-rescuersdownunder04 (389)
-Traded Kaylee my pastoral107, pastoral201, danceofthehours07/08, and s-fantasia14 for aftertoday14, mindovermatter04/13, plantation15, and s-mousedetective03 (384)
-Traded Enni my flikleaves08, beautybeastre08/14, and s-sleepingbeauty14 for colorsofthewind04, strangerslikeme09, s-ichabodandmrtoad01, and s-mousedetective07 (379)
-Traded Valerie my iwonder06/11/13 for aftertoday02, beprepared15, and colorsofthewind14 (375)
-Traded Ciara my daughters08 and youcanfly09 for s-princessandthefrog07/15 (372)
-Traded Chii my humiliation13 and s-snowwhite06 for s-ichabodandmrtoad13/14 (370)
-Traded Malheur my 12yearslater08, appreciatethelady03, firebirdsuite107, and hemelenolilo04 for standout13, blusteryday12, heffalumps01, and scalesarpeggios11 (368)
-Traded Carolynn my s-daynight08 and s-flowerstrees15 for s-mousedetective09 and s-threecaballeros01 (364)

April 9, 2012
-Traded Syn my poorjack01 for outthere06 (362)
-Traded Kearin my intothewell09, springsong15, s-junglebook04, and s-rescuers06/12 for baia03, gotafriendinmes09, outthere07, s-101dalmatians07, and s-mawinniethepooh09 (361)
-Traded Britti my perfectworld06, kingofpriderock11, and s-hercules06/14 for outthere13, blusteryday11, s-mousedetective05, and s-threecaballeros09 (356)

April 8, 2012
-Traded Sakura my s-hunchback06, s-cinderella13/15, and s-peterpan03 for plantation14, s-mawinniethepooh07, and s-gerisgame10/11 (352)
-Traded Chii my westwing04, firebirdsuite110, onejumpaheadre14, and unbirthday11 for blusteryday02/05, i2i11, and heffalumps02 (348)
-Traded Lethe my s-lionking06, s-littlemermaid15, almostthere15, baia12, daughters04, mermaidlagoon07, and twoworldsre15 for goodbyesosoon06, higitusfigitus11, infinitybeyond13, s-gerisgame06, s-hercules14, s-mawinniethepooh03, and sundayclothes06 (344)

April 3, 2012
-Traded Chii my blossoms13 and sanctuary03 for firstdate01 and standout11 (337)
-Traded Sakura my chinese05 and madmadammim05 for standout01 and heffalumps14 (335)

April 1, 2012
-Traded Sakura my s-foxandthehound01 for hellfire03 (333)

March 27, 2012
-Traded Sakura my celebration08, maintitles03, and hellfire01 for outthere02/05 and criminalmind04 (332)

March 25, 2012
-Traded Sakura my jasminerunsaway09 and hellfire06 for baia02 and astarisborn11 (329)

March 24, 2012
-Traded Carolynn my s-lifted09 for baldmountain07 (327)

March 17, 2012
-Traded Lethe my otherside07 and worksong03/04 for attherestaurant08/15 and plantation12 (326)

March 11, 2012
-Traded Chii my humanagain03 and virginiacompany06 for astarisborn05 and heffalumps03 (323)
-Traded Mei my beourguest13 and gaston08 for blusteryday03/04 (321)

March 9, 2012
-Traded Lethe my beautysong01, s-fantasia10, and s-peterpan08 for outthere04, s-rescuersdownunder14, and s-threecaballeros06 (319)

March 3, 2012
-Traded Enni my pirateslife08, s-littlemermaid14, s-peterpan06, and unfortunatesouls03/11 for poorjack05, s-ichabodandmrtoad04, s-mawinniethepooh15, strangethings04, and withasmile13 (316)

February 22, 2012
-Traded Nejana my aladarneera08 for jackslament03 (311)

February 20, 2012
-Traded Fumei my nowayout04/06 for mindovermatter06/14 (310)
-Traded Sakura my aeiou15 for firstdate02 (308)

February 15, 2012
-Traded Bree my madmadammim07 for gotafriendinmes12 (307)

February 12, 2012
-Traded Enni my befuddlingthing11, higitusfigitus06/14, underthesea05, worldgoround13, and yourmothermine12 for blackraincloud12, cowboy13, higitusfigitus15, infinitybeyond07, ontheopenroad12, and strangethings12 (306)

February 4, 2012
-Traded Haylee my knowsbest09 for messagemontage08 (300)
-Traded Carrie my manoutofyou05 for i2i08 (299)
-Traded Catiebug my devilindisguise05 and hemelenolilo05 for baldmountain01/12 (298)

February 2, 2012
-Traded Lauchis my s-forthebirds12 for s-threecaballeros10 (296)

February 1, 2012
-Traded Snuglyduck my alohaoe14, bellanotte13, bibbidi09, evangeline07, flikleaves03, s-daynight07, s-oliverandcompany01, and s-presto02/10 for s-ichabodandmrtoad09, s-gerisgame01/08/15, tiggers02, strangethings08, infinitybeyond09, heffalumps06, and cowboy02 (295)

January 31, 2012
-Traded Hotaru my fightingfor12 and leropes14 for baia09 and mindovermatter09 (286)
-Traded Chii my whistlewhile14 for thomasomalley09 (284)
-Traded Kearin my yourworld05 and s-bambi07 for blackraincloud14 and s-threecaballeros08 (283)
-Traded Lex my appreciatethelady14 for aftertoday10 (281)
-Traded Sakura my iseethelight09 for astarisborn06 (280)

January 26, 2012
-Traded Catiebug my princeali08, bolttransforms10, and stuckonyou06 for finalereprise05, mindovermatter02, and strangerslikeme06 (279)

January 21, 2012
-Traded Ciara my apprentice12 and youcanfly12 for aftertoday12 and carlgoesup10 (276)

January 17, 2012
-Traded Kearin my avemaria13 for raincamedown12 (274)
-Traded Hotaru my definedancing10/14 and sundayclothes02 for heavenslight06, raincamedown14, and thomasomalley12 (273)
-Traded Lauchis my finalereprise11 and s-forthebirds03 for iknowthisstory06 and s-hunchback10 (270)
-Traded Enni my hailtotheprincess11 and s-skeletondance12 for thomasomalley04 and s-threecaballeros13 (268)

January 16, 2012
-Traded Britti my princealire09 for scalesarpeggios08 (266)

January 13, 2012
-Traded Kelly my yourworld06 and symphonyno513 for whatsthis07 and baia13 (265)
-Traded Jayme my mulansdecision06 for criminalmind06 (263)
-Traded Arianna my alldogalert02, s-aladdin11, onejumpahead09, wholenewworld01, and s-daynight09 for courtofmiracles02, messagemontage03/14, and sweetnightingale04/14 (262)
-Traded Sam my listen102 for iknowthisstory11 (257)
-Traded Carolynn my digalittledeeper12 and makingchristmas11 for raincamedown10/13 (256)
-Traded Angela my bellanotte09 for jackslament12 (254)

January 11, 2012
-Traded JessRaquel my jellyfishforest03 for thomasomalley11 (253)

January 10, 2012
-Traded Haylee my tearheals05 for iknowthisstory12 (252)

January 9, 2012
-Traded Nejana my daughters10 for iknowthisstory01 (251)
-Traded Enni my followtheleader15 and s-pinocchio06 for heavenslight08 and s-mousedetective14 (250)
-Traded Emily my daughters09, fathomsbelow13, lifeisahighway15, and taste01/14 for blackraincloud07, mindovermatter03, raincamedown11, scalesarpeggios03, and standout12 (248)
-Traded El my firebirdsuite105/07/14 for mindovermatter05/15 and raincamedown01 (243)
-Traded Caleigh my bellere13, intothewell02, and verygoodadvice07/13 for baia12, onelasthope11, poorjack01, and whatsthis04 (240)
-Traded Andrea my greatspirits10, princealire04, and secretswim08 for scalesarpeggios12, thomasomalley14, and whatsthis14 (236)
-Traded Malheur my 12yearslater03, alldogalert02, beprepared08, devilindisguise11, hawaiiancoaster12, imstillhere10, springsong14, and welcome10 for sweetnightingale08/12, blackraincloud05/09/11/15, codysflight07, and criminalmind11 (233)
-Traded Wistaire my firebirdsuite113 and lackofeducation04 for courtofmiracles06 and messagemontage07 (225)
-Traded Daggles my arabian04, beinmyheart04/13, chinese10, gotadream11, riteofspring05, russian09, s-tarzan06, and twoworlds05 for blackraincloud02, iknowthisstory08, jackslament10, raincamedown02/03, scalesarpeggios13, sweetnightingale05, whatsthis01, and s-princessandthefrog14 (223)

January 8, 2012
-Traded Hotaru my devilindisguise12, jellyfishforest14, and gospeltruth112 for heavenslight05 and iknowthisstory07/09 (214)
-Traded Sakura my reflection14, s-beautyandthebeast11, and s-littlemermaid01 for outthere08, firstdate09, and raincamedown07 (211)
-Traded Snuglyduck my beacat12/13 and worldofmyown15 for thomasomalley15, firstdate06, and aftertoday13 (208)

January 5, 2012
-Traded Yue my yourmothermine15 and seemforever13 for courtofmiracles08 and jackslament04 (205)

January 2, 2012
-Traded Kearin my aprilshower08/09, honortousall14, journey07, pastoral311, phonyking01, riteofspring08, russian15, savages212/15, and whatisababy01/07 for gospeltruth101/10/15, higitusfigitus02, jackslament08, makingchristmas07, poorjack11, sundayclothes01, baldmountain04, whatsthis03/12, and walruscarpenter11 (203)

December 26, 2011
-Traded Lethe my s-partlycloudy12 for s-skeletondance02 (191)
-Traded Byakkun my morningreport04/05 for sweetnightingale01 and messagemontage15 (190)

December 20, 2011
-Traded Chii my iwonder08 for criminalmind05 (188)

December 19, 2011
-Traded Sakura my s-aliceinwonderland11 for iknowthisstory13 (187)

December 18, 2011
-Traded Lethe my s-fantasia12 for s-ichabodandmrtoad12 (186)

December 12, 2011
-Traded Ciara my symphonyno507 for codysflight15 (185)

December 8, 2011
-Traded Sakura my s-goddessofspring12, s-cookiecarnival08/11, yourworldre02, reflection06, bellere04, and belle14 for firstdate04, gospeltruth210, gospeltruth308, heffalumps09, raincamedown04, makingchristmas10, and thomasomalley02 (184)

December 6, 2011
-Traded Melina my sugarplumfairy09/12 for strangerslikeme03 and takeyouthere15 (177)

December 1, 2011
-Traded Haylee my almostthere09 for sweetnightingale10 (175)

November 27, 2011
-Traded Lethe my s-daynight05 and twoworlds08 for scalesarpeggios05 and s-skeletondance12 (174)

November 26, 2011
-Traded Enni my appreciatethelady10, bestoffriends03, love01, notinnottingham06, and oodelally03/12 for baia06, criminalmind10, firstdate03, kaninekrunchies15, and messagemontage11/12 (172)
-Traded Malheur my cantwait14 and hakunamatata02 for otherside04 and iknowthisstory02 (166)

November 24, 2011
-Traded Kearin my codysflight14 and underthesea14 for iknowthisstory05 and messagemontage09 (164)

November 23, 2011
-Traded Andrea my greatspirits03/04/07 for jackslament06, messagemontage06, and otherside06 (162)

November 22, 2011
-Traded Hotaru my gospeltruth110 and gothedistancere03 for iknowthisstory14 and onelasthope06 (159)
-Traded Petra my verygoodadvice06/11 for scalesarpeggios06 and jackslament09 (157)

November 21, 2011
-Traded Wistaire my imstillhere04 for evangeline13 (155)
-Traded El my knowsbestre02/06 for codysflight10 and sweetnightingale15 (154)
-Traded Daggles my danceofthehours03 for evangeline15 (152)
-Traded Rhea my cantwait10 for takeyouthere13 (151)

November 20, 2011
-Traded Chii my beatingdrum13, mulansdecision05, and strangerslikeme12 for heavenslight04/07/11 (150)
-Traded Catiebug my hawaiiancoaster11, alohaoe01, hemelenolilo01/04, knowsbestre11, lifebegin02/11/14, and lifebeginre01/12 for baia14, blackraincloud08, codysflight01, courtofmiracles11, criminalmind02, heavenslight14/15, onelasthope10, sweetnightingale13, and whatsthis15 (147)
-Traded Emily my befuddlingthing14, definedancing14, madmadammim08, and swordinthestone12 for codysflight03, criminalmind12/13, and sweetnightingale07 (137)
-Traded Mary my onejumpahead08 for digalittledeeper11 (133)

November 16, 2011
-Traded Chii my gaston13 and honortousall07 for thomasomalley01/07 (132)

November 5, 2011
-Traded Sakura my sothisislove06 and prologue12 for finalereprise15 and heavenslight09 (130)
-Traded Lethe my beinmyheart01 and sonofman09 for scalesarpeggios15 and thomasomalley05 (128)

November 1, 2011
-Traded Kelly my beautybeast04 for blackraincloud04 (126)

October 30, 2011
-Traded Marie my beautybeast14 for digalittledeeper08 (125)

October 28, 2011
-Traded Sakura my unbirthday08 for thisishalloween05 (124)
-Traded Ciara my underthesea15 for neworleans08 (123)

October 27, 2011
-Traded Andrea my sonofman06 for jackslament11 (122)
-Traded Lethe my sugarplumfairy04 for sweetnightingale02 (121)
-Traded Kaylee my flutes11 for takeyouthere11 (120)
-Traded Caleigh my colorsofthewind09, onejumpaheadre05, and trueloveskiss03 for otherside12 and whenwerehuman09/15 (119)
-Traded Annie my unbirthday13 for almostthere14 (116)

October 20, 2011
-Traded Lethe my firebirdsuite312 for walruscarpenter01 (115)

October 19, 2011
-Traded Mina my whistlewhile02 for otherside15 (114)

October 18, 2011
-Traded Haylee my gotadream01/06 for courtofmiracles03 and digalittledeeper02 (113)
-Traded Sam my friendlikeme03 for neworleans11 (111)

October 17, 2011
-Traded Kaylee my baldmountain04 and flutes06/07 for digalittledeeper10, neworleans09, and otherside02 (110)
-Traded Arianna my s-daynight05 for takeyouthere03 (107)
-Traded Sakura my finalereprise04 for almostthere13 (106)
-Traded Mary my aeiou05 and onejumpahead04 for onelasthope09 and whenwerehuman13 (105)

October 16, 2011
-Traded Wistaire my 12yearslater05 and outthere03 for otherside14 and takeyouthere04 (103)
-Traded Sakura my makingchristmas11 for otherside13 (101)
-Traded Roax my apprentice03/10 for digalittledeeper03 and onelasthope08 (100)
-Traded Kelly my alohaoe10 for whenwerehuman10 (98)
-Traded Jayme my honortousall02 and humanagain15 for otherside09 and whenwerehuman11 (97)
-Traded Hotaru my gospeltruth310 and gothedistance13/15 for digalittledeeper04, otherside03, and takeyouthere07 (95)
-Traded Heather my beprepared04 for otherside11 (92)
-Traded Enni my hesatramp07/10 for evangeline07/08 (91)
-Traded Annie my 12yearslater04 and lovetonight09/14 for courtofmiracles14 and digalittledeeper05/15 (89)
-Traded Andrea my savages215 and sonofman11 for neworleans07 and whenwerehuman02 (86)
-Traded Petra my verygoodadvice05 for neworleans06 (84)
-Traded Meldonya my rescueaidsociety05/10 for digalittledeeper06/14 (83)

October 15, 2011
-Traded Lethe my intothewell07 for messagemontage05 (81)

October 12, 2011
-Traded Caleigh my goodtoyou08, listen109, and love04 for otherside08 and zerotohero01/02 (80)

October 5, 2011
-Traded Silver my lifebeginre08 for alldogalert06 (77)

October 4, 2011
-Traded Sakura my prologue06/15 for i2i05 and sweetnightingale11 (76)

September 30, 2011
-Traded Snuglyduck my beautybeast05, evangeline01, hawaiiancoaster03, ifineverknewyou02, yourworld13, and yourworldre03 for strangerslikeme05, notredamere09, neworleans10, messagemontage13, courtofmiracles12, and codysflight14 (74)

September 25, 2011
-Traded Lethe my aprilshower05, ifineverknewyou04, intothewell04, and yourworldre02/07 for notredame03, sothisislove13, sweetnightingale03/09, and uponadream08 (68)

September 22, 2011
-Traded Caleigh my circleoflife15 for heavenslight10 (63)

September 19, 2011
-Traded Sakura my poorjack12 for jackslament05 (62)

September 12, 2011
-Traded Angela my tiggers14 for almostthere09 (61)

September 5, 2011
-Traded Snuglyduck my unfortunatesouls01 for hellfire08 (60)

September 1, 2011
-Traded Jupernia my definedancing01 for evangeline09 (59)

August 30, 2011
-Traded Mina my pastoral201 for takeyouthere05 (58)

August 28, 2011
-Traded Fumei my oodelally15 for otherside10 (57)

August 24, 2011
-Traded Bibi Neko my onejumpahead08/10 for takeyouthere10 and whenwerehuman07 (56)
-Traded Enni my whistlewhile10 for codysflight08 (54)

August 22, 2011
-Traded Jess my paintingtheroses01 for whenwerehuman05 (53)
-Traded Caleigh my pastoral110 and wholenewworld05 for courtofmiracles05/15 (52)
-Traded Elizabeth my aprilshower14 for takeyouthere12 (50)

August 21, 2011
-Traded Mary my smoketheblighter05 for digalittledeeper01 (49)
-Traded Kearin my kissthegirl09 and unfortunatesouls07 for evangeline01 and strangerslikeme12 (48)
-Traded Bunny my whenwerehuman12 for takeyouthere14 (46)
-Traded Annie my circleoflife01/07 and lovetonight15 for evangeline10/12 and whenwerehuman06 (45)
-Traded Andrea my imstillhere07 for almostthere10 (42)
-Traded Xander my beautybeast01 and pinkelephants09 for takeyouthere09 and neworleans13 (41)
-Traded Yue my whyshouldiworry05/10 for almostthere04 and notredame08 (39)

August 11, 2011
-Traded Andrea my onejumpaheadre11 for almostthere15 (37)

August 9, 2011
-Traded Amelie my manoutofyou15 for neworleans05 (36)

August 8, 2011
-Traded Kelly my beourguest03 for digalittledeeper13 (35)

August 7, 2011
-Traded Angela my heffalumps02 and tiggers13 for almostthere02 and whatsthis10 (34)

August 2, 2011
-Traded Snuglyduck my apprentice07, paintingtheroses07, worldofmyown10, youcanfly08, and yourworldre04 for sundayclothes02, codysflight06, heavenslight02, jackslament07, and courtofmiracles07 (32)
-Traded Haylee my knowsbestre01 for whenwerehuman12 (27)

July 26, 2011
-Traded Coco my alldogalert11/15 for almostthere07 and otherside05 (26)

July 24, 2011
-Traded Snuglyduck my funonice05 for whenwerehuman04 (24)

July 22, 2011
-Traded Jetfire my uponadream06 for neworleans15 (23)

July 21, 2011
-Traded Arianna my firebirdsuite304 for almostthere01 (22)
-Traded Annie my circleoflife05 for takeyouthere08 (21)

July 20, 2011
-Traded Lindi my burninglove05 for neworleans02 (20)
-Traded Kristine my burninglove15 for evangeline04 (19)

July 19, 2011
-Traded Nejana my kissthegirl10 for otherside01 (18)
-Traded Mina my pastoral101 for digalittledeeper07 (17)
-Traded Mei my lifebegin01 for neworleans01 (16)
-Traded Medli my wholenewworld14 and romance09 for neworleans04/14 (15)
-Traded Elizabeth my humanagain13 for otherside07 (13)
-Traded El my definedancing05 and worldgoround07 for almostthere06 and whenwerehuman03 (12)
-Traded Andrea my listen202/08 for digalittledeeper12 and evangeline06 (10)
-Traded Kelly my alohaoe08 and beourguest15 for evangeline03 and heavenslight01 (8)
-Traded Enni my arabian02 for takeyouthere02 (6)
-Traded Lethe my beatingdrum13 for almostthere12 (5)

July 5, 2011
-Traded Mei my somethingthere10 for whenwerehuman01 (4)
-Traded Kelly my alohaoe11 for digalittledeeper09 (3)

June 30, 2011
-Traded Chii my dreamisawish04 for neworleans12 (2)

June 29, 2011
-Traded Fumei my gotadream08 for wholenewworld14 (1)

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